U,me,aur….?Part 142


Part 142


Maan:shit..shit..jaan..jaan..im sry baba..wake up baby..

He removed himself from her  .. covered her in a towel..he took her inside n placed in bed..yeh kya kiya meine..he chided himself..she is weak..

The clock struck 11 showing the time..

maan:gosh..how many hrs we were there n  she is bare stomach..he rushed to kitchen..poured an orange juice in a glass mixed  glucose powder in it n came back to her..he lifted her  n made her lean on him..

Maan:baby..have this..

She nodded no..she barely opened her eyes..it was failing to open..

Maan:baby..pls..he made her sip slowly..n after she had full n got her energy back..she felt good n was able to open her eyes..she only saw regret n guilt in his eyes n care n concerned more..she moved a little more n hugged his waist..

Geet:sry..did I disappoint u..

Maan:no baby..i forgot the timing in my desire..its not ur fault..i ll get ur bf..till then take rest..he pecked her forehead n went to bring her break fast..


Maan made her bread   sandwich ,omlette n poured milk in a glass n rushed to her..he was cursing him for umpteenth time..he himself don’t know why he is desperate to have her more n more..is it becoz of dr’s green signal..geet is fine..n only a little way to get cured..or the distance they keep most of times..whatever the reason is..he cant make her weak..he has gone too far in these days..he entered their room n saw geet leaning in bed post n looking at him..she smiled at him..but he couldn’t..guilt was written all over his face..he kept the milk in side table n started to feed her..she denied n asked him to take first..he too started to take along with her..n they finished the bf..he took the milk n gave to geet..

Maan:sry.baby..i.hurt u..i did wrong…

She placed her index finger on his lips

Geet:no prince..aap kabhi galat nehi ho sakthe..i know u..u can never hurt me nor give me pain..phir mein kese sochungi aapne galati ki ..u can never do anything wrong when u care for all..

Maan was stunned..her words were somewhere soothing his wounded heart..

Maan looked at her n asked..

Maan:..what if someone says I did something terribly wrong..hurted them..or did a big sin.. will u have this trust that time too..will u believe me that I didn’t do anything wrong..

There was a heaviness in his voice..n his eyes looked at her with earning..so many emotions in his one look that stirred her soul.

Geet sensed something behind his words..but couldn’t understand what it is…

Geet:I believe my prince..he can never hurt anybody..n I wont believe anyone if they say u r wrong too..aap bohut ache ho prince..is dood se zyadha safed dil hai aapko..

Maan :oh jaan..

He hugged her tight..she can sense he is overwhelmed with her words..but don’t know whats the reason for his this behavior..

Geet hugged him back

Geet:aap yese socha bhi kese I wont believe u..she asked with fake anger..

Maan smiled.. n  looked at her..

Maan:I just want to know what my baby thinks about me..

She was about to talk more..he placed his fingers on her lips..

Maan:u need rest jaan..we will talk later..

He took her tablets n gave to her..

he made her comfortable on bed..now  take rest..

geet held maans hand..

where r u going..

maan: to take my laptop..

geet:aren’t u tired..

maan cupped her cheeks..he felt contend seeing her care..someone for himself..

maan:I am used to it jaan..i don’t feel tired.im physically strong..fit n fine..tum rest karo..mein aathi hoon..

he moved to hall where he kept his lappy..he talked with his bgs n asked them if they had their bf n came back .

he sat next to geet n started to work..she starred at him for long time..she was feeling something..something is missing..she thought for a long time..kuch hai that is hided from her view..but whats it..

geet is matured yet innocent..n maan was trying 2 save her innocence..n that’s making geet to think deeply..still she has to think more on what she is missing in her prince life..only reason she knew was dadi n Vicky..the reason dadi told…is it related to what her prince asked..will maan talk to Vicky..vicky is too eager to be with his brother..she knew it..but maan has denied her to talk about Vicky..then how will she know what is bugging her prince..

maan turned to geet n saw her starring at him..

maan:u didn’t sleep..

geet:aap ki bahon mei soneki aadat hai mujei..i cant sleep..

maan kept his lappy aside n opened his arms for her..she happily came into his hug..he kissed her forehead..

maan:u must have called me  before..i wont have gone to work..now sleep peacefully..we have to leave by evening..

geet frowned..

geet:evening..but u told we will leave tomorrow morning..

maan:ya..but  I received a msg from college..that the presentation u have prepared for next week has preponed..so u all have to attend it tomorrow..


she screamed making maan close his ears..

she searched her side table n took her phone..

maan:what happened..


she leaned on maan feeling still tired..

she dialed vicky..


