Geetanjali -Part 48

many readers informed me part 48 & 51 is missing so posting again.

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Maan was overwhelmed with the love of geet..she never let babies away from him..she must have shown him in photos n must have talked to them about me..warna,how could babies realize me as their father…she has given them the feel of me even in sleep by tucking them with my,only they always slept peacefully with me..they did not even ask for their mother to make them sleep..geet was making them feel me till they don’t miss me..she was there as father n mother to them’but what I did to her..
maan looked at geet..she was looking everywhere than him’when she felt aaroo n ani are in deep slumber,she started to move outside the cabin..
Geet..maan called her in a low babies don’t wake up bcoz of his voice..
Geet thought,she is dreaming his voice..why must he call her,when he don’t want her in his life’
She moved again..opened the door n entered his cabin’ Maan thought she did not hear him..he too followed her closing his private room n entering his cabin..
Vicky was waiting outside his cabin..he can see maneet thru the blinds’they did not see him’

Maan called her again

She was still moving on, to leave his cabin also..she was chiding herself mentally..
Geet u have gone crazy..u r thinking maan is calling u..why he came here..bcoz of his love towards kids..yes..for kids..not for me..he doesn’t love me..he loves only anjali..
She stopped when she felt a tug on her pallu..
her heart skipped a beat..she held her sari n turned around..maan was holding her sari corner n looking at her with piercing gaze..
Geet,didn’t u hear me..i called u so many times..
Geets st:whats there to talk now..why would u call me..whats left between us..
Maan saw the pain in her eyes..
She pulled the sari n it slipped from his hand..
Geet started to move again..
She closed her eyes..
No geet..if u stay here more,u will be shattered again..then u cant get out of it..he doesn’t think u as his wife..go geet..go away from here..before he breaks ur heart again..
Geet opened the door to leave..
Maan was anger on himself..more than it now geet is avoiding him n her silent treatment is killing him..n pushing him to guiltness..
Maan,no..u must open up now’its already late..bcoz of ur madness she n babies have suffered enough..not more’go talk to her maan..get back ur geet..
Geet..please stop’i..i..want to talk to u’
She did not stop..she moved on..n Vicky neared her’
Geet..kuch tho bathau..chup kyun ho’please talk to me..bash me ..curse me..take ur anger on me..but talk to me..i cant bare ur silence..
Geet placed her head on vicky’s shoulder..
Champ,tell ur jiju..he only gave me the promise not to talk to him’I’m just following his words like always..
Maan closed his eyes’she is still following his words..respecting his words..
Maan pulled her n took her in his embrace..
I take my promise to me..please..dont avoid me’
Vicky was baffled at first by his pull..he was getting more angry on him..but maan’s voice n his plea n his eyes was showing different emotions’
Excuse us Vicky..

Maan took her inside his cabin again..
Please to me..i took my promise to me’please..
He cupped her face n kissed her forehead ever so gently’when his lips touched her skin,she felt weak on her knees…geets eyes started to moist n tears started to flow’she was strong till now..his closeness always make her vulnerable..he kissed those tears..
Geet..i’m sorry..i’m so sorry for whatever I did..i know i cant erase whatever I did to u..but I promise I’ll make the bitter past erase n fill with happiness..i..missed u all this days..there is no day I did not think about u n our baby’I never knew u did not abort our baby’
She looked at him with confusion..n lots of questions..
He read her mind n said..
I’m sorry geet..i did not have courage to read ur letter till only I came to know about our baby..n I searched for u..ur call n babies cry brought me here’
He kept his forehead on hers’
Geet tumhare maan ko maaf kardo..please talk to me’I cant live without u n really to me..
Now geet looked at him ..her eyes spitted anger..the helplessness which she was keeping inside her came out as an outburst..
sorry..can u makeup with that one word maan..kitni aasaani se sorry kehdita aapne…can u make up this leap between us ,which was created by u’do you know how much I suffered being away from you..when I needed u most u r not there for me..mainly.
where were u when our baby needed you’
where were u when I was craving for ur one glimpse..
do u know how much I wished to talk to u..
u simply gave me a promise don’t talk..
do u know ur one word changed my world..
u did not even let me speak..did u let me speak to say about our babies..
where were u maan..
can u bring those days back.i was looking for u to take us back with u…
when our baby kicked at first.where were u maan..
when I was craving for ur love..ur presence to be with me at my labour where were u maan..
when the babies were born where were u to hold them..
when all were asking who is their father where were u maan..
when the babies were looking at all mens with their kids..where were u maan…
kya galath hai is nanhi jaanki..apni papa se door rehne ki..
kyun unhe thadpaya maan..kyun..
maantha hoon..i did not say im geet..but I said u maan I love you..i love you..i love you..kitni baar kahaan hai mei aapse..kabhi tho vishwaas kiya hotha na maan..didnt u see even once my love in my eyes..How can u think I can move on forgetting u..if u cant forget ur first love then how can u expect me to move can love differ for u n me..urs n anjalis relation was only 10days..u spent only one night with her..but im legally ur wife..ive been with u all nights..spent time with u more than anjali..didnt u feel my love once maan..
geet shook him by his shirt collar’maan let her do ,whatever she wants..he is at fault n he must get the punishment..atleast her pain will drain by pouring her heart out’
his heart pained hearing her each n every word’making him feel he is the unlucky person on earth to miss precious things in life’n without her fault he made her suffer..

