U,me,aur…? Part 147




PART 147

Geets eyes turned at entrance hearing the footsteps..she froze at her place seeing maan with full of bandages n adi n bg’s helping him walk in..he was taking baby steps..

Geet shrieked seeing him like that..


Maan smiled at her..she came running to him..

He took his hand from adi n bg seeing  geet  running towards him..

Geet:yeh kya hai..adi bhai..raghav bhaiya..

She checked his hands n legs where his pant was folded to knees n had a bandage..

Maan:shh..shhh geet..nothing..nothing..its…

Geet:nothing..itna bada bandage n u saying nothing..

Adi n raghav made maan sit..both smiled at each other seeing geet queries..

Maan:kade kade meri mooh kya dekrahi ho dono..nikalo is pattiko.before ur sister bring the river in home jaldi nikalo..

He ordered both n both nodded their heads n sat near him..

Geet was confused..adi n raghav removed the big bandages..but they left a small bandage..

Maan stretched his hands ..

Maan: ouch..

Geet:kya hua..yeh sab kese..aur yeh aaplog kya kar rahi hai..muje kuch samaj mei nehi aaraha hai..

Geet said worriedly..n she blowed air  over the bandage like he will feel gud n get relieve from pain.

Adi:I ll tell u geet..

Adi: Maan n   I went for site visit today..

Geet:haan I know it

Adi:..we both were walking n checking the work progress.like u know we use cranes to shift heavy blocks ..we were checking the materials despatching there n the work progress.there was a child of labor ..suddenly the baby went towards the crane.we don’t know from where the baby came..she was showing something n moving. may be a butterfly.(babaji st:…woh mei n hi tha.)..n the crane too was overloaded n the rope  started  to break..the baby was straight below the crane..maan saw it n ran to save the baby..just by an inch he saved the baby..he got scratches..but hurt in joints of hands n legs..thats y these small  bandages..

Geet:then y that  big bandages..

All looked at each other..they took it as a chance to mislead shyam..

Maan:bcoz I need some things to sort out..so I want to show the outer world im hurt n im in bed rest..

Geet just hugged him by his neck..adi n raghav left the two love birds to be alone with a knowing smile at each other..

Geet:agar aapko kuch hogo na prince..mein marjaungi..prince

Maan pulled her out of his embrace..n slammed his lips on hers..

Maan:how many times I will say u..never use this type of words..

Geet:lets go..u take rest..mei haldi wala doodh leke aathi hoon..

Maan made face which made her chuckle..

Geet:always u make me drink na..now its my turn..

Maan:I ll for u jaan..

He tried to stand but the pain in joints made him wince


She immediately stood by his side..helped him reach their room..she made him lye on bed..her eyes was mist seeing his pain..

Maan:its only small wound jaan..In 2 days I will be fine..

Geet:hmm..mei doodh leke aathi hoon..she left..

Maan looked at her retreating figure..n smiled..

Someone truly cares for him..cries for him..isnt it what a man need in his life..till now he was showing his love n care on her..but today she showed it to him..

She came back with turmeric milk..helped him sit n made him drink..all the while he was looking at her lovingly..she wiped his mouth n asked him to sleep..

She looked very sad n he cant see her like this..

Maan:jaan..i want to change before sleep..

There was naughtiness oozing out from his eyes..but innocent geet..dont know it..

Geet looked at his official attire..

Geet: I ll get ur dress..

She came out with tracks n tee..

Maan:jaan..tracks will hurt my knee..n tee how can I insert my hands..see its bandaged na..

He said with an innocent face..n geet too thought ..ya he is right..

She again went n came with his vest..n worried face..

Maan want to laugh out loud seeing geet.

She thought to change his shirt first.n started unbuttoning his waist coat n then his inner shirt..she slowly removed both without hurting his wounds..he had his vest..she frowned looking at it n kept the vest she bought aside..

Geet:prince.u r already wearing vest..its not needed.par..

she looked at his pants..

