stubborn love – Part 17


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.it was 8 at night when maan came out..geet came n blocked his car..maan

was surprised..

Geet:sry sir..i think u r going

home..dont worry sir.. I ll be waiting here for you …see you tomorrow..gud

night sir..she moved n started to chat with securities..

Man was not a ruthless person..his

heart melted..he called her..

Maan:now go home..n come at 9..or else no interview..

Geet jumped yippee..yehh..thank you sir..will come tomorrow…surely sir..

her smile ear to ear showing her perfect shiny teeth…..she jumped all the while ..saying ty again n again she took an auto n went back home..

maan nodded his head to see a chirpy bubbly innocent girl..her stubbornness was something different in her..



The next day geet was there at 8 am..wearing a simple white cotton chudi.

.maan too was there working from 7..he

has more works to get up from  the


Man saw her  entering the floor. He was impressed with the

way she kept her words…but  he stayed

inside his cabin ..he want to test her patience..her stubbornness n

patience..lets see what wins..

Slowly all staffs came..geet was

waiting for his call..she has informed pinky about her arrival n she has told

to wait


.geet was impatient..but its her maans office..that sense gave her

happiness..the air has his aroma..she can hear his voice giving orders to

staffs..half day passed that way..

Finally maan gave up to her stubbornness..n

called her in..she was happy..but maan has his own ways to test her.he cant take any staff just like that without any efficiency..he  is giving her this chance bcoz of her stubborness only..

Geet:gud afternoon sir..

Maan:gud noon miss geet..

He did not offer her to sit.n she never thought of it too..she is standing infrontof her love..talking to his room..she was more than happy atpresent…she was still standing n he started his interview..he asked all sort of tough

questions n geet answered all very easily..maan couldn’t deny that she is

extraordinarily talented n suitable for job..he then looked at her records n

came to know she studied in same college n she is gold medalist in her batch..he felt bad for mistreating a well educated candidate,,

Maan :hmm sry geet..i have given the job to sasha already..only secretary ka job hai..

Geet:its ok sir I can do any job..bas I want  a job..

Maan thought she is really  in need of job n that’s why she is  after after thie job,,asking him to take interview n then reject her..she is more qualified….he pitied her..

He called adi n asked him to appoint her as his secretary..

Geets happiness knew no bounds..

She grinned like afool..she want to jump n hug maan..she controlled it .she want

to maintain professionalism

Geet controlled herself..she bit

her lips n mouthed a thank you to him..n went with adi.

He didn’t miss the twinkle in her


It was very expressive..he nodded

with a small smile..

Hayee..geets heart was flying in

air..she felt she got everything with that one smile of his..n she can do

anything for that..she smiled again showing her dimples..

Maans phone buzzed n he got busy..

Adi gave geet her appointment letter..he asked her to join the next day..but geet is geet..she told she will join from that time itself..adi smiled n told her the works she must do..

Geets cabin was next to maans..n that was cherry on cake for her…she looked at maan drooling him..the way he works..he speaks..every small gestures made her more n more fida on him..

Maan called her for works n other times he was busy with his..



it was evening..

maan was getting angry with the turn of events..the client who was supposed to meet them for a deal cancelled it..he was trying hard to control the situations but its going worse..n he was shouting on the employees unlike him..geet pouted looking him angry..


Maan felt someone gazing him..he turned n looked around..before he see to her side geet looked at the file before her n was pretending to work on it..

Maann again went back to his work..

His head pained a lot..n he called geet in n summonned her for a black coffee..geet gulped hard n walked to the pantry

Sasha who joined the same day hated geet for getting maans attention..she feared geet may take her place as she saw the way she gave the interview..the confidence n the way she answered..anytime her job may be at stake n geet may take that place..

She too followed geet..

Geet looked the pantry n pouted..

Geets think..daima use to say na..geet try to make some coffee n food..but how will I make black coffee for my maan..first time he asked something n I cant make it..but what to do..

Sasha:hai u need any help..

Geet thought for a second..she is still nave at heart n didn’t think sasha will have grudges on her..she thought to ask sasha for help n sasha took it as chance ..

Sasha:its simple geet..just add sugar to the  black coffee kept there.

Geet:how much?

sasha mentally patted herself as geet herself made way to make her in trouble..she misguided geet

sasha: black coffee will be bitter so add more sugar..

geet added 5 cubes of sugar n went inside maans cabin

she placed the coffee mentally appreciating herself for making coffee..first time for her love.



but poor geets all happiness drained when he spilled everything..n his anger was high..

maan:if u don’t knowhow  to make coffee..then why u r making it..useless fellows..i must say me..i kept useless creatures in my office..ladki ho..ek coffee nehi bana sakthi..

geet was in verge of crying.none has ever taunted her.but she masked it thinking she did something wrong….

geet:what happened maan sir..

maan:what..u r asking what? Huh..drink this  n see u will know whats wrong..

geet without thinking twice took his cup n drank it in one go..

after all its her maans juta..when he is offering she cant deny..

maan:geet ..what u did..woh meri juta tha..

geet:then how will I know whats wrong in it..

he doesnt want to embarrass the he diverted the topic..

maan:ab patha chala.. tasted like  coffee bite chocolate..very sweet..

st:aapki juta it was more than a chocolate..bohut sweet..

she licked her lips..n maan did feel something inside him.he averted his eyes..same time sam entered..



2 thoughts on “stubborn love – Part 17

  1. Finally got it.geet can do anything for maan.maan is shocked to see her qualification.but he already appointed sasha for the last geet got job as his secretary.but geet is happy bcoz atleast she can stay with maan in front of her.sasha mislead her to make coffee.maan scolded her for giving him dis sweet black maan asked her to check,without any thought geet had all coffee.maan told her,its already used by him,why she drank it?now after this how can he scold her?just then sam came.
    Pls dear keep update soon

  2. Uph. Sam wrng entry always geet drank maans juta coffee maan also felt something in his stomach but he let it go

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