Stubborn love – Part 18

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part 18

same time sam entered..


maan:hai sam..

saam who was about to hug him stopped seeing his shirt..she gave a disguisting look. which irritated maan further.he looked  at geet angrily..

maan:geet.. now I have an will I go with this stained shirt..

sam:oh look like a tea man..

sam  giggled making fun off him adding fuel to his irritation..

maan:sam..its not a laughing thing..its not a joke..i have a meeting in 15 min..n what would I do..

sam: hmm u must change to new one..or wash this..

maan:I don’t have spare cloth now..n washing..can you help me..

he expected her to help him in his needed time..

sam:oh maan..i have to go urgently…i just came to say hello n bye..…will see u tomorrow getting late..

she went before he replied too..maan looked at the way she went..he looked at his helplessly..

geet:sir 15 min give me the shirt.. i”ll clean it up..

maan:are u sure.

geet:yes sir..

maan reluctantly unbuttonned his shirt n gave it to her..

but geet was standing still looking at his strong arms which was now visible as he stood only in his vest. n pant.

he felt little uncomfortable with her gaze on him

Maan:now go..n I want it before 2 mins.of meeting.or think this is ur last day..

he barked at her breaking her trance on him..Geet immediately ran to washroom..the girl who doesn’t know to wash clothes how will she clean up..she

soaked it fully in water n rubbed the stain mark..she was happy seeing the mark


Adi who came to inform maan was shocked seeing him standing in vest..

Adi:he hehe ..


Adi:s..sry sir..wo.wo..aap..ka shirt..

Maan:all credit to geeeth..

He gritted his teeth in he is being questioned becoz of geet..he is unproffessionaly dressed in his office standing in vest before his staff like a fool

Adi:geet..where is she..

Maan:hmm..go n check if she has cleaned my shirt..

Adi went to washroom..n he was like what is she doing.he was shocked seeing maans shirt fully soaked..he laughed in his nervousness

Adi:hehehe..geet..whats this..

Geet:adi sir..woh sir ki shirt ..meri ki stain lag I came to clean..ab teek hai..

she said proudly. its totally kya kiya tumne geet..

Geet:what adi sir..

Adi:geet:how will maan sir wear this wet shirt..see its dripping water..

Geet kept her fingers in mouth..

Geet:yeh tho meine socha hi nehi..what will i do now.

geet looked at adi ..adi can see she is too innocent n doesnt think before doing anything..but who will save from maans wrath…

geet:adi me na..

Adi:now we have to arrange new shirt for maan sir..but how..the clients will be here any minute..n boss is going to boil as volcano on all..only god us.i ll go n inform maan sir..

geet was left in thoughts on which adi said..

Geet:.sir rukiye..


Geet:sir give me 2 minutes..mei abhi aayi..then go to maan sir..she stormed out of office n ran to the back street where her car is parked..

She had a parcel in it..she came back n gave to adi..

Adi:did u do any magic geet..

Geet go n give this to him.. only did n u r going 2 give..n explain him..


Maan was pacing inside the room..she knocked n came inside..

Maan instantly pounced on her..

Maan:geet how much time u take..the clients are on the u even knew the value of gettinglate..where is my shirt..

Geet extended the parcel..

Maan:I didn’t ask u anything..where is my shirt..

Geet:who maan sir..woh..its fully u have any idea..omg..what will I do now..what will they think if they saw me without office ya ghar..


Maan:shut up..all bcoz of u..i must not have appointed are fired..

Maan was blabbering..without listening to geet..

Geet was getting irritated as he is not listening to her..she took the water glass n  broke down making maan stun at his place..

Geet:this is new shirt for you..change n attend the meeting..

She said in one go..

Maan opened the parcel n found a white shirt of his size..

Maan :how did u arrange it..

Geet:its my problem..i have solved yours..go now..

But maan couldn’t accept it so easily..he was in this mess bcoz of her n she isshowing attitude correcting it..

Maan:iska matlab yeh nehi tum kuchbhi toddo..

Geet:then what to do u r not ready 2 listen to me..

She replied him with attitude..

Maan:I ll cut this damage in ur salary..

Geet showed her dimple smile..