Geet:.aap ke pass sab track pants hai..what will u wear then..

Maan: first remove it..then will think..

N geet nodded her head unbuckling his pants.he kept his hands on her shoulders n let her do the work…her nearness n her hands working on his sensitive area..she took off  his pants very carefully that it doesn’t touch his bandages..he stood only in his boxers..n she can see his member poking  n very hard..seems like geeet got his intensions n looked at him..he was smiling at her n his eyes told his passion..

She averted her gaze as the red hue covered her cheeks..

Geet:prince..plss..dont see me like that..

She said shyly..

Maan is not in mood to leave her..

Maan:kesa dektha hoon tumein jaan…bolo..

Geet whined shyly:prince..pls..dont tease ..

Maan:when did I tease u sona..aur waise bhi..i think im comfortable in this dress..so no need of track..haina..

He pressed his lips tight seeing her turn more red..he so much want to laugh at her..they have crossed all barriers n still she is same innocent shy geetu for him..

Geet nodded in yes..n then in no..she covered her face with palms..he took her hands from face n pulled her in a hug..

Her heart was beating fast..n he was enjoying their closeness..she buried her face in his chest..

Maan:my innocent baby..still shying..

Geet:prince aap bhi na..

She just smacked his hand forgetting he is hurt..

Maan:ouch geet..

Geet:soh no sry sry sry prince..she blowed air..feeling hurt seeing  his hurt..zor se lagi kya..ufff uff

She again blowed air..

Maan :no..

Geet:mein bhina…

Geet made him again lay on bed..

Geet:if u r ok with this costume..i too don’t have..she pulled the bedsheet covering him n sat next to him..

Maan tried to get up..

She showed her fingers at him

Geet:khabardhar agar aap utte tho..let jaayiye..

mAan rolled his eyes seeing her bossing him..

maan:hmm ok..but what to do with him..his eyes signalled his arousal..

geet:usko kaho..till u r not well usei apne control mei rehne ko..

maan pouted..geet bent n kissed his lips..

geet:abteek haina..

how can he be when she gave him such sweet kiss..

maan:hmmm..tum bhi soja..

geet:I ll bring dinner for us..u take rest..

maan smiled n nodded..

kala came to know about maan n even dadi n Vicky too called geet n enquired about maan..she told about maans plan n asked them not to worry..

kala brought dinner for both ..maneet had their dinner silently..

she gave him his pain killers n laid beside him n both slept..



next day morning maan was waiting for the paper to come..he has watched the tv..n was happy seeing the news of him ..maan carried in stretcher inside the hospital n came out with bandages..

kala came with his black coffee n paper ..she  gave it to maan..

maan smirked seeing the paper too..his photo with big bandages..he left a big sigh of relief..

maan:now the ball is in my court..lets see will he keep his promise or not..



kala heard him say it..

kala:chotu..enna nadakuthu inga..(whats happening here)

maan:onnum illa..(nothing)

kala looked at him keenly

he smiled and said..

maan:akka it’s a play of business..u wont understand..n u don’t take unnecessary tensions..

kala sighed..

kala:ok..im just worried for u..

maan:akka..trust me nothing will happen to me..

maan:where is gudia..

kala:she is bathing..


maan doesn’t go for kc for the next few days..he worked from home..his wounds heeled in 3 days..but still he kept himself inside his palace..n let geet go to college n office..but he cautioned her not to disclose about his injury to anyone n keep as secret..n she too obliged…


maan called his bgs n asked about shyams reaction..

but they had no answers..shyam was silent n he had no friends now other than sam..n sam too has gone to some work..


maan:hmm..so I must found it myself..

bgs:hmm wo sir..

maan:its ok..lets see his reaction when I come before him..get me a crutch from any store..

bg:ok sir..

maan:ab aayega mazaa shyam..i want to see ur pale face..kya sochrahi hai tu..hmm..



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