U,Me,Aur…? Part 145


Part 145

Geet ,Vicky n gang were too happy…

arohi :its  time to celebrate..isnt it..we r going to work with bhai..i mean the great MSK..khurana constructions…

pari:yeahhh…we r going to work with dreamy..

her eyes flickered n she went to her la la land..

geet glared at pari..whenever it comes to maan pari s words made her jealous..n Vicky laughed seeing her plight..

Vicky pulled geets cheeks..n diverted her attention..

Vicky:oh my sweet baby..

Geet looked at him..


He whispered in her ears so others could not hear him..

Geet nodded her head in no..n then in yes..

Vicky:just few days baby.. and then when all will know about you..see their reactions..im sure pari will faint ..

Geet smiled..

Vicky:u know what baby..  amongst all..im the happiest man..do u know y..

Geet:I know.

Vicky:u know..

Geet:u will be close to prince in ur office..now the distance between u both will reduce..

Vicky was awed seeing her..she is now no more chidish..ya..there is a little bit..but she is understanding more now..

Heer:yaar. What u both are talking..

Vicky cleared his throat..

Vicky:wo..we are talking where to celebrate.. n when..

Prem:when  means..now…we all are going 2 party right now..

Arohi:yup..i saw a new mall opened last week.. let’s go there n celebrate..

All shouted agreeing to her..geet  msged maan that she is going out with her friends..maan msged her ok..n have a great time,n to  be careful..

Maan called her bgs n asked them to be alert around them now..

He has to be extra careful now as he has directly taken their team to work under him..this might be a hype in business world.mainly that rahul.n as maan expected Rahul has called his team..


In rahuls office

Rahul:u all are useless..im wasting money on you useless peoples..u all can’t even do one work  sincerely..

His team stood before them with bowed heads..

Rahul:do u all know why u all were there in that campus selection..

None answered..

Rahul roared like a  hurt lion.

Rahul:common say me dammit.. why u all went?

Staff:to select a team to work for us..

Rahul:n why we need a new team..

Staff:freshers will have new ideas..

Rahul clapped his hands..but they all knew it is dangerous for them..

Rahul:wow..bravo..very good answer..i like ur answer..now answer my next question with same intelligence..

Staff gulped his saliva..

Rahul:why u all didn’t select the groups.. which KC selected..not one ..two groups.. did u hear me..2 groups..n specially the second one which maan came directly to take in his company..whats in their team.. y u all disqualified them.. n took some useless team for us..

The Staff couldn’t answer him..

Rahul: answer me..

Staff jumped in his place

Staff:wo sir..wo..

Rahul came n held his neck..the others feared for their life

Staff:all rejected that group..so we too rejected..

Rahul:is that only the reason..

Staff:wo..sir..one phone came threatening us…

Next second he was lying in  floor drenched in blood..

Rahul:if u thought of your life..then u must have known me well..they only can threaten..but I ll take ur life for sure..

He looked at the others who stood rooted on their spots..

Rahul:go..get that group for us..i want them working under us..i will snatch every best thing of that KC..

They ran for their life..


Geet ,Vicky,Arohi  n all were celebrating their success..arjun too joined them after a few hours..he has promised to take arohi  for a dinner date..but it turned out to be a party of her n her friends n arjun happily joined them..

All were in their full mood..the whole mall looked at the group as they screamed n shouted expressing how happy they were….they completed their dinner  and were waiting for the bill to arrive..

few mens approached them..

they took the seat of their own..

mani:who are you..cant u see we have still not vacated the table..

rahuls men:we will directly come to  the point..we are from chopra construction..and our MD wants ur team to work with us..

geet  n arjun  were the 2 persons  who know about rahuls true colour..

arohi:where were u all when all rejected us..

Vicky:now u want us to work with u..do u all think we will accept ur offer..

All were angry on them..geet pulled Vicky so he stops arguing with them.

Arjun being the matured one tried to handle it ..

Arjun:please guys..let me speak..

Pari:jiju..but..how dare he comes n offers now..we don’t want to ..

Arjun : I said na..i ll talk..keep  ur mouth shut..

He said in a little harsh tone which they all haven’t seen till now..