Maan:now what..why are you smiling..

Geet:so im still in work..u told u fired me..u can cut the damage in next salary..

She chewed her inner lips n maans eyes went over their..lost in her twinkling eyes n that smirky smile..

He turned showing his back to her wearing the shirt..

Maan :hmm..

He said smiling to himself..

Geet:thank you so much..maan..

She said excited.

St:omg I called him maan..

Geet:sry..maan sir.

Maan:now don’t stand wasting the time here..u r going to take notes of the go n arrange everything..

Geet:ok sir..

She flew away like a butterfly n maan nodded his head..

Is she innocent or matured..stubborn girl.she does what she thinks..but she didn’t say how she arranged the shirt in short time..

Here geet was jumping in her cabin..

She brought that shirt for maan long before ..but she cant give him..what if he asks why she is giving to him..but seems like babaji is with her..she had it in car itself thinking oneday she will gift himin any moment..but today it was useful..n the most happy moment was to see him wearing it before her..she saw the appreciative look in his eyes..he  liked that..

Omg..he wore it..he wore it..

Geet slapped her head..

Geet if u jump like this u will not go and attend the meeting..then he will fire u for sure..

She chided mentally n calmed herself n went to arrange the meeting..

The meeting went well..

Presentation was given by sasha n maanappreciated her work..the clients approved the deal ..

After all left only maan sasha n adi were left..

Geet:sir..woh..shall I say something..


Geet went near the board ..

Geet:sir..what if this balcony facing north is on east side..

Maan was irritated..after finalizing the deal she wants to change ..

N sasha was also fuming..

Sasha:geet ..they have approved this don’t need to change ..hearing ur change they will back off..

Geet:sasha..let me say fully..

geet never gives up..she is too stubborn we all know

Adi:why u want to be changed geet..

Adi who has seen her different style of work thought she has something in mind..

Geet:adi sir. as per  our plan in east,u see there is a park here..but the balcony is in south


Geet:sir,mostly we use balconys to sit n refresh ourselves..n park is more refreshing thing..when u see the greenaries , childrens play n elders walk with chattings ..we will feel if its on  east it will be nice

Adi:gud idea..

He turned to maan..looking for his answer..

maan liked her idea..he does whats right..

Maan:sasha change the plan as geet suggested..we will talk to the clients again..they will be here to sign thedeal papers tomorrow.we can get their approval for this..

Sasha “ji sir..

She was not pleased as maan accepted geets idea but couldn’t show it..she went their frustratingly..geet was happy that he accepted it..

She came happy to home n shared the news of her job to her dad n daima..


The days passed into weeks..

Geet was very perfect in all ways..but she made things of her decision only..what she says must be done..she made it in her ways too..maan noticed her stubbornness n same time the childishness along with the knowledge in interiors..her suggestions made his clients happy..he got few more projects..but still he was struggling 2 overcome the loss…the news was spreading around n maans name was in the talk..

Dadi came to office inbetween n found geet is so pure by heart n she talks what she thinks.though maan has told her about geets stubbornness it didn’t make her think indifferent about geet..what she saw was a pure innocence before her..she has seen geet watching maan with without blinking her eyes..dadi thought it to be a crush of her age n shrugged it off..but geet was always there in corner of her heart..she thought a girl like geet will be perfect for maan….

Geet was fast learner n fast worker too..she finished her works before time n in leisure time she will be indreams with maan..she saw maan n sam going out on dates n dinners..she will think herself with him n sigh ..but will never intrude his privacy..she was happy with the way things are going..maan is before her eyes..n that’s enough for her..she had captured many pictures of him without his notice..n filled her study with it..her mornings n nights was always with him


7 thoughts on “Stubborn love – Part 18

  1. A new shirt for maan all of a sudden geet ma’am ki kaadu ye thoda extra hai umm geets sugessions maan accepting and her stubborn natir I wonder how maan is bearing her and ye Sam nakam ki hai kya ye masn ki msjoori hai I inli saath rahna

  2. awesome update…loved geet innocent & stubbornness…maan accepted her ideas for the projects…dadiji also liked geet as her innocent & thought a girl like geet will be perfect for maan….excited for next update..!!

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