Maan woke up at evening n was shocked .. He slept during day time.. how can he.. he has lots of works n he can’t take rest.. he tried to get up..but he  couldn’t.. one side aarav n other side geet was still encircling him by waist. .he slowly removed their hands n went to washroom.. He splashed water on his face..

His St: no. no. I must soon find a solution for this…I can’t make them habitual to me like this.. then I won’t be able to go to office too.(how soon he has understood his cutie pies).

He came out wiping his face with towel only to see both of them waking up rubbing their eyes..they missed the warmth of maan n wokeup as soon as he moved to WR.. he looked at both.. There was no difference in them.. their cute pout n way of rubbing eyes was same like each other.

Geet started her complaints:patiji where u went without geet..geet was searching u..

She said with a cute frown..

N aarav was no less..

Aarav:papa..aaav bhi..papa ko ..

Maan sighed:mei yahi both of u get up..

Maan lifted aarav n helped him using washroom n asked geet to go..

Geet:patiji u only help aarav..geet ko nehi..

Maans eyes popped hearing it..

Maan:aarav is baby..but u r big na..uski mama good girl go use Wr n come soon.. I ll show u …hmmm..cartoon..

Geet:cartoon..mujei dora buji deknahai..

Maan ST: DORA..whats that..let me search..

(google baba ki jai ho..even msk need his help 😉 )

Maan:hmmm…o k..whatever it is..i ll show..

Geet left to wr without any fuzz n maan thanked his stars.. he managed to divert geet.



All 3 came down n had their evening snacks  milk n coffee..

Maan sat in lawn asking them to play ball for some time .. till that he concentrated on his work..n maid was having eyes on both.. even dadi sat their relaxing seeing the cuties play n laughed at their antics.. the mansion has turned lively with their laughters..the one burned was NT who was watching all standing in the balcony of her room.. when dadi asked her to join she excused  saying she is tired..(why not..maan has given her responsibilities.. she has to start it ..the first day itself was tiring for her.. that too with her hubby who wants her on bed whenever he feels romantic.. she was feeling irritated.. what she thought.. she will be queen in a big paradise.. but maan has made it hard for her.. n geet whom she hated is gaining all importance. .n that 2″ aarav…grrr… I thought I  will get rid of them after marriage.. but here too they are taking my place.). she left inside in anger..

As the cuties got bored they came to maan cribbing to show him dora bujji..maan has surfed n downloaded it..he took them to a room which had a projecter..he made them sit n inserted the pendrive,,the cartoon came in big screen which made both kids mouth open wide..they were too happy clapping their they started to get involved in it maan sneaked to his study n got with his video conferences..


He then received call from mohinder saying that they reached safely..maan has even arranged packagers to help them in packing things..he thanked maaan for that too..n they have started their packing n will soon complete it…

Rano took the phone from mohinderrano:beta..wo..bache kahin tumei tang nehi karrahi haina

Maan:no maa..they r fine..watching  some cartoons

Rano:did they had snacks..aarav will not fuzz..but gudiya…

Maan:no no..she too didn’t make any fuzz..may be she was hungry she had it

Rano sighed in relief..

Maan:ok.i ll make them speak when they are near me..

Rano:ji..ok beta..

Maan:.bye..take care..

Rano ;..thank you beta..

Both kept the phone in relief..

It was night n again all had their dinner…n maan asked both cuties to follow him to his room..dadi stopped him..

Dadi:maan..i will stay with you for night..

Maan:no are tired..n u need sleep..u have ur pills and sleep..ek din ki baath hai..i will manage..

He told confidently..

Dadi:are you sure..

She asked hesitantly..not sure if maan could handle babies..

Maan:if I couldn’t handle I ll call you..ok..u r here only na..

Dadi smiled at his reply n patted his cheeks


Maneet n arav went to their room..

Maan called rano n mohinder in skype..geet n aarav was happy seeing both..they both talked with them in baby language..tilll then maan too changed to his tracks n vest..after a little chat with them maan noticed them yawning..he made both sleep like noon on either side..

Maans eyes were open..he was looking at his ceiling..he had never slept in noon n so he couldn’t sleep now..he was thinking about the turn of events.. the two moved a little closer towards him..n he kept on patting both.. he felt contended.. a peace in his heart..a complete family..biwi n bache..but he doesn’t know will he be able to keep them happy… they were happy in their own world..its he who has entered their small world…making many changes in them.. situations made him trapped..n he didn’t regret it…he just wanted his bro to be safe..n he will do anything for it..he must think more about tara than his own life..

Thinking about all he too slept soon..


