Humrahi Part 57




Part 57


Three days after Vicky called them n told maan has returned back to Chennai..after that there was no call from nor Vicky..

There was deep hollowness in geets heart..she want to be with maan..n here she is in her mayka..noone noticed or asked what she wants..they did their best to feed her healthy food..make her take rest n keep her happy(according to them)..tej brought many story books..which she only starred n read none..but told them she had a gud time pass..she expected call from maan..atleast his voice was enough for her heart to give peace..but seems like god is testing her..he never called her after that..whenever she called his number came switched off..

She was feeling restless n last she asked  tej to call Vicky or dev n know about she never had a direct chat with both bil’s she was little hesitant..tej called he is the one with maan..


Vicky:hello tej ji..boliye..

Tej:who..jiju s phone is coming switched off..woh teek hai na.we didn’t get any call from him..gudiya..i mean geet is worried…how is the situation now there..

He received a big sigh on other side..

Tej:kya hua Vicky..

Vicky:woh..bhai ka phone pani mei girgaya while coming back..i have given to service..power cut is there..we r using generators in company.n invertors at we r able to charge..its still we couldn’t come out..

Tej:jiju..woh kahaan hai..

Vicky:u know about the flood..n staying there ..surrounded by stilled water most of them got infected..n maan too..he is down with  fever..

Tej:oh no..ab kesi hai jiju..

Vicky:today only dr.confirmed its viral..he will take about 10 or 15 days to cure..dr.has prescribed medicines..bhai ne kaha cb will be don’t say her anything..

But geet has already heard everything..

Tej:ji..can we talk to him..

Vicky looked at maan who was sleeping..

Vicky:past two days he was coughing..n couldn’t sleep bcoz of fever…he is sleeping now only bcoz of medicines..

Tej:hmmm.woh jiju ke saath..

Vicky:don’t worry im there to take care of him..when he wakes up I ll say him to call u..


Vicky:maa se bhi meri baath hui thi..she told if cb comes here at this time she will be affected..and its not good for baby..

Tej:hmm I take care of yourself n jjiju too..


Both kept the phone..

Tej looked at geet who was looking sad..

Tej:gudia..its only fever..vicky told na..

Geet:I cant be with him when he needs me ..

Saying she left to washroom where she can cry her heart out..she murmered herself..maanji  didn’t feel like sharing about his health too to me..kya mei itni parayi hogayi hoon unkeliye..usko meri age patha nehi ..ismei meri kya galathi hai,,,I miss u maan ji..pls come n take me with u…

She stood there shedding her tears ..then washed her face n came out…like nothing happened..


Other side sd decided to get geet back home..its long time geet is staying in her may create unwanted things in villages for both families..she doesn’t want anyone to question about them…she  sent nakul to amritsar to geets house with the msg..rano welcomed nakul n realised its time for geet to return..rano told nakul that she will come n drop geet by Sunday..that is in 2 days..she cant send geet empty hand..she has to send her properly with the respect expected by her in laws..

When tej returned from office she told him about nakul s arrival n sd’s msg..she asked him to get some things from groceries..geet was a mute spectator..she just helped her mother in whatever she does..she helped rano in making sweets n snacks..

Rano:geet..lets go n meet darji before u go to ur inlaws house..i too haven’t met him for last few days..

Geet :ji maa

Both went  to hoshiarpur n met darji..he was so happy to meet geet.he was so weak n pale..his old age reflecting on him…hearing she is pregnant he was over joyed..n blessed her…he even wished to see the great grand child before he leaves the world..both rano n geet scolded him for that..after spending a little time with him both got back to their home..

Geet expected maans call but he didn’t was Sunday n tej n rano took geet to maans house..her dad  only asked her to take care of her n baby..she just nodded her head n bid bye to him..

Sd welcomed geet rano n tej..she asked about geet about her well being n baby..Sd n rano had a few talks here n there..then about maans illness n situation..

Rano:damadji kesi hai ab

Sd: Vicky told he Is still  same..fever  is high..he is under mmedication n soon he will be better

Rano:..hmm dev  tara.. where r they?

Sd:they left  to delhi..without ansh  the house seems so void..

Rano:ji haan bache idhar udhar ghumthi hai..n after they leave we feel the emptiness

Sd:sahi kaha aapne..

Rano:ji..when will geet go to Chennai..

Sd:I thought to send her..but the situation there..u know..its not good for geet n baby..dekhiye..maan bhi bimar I thought once the matter is settled maan himself will say everything is fine..then  let him come n take her..

