Humrahi -Part 53

Part 53

Maan kept himself busy in works to keep his wandering thoughts..he may have accepted this marriage fully knowing about geets age n the growing up heir inside her..but still he cant come out of his remorse..kaash..if he was little careful before..he would not be facing this situation..atleast he would have given geet a better life..n would have avoided geets it was too late..

he came home was past 11 PM..mostly all have slept..even in his apartment he saw all houses dark saying all have slept.including his.he opened the house with his keys..n entered…it was dark..he sighed n switched on the lights..he missed geet who would have been waiting in hall for him..he starred at the couch n moved to his he is going to spend few days without her..every nook n corner of his room only reminded his passion with her..he took his change of dress n went to fresh up..there too he couldn’t be peaceful.he has not let any place to love her..has he taken her for granted too much..was he really a good husband…he want to scream loud n let his pain out..his heart was feeling heavy..thinking how she will be…he couldn’t even talk to her..did she ate her food or not..will she too be missing him like he do..he punched the wall.he is helpless..n the situation is also not in favour to him…he changed n came out drying his hair..checked his mobile for any call..seeing there was none he sighed..

Vicky was standing at his room etrance..
Maan:why r u standing there..come in..u didn’t sleep..
Vicky:its urs n cbs w8ing for u to come out..n I didn’t sleep..bcoz I am waiting for ur return..
Maan:vicky,its our house..cb is not here.. its my room need to take my permission to enter my room..n y u r waiting for me..anything u want money or anything for college..

Vicky looked at his brother..he can feel his pain..but still he is a dotted brother.who takes care of his single need like a this situation too he cares for him suppressing his sadness also.
Vicky:no..if I need I ll ask..did u have ur dinner..
Vicky:don’t lie maan..i know u would have missed it..come soon ..let s have dinner
Vicky:don’t worry..i didn’t cook..i brought from hotel..
Maan:its too late Vicky..still u didn’t eat..
Vicky:same que I can ask u too..
Maan:I was held up..
He smiled sarcastically..i know ur works..dont give me hungry..come soon..he dragged maan n opened the packages he brought..both ate silently..but Vicky has to break maans silence..he thought something n said..
Vicky:cb is a good cook..i have got used to eat home from tomorrow don’t forget to cook..ok..
He ordered maan n ate cool ly
Maan:what will u do then..
Vicky:i will eat na..
Maan smiled hearing it..
Maan:kaam chor.u want home food .i ll cook..but be with me in kitchen n help me..
Vicky:hmm if I get up soon I ll help..n that too according to my mood..
Maan:kya hua tumhare mood ka..
Vicky:aishu came insearch of cb..n she told she will not come to play with me nor chat till cb heart broken u know..first she ignored to be my friend..made me her bro tying rakhi..n now avoiding me..
He said too dramatically..that maan couldn’t stop but smile..
Vicky patted himself mentally..finally his efforts was fruitful..he made maan smile..
Vicky:maan..muje kuch doubts hai..can u help me..
Vicky:ya..come to my room..ok.
He cleared the place n went to his room..
Maan nodded his Vicky bhi na..keeps on ordering he is elder

He went to his room took his mobile n switched off the lights n came to vickys room..
Maan:whats ur doubt Vicky..
Vicky:see this files..ur company files expenses..i found it too much..have a check..
While maan took it n sat on bed checking everything.. going to sleep..u check it n sleep ok..
Maan was baffled..he can see Vicky is bossing too much..soon he found Vicky sleeping..his legs over maan n hands too holding maans..maan tried to free but Vicky got disturbed..maan sighed n looked at the files..there wasonly few things..that too vicky has highlighted for his barely took 15 minutes for him..yeh vicky bhi na..i thought something serious..maan kept the file aside n switched off the table lamp n slept beside him..
Vicky opened his eyes n saw maan sleeping..
Vicky:sry maan..i don’t want u to feel alone in ur own room..till cb comes I ll do something n make u comfortable..he too hugged maan n slept..

Morning was beautiful..maan woke up early n saw Vicky sleeping hugging him..he caressed his head n slowly kept his legs n hands aside..he made black coffee for himself..checked the veg n made dough for roti n sabji..he can see geets presence there too..his heart bleeded when he thought how he romanced with her in kitchen n how both cooked together..he felt heavy so,he went to gym n started to pour his anger on the sand bag..his every punch was hard,that the sand would have come out..

Surya who came saw this n stopped maan who was fully soaked in sweat..his red blood eyes n his clenched muscles..told surya everything that something is wrong..

