U,Me,Aur…? Part 146





Part 146


Here maan was restless after knowing chopras met with geets group..n the other too..but they  too has told them they have signed the agreement with kc n it will cost their career..but geets case is different.

Till now none knew about geet..but now..all know geet work in his company…he was keeping her away from all till now..but it wont be from now on..she has to face all..

Moreover shyam…how will he harm himself..yeh shyam bhi na..what should I do now..how will he protect geet..he has promised he will be away from geet if he is harmed..maan rubbed his forehead..thinking how to solve this matter..


Geet n Vicky were way too happy..but more than geet it was Vicky..his happiness evident in his face n his mad behavior..his grin plastered ear to ear..geet can easily guess the reason..its her prince ..

The mansion came n Vicky asked geet to come with him..but she said she want to meet her prince first.

Vicky smiled at geet again like a maniac..

Vicky:baby..ek kaam karogi..

He asked scratching his head..it was unlike him..he was looking like a fool with that grin..

Geet:hmm..anything for my sweet Vicky..

He kissed her cheeks..

Vicky:give this to bro on behalf of me..

Saying he ran inside leaving geet shocked..

Vicky stopped at entrance n said..but don’t say I kissed u..he will feel jealous..

He winked n ran inside..

Geet came out of her shock n went to palace..


She called him loud..maan who was in deep thought came out of his trance..

Maan:geet..why she is shouting like this..does anyone harm her..

A fear gripped him n he came running down..

Seeing him geet put her arms around his neck n hugged him tight..kissing him all over his face..

Maan too hugged her tight feeling her fit n fine..


Geet:im so happy..happy happy..yehhh

Maan smiled seeing her antics..

Geet: we r going to work for u..

Maan:now too u r working for me..

Geet:that’s only me..but now we all..

Saying she pressed a tight kiss on his cheek..

Geet:someone asked me to give this as thank u for selecting our group..

She know maan wont like her taking vickys name..

Maan smiled..he too knew who can it be..he didnt mind..but felt happy..

Maan:ok now lets take rest..raath bohut hogayi..n u know I don’t like simple gifts..thank you gift tho kuch aur haina humare beech..

He came to his naughty mood pulling her close to him..

Geet didn’t let him speak..she placed her lips on his..n thanked him for everything..he lifted her up n took her to their room

N the night turned a long for both..

Morning maan was enjoying the view of his wife who has snuggled to him in sleep..n was not ready to leave him..even after he tried a lot..her whole body glued to him making him arouse.he had a naughty thought..

 maan started to play with her nipple pinching it hard..breaking her deep sleep ..

Geet:prince..aah..aah..kya karrahi ho.

She pulled the blanket up covering her body.

Maan:don’t try baby..that will be of no use..

Her eyes landed on the watch..

Geet:arei babaji..7o’clock..im late for college..

Maan:ab yaad aayaa tumei..aaaj college hai..

Saying he tried to pull her more..

Geet:prince..please leave me na..

Maan:when I was trying to go did u leave me..


She cutely pouted..

Maan:give my morning kiss n u  r free to go..

She closed her eyes n neared him..her hands encircled his neck ..his lips touched hers n she took it for a full mouth kiss..he enjoyed the morning romance..it makes his day gud..energetic n lovable..

They broke when they felt the need of air..

Geet:ab main jaun..

Maan nodded in no..

Soon she was lifted up in air..the blanket  was left in bed..she felt shy..

Maan:not only you..im also getting late..so lets do our chores together..helping each other..what say..

Geet nodded feeling all red..

Both brushed n had bath together..she flinched when his hands touched at the skin where it  has turned all blue bcoz of his love..

He wiped her with towel n applied ointment on the places..

Maan:for a week no more romance..u r making me lose  before u  jaan..

Saying he pecked her forehead…

He gave her dress to wear n he  left to dress up..

She was combing her hair..

Maan:jaanu..woh chopras aadmi tumei tang nehi kiya na..

Geet:no..bhai thi na.. he tackled them..but how u manage them..woh tho khatarnak hai..haina..bhai said ..they will even kill mens ..

Maan :hmm..be careful sona..they will try to reach u anytime..dont be alone..always keep ur friends with u..ok..

Geet nodded like a gud girl..

Geet:meri babaji haina mere pass..he will take care of all things..

She said  in flow..

Maan:hmm..ur babji..ok..ask him to do a favour for me..


Maan:who tho tumhare babaji jaanthi hogi..what is my problem..lets see how he solves mine..

Geet:my babji sabki sunthe hain..i ll ask babaji to solve ur problem too..

Maan: st:lets see..how ur babaji  helps u …

they had their BF n went to their works..

maan entered the kc in his usual style..all running here n there..

adi entered his cabin..n both talked about the previous  day n about the phone call by shyam..

adi:hmm..lets think ..n take a gud decision..we cant rush up..we must make a full proof plan for it.


Adi:maan..can I ask one more thing..

Adi reluctantly asked..

Adi:as a friend..not to my boss mk..

Maan sighed..

Maan:u r my friend..arent u calling me by name now..bolo..whats bothering u..

Adi:geet ke saath Vicky..woh..you never ..woh..now…in kc..

Adi couldn’t question him..he was stammering in fear too..as maan was bad at moods many time..

Maan:hmm..now there is no choice..u go n do ur work..send working agreement copies to college..

He closed the chapter then n there..indirectly saying adi to leave n not talk over it..same time agreeing for Vicky s placement in kc too.

The following days passed as usual..maan was found always thinking about shaym..here geet was asking babaji to help maan comeover with whatever problem he had..

Babaji smiled at geets trust..n thought to help her..what if maan doesn’t believe him..he believed in geets babaji n asked him to help him na..it is like asking to babaji only..

Geet came that day earlier from college..as maan too was not in kc she had not much work..vicky went out with his friends..geet called it a day n came back to palace to make something for her prince..she hadn’t treated him till now..she will do it now..kala too came n helped geet ..though geet refused..kala left after she helped geet..

Geet was waiting for maan..but an unknown feeling started to grip her..something is bad..

Geet:babaji..what is this..

Babaji st:u only asked..im doing it..jab deko babaji babaji..yeh bachi bhi na..

Geets eyes turned at entrance hearing the footsteps..she froze at her place seeing maan with full of bandages n adi n bg’s helping him walk in..

ok i have given double updates..so can i expect my usual like n comments…its in ur hands to keep me hooked up here..okieees..bye for now..aaap log bhi jaao aur comment karo..mera dil khush karo..feeling a bit greedy..what to do yaar..Tongue




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10 thoughts on “U,Me,Aur…? Part 146

  1. awesome update…geet & gang happy to get chance to work in KC…they went maal for celebrations …arjun well handle rahul’s men he knew they were very dangerous … maaneet romance was lovely… geet was feeling something bad to be happened & saw maan had full of bandage… hope maan recovered soon…excited for next…

  2. omg omg as i thought epic in ff n i thought u vll loose grip to hold the story alas i cant belive u r still kept the strong holds on this ff n making reders to sit on the edges

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