The next day was  a routine..maan expected geet n arav to be cranky..but they were happy with small small things..which maan brought for them..aaravs camera ..maans  downloaded cartoons..n  the toy room kept them busy…maan made them have their bf n went to join dadi for a few mins…leaving maid to take care of both cuties..

Only geet n aarav were playing alone.. Tara asked the maid to make Horlicks for geet n aarav..till that she will be with them..the maid too left agreeing to tara she was geets sis too..

Tara smiled evily n looked at geet..who was sitting on floor with her legs sprawled on either side..

Geet saw tara..

Geet:naina..aao..aao. have u come to play with us..come .lets play..

Nt smiled:this is what she wanted too..

Tara:yes geet..but what shall we play..

Geet:dekho hai sweety..

Geet showed her doll..

Geet:hum iski shadhi shadhi khelenge..

Aarav was busy with his camera..but he didn’t like taras presence..

Aarav:maa..aarav n maa maasi..

Taras face drained..

Aarav is a smart boy she knew..she has to fool him too..

Tara thought a sec n planned to fool him too..after all he is a kid..

Tara:woh aarav..maasi too wants to play with getting bored here..geet tell na aarav ko..n say what shall we play..but no doll n doll ki shadhi haan..

Taras st:haha..iski aur maan ki shadhi kam hai kya ..yeh tho doll hi hai..shadhi kya hai..did she even know..

Geet thought n then said..

Geet: aarav ko ball pasand hai we play ball ball

Tara lifted her brows ..

Tara:not a bad idea..meri kaam hojayegi..


Tara:playing with u all..she said eying at geets bangles..

Tara:so lets start ball.. ball ..

She took the tennis  ball which was kept aside..

Tara:You both close ur eyes..i will hide the ball u have to say where I have kept the ball..

Geet:no no tara..u throw ball ..geet n aarav will catch..

Tara:but…mujei hide hide hi khelna hai..

She pouted..n geet felt bad..

Geet:ok..we will play hide hide things..u ok..

Tara smiled eveily…which aarav doesn’t like..

Tara:You both close ur eyes..n say where I have kept the ball..

She hided  it inside a big jar.

Tara:now open ur eyes n find..

Aarav n geet searched everywhere..but couldn’t find..

She took the ball from jar..

Aarav n geets turn came..but tara sneaked thru her eyes n found it making them pout..

Geet:nehi khelna yeh mujei..kuch aur khelthe hain..

Tara:ok..i ll show u somethings..u have to say the names..u both told me week days na yesterday..aap dono ache bache ho..

Geet n aarav nodded ok..

Tara removed her finger ring n showed them..


Geet:anti nehi..anguti


She dropped  the ring inside the  vase which had big flowers..

Now can u find it..

Both searched n found it..

Tara clapped encouraging them

She then told aarav to do something like her..

N arav took his toy n showed it to her

Geet:yeh tho fish hai…

Aarav being a small boy ..put the toy in same vase n asked them to find..

Geet took it out n clapped saying she won..

Tara:its ur turn geet..

Geet scratched her head..what she will hide.. u want my help..

Geet:mei kya chupaun…hmm

Aarav:maa ko khelne nehi aathi..

He teased geet making her frown..

Geet:aathi hai mujei..

Geet: me na..

Tara:hmm tumhare pass ring hai..but I have done aarav did..sirf jewelleries hai..

She came close to geet:geet remove ur bangle n put it inside..

Geet:but dadi n maa told not to remove

Tara:hum thodi der khelnekeliye hi remove karenge na..u will wear it then..

Geet half heartedly removed it..

Arav:chudi..chudi maa

Geet dropped her bangle in vase..tara pushed the ball which aarav  had in hands.

Tara:aarav..ur ball is going out..jaake leke aao..hum phir bangle doondenge..agar tumhare papa ne bahar ball dekliya tho guzza karengi..n will say aarav n geet bad child

Aarav:na..papa na..aarav gud..maa gud..

With this he ran out to take the ball..

Tara:geet..will u show me that doll..

Geet turned to take the doll..tara immediately took the bangles n hided it in her sari..but she was sweating profusely.. how  she will take it out n hide it..

She saw the big teddy which had a big zip..tara opened it n kept the bangles inside n sighed a relief..

Her work is done..she will take it afterwards..

Same time the maid came with Horlicks..

Tara:chalo chalo dono Horlicks piyo..

Geet:tara..we will play ..geet ko abhi bhi woh doondna haina..

Tara:we will play geet:I ll come now..

She left leaving the 2 kids with the maid wondering why tara ran like that..only geet asked her to play..kuch gadbad hai kya..but she couldn’t suspect she is the choti bahu of the fam..