Geet:vickkkyyy..do u got info about presentation..

Vicky:hmm..im already nervous baby..how will we prepare by  night..

Kal presentation.n campus interview.. u know many companies r coming to select students to work  in their firm..based on the presentation we give..im nervous baby..how I ll give..


Vicky:yes..we..its group presentation na..i forgot that too..how will I do..will they select us..i want to be selected..i want to stay here in delhi n work here..

Vicky was going on n on..maan too was checking his mails in phone..as geet was leaning on maans shoulders he heard all that Vicky blabbered..

Maan:ek ke upar ek..both r same..nonstop express..

he chuckled saying it..geet turned n looked at him..

maan looked at her n realized he was loud enough that geet heard him..but maan looked back again at his phone like he didn’t say anything..geet was confused..is it her imagination or real..

Vicky couldn’t hear maan..but seeing no response from geet he screamed on other said

Vicky:bhaaabhi…im talking here n what r u doing..

Geet thought to tease maan..

Geet:kya karungi..when im with ur brother..

She grinned ear to ear..

Maan turned n looked at his jaan in shock..she winked at him..he rolled his eyes seeing her naughtiness..

Vicky:oh my sweet bhabhi..so sorry to disturb ur romance..diya jale jaan jale..

He started to sing again..

Geet laughed this time..

Geet:so mr.vicky..now say are u tensed  ..tomorrow presentation hai..u have forgotten it n teasing me..

Vicky:omg baby..mei kya karun..when will u come back..pls help me na..

She looked at maan.

Maan :by 8..

Geet:we will come by 8pm..then we  both will prepare together..

Vicky:that’s so sweet of you..i ll be waiting..will call our group   n discuss with them too..

Both kept on chatting n  maan was caressing her hair n listening to her talks..after that geet slept..maan moved to complete his work.. he packed their things to go back ..bgs came n gave him the lunch he ordered..

He saw the time..it was  already lunch time

He came to his room n woke up geet..n both had their lunch..

Geet cleared the place n Maan went to do some more work..geet starred at him..

He was impossible..always with his lappy..

She smirked..

Geet:prince..u can sit in bed n work too na..

Maan:y jaan..i m ok here..

Geet st:but im not ok..

Geet:mujei aur sona hai..aap mere paas betiye na..

She made faces n asked him cutely..how can maan avoid when his cutie pie is asking him so lovingly..

Maan:ok now come..

He leaned on bed  n let her snuggle closer to him..he kept his lappy in lap smiled at her n concentrated back on lappy..she rolled her eyes..but she had naughty thoughts in her mind..her hands slowly made patterns on his waist..

Maan:jaan..what r u doing..

He took her hands n placed on bed..

She frowned..

But she again did the same..maan looked at her keeping his lappy aside..her eyes twinkled in mischief..he knew her well..she is upto something..before he realize her hands went inside his tracks touching his balls..his eyes popped out..he tried to take her hand out..she tickled him..

Maan:jaan..no..no jaan..

Geet:I want to..

Maan:pls..no jaan..

He groaned feeling her soft palm kneading him n arousing him..

Maan:jaan pls..u r not well..i don’t ..

She closed his lips with hers..she was all over him n they were on edge of bed..he scared they will fall..n geet may get hurt..


He tried to speak..but she was over powering him

She left him after a while…n he immediately took charge over her..he turned n pinned her to bed..

Maaan:whats all that..hmm..

Geet:I want to satisfy you..morning ..i ..didnt ..

Maan:no jaan..yesa nehi hai..puri life hai humare pass..we can do tomorrow too..but u r not well today..subahi tum faint hone wali thi..n tomorrow u have presentations too..so pls keep your hands with you..n take rest..

she stilll had that naughty grin on her face.

Maan knotted his brows..n looked at her like he caught her..

Maan:is that all to do that..u lied to me..

Geet looked at him with anger

Geet:I don’t lie..u know na..mujei sona hai..aur aapki upar sona hai..and I want to pleasure u  n then make u sleep with me..u r always doing work n not taking rest..so only I want u also to sleep.. aur aapne mere saath woh sab kiya..but u didn’t let me touch you..mujei bhi aapke saath woh sab karna hai..aapko khush karna hai..

