Humrahi -Part 54

Part 54

After a week the phone got connected..
Geet was eagerly waiting for this day..she has spent her time only thinking of maan..did he ate or not will he do his works..vicky bhi they will manage house hold he still angry on her..when he will come back to take her..there was many questions running in her mind..she has been mechanical..she ate what sd gave..she haerd to her half heartedly bcoz of respect..whilst her thoughts were always filled with maan..she barely thought about her parents n her family too..
Savitri was happy when the man came n corrected the phone..she immediately dialled someone..geet was peeling veg..but her heart beat thudded heavily..she thought her mil is calling maan..she was excited to speak to maan..but somewhere she feared too..will her mil let her speak..

Her all excitement vanished when sd called arohi..she asked about her health n well being..n payal palak.
Sd:aro..mei baath mein geet se baat karwathi hoon tuje..she is now in kitchen..
Geet was disappointed..she would have talked to her sil too ..atleast for foramality..what her sd did same with her maan too.she concentrated on veg..thinking not to expect anything..

sd called maan..
Flashing house in his mobile made jump out of his seat..thank god he was alone in his cabin…he controlled his excitement..n took the phone
Maan:maa.maa.aap ..aap kesi teek hogayi kya..ghar mein sab kesi hai..
Sd smiled.a man who speaks softly is bombarding with questions n in full speed…she very well knew ghar mein sab ki matlab she tried to tease him. my shehzaada wants to speak to gharwali..par mei ye bhi bathathi hoon..baki sab teek hai..mein bhi.. is she..
Sd:tum khud poochlo..
Sd smiled thinking how maan is excited like a child..
Sd:geet bahu..
Geet came rushing out of kitchen..she was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice sd calling maan or talking to him..when sd called her..she hurriedly came out..
Geet:ji..ji maa..
Sd:ye lo..baat karlo..
Geet knotted her brows in confusion..kaun hai phone mei..her mind was blank n not working..
Sd:maan hai line mei..jaldi baath kar..i ll come now..
Saying she left giving privacy to her..
Geets every nerve turned numb holding the receiver..finally her husband is in line..

so many emotions choked her in throat..
happy for his call.. sad that he was not beside her..missing him..excitement to talk to him after a long time..

her reverie broke as she heard hello hello from receiver..
Maan was calling from other side ..there was no response..he was confused..did his mother kept it n went away..she was calling geet..where is she..why she hasn’t taken the phone till now..
Geet took the receiver with trembling hands..
Geets breathe stuck for a second..his voice filled her like a drop of water found in desert..
Maan just closed his eyes hearing her voice..he felt a warmth spreading inside him..
Maan never felt helpless like this..his own voice betrayed him..his mouth opened n closed..but nothing came out of it..geet was no less than him..but she waited for him to speak..
Maan finally controlled his over flowing emotions..
Maan:geet..r u there..
Maan:how r u..
Geet just want to cry..she want him n only him..without him how can she be good..
Geet bit her lips
Geet:ji..teek hoon..
Maan:aur..b..aby..maa tumhari khayal rakrahi haina..
Maan:hmm..woh..did u got the parcel..
Geet:ji..woh..nandini ki pati aayi thi..he gave us..
Maan:aur kuch..
Geet:aap kesi ho..what r u doing for food..vickyji bhi hai..
Maan:we are cooking..hum teek hai..aishu tumei poochrahi thi..she is missing u..
Geet:mei bhi sabko miss karthi hoon..
She said longingly..
Maan:apna khayal rakna..mein rakthi hoon..
Geet:ji..ek min..
Geet:wo..wheat flour is not there..must grind..and only potato n onion will be there..sabzi ghar mei nehi hai..
She told realizing he said they r cooking..
Maan:I have made all..n brought veg too when we r on way from office..n Vicky is joining coll..
He stopped saying it..
She will be hurt if he says about college..
Maan:mein phone rakthi hoon..
He abrubtly said n cut the call..
She starred at the phone..she has many more things to ask n say..
Here maan closed his can he be so dump..n tell her about college..she will be missing her college life n studies..kuch bhi ho na ho..mein uski ghunegar hoon..i cant fulfil her dreams..

