Humrahi -Part 56

Part 56


The thought of something happened to maan made her earth under her feet slip away..but tej was fast to recover..he must handle not only his gudia but her unborn baby too..

Tej:gudia..nothing will happen to jiju..vicky told na..there is no net n only we couldn’t know anything about him..have faith in god..babji will be with us..dekna jiju will be fit n fine..

Geet looked at him with faith..

Geet:maanji..will be fine na..

Tej:hmm..lets go to house now..i ll come n call jiju after few that time he will be able to reach..dekna..

Hiding his fear he boosted courage in geet..

Geet nodded n followed tej..but her heart was full of unknown fear..she prayed in her heart for his well being..

Tej:gudia..ghar aagayi..


She nodded n went inside..

Rano:aagayi tum dono..darshan teekse hua na..

Geet tumharaliye pakora banaya hai meine..

Geet moved inside like a zombie ..her mind was stuck with maan n her mothers words didn’t reach her ears..

Rano:yeh kya hogaya isko..

Tej:maa..let her go..

He stopped his mother..

Rano saw tejs face too covered with tensions..

Rano:kya hua..

Tej sighed..n said what happened n there was no news about maan..

Rano was shocked:arei babaji..

She rushed inside n took some money n tied in a cloth..

Tej too followed her n saw his mother praying to god..

Rano:kuch nehi hoga damadji ko…

Tej knew what she did..praying for safety of maan she tied the money..

Rano:go n be with something with her..n make her eat..


Rano:I ll go to kamala kaakis house..n will ask her to contact sambandji..n damadji.koi khabar mili tho who thuranth batayegi..

Tej:maa..mei chalthi hoon..i ll inform kaaki n I will go to my friends house..he will help us..

Rano:yeh bhi teek hai..jaa..par pehle geetko dekh..

She handed him the plate n coffee..

Tej tried to make geet eat..but she was too lost in her grief..

She denied taking food ..

Rano:kab tum sudrogi geet..tum apne aur apne bacheke tabyat bhi kharab karrahi ho..apneliye nehi  tho bachekeliye khao..kya kahogi damadji se..tum bhooki pyaasi thi..tumhare gharwalo ne tumein kuch nehi khilaya…

She looked at her mother once..then took the plate from tej n had it mechanically..tej glared his mother..she went away seeing geeet having her food..

Tej:im going to my friends house geet..take rest..kuch nehi hoga.jijuko..

He moved from there..geet heard some quarrel sound between her mother n tej..she had enough of tensions in her mind she cared less for whats happening in her house..

Tej shouted at his mother for being rude with geet..

Rano said..pyaar se tum bhi kahithi..did she ate..i know her very well..she will bow down only with my high voice..jaan boochkarhi kiya meine..

Tej sighed..maa..she is scared of maanji..aur uperse aap bhi..

Rano:I know he is safe..i still have little belief in god..he spoiled my life..but he wont do that to geet..

She walked away confidently..


Geet started to chant mantras whatever she knew..she pleaded to god to keep her maan safe..she will bare this loneliness being away from him..she only want to know he is safe..that is enough for her to breathe.she doesn’t want anything at this moment..


Tej on other side went to kaakis house n contacted geets mil n dev..both seemed to be worried about maan..they too had only the news of Vicky being safe…n they promised to call him if they got any news from maan..tej sighed n walked to his friends house..his friend had tv n the news of the flood was flashing on which took tejs breathe away..seeing the horrifying pictures tej too got scared..his friend shook him n asked what happened..tej told him about his jiju n seeked his help..he was blank n don’t know how to reach his jiju..both thought for a while n he called his distant relative who lived in tn but was in another district..he had good contacts in all areas..tej’s friend gave maans number n asked them to contact maan or try to get any details about him..they promised him they will try to get news about maan asap…tej sighed in relief..he thanked god..this only showed still humanity remains in all heart..

Tej bid bye ..but his friend stopped him n gave his cell phone..

Tejs friend:this is my 2nd number ..not all people have this number..take this..


Tej friend:u can keep trying ur many times u will go to phone booth or relatives place ..this is hard time for ur sis..n u need this at this moment..take it..

If it was someother time tej would have denied it..but its not possible to get phone or new number at this moment..they don’t have enough funds too for it..

He hugged him n thanked him for his timely help..


Tej came home ..n showed geet the phone..she smiled..n took it from his hand fastly n dialed maans number..her smile vanished hearing the number is not reachable at the moment..her face went pale..

Tej kept his hand on her shoulder..

Tej:gudia..once the power is settled he will call..i have msged him ,vicky  n dev bhai this number..

He made her have her dinner n made her sleep forcefully..

The night was too long for all..her dad came drunken..unaware of the storm going in his daughters life..