She blabbered what is in her mind in one go

Maan  looked at her with open mouth.. then he sighed.

Maan:sona..u want me to sleep with u..i ll..but no touching there…jo bhi karna hai..karlo..par aaj nehi..when u r better..


Maan smiled.

Maan: after we go to our house..kal ,parso..but aaj nehi..

Geet:mujei aaj karna hai..

Maan:aaj hum sirf yehi karenge..

he pecked her lips softly caressing it with his tongue..she encircled her arms around him..both were softly moving on..she came on top n placed her head on his chest..he held her by waist..both their heart beat was thudding fast..

maans hands rubbing her back..with her he felt peace n when he slept he don’t know..she lifted her head  n saw him sleeping..she felt happy ..she tried to move n sleep on bed..but he was not leaving her n there was moments in him..may be his sleep was disturbed..she doesn’t want him to awake..so she stayed like that..soon she too slept  again..

both woke up with the sound of maans phone..

it was from his bgs..maan has already told them they will be moving by evening..but there was no sign of maneet..so they called them..

bgs:sir ,wo..its 4 now..

maan looked at the time.n then at his baby wife..who still want to sleep holding him..

maan:we are coming in 15 minutes..

maan:kya hua sona..nehi jaana hai kya..


maan:kyun..tomorrow we have college..have u forgotten it..

geet st:hmm..jaan hai..

her st:once we go there u will get busy..n I wont get time like this with you..atleast here u r with me 24×7..par..

maan:chalo jaldi..mujei bhi bohut saara kaam hai..i slept too long..mujei din mei sone ki adaat nehi hai..aaj woh bhi kiya..

saying he picked a shirt n weared it..

maan:get ready sona..

he went to washroom ..came out wiping his face..

she was still in same position twisting her lips..

maan:princess..are u coming  or not..jaldi karo..dress up..

geet:im too lazy to change..aaphi change karwadona..

he gave a look..is it other drama of hers to be with him..she gave him a puppy look..he nodded his head..n opened the wardrobe n started to search a dress for her..

maan”yeh sab meri  wajase..i have made u lazy..

geet:jaldi karo na prince…

maan:haan ..when I say hurry up..u r laying happily..ab mujei kaho..

he took out a  frock..the one thing which he can make her wear easily..other dresses he cant even think zipping her jeans or buttoning her shirt..tying her a sari..or  pulling her pant of salwar..he closed his eyes not want to get erotic thoughts..

she was in her nighty..he decided he has to change her without getting lost in her…

he moved to her n pulled the frock on her neck..same time lowered her nightdress..inserted her hands  inside the sleeve..pulled her night dress down n  corrected her frock..it was hard for him though he did it successfully…she was such a seductress..

the full frock gave her a princess look.maan adored her beauty ..

geet kissed his cheeks..thank you..

maan:I ll w8 down..come soon..

he sighed n went down..he asked his bgs to keep their luggages in boot..n he went 2 make milk for his princess..n black coffee for himself..

geet came down..both had their coffee n came to car..

bgs looked at her..

geet:why r u looking at me like that bhaiya..

she checked if she has anything over her face..in the car mirror..

the bgs chuckled..

bg:nehi gudia..we were just seeing a little princess in this frock..u look so cute..n beautiful..

she shied n hided in maans embrace..if they hadn’t shared a brotherly bond..he would have burned in jealousy n would have broken their teeth..he hided his possessiveness..n sat in the car..n geet to sat next to him..they started their journey back to home..

car entered the mansion..

maan asked the driver

maan:palace jao..yahaan..

before he complete geet said

geet:I only told kaka to take us to mansion..

maan blinked his eyes..when they talked without his knowledge..

maan:why?we will go to our house.

geet:yeh bhi humari ghar haina prince..aur kala di  ne kaha kuch batana hai humse..isilye meine kaka se kaha seedhe mansion jao..


geet:when di called me.

Maan:when she called u..aur mujei kyun nehi bataya..

Geet:ofo prince kitne sawal poochtiho aap..aap tho busy the na ..when u went to get milk for me she called..n I said we will come there..

Maan:oh..tho teek hai..

Maan was left in thoughts..dadi teek ho na..y kalakka called us to mansion..

Maneet entered the mansion..n both were stopped at entrance by an overly whelmed kalakka..she hugged geet tightly n tears were flowing like a river..maan was the one first to react.he panicked seeing her like that..

