Stubborn Love – Part 20

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Part 20


Adi n geet who came to maans cabin had listen the last part of their convo n felt bad for him..geets heart broke seeing him like that.

crying-maan.his eyes showed the misery of his situation..he has been in dark till now..she never loved him..but he had weaved the dream of future with her..

Geet stoped sam who was crossing could she see sam insulting her love..her maan..she gave an angry look to sam..

Geet:u know what sam..u r a bitch..u r losing a diamond..n he is not a looser..he is a fighter..he will come back raising high..

Sam removed geets hands..

Sam:first see if u get this months salary or not….bloody beggers..

Geet want to slap sam..but adi held her..sam went away..

Adi :y u r stopping me adi sir..

Adi:more than her maan sir needs us..he showed maan who was looking at the floor..his head down..they both couldn’t see him like that n rushed to him..

Geet :maan sir.

.adi:maan sir..

Maan couldn’t look at them..he was broken beyond limits..he was ashamed of himself for not judging a girl whom he called  as his love.

Adi kept his hands on his shoulders..

Maan:she told a looser..looser..

He started to shed tears..geet stood there with silent tears..she doesn’t know how to console him..but adi took it in his hand..

Adi:for what u r shedding tears sir..for sam or for ur business..

He questioned maan making him think ..for what he is crying..if this project was not deleted  he would have never come across this face of sam..he should be happy for it she showed her true colours..but his heart..what about his heart that loved her..n now the project..what will he say to dadi..he lost..they will be left with nothing as he kept all to get loan from banks..

Maan:I lost..lost everything..

Geet came to her cant let him break like this..

Geet:sir..u r not a looser..see…see this sir..the project file..its all ready..we will get this project..we will bring kc back to heights..u wont lose anything..see sir..see this file..

She kept the file on his lap..thinking he will look at it..come out of depression..n she was right..

Spark twinkled in his eyes.lie his life came in his body .seeing the file..

Maan :project file

He looked at adi who nodded yes

He flipped the pages n saw everything was taken printout n kept neatly..

Maan:how?how adi..

Adi:geet had a copy of it…n she made the file..

adi:now see sir…all will be well..

maan stood up n hugged adi..

maan:yes now all will be well..i will show the world now who is msk..

maans eyes had a strange change.. she noticed it..the softness he carried always iin his eyes were lost after that incident..


maan was a totally changed person after that day..

he got the project..n all his loan was cleared within a month…he got excess money too as profit..n he invested all the amount in business..he had realized his mistake in business.n learnt from the betrayal of sam n sasha…u must not trust anyone..even ur shadow can betray u..

even though adi n geet had helped him he even kept them away from him..he never trusted anyone .his only motto was to climb the stairs of success n never to turn back..n he worked more harder..again within a time spam of 3 months he got the lost fame n name..the one who turned up when he was facing loss again approached him..maans ego started to get satisfy with it…he played his card well in business n made them turn up to him…he exactly want that n it happened. He smirked when they stood outside his office to see him for hours ..for his appointment…

maan gave the chief architect post to geet..n she was more than happy..

.he went to success parties to make his presence in business world..he drank and  danced with the girls too for the social media  ..the girls threw themselves on him but he maintained the distance. .touch me not other than a formal dance. .


day by day he was going arrogant..that made dadi worried..she even once had a talk with adi n came to know what changed her sweet loving grand child to arrogant young man..she has seen geet who is all ready to face him in his worst mood too..dadi has seen the world n she knew geet is in love with maan. N want a chirpy girl like her for him…but she want maan to get over the betrayal of he accept the new girl in his life..she even talked to maan about marriage..but maan denied to marry..he just hate the sight of girls….. it seemed too late as dadi started to realize maan is totally against marriage n his hatred for women has increased ten  folds seeing the clingy girls who are ready to throw themselves for his money n fame..

he poured his frustration doing martial arts n spending time in only added his hotness..which made the girls go gaga for him..n maan being the one tasted the bitter from sam was now fully aware of what the girls need from him..he was always unreachable for all..

on other side sam too got the film chance n went for outdoor shooting..she never came to know that the simple maan has changed now into  a successful business man..


Mohinder started to feel changes in geet..she spent less time with him..she looked very happy than before..she spent her all leisure time in office works n preparing files which she took with her home…he enquired about geets company n came to know its growing up again..n well established..the boss has taken good care of his company now..

It was one day mohinder n geet were having bf together..

mohinder:geet is ur work

geet:fine dad..

mohinder:hmm I think the  company u r working is now again growing up..

geet:yes dad..maan…I mean maan sir is hard worker..n she started her ram katha of maan which made mohinder feel weird..he thought geet is getting attracted towards that maan  n want to stop it..he must get more details about him..he made a note mentally..

he cleared his throat..

mohinder:hm..geet I have got a land on ur name we must go for registration..jaldi se tayar hoke aana..u must sign the papers in reg office..

geet looked at the watch

geet:but dad..i have to go to office..aaj ek presentation hai..n I have the files with me..send it with someone..

geet:but dad..

mohinder gave a stern look..

mohinder:I think u have worked enough now u can join us..

geet was way too shocked to hear such statement from him..

geet:but dad..i have signed agreement with them..

mohinder:I can compensate the amount they daughter doesn’t need to work when she has 1000s of people working under handa groups of company..

geet was left speechless.

Geet:dad..yese kese..

Mohinder:u asked to give permission to work outside..i im saying its enough..

Mohinder:now go n get ready..n haan change this simple salwar..n come with me like princess handa..

Geet:papa..pls give me atleast somemore time..till they get another head architect..u know how will company suffer..pls dad..then I ll leave..

She told half heartedly..

Mohinder:ok u can work for 2 more weeks…now go get ready n come waiting for you..

Geet nodded her head n went inside..

Daima gave her the grand chudi..n matching jeweleries..geet weared it n came to her dad..

Geet:papa chalein..

Mohinder gave  her a look from top to bottom..satisfied with her dressing he said..

Mohinder:hmm lets go..


3 thoughts on “Stubborn Love – Part 20

  1. maan changed but didn’t he turned selfish like sam to not acknowledge d one who stood by him
    u get very few true people in ur life n ur one bad experience shld not over shadow their good deeds
    i guess maan finds abt Geet being an handa

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