If u really want me 2 be happy..u would have kept near u n given me the happiness..not by pushing away n putting me dark’where were u maan..when I was dieng to talk to u day n night…aapne aasaanise mujei aapki zindagi se bahaar bejdi..kabhi poochatak nehi mei kya chahthi hoon..mera dil kya chahtha hai..
Aapko chaahtha hoon..har waqt aapke baarein mei sochtha hoon..tak chuki thi maan..har waqt aapka rah dek dek kar tak chuki hoon..i felt scared when babies will grow n ask about their papa..what will I say..he left me..bcoz im not his love’
Kya jawaab doon maan’boliye na..muj jesi badnaseeb maa koi bachi ko na mile..
im the unlucky girl,who did not get parents n sister’s love from childhood nor to live with them..
when married also I’m the unlucky one who cannot make her husband love her..
im the unlucky mother who cant even say to her childrens why their father don’t live with them..
I’m ..
Maan couldn’t see her blaming herself for his fault..he cant see her in tears more..
He pulled her n sealed her lips with his..taking her pain in to him..
I love you geet..
He said inside her mouth n again captured her lips with a soul smoothing kiss..
Geet was first shocked..then surprised..then happy with his words’n his kiss said his words are true..expressing his love to her..the three words which she was waiting for a long to hear from him..he said those magical words..he repeated again’
I love you geet..truely I love u..i’m sorry for what I did’I’m the unlucky fellow to push my happiness out of my life..
please geet forgive my mistake n give me a chance to correct it..i’ll never give u a chance to complain about me..this time im giving u right to take decision geet..bcoz.ive no right on our babies nor on you..i made decisions only to hurt you…n I wont compel u to take decision thinking about me bcoz I feel sry or guilt…if u want me to be with u n kids’I’ll come into ur life again’or I’ll spend my life thinking about u..
geet looked at maan,who was really repenting n confessing his can she let him go,when she knows he also loves him..
I’ll be waiting for u till my death geet..n will not stop loving u ..bcoz I know I love u more than my life..
Geet immediately pulled him n slammed her lips with his..her head nodded left n right..saying not to talk rubbish’
Vicky who turned n saw maans cabin was happy to see them both close..he just smiled n went away from there’his sisters happiness is what he wants n when she gets it then how can he hate the man who is still in love with his sister..
Both were kissing like they are kissing like first time..her body was set in fire..his hands rubbed her back to sooth her pain..instead it created a havoc inside her..maan pinned her to wall n kissed her madly..
Thank you geet’I love you..
I love you too maan’
Maan increased his pressure in her lips n started to suck her soft petals..she sucked his rough ones..
He rolled his tongue over her lip line n she did same teasing him..
Maan smiled at her..he is tasting her for first time purely thinking as geet not he felt the taste of their lips differs..
Maan took her to the couch n made her lay n he came over her’his hands squeezed her bare waist n she moaned in pleasure..
U really sound gud baby’
His hands unpinned her sari n letting it fall down on her waist’he kissed her nape n trailed down towards her neck n buldges..geet was getting jelly on her knees..he always create magic with his one touch..n she was loosing all her senses..
He gently removed her blouse n inner leaving her inskirt..
Maan massaged her curves while his tongue teased the nipples..
Maan..suck it.i want to feel ur lips .u r hell bent in teasing..
Maan chuckled seeing her plea’maan slowly kept his lips on her buds..but immediately released it..
Maan..what happened..
Geet..its rights of my son n I cant cherish it..with that he sucked her skin around ..he kissed everywhere on her nude upper
She guided him to the knot of skirt n reality dawned upon him..they were in office,,
Geet.. sorry for what I did.. u feel u think about also..
No geet..ive already fallen in love with you’n now there is no vacancy..when u r there..
Geet can u give me time for three months..
why maan..
I want to know u more..understand u as geet..i will near u proving myself a gud husband n father
I know im bad in expressing words still I want to fill that lonely part of urs with my presence..i want to create new forget the past..
Will u wait for me..geet I want to be with u with my full love understanding u in n out.i want to make love to u
Maan,we are not going to make love for first time..
Maan sighed..
Yes geet..i know..but that was different..mei tan or manse sirf meri geetka choona chaahtha hoon..
Geet looked at him..somewhere he is correct..he wants to feel me as geet not like before as anjali..
Geet:take ur time maan..when u think ur heart is ready to be with me by all means I will wait for u’.
Thanks math sochna I’ll be away from you..
She knotted her brows..
Whats the meaning of it?
Maan again crushed his lips on hers again tasting her every part of the rosy petals n the treasures inside..tasting the sweet nectar from her..
His hands wandered on her bare skin n his lips replaced it..
She moaned his name..
Maan..if u continue like this I’ll not give u 3 months time..i need u badly..
Sorry sweet heart..u must wait for me..n I promise I’ll make our lovemaking memorable for u..till then enjoy this..he again took her lips n she too claimed him equally till they were lost for breathe..
They both can feel each others craving in that kiss..their one kiss turned two n three n it continued till they felt they had each other for enough..when they felt thirst created in the leap between them has reduced they left each other n maan took her to the private room n slept holding each other’


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