Arjun:sir..if u have known the rules..u will not be here..sir  we are students..when a company selects a team the  first thing they do is to  make a contract n get it signed.. all have done it..if u want the team to work for u..first u have to make it cancelled by the selected company..that is kc..if u do it we all have no objection..for us its only a project to be done under a company..

Arohi n others were not at all happy with the way Arjun talked..

Arohi saw the  disappointed looks in all faces..

Arohi:but arjun..

Arjun:please arohi.. we will talk about your opinions later..

Prem:but jiju..

Arjun:I said none to interrupt me ..

All huffed n their faces showed they were angry on him..

Arjun:so sir..it will be better if u approach Kc S MD than us..n I have one more suggestion..after completeing the project we are free from contract..later we can work for you..

The mens felt what Arjun said was right..

Men:pls consider one more time..

Arjun:we will work once the contract is completed are cancelled..

The men left defeated..

Once they left arohi poured her venom on him..

Arohi:how dare u arjun..u have right to decide my future..but not for others..they are my friends..they are not bound to do what u accept..

Arjun:oh..ok..then go..i ll call him back..carry on with ur hatred talks.n end up fighting with them..then what will happen??.do you all know who they are n what they can do..they will kill you all if u ever raise ur voice on them..

Arjun said in frustration..

They all looked at him in shock..

Prem:what.kill us..u mean..murder…

Arjun:yes..rahul..chopra constructions ki MD..he  is no less than an underworld don.. in face of business man..his first enemy is maan..i mean KC..he  is trying in all ways to compete maan..but maan is reaching the number one position.do u know what he did to one of maans staff..he killed him n threw away in railway track..if we got in rahuls bad books then we have to live our every second with threat..like maan is .living everysecond with fear…he is not scared of him..but for his staffs n those peoples who love him..he has to keep all away from him so he may save them from his enemies..

Geet now realised the extent of maans protectiveness..vicky held her hand which is now chilled with fear..same was his..if Rahul can do this to maans staff then maans life too is in threat..it sent shiver in both n they looked at each other..

Arjun:so only maan keeps his personal life away from all..n he has high security body guards always with him n even for his grandmother..

Geets eyes roamed around the restaurant and saw her bodyguard’s sitting in a last table n chatting..but their eyes were on them..

There was pin drop silence between them. .the fun they had till now has vanished n only fear was written all over them..

Manju:jiju..will they harm us..

Arjun:no..so only I talked to them wisely.. maan will surely take care of it..ok boys n girls…just chill..no worries..u r going to work with my karoos friend.

Geet who couldn’t hear any bad about her prince  said:he is not karoos ok..

Arjun twisted his lips n raised his brows.

Arjun:see his staff cant spare a word against her boss..wow..what a loyal staff..

Geet realised her mistake..its good that she said in common n didn’t say he is her husband..

Arohi:she is right..my brother is not karoos.ok .he is like jackfruit..has hard exterior but sweet in nature..

It changed the heaviness in air..after a little chat all left to home..

but Arjun was angry on arohi n he didn’t interact with her..after all left arohi came to him..she realised she did a mistake by not trusting him..

Aro:sry arjun..

He turned n walked away ignoring her words.

Arjun:its late..lets go home..

Aro:sry arjun..i know I hurt u by my words..but its not only about me..

Arjun:yes its not only about you I care.they are ur friends..they call me jiju..from when we started our relation its not only you are my family that I care ..they too  are n I care for them too..

Arohi:im really really very sry arjun..pls pls pls..

She held her ears not caring all are noticing them..

Arohi:if u didn’t forgive me I ll sit here till u forgive me..aur haan I ll call ur friend n say that u called him karoos..

Arjun chuckled..though he is hurt but it’s the situation that she is unaware too..so he forgave her..n pulled her in a hug

Arjun:im not scared of your bhai..

Arohi:we will see..call him n say we are going for long drive  n will get late to home..

Arjun:na baba..he will strangle me if I keep u with me out late night.

Aro:see how u r scared..

Arjun laughed..:acha baba..darthi hoon tumhara bhai se..ab khush..come lets go..ur dad will be worried for u..

Arjun dropped her n went to  home..


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