Stubborn love – Part 15

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Geet ran to her dad..

Geet:dad..whats all can u sell this always sayna this is memory of mom..then how can you sell it..

she questioned him in extreme shock..she never in her dreams too expected it from her dad..

Mohinder:n it has memories of u too..

he said in sarcasm..

mohinder:i hate ur presence samji bhi yahaan reminds you..n i dont want that..

he said in anger.

Geet pleaded:dad pls..dont do it..

it fell on him like he is deaf..

Mohinder went to talk with them..they were finalizing the amount..geet shouted at them to leave..

geet:all of you get out..this house is not for sale..samji aap log..

mohinder was totally ashamed with her behaviour..

mohinder:im sry gentle men..

they thought mohinder doesnt want to sell as geet said only he is asking sry..n they left..

mohinder looked at geet angrily..

Mohinder:yeh kyabadtameezi hai..if u think i ll stop selling this house by ur behaviour..then its utterly wrong..kal koi aur aayega..

Geet:dad..pls don’t do this..i beg you..

She had tears in her eyes..this house is everything for her..she has spent her whole life here..

Mohinder:this is my house..n I can do whatever I tum chahthi thi tumne let me do what I want..

Geet:dad..pls don’t steel my moms memories from me..n u live here for her only..u feel her in this house dad..u cant sell this house..pls dad I ll do whatever u say..but pls don’t take my moms memories from me..

she bowed down before him folding her hands..

mohinder stood their with rock emotions on his face…he knew he is wrong by deciding to sell this house..he has been single till now after his wifes death..that was only bcoz of the immense love he had on her..he didnt marry any girl n give his wifes place to other..he still lives in her memories n want too till his death..he sighed..

Mohider:teek hai..ek condition per..


Mohinder:first u promise me..

Geet:I promise..i llaccept whatever u say..just don’t sell this house..

Mohinder:forget this house forever..never step back here..

Geet stepped back..


Mohinder:ur wish has fulfilled..u stooped so low to get married to maan..n to keep the status in society I married u to him..he is a gud boy..i know it..but he doesn’t deserve a girl like you..i m ashamed of say u as my daughter..

His every words were like pouring acid on her.. u arr thinking is….

He stopped her..

mohinder:i don’t want to talk more about u nor maan..i did all for society…even this pagphere is for the medias who are standing outside..not for u..if u really had a little respect or love for me..keep your promise..dont come back here..i don’t want 2 see your face again..take all your things from here n u can leave forever..dont forget im ur dad..n I have the same stubbornness in me..if u again step here n try 2 see me or contact me..i don’t know what I ll do..i want only my wifes memory here..not a girl like u who betrayed her dad n backstabbed on his back n broke his trust

Geet stepped back..thisis not her father who pampered her n bent down for hre wishes..he is not even ready to hear what she want to say..she ran to her room n cried  her heart out..noone is understandingher..maan nor her dad..

She thought she will convince her dad once they meet..but he is not ready to listen 2 her..n his promise..

She wiped her tears ..she has to keep her promise now..she looked around..the bedroom full of hers n her fathers picture..the beautiful moments she had with him..he has never let her feel she has no mother..he was both for her n he pampered her a lot..may be that’s the reason for her stubbornness..she got what all she wanted..he gave her everything she wishes n she wished maan..but the events changed in a different way..the person who loved her so much hates her presence now..she collected all her stuffs n went to her study..she kept all her things which is related to her.. her pictures,medals  toys dresses everything…she came down n emptied the wall hangings which had her pictures..she took that also n kept inside the study..she locked the door n turned to see a moisted daima..

Daima:gudia..yeh tum..

Geet hugged her..

Geet:atleast you doesn’t hate me daima..

She  kept the key on the table beside her bed..

Geet:its all over daima..ab mein..papa keliye sirf geet..maan ki patni..

daima:Beta sab kuch teek hojayega..

Geet:when daima..from that day im trying to say him..i did not do anything than being with him..he doesn’t believe me daima..he no more trusts me..he doesnt want me to come infront of him nor face him..itni nafrat karti hai woh mujse..

she cried..

Daima: all will get well he is angry..when he cools down he will come to you..i know him..cha lab kuch khale..

Geet smirked..stomach n heart is full daima..i don’t want anything..mujei book nehi hai..

Geet:daima..i want to be alone for some time..pls..

Daima left her ..

geet layed on bed ….this is the last day in her room..she want to remember it for ever..she closed  her eyes n smiled how she got ready for her first interview ..or to say her first meet with her love..

precap :past..maaneet meet


3 thoughts on “Stubborn love – Part 15

  1. Nice update dear geet asked her father to not sell the house as it has her mom memories them mohinder takes promise that she will not step in this house them only he will not sell it she agreed

  2. awesome update..but feeling sorry for Geet…her father hates her very much…he will not sale property only when she accepted neither to enter in the house nor to meet her father…. excited to see why maan & her father heats her…contn soon..!!

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