Tej n rano kept silence as geet was sleeping lately..

Tej made his father sleep outside..he too slept thinking the sunrise gives them a gud news..


Next day geet woke up n first thing she did was to call maan..she kept on calling him n it was unreachable..every passing second was hell for her..she did all things mechanically..n sat with many times she dialed maans was infinity..her confidence was breaking with each passing sec..


the night came n the next day came..she was cuddled like a ball in corner of house with phone in her hands..tej’s heart squeezed seeing her like that..she never cried before all..but the trace on her face spoke volumes she has cried all night. its truly said only the pillows knew the humans tears .he came out  taking the phone slowly from her hand n prayed to god before punching maans rang which made him squeal in happiness..but the happiness died the next second when the line cut off..he knotted his brows looking at the phone..he punched again..but it again went off..

Tej:babaji..whats this..

Suddenly a msg popped in his cell..

I’m charge.nno signal .will call u all maan..

Tej rushed to geet..


His scream made her jerk n she sat at her place with shock..

Geet:bhai..what happened..maanji..woh kesi hai..kuch pata I slept..woh teek hain..bolo..kesi hai woh..kisine call kiya..uski gharse..koi..

Tej:jiju is safe..

She leaned on the wall..tears of happiness filled her eyes..she thanked her babaji..

Geet:he is

She repeatedly said it…

Not for tej..but to satisfy her own heart..

Rano looked at both she smiled within herself n went to thank her god..

Whenever geet tried to go out n requested to call from booth rano has been rude saying tej has brought phone n no need to go out..she only knew the reason..the tea shops had the newspapers which had the horror scenes posted in front page..if not them the news channels n radios were pitying the state for facing such a hard time..if its not enough for them to sulk the neighbours were talking all rubbish things..n their thoughts were not digestable for them..what if geet she restricted geet to go out..thankfully maan himself msged them..

Tej showed the msg to geet..

She checked the was maan..

Tej:jijuki hi hai..hain

She nodded yes with smile plastered on her face..she was happy after 3 long days..

Geet:bhai..muje mandir leke chaloge..

Tej:haan kyun nehi..mein apni friendse bike leke aathi hoon..till then u fresh up n get ready..



Tej went to kitchen n saw rano ..

Tej:maa gudia wants to go to temple..i think she prayed for jiju’s safety..

Rano looked at him with a thoughtful look..

Rano:ok..take her..but be careful..



He went n came with his friends vehicle..geet has freshened up.n was ready…

Tej:did u had ur bf..

He asked in concern

Geet:yes ..u have ur bf soon..

She rushed him up..

He smiled to see her back to normal..these days he has seen her more shrink..she rarely stepped out of seeing her energetic he felt happy

He had his bf..both bid bye to rano n went to temple..geet saw the horrified pictures n her stomach stirred in fear..if she has not got the msg she would have broken seeing it..

tej stopped the bike..n  gave her money so she may buy offerings for god..

Geet:I ll return this..bcoz its my prayer.


Both went inside..geet gave the puja plate to the pandit..he did the puja n then asked about maans well being..

Geet thanked God whole heartedly for listening to her prayers..tej too thanked god n both sat on a corner for sometime..

Geets eyes was still on the idol of god..tej too didn’t initiate any talks..

Geet :was talking to god in her heart..maanji is safe that’s enuf for I said I will w8 till he come n take me..i wont ask anything more now from you..i only want his long life..i have lived each n every second in fear of losing him..death would have been easier for me ..

u know everything god..all think I don’t know what neighbors talked about us.. me n my family was flying high as they got a good son in law..even im changed after marriage.. as I have married in a better place they think I m high headed..attitude .im flying in air bcoz of happiness…n that’s why u have stolen my happinessn u have taught me a lesson by bringing back me to earth…but thank u god for returning my husband..

Did they even know what we went marriage is not less than a miracle..ya it’s a miracle..u did on me..erasing my miseries of life..but they want to see us only in suffering..kesi log hai ye..only want to see us in hardship..i too was losing hope on u..n would not have stepped in ur place if anything has happened to him..u have filled my heart so happy..thanks u so much God.. u have made me realize maanji mereliye sabkuch hai..even if he is miles apart from me my life relies on him..thanks once again I wont ask u anything more..

She closed her eyes thanking god ..


Tej:gudia..lets go..


Both were back..n geet didn’t failed to see the jealousy in the ladies eyes..

Geet st:evil eyes..jab maanji aayega mein nazar uthardoonga unka..

They reached home..

Rano asked her to rest..n tej went to give back the vehicle to his friend..

Geet slept peacefully ..rano came to call her for lunch..seeing her sleep she went away..when tej came n saw geet..she has just woken up n was looking at phone with earning look..