Geet st:sirf yahi poochnatha am I n baby..n asked me to tc..nothing else..mujei miss nehi karrrahi hai wo.h.aur jo kehne aayatha woh bhi nehi kaha..did he think I ll get jealous knowing Vicky going to college..i know im cursed for he too think same..y cant he share his happiness with me..
She was hurt..he didn’t talk to her lovingly like seemed very formal..she kept the phone n ran to bathroom..she shed tears there..washed her face n came out like nothing happened to her..
Sd too didn’t ask anything about their talks..

After that day maan called every 3 or 4 days once..n he asked nothing than hru..r u taking ur food of herself n baby…nothing else..

She don’t know how to express herself..ek ajeebse behcheni horahi thi uski ander..
May be she ex[ected something else n not getting it she is hurt..she cried in heart ..there was no one to understand her..her mil behaved normally..or to say taking good care too..bcoz she is carrying maans child..she made nakul do healthy foods ,soups n everything n made her eat..n geet followed everything..not for her or baby..but for her husbands wish..the love he had for kids..she has to fulfil it..

Geet stepped in 3rd month..n one day she got surprised to see her mother n father together at door step..she was happy to see them..
Geet:maa papa..ayiye..andar ayiye ..betiye..mei maa ko bulathi hoon..
Geet rushed inside..
Rano:geet ..walk slow..why r u running.i told u that day too..walk slowly..hum yahi hain..
Geet nodded her head n walked inside to call her mil..

Sd came n greeted both..after pleasentaries n normal talks having snacks n coffee..rano signaled mohinder to talk..
Sd:kuch kehna hai kya..
Sd asked..
Mohinder:can we take geet with us for few days..
It was like bomb dropped over geet..her father asked bluntly..n how her mil will react..moreover geet don’t want to go..she prayed inside that her mil says no to them..
Rano:ji..woh..humari matlab hai..geet ped se hai..she is here after long time..thodi din humare saath rahe tho acha hoga..agar aap ijazat di tho..
Rano took care of her every words she said..its her daughters house n they have to behave properly..she glared at mohinder for his blunt behavior..
Sd:isme galat kya hai..woh aapka bhi beti hai..n I know u all want to spend time with her..kuch din ki baath hi tho hai..she is also getting bored here..she will feel good too staying with u all
Kaash sd knows geet is happier here than her mayka..

Geet stood there fidgeting the pallu..
How can she leave without telling her maanji..even if its for a few seconds they talk..that was enough for her..
Rano asked sd:who..damadji se be poochliye..
Sd:he wil be in office..waise he wont say anything..i ll inform him..geet bahu..why r u standing here..go..go n pack ur stuffs for few days..u ll get a change too…
Sd was thinking only like normal people..there was nothing for her to deny to send geet to her house..they r her parents afterall..n geet may feel free in her house than only she accepted..

Sd”tc of her..she doesn’t speak to anyone nor say what she wants..aap poochiye use.. woh aapse zarroor bathayegi..
Rano:ji zaroor..
Geet packed her stuff half heartedly..n came to hall.
By the time nakul too made lunch..all sat n had their lunch together..
Rano:ab humei chalna chahiye..before it turns night..
Sd turned to geet ..
Sd:u r ready..
Geet:ji maa..
Sd:tc bahu..take healthy food at time..ok..n if maan calls I ll say him..ok..aap jaayiye aur kush rahiye..
Geet nodded her head.

she bid bye to her mil..she turned once more moving out..her eyes looked at ph..she want to hear his voice atleast once before leaving..she took slow steps n reached the door step..she doesn’t want to go..but she has too..her family has came here to take her with them..n her mil too has accepted it..always the elders decided for her..n now too she is going to her mayka..when they requested her mil to take her for some days..she want to say..i want to be here with my I can atleast talk to my maanji..wahaan phone bhi nehi..n there wont be any source to talk to him..who will say this infront of all..her heart cried..but as usual she hided everything..n went with them leaving her heart behind..
precap:maan missing..
please dont share my works nor copy
n do comment in IF


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