Surya:with whom u r angry..u r taking it on this poor bag..leave it yaar..after ur turn I too have too work out with that only..
He said with smile to enlighten maan.
Surya:don’t be..u can count me as ur friend or brother n share ur feelings..sometimes I can also be helpful..
He said genuinely..
Surya:waise where is ur wife..aishu was asking her..sometimes I feel like my ears are bleeding hearing aishu say..geet di woh karthi hai..geet di ye karthi hai..she played with me this n that..uff..aishu is totally smitten by her..n misses her a lot..but I must say..ur wife doesn’t look what she is. like a matured married girl…she is totally innocent by only she could handle a naughty girl like my aishu..
Maans face turned pale with his every words..
Surya too noticed it.. sry..did I told u anything wrong..
Maan:murmured..bachi bachiki tarahi behave karegina..
Surya heard it..
Surya:what u mean by it..i cant understand..bachi..kaun bachi..
Maan has blutterred he cant avoid it..till now surya n his family has been good with geet n taking care of her..if geet was lively till now its becoz of aishu..
Maan then told everything to he came to know about geet n now she is pregnant n bcoz of her health he has to leave her in his house n come here alone..
Surya heard everything patiently..n he too was lost somewhere..
Surya:im elder than u I just want to say accept this life as it is..if u let this moment go u wont get it experienced than u..meinei bhi..
He stopped..n thought not to tell anything n make maan’s view on him to turn in bad tables..
Surya:meine bhi bohut kuch khoya hai..but I couldn’t fight for it nor get it back..bcoz it was too late..u don’t do the same ur grieve u will miss everything..u r married to her n u cant avoid ur baby..its time to take care..not mourn on what happened in past..yeh bhi acha hai..first trimester mein avoiding travels is good for baby..n that too from north to will be long..n anything can u have taken good decision in leaving her there..ur mom is there to guide her..its her first she needs someone to say what to do n not..u know when kundu malli..opps wife was pregnant none was there to guide us..i don’t have any women in my side n she had only an elder sister..who lived in tn when we were in was really hard time..her sister then sent an old relative to our place..bohut saari cheese hothi take care of a pregnant lady..her diet..n what to have n what not to have like papaya pine apple..if they r allergic ..n more over their mood swings..after taking so much care too jo had complications in pregnancy..she delivered aishu..both were safe..but dr.told us jo wont be able to conceive its better to have someone experienced beside us..n after geet comes here too u ask ur mother or her mother to come n stay with her..
Maan sighed..n was one side happy to know he did good by leaving geet..that was one thing confusing him..did he do right or wrong by leaving her there..

Maan smiled at him:thank you..n will think about it..
Surya:its getting late..i must work out..n haan I want a big treat..u r going to be a father..i will say aishu n jo too..they will be happy..
Both started to work out..n surya talked on random topics making maan feel good..

Maan returned back n woke up Vicky who was still sleeping
Maan:Vicky wake up..n get ready..
Vicky pulled the spread over him n again slept murmering
Aaj nehi jaana office..please..maan im tired..
Maan nodded his head seeing him behave childish..

He went to fresh up..n made the bf..he packed some for lunch n came to Vicky.
Maan:Vicky,im leaving..i have kept ur bf in kitchen..khaa lena..n if u ever think of coming to office then come..
vicky peaked from his spread n said:so sweet of u maan..i ll have my bf..but not coming..i have many works..missed so much..
Vicky:I want to see so manty films..
Maan:Vicky,be serious..
Vicky:I m maan..
He sat on bed saying
Vicky:dekho..from next week college is going to start..after that I wont have time for these let me enjoy this week..please..please..please maan..please bro..
N that worked..
Maan smiled:jese tumhare marsi..
He went to office..
Vicky sat in his bed..if I come u will make me work n u will be thinking about cb..isislye mujei joot bolna sry bro..
He took his phone n called his maa..but it again said its not working..
Vicky sighed..damn this village phones..when we are in need it wont work..maan too will be irritated na..he couldn’t talk to his wife..chalo Vicky..aaj bhai ki haath ke khane ka khusboo tumei keecharahi hai..then try again to talk to ur maa n cb..

Maan has called several times from is not working still…he couldn’t call often his neighbours too..he called adi n got to know he saw someone of his town in train who knows maan n his family..n he has given his gift to them to give to geet..
Adi:did u called me for that.. ask about office..
Both talked on office stuffs n maan cut his call..he called adi to know if he was going to his place directly..if so he will know how geet n his maa is..
He sighed n tried to concentrate on the project work…

The days passed so hard for him..he saw surya in gym regularly..aishu n jo congratulated him..n was happy..they sometimes gave him some gravies they made..maandenied but aishu forcefully made Vicky n maan to have it..woh tho bohut zidhi hai..he hardly came across with manish n bharti..they woke up late..n maan left before they woke up..

It was one day he came to his apartment to take his forgotten file..he dashed with something..
Maan:oh no..not again..
He tried to lift her up.but she was still holding him..her eyes blinking at him..
Bharti:haye..handsome..mei aapko bohut miss ki..
Bharti:mam kahona..handsome..
Maan was like kahaan phas gayi mein..
Bhartis son came there n slapped his forehead..aishu too joined him.. aunty bharti..she will leave you..
Aishu came for his help..
Maan:bharti ji..pls..
She stood on her feet n covered her face with her palm..
Bharti:aapne mujei bharti kaha..hayee..handsome..i love u..
She opened her palm n looked inbetween all blushing..maan rolled his eyes..
Bharti:mei aapse guzza hoon handsome..aapne khushi ki bhat humei..aaapki bharti ko nehi batayi..
Maan looked at the kids ..
Aishu:aunty..aap pehle mile kab jiju se..u always sleep..poor uncle he too sleeps bcoz u trap him with ur over weight..uski haddi tootgayi..
Bharti:oye aishu..tum tum..tumne mujei..
Bhallu:di nei aapko moti bolrahi hai mummy..sahi tho hai..
Aishu signaled maan n he slowly sneaked away from that place..
He sighed..uff bajgayi..
He can hear bharti cribbing:arei donone meri handsome ko bagadiya..itni dino baad meine unse mili..haye..kya body hai..kya structure hai..even surya too..both are handsome..

Ballu poked her shoulders..
Bharti:kya re..
Ballu:aap papa ko bulao aur unke sath romance karo..spare the uncles
Ballu:ball nehi mummy..balvinder..
Bharti:tum tho meri ball ho..tum tho cute ho..motu ho..
Ballu:not like u..
Mei jaarahi hoon di ki ghar..
Bharti:what I will do then..aap sabne meri handsome ko mujse teekse baath karne bhi nehi di..
She went cribbing to herself

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