Tej:once the problem solves he will call come..lets have our lunch..


Geet n tej sat along with rano for lunch..

Tej:maa..where is papa..

Rano:where else he will be..he left early morning..he did not have bf he has got a reason to drink again..his son in law is missing..

It was hard for geet to swallow the food she kept in her mouth a wife she has started to realize the bond of husband wife n being a home maker how much money is essential for life..her mother is still managing with all miseries..n what she gets support from her husband .n she doesn’t know to express herself to change a drunkard husband .who doesnt listen to anyone…geet has now started to see the other side of life too..

Rano:geet..what r u looking already time pe u have to eat at time..u will face digestion problem then..after u go there if u face any digestive problems don’t take any medicines..

She started to say home remedies..n geet heard it carefully..

Rano:samaj aaya..


Geet left to wash her hands..

Rano:hmm..tej..geet will leave to her mil house in few can we send her empty hand.. karna hoga..

Rano:jo cheese gudia ko pasand ho..woh banake dethe hain..kuch snacks.. u want money..

He asked thinking after a while..


Tej: already we have brought enough from grocery shop..he wont lend us more… much u will need maa..

Rano:atleast 500 -750 rs..

.tej :teek hai..i ll arrange for it..

Geet has listened to their talks..but she kept quiet n walked away..

Even after marriage she only makes them spend on her..or to say more than before..she cant even stop them n say..i don’t want anything..bcoz the place we live in expect some formalities..her mil will ask her..even nt can que her what she brought from her home..that too when she is carrying ..yeh samaaj yese kyun hai..there was no answer..she sighed..


It was night..they had their dinner too n was arranging their beds..when the phone rang..geets face flashed a 1000 watts smile..seeing maans number..

Geet hurriedly pressed the answering button..she was feeling so emotional..tears filled her eyes..


There was silnce..she looked at the phone..seconds were running..she again saif

Geet:h..e..l..l..o..m..aa..n..ji…aap  ..aap..


There was silence again..hearing his hmm was feeling like she got a drop of water in deserted area..

On the other side maan was no less than her..her cracked voice mirrored her position..her scared self..…t..

Geet:maanji..maanji..aap..aap..teek hona..

She questioned him..she want to know his safety..

Maan:hmm..i..m f..ine..t..u

Before he speaks she asked her next que..geet:where r u now.. r u now in Chennai ..woh..baarish..sab teek haina..power aagyi teek haina..aapne charge kiya na..

She bombarded with her was her restless heart want to know everything..

Maan charge only im talking to u..

Geet slapped her forehead for being stupid..but what she can do..noone thinks briefly in worse situations..

Maan:tum..tum..teek ho na..aur..

He let a long breathe n asked her

Maan:aur baby..

Geet suddenly felt the air thicken with the name of baby. ..he was angry on her knowing her age..he left her here n was not talking to her till now. .n now que about baby..she is far away from him bcoz of baby.she answered him simply



He expected her to speak..n vice versa she expected him to speak..que her more n answer her previous questions..both went silent..

Tej came in..

Tej:gudia..jiju hai kya..


Tej:if u both have talked give to me I ll also talk to him..

Geet looked at the phone..maan was silent..n she too doesn’t want to make him angry with questioning him more..

Geet:humne baath karli..aap baath karlo..

Saying she gave it to tej..

Maan was disappointed.. r u..

He started to ask same que..

Geet was hearing their talks..n came to know maan is still stuck n he will be able to come out once the water drains..there is no rain now..n rescue team  was there n Eb mens were set righting the wirings..he is in his hotel room which was multi storied …bcoz of it the water doesn’t enter than first floor n  he n others who stayed there were safe..till the high ways get cleared he has to stay n it may take  a week to be back..generators have started n so he managed to charge his cell n talk to all..his mother dev n now to geet..

Geet got all her answers..she was relieved..

Tej:jiju..gudia bohut dar gayithi..

Maan:hmm…I can understand..take care of her..







note:less of maneet..but i want to show geets inner turmoil..what all she is facing n why she is so silent ..she is shrinking bcoz of surroundings..the pressure which the surroundings gives to her.. n how her mayka is forcing her to see the other side of life too..n she is getting mature by facing all the ups n downs..


dont worry..geeet will start to open up slowly..


my lappy is nearing death..i hope it gets well soon..or i get one new..LOL



hit like buttons n leave comments if u like..Smile

sry 4 hindi ,spelling n grammatical mistakes..LOL


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  1. thanks for awesome but emotional update….Geet was so restless for maan…nice to see Tej consoling her…Finally maan safe and sound & she got her breath and life back…she visited temple to thank God for maan’s safety…excited to see geet mature to express her feelings & maaneet moments plz..!!

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