Maan:akka akka what happened..sab teek haina…en alareenga(y r u crying)

Geet who was shocked to see kala crying came out of her reverie..all gathered in hall..

Maan turned to nakul :why kalakka is crying

Nakul: mujei bhi nehi patha chote babu..kal se kuch ajeebsi behave karrahi hai..jab poochoongi tab kehthi hai chotu aur gudia ko aane do..phir bataungi..

He said in worrysome tone..

Dadi: I too asked her maan but she denied to tell me too..

Maan held kala’s shoulders n made her look at him..he wiped her tears..

Maan:akka..enna achu..sollunga naan irukkenla..(di tell me what happened ..im there for you)

She smiled in tears..

Kala:I just want to say this first to u both only..

Geet:kya di..

Kala cupped her face:yahi ki tum  maami banne wali ho aur mera chotu maama..bhagwaane tumei mereliye beja hai..na tum mujei hospital lejathi aur checkup karwathi..yeh din mujei kabhi nehi miltha..tum sach mein lucky charm ho..

All were stunned n shocked..

Maan:akka..u..me..means me maaamu..

Nakul:kala sach mein..

nakul asked in shock.


Dadi:kala itni badi baath tum ab batha rahi ho..

There was a sudden squeal of happiness..vicky was shouting n dancing..yippee.humare ghar mei ek nani si jaan aane wali hai..yeehh..

That excitement made all come out of their shocks..they all  hugged kala in bone crushing hug ..

Geet:omg omg..im excited..

Maan:me too..mere di ka baby hai..n akka.,u scared the hell out of me..itni khushi ki baath aapne yese kaha..aur aajse abhi se..aap koi kaam nehi karengi..

Dadi:haan..u have take care of yourself only.n nakul..if I ever see kala working I wont send kala to your house..she will stay here with me..

Nakul was all shy seeing kala..n kala too was blushing seeing him..

Maan: nakul..why r u standing there..make sweets soon n give to akka..she has given us a good news..

Nakul got scared as usual with maans order..


He ran to kitchen making all laugh..

Kala:chotu.avangala ipdi viratura nee ..paavam ..unna paathale payanthu nadunguraanga.(u made him run..poor man..he always gets scared of u)

Maan:hmm..it serves him right..he will take good care of you..

Geet made kala sit next to her n asked:di aapko kal hi patha tha..



Kala:I went for monthly check up na..tab dr.ne bathaya..

Dadi: how much u worshipped god for it..finally he listened to your prayers..

Dadi:nehi..not for my prayers..but for my gudia..who  is the reason behind this happiness..yeh kushi sirf gudia ki wajase mila hai mujei..

Vicky was standing n looking at them..he never tried to near them..he held his desire back..maan can sense vickys eyes on him..but he didnt look at his side..dexture was the one to sneak under sofa n come to geet..it licked her legs to get her attention..

Geet pulled it out n kept on her laps..

Geet:oye dexture..what r u doing..

it tried to lick her face while geet backed out saving herself from him..

Kala:dexture missed you a lot..

Geet:dexture missed me hai kya..

It nodded its head..

Nakul came out with a plate full of sweet n gave to all..

Maan:nakul,,take care of akka..

Nakul:ji chote babu..

Dadi:maan,bacha hai uska..he will take care..

Maan:hmm..sona,are you coming with me or staying here..

She looked at Vicky n then said:aap jayiye mei aathi hoon..project work bhi discuss karna hai mujei..aur..

Maan:aur di ke pass thodi der aur rehna hai..

Geet nodde in yes n grinned..

Maan:ok..im going..

Dadi:Maan,stay here for some more time..

He gave her a sad smile..

Maan:the too I have to go to my house only..

Saying he walked out..mansion only reminded his past..he felt always chocked coming here..

He has not forgotten anything nor forgiven his dadi..but was trying to be normal with dadi..only for her age  n health sake..he entered his palace n sumped in sofa..just a word greens up all wounds..he sat there looking at the ceiling..the flashes of accuses n dadis scolds rang in his ears..he closed his ears not want to hear it .he felt like living it all again..

precap:shyams plan against geet..he won this time..
im Evil Smile..i know…

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3 thoughts on “U,me,aur….?Part 142

  1. awesum part….love the way maneet relation progressing…..kalakkka is going to mom….awesum…scary precap….contrinue sooon

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