Aarav n geet too got distracted when maan entered the room..he enjoyed being with them..

It was noon when dadi came to call them for lunch..

All seated in table..n geet n arav where as usual in their own land..

Tara asked geet to give the bowl near her..when geet extended her hands..dadi noticed geets hand empty n que about the bangles..

Dadi:geet beta..i gave u bangles..where is it..

Geet:hum na..hum uske saath khelrahi thi..phir vase main daala..wahi hai..

Dadi was upset..its her first shagum given by her mil..she gave it to geet as she is the first bahu of khuranas..

Dadi:how can u play with that geet..

She asked in annoyed tone..even geet got worried  as she heard the raising voice.

Tara  was enjoying the plight..

Aarav stood n   said.. maa ko rulaya..maa nehi kheli wo maasi..

tara:mei..aarav..what r u saying.. I don’t not a kid..

maans eyes were on tara..n he knew aarav is right..bache jute nehi bolte..n tara ..she said she didn’t play with them before arav complete his is taras plan..n he will find it..

dadi:wo meri saasumaa ki thi.then I gave it to ur…rano was right..i must not have given it to geet..

dadi said in a bit sad tone

maan”don’t worry dadi..sirf chudi hai..where will it will be here only..i ll find it.. rahi baath..for ur repenting..u gave to my wife dadi..meri maa ki hai..uski blessings sure we will get it back..

maan replied confidently..

tara sighed in relief as none que her..

but aarav n maan gave  angry looks to her..

tara:yeh baap bte dono ek jese hai..

(she accepted  aarav is maans child unknowingly)

Maan had his  lunch quietly..but his mind was thinking of possibilities..what can be happened in the mean time.. geet had bangles before he went to  dadi

After bf he took aarav n geet to play room..he called  the maid..n enquired her..he came to know tara was with them..

He sat there thinking..

Geet n aarav was sitting there  in floor near maans chair but not playing..

Geet  pulled aans pants n gained his attention..

Geet:sachi patiji..geetne vase mein daali bangle..

Aarav too said same n showed the vase..

Maan looked inside but there was none..

Are u sure baby..he asked aarav..

Aarav:haan..maasi pay with maa aav..ball ball..hide hide..ring hide toy hide..

Then maa bangle hide..h

He told in his childish made clear tara had the bangles..

Before he que her he must have some proof..he never doubted his servants as all were loyal n never tried to take a single penny without his permission..thats y he doesn’t que his maid too..

Aarav was again lost in his camera taking pictures..

N maan smiled..

He may get some clue thru it..

He asked aarav to play ball with geet n he scrolled on the pictures..there were many pic of geet playing..the toys..the maid..

His eyes popped  out seeing a pic where geets skirt was revealing her inner thighs..automatically his eyes went o geet who was sitting with one leg folded n his eyes got the view of her milky white skin.

No no no..he mentally slapped himself…he had a task to do..he scrolled again down till lost pic..where maid came with Horlicks..he scrooled up..again down..he checked every pictures carefully..connected one with other..

N he got the thing..the teddy..which was near geet when aarav went out..later it was near aarav..maan  looked at the bear where it is..same time aarav was playing with it..he was checking the bear..soon he found something not so soft as bear..he opened the zip n caught the thing he was searching..bangles..

Aarav:chudi..maa ki chudi..milgyi..

Maan smiled..tara couldn’t take it out ..bcoz of fear..but see god is with moms blessings..he didn’t even search fully..n the kid got it back..

Maan:haan beta..milgayi..

He came to geet n tried to make her wear..

Geet pulled her hands back

Maan:y geetu..ur bangle..

Geet:dadi ne daanta..mei achi bachi nehi hoon..i lost it..maa bhi daantenge..muje nehi chahiye..

Maan:but geet we found it na..

Geet:what if  geet again lost it.. sab daantenge na..

Maan was speechless..he looked at the bangles which was worth a few lakhs..nearly a crore..she doesn’t know the value..she is concerned what if she lost it again..

Maan:teek hai..i ll keep it with myself..till u gain ur sense

Maan kissed aaravs cheeks..

Maan:bcoz of u we got it back..

Geet pouted:patiji..mujei bhi mujei bi.she showed him her cheeks..

Maan softly pecked her n left to keep the bangles safe..

He has to be careful with a day she has showed her true colours ..

Maan made a note to  make  tara answer   later


5 thoughts on “THE PLAY OF DESTINY – PART 14

  1. Wow awesome update yaar

    Tara wanted to defame geet but aarav Very smartly found the bangles and geet also denied to wear them becoz Dadi scolded her

    Maan also thought it right to keep it safe until geet is normal

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