Rano thought for a while..

Rano:haan..aap bhi teek kehrahi hai..

But geet  state was unexplainable..few more days..she cant  go back to maan..tilll he himself says..

Sd:hum sochrahi the..geet ki godhbarai yahi karein…meine panditji se baat ki..he gave me auspiscious day ..

Sd told about the planning call relatives..n about shaguns n all

N rano accepted it..seeing his mothers face tej knew what is running in her will they do the function  as they expect..geet  has just entered the 3 rd month..only 4 months left..n he has to arrange money..they still have debts which they borrowed for her godhbarai..then baby..followed by many..tej started to think ways to get money..


Rano n tej left asked geet to take rest..

It was night when sd got call from vicky..they both talked and then she talked to  maan .. she saw geet standing looking at her n phone..knowing what exactly geet wants she  gave to geet to talk to maan..

Geet was so happy ..finally she got to speak with him..but she was conscious as sd was beside her..


There was silence..followed by cough of maan..n then he answered..

Maan:hello..kesi ho..

Geet:ji..mein teek hoon..ab aapki tabyat kesi hai..

Maan:hmm.bukar hai..cold is.better..but dry cough is there kya kaha..

Maan:he has asked to come after 5 days..

He started to cough badly..she felt bad hearing it..she stood helpless hearing him cough..

Geet:maan ji kya hua..

Vicky took the phone from him..she heard Vicky saying him to have water n rest..

Vicky:cb..woh..dr.told him not to speak much..isiliye..

Geet:hmm..mei..maa ko phone dethi hoon

She gave the phone to sd..

Then she heard  sd saying about home remedies to get rid of cough n Vicky  accepted to follow it..geet felt a relief..someone is there to look after maan..

Geet  started to have morning sickness. Digestive problems..giddiness…it was all new for her.. but sd was  always near her to help her..say her its all normal in pregnancy..what to have n what she should not do..geet followed what she said..

Maan didn’t talk much bcoz of his health..but Vicky did mostly daily..n geet  was happy with the news she got  thru..but she missed her maanji  a lot n waited for that day when he will come n take her with him..15 more days passed like this.she  seemed normal to all..she ate what her mil gave..did what she asked..took rest when she told..went with her to places n temples or to relatives place wherever she took..she talked to tej inbetween when he called..but she wasn’t happy..the one she wants was not near her..her husband..

maan was better.. he was feeling week after the viral..the life got better n Chennai n all people got back to normal works..n when maan too got back to his work he felt energised..vicky too was back to college..

maans thoughts were filled with geet..but he was hesitant..they never talked like was a normal hi how r u n take care..


savitri called maan when he was in office..

maan:hello maa..kesi ho

sd:im fine..but u say is ur health now

maan:much better ma..

sd:hm so can u travel


sd :maan..its high time..geet is with me.u come here n take her with long she will be here with  she is in 4th month…if the place is near I myself will come there with her..but I cant travel that much..n .i must  also go to aru’s house ..sambandhji kya sochenge..

maan sighed..he cant run away from his responsibilities.. what u want me to do..

sd:shehzaada yahaan aayiye aur apne patni ko lejayiye..

maan:ok..i ll book my tickets n will say u..

sd:ok..15th n 22nd is good day to take her with u…book tickets according to it for u both..

when maan booked his tickets n confirmed…geet was all up in air..she felt like butterflies flying in her tummy..her maanji is coming to take her with him..


precap:how will maan behave with geet..will this gap bring them together or ..will it create a huge gap between them..



6 thoughts on “Humrahi Part 57

  1. Awww first of all thanks di for update. Bahut wait karwaya… anyways
    Loved the way u describe some daily n some problems in beautiful way n. The way u describe geet pov loved finally maan is coming to take geet with him but u want ye gap ab kam ho jayege ….it’s ok maan ko geet ki age ka pata nahi tha bt he is very responsible n mature hope he handles the situation in much better way only this will make geet to open with him atleast …n open to others also now no more duriyaaan plzzzzz di n WELCOME BACK DIIIIIII

  2. Lovely update loved it poor geet can’t express her feeling and there maan not well hope now will be all well between them

  3. Geet still alone n worried
    Maan was ill n now better but hesitant to speak with geet .tej worried about expenses….
    Geets mil is awesome finally she talked to maan n ask him to take geet back
    Now how maan will behave surely ignore her for betterment but will geet understand???

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