Stubborn Love – Part 9

maan walked towards the bed..her heart raised with his every step nearing her.. he stood in the corner n looked at her..he wasn’t happy..what ever happening in his life is beyond his control.. all things are unexpected..n what he wants too is not happening.. he want to avoid geet .. but now he is standing before her..

Maan: why you are doing this geet … I clearly told u my state.. now get up ..go n change..
he tried to be polite.. he want to shout at her…but thinking about dadi he kept his anger in control..

Geet: I too told you what I want maan…its the duty of husband .. every girls dream on her first night..

She said meekly..she was too tired n exhausted as she had none from yesterday..

Maan:I don’t accept you as my wife..
he said biting his teeth..anger is shooting up inside him seeing geet retorting him ..she still wants him to take her veil when he clearly denied.. he cant accept that she is forcing him to do. he won’t bend before her.. if a girl can be stubborn then man will be 10 times more stubborn than her..

Geet: I know u wont accept me as wife so soon… but you know what..u accepted me as ur wife..u did all rituals n made me your wife before that holy fire ..n took the vows..u respect those vows n rituals maan..obviously u accept me as your wife..

Maan was spell bounded with her clarification..from morning he was fighting with same thing..he cant accept her whole heartedly..but he has married her before all n promised before the fire..his belief on rituals n hatred towards geet the way they married..both were making his heart n mind fight..n that’s y he snapped everyone..he doesn’t know how to solve his problem..

Geet:maan lift my veil..

Maan still don’t want to bend before her stubbornness..but he don’t want her to be like this too..he was helpless n couldn’t decide what to do..

Geet smirked: i did not ask you to remove my dress..i asked only to lift the veil if u want me..then too im ok..she repeated the same words she told the previous night..
Geet: after all I’m urs.. your wife..n u have right on me to do anything..
She smiled .. she knew what she said..she deliberately told it rubbing his bad side..n soon he lifted her veil in dare she thinks like that….

Maan: sochna bhi math..i..

He stopped losing himself in those hazels..

She closed her eyes n opened it n looked at him..that earning look stirred something inside him..he witnessed her tired full eyes expressing how happy she was..n the smirk playing on her lips with slight smile saying she won it..she made him lose before her stubbornness..his anger again came to its peek.


she finally closed her eyes n fell back on bed lifelessly….

maan:geet..geet..he patted her cheeks n found no response..for a second he thought she is acting..or faking to get his attention..he took the water n sprinkled on her face..n looked at her for any response..she was still reaction from her..his heart started to panick..

he called dadi for help..she rushed inside their room n saw geet has fainted..she realized why it happened
maan:dadi..she fainted.. I sprinkled water too..she is not responding….
dadi sat next to geet n patted her cheeks..
dadi:geet beta..geet..
she sighed..
dadi:she did not sleep nor take food..may be that’s the the dr..

maan felt bad seeing geet..he too was stubborn..n his stubbornness has costed her faint..

maan immediately called the doctor…

dadi :maan I ll make some soup for her..till that u be with her..

he was not a maan without has turned rock after the betrayal of sam..after that he cant trust any girl..
even the girl who he has legally wedded now..

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