Stubborn love – Part 19

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Part 19


Geets dreams was always with being close to him she came to know more about his likes n dislikes. she was mostly lost in him when he is around n  she even collided with him.. he always blasted on her for being a stumbling queen…she was his secretary but she couldn’t stop the designer in her.. sasha was fuming inside with the importance maan gave to her. though maan was irritated he couldn’t deny the ideas  given by geet..she was a fresher n had fresh ideas.. on the other side maan started to face many problems..the news has spread now that his company is sinking..maan was too worried  as the clients started to back out from projects.. only small budget constructions was left with him..he started to spend more time in office..whenever sam called him to take her out he asked her to come to office..maan engrossed himself in work n denied outing n partying with her..slowly the rift started between sam n maan..

Maan expected her to be understanding..but she came as an additional tension to him..

Maan got to know about a new project..the company was big n had a big name..if he got the project he would gain the name back..n that project will gain enough profit for him to overcome the maan adi geet n sasha were working over it..sasha left soon always..just like other staffs..she left after the office time is over..

only geet n adi stayed with him.


geet made him black coffee every time he needed.n maan started to like her coffee very much..she made sure she doesn’t make her dad  angry too n reached home before he comes.. her daima helped her mostly..she used to say about her office..boss..adi sir..sasha n others too to her..geet told a few things too about he  works over his loss n determined to get back the company from sulking state..


it was the day of presentation..n sasha’s single mistake made all their hard work erase in a second..maan was in peek of his anger..

sasha:s..sry sir..i don’t it got erased..i will try to recover it.. u think u can recover it..u stupid idiotic took 10 days for us to make the project..n u say u can make it just a couple of hours..

adi:maan down..lets think something else..any possibilities..what if its still in hard disc..

sasha:hmm I will call the service man..may be he will be able to recover it..

maan shoot an angry glare at her..if that look can burn anyone sasha would have turned into ashes..

maan:u r fired now .

sasha:sir sry..pls don’t  fire me from work..

maan roared:.just get out of my sight..before i kill you..

he roared..this was the last chance for him to get back his everything..but today he felt defeated..


sasha turned:waise bhi …who will work here when its always sinking..already I was thinking if I did a right thing by joining here..

she added ghee in his burning anger n left him  in a breaking state..

adi st:yeh geet..where is she..itni badi hungama horahi hai n she is nowhere to be seen..


same time sam entered..n adi knowing she is maans gf..let them both alone..but he didn’t know he is doing wrong by leaving them alone..

sam:hello maan..

maan:hello here at this time..

sam:wo kya hain..i just want to give you a gud news..


Sam:I got a film offer..i have signed u know how much I got..20 lakhs..

He was already in a foul mood n her news didn’t give him happiness..he closed his eyes n tried to control his raising anger.

Maan:sam..pls..u know I don’t like ur modelling itself..then film..dadi wont accept  our relation if u join film sam..


Sam:are u out of mind maan..20 lakhs..i have got half already as payment..

Maan:sam..we can get money at any time..think about us sam..

Sam gave a look at him..a look he never had seen in her face..

Sam:u r jealous maan..u know what..u r ridiculous..

Maan:sammmmm..why will I be talking only about us..our relation..our future..our married life..

Sam started to laugh..

Sam:great joke maan..this years greatest joke..

Maan:sammm..w..what r u saying..joke…dont u love me..I love u sam…n i have dreamt of us..

Sam:sry baby..i love my dream future n fame more than myself. N about love..i don’t know about it..ya..i loved to be with you..bcoz of ur physique..the attention u got..n remained untouchable for all..all wanted u..n I made them look at i made u help me from that thief..

maan knotted his was planned..

sam:hmm what to do get closer to u i did that small play.n about our future..ya I too thought being with you… when i came to know about ur raise in business.. I thought I ll get a good life…alas..u started to step down..i thought to give a chance even after knowing u r facing downfall ..what if u get this project. N u will be again in top…but its also lost..n now u r of no use… seeing u now..

She gave a disgusting look at him..he was worn out bcoz of the problem. Working late nights has made him have dark circles…n she has made him turn pale more with her words..he felt fooled..betrayed..used..


Sam:hmm..where i was…haan..along with u I will also be in platform..huh..sam is best..deserves best..n will have the best..but not a failure like you to have beside her..i cant intro u as my BF to others now..see you look..yuck..u r  a looser maan..u cant get me anything I wish..think of the last few days..u didn’t take me for an outing too..u don’t have money..n u think I will also starve with wasting my time with i decided to move going to fulfill my be a heroine..but u..a zero..not a hero…anyways best of luck for ur poor future..good bye.

Maan collapsed on the chair..

his state was very miserable..heart wrenching..who can understand his pain…

the one.. he thought  who will be a support for him left him totally shattered..


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