Geetanjali -Part 51

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After lunch,maneet rested a little ..then maan told geet he wanted to do shopping for both
Maan,u have already purchased a lot..
Geet,no..i did only the needs for I want to buy more..are u coming with me or not..
Maan faked anger..n geet accepted..
Dushtdanav kahika..gussa tho nak pe hai..hamesha apne manmani karthi hai..
Maneet got ready n took aarav n anjali for shopping..he wants to spend as much as time with them without he avoided driver also..he made ani sit in front seat n buckled her to seat she may not fell down..geet n aarav sat in back seat..maan was stealing glances of geet thru reverview mirror..aarav n anjali was busy in side seeing..they were happy as they were doing outing for the first time with parents together..
Maan stoppeded the car beforea big shopping mall..he gave the car keys to the valet n went inside with geet anjali n aarav..
Maan,where are we going first..
Hmm..maans eyes fell on the toy shop..
Maneet entered n was welcomed by the attender..
He was showing different kind of toys from electronic,fir,plastic,remote,key system’but ani n arav rejected all..
Maan,u r asking opinion to ur kids..they are not big enough to select their things of own..
Maan did not hear her..
Maan:I want things of my childrens choice..
Maan:u show something else..
The attender was already exhausted showing things..he has emptied half the shop before them..
Aroo,do u like this?
He throwed the toy
He showed another,another,another..
He screamed in full voice’
Maan lifted him n made a tour of the shop showing everything’geet followed with anjali..aaravs eyes fell on spider man water balloon which was trible of his size..
Yes beta..
He pointed spider man..n geet hit her head..
He wants only spiderman..nothing else..omg..he is getting crazy..
Same time anjali showed a dora doll..
Omg..ani u too..
Okay..u will select other than these..then only I’ll tell ur daddy 2 buy spiderman n dora..
Ani n aaroo looked at each other..talking with their eyes
Kya karein aroo..
Mama ke baath maanthe hain.ani…warna,she will not buy our favourite..
Teek hain..
Both nodded..n geet selected teddies ,building blocks,baby punching bag n more toysfrom which they may learn abc…n they both accepted half heartedly..
Maan chuckled seeing both kids expressions..they both were talking in babyish language to each other,which maneet didn’t understand a bit..
Ani n aaroo understood each others language..
They both accepted the toys which they both could play together..maan paid for what they bought n came out of the shop..geet looked at the was 2hrs they took in buying toys..’maan two hrs,
So what dear..we are purchasing for our kids..i want the best according to their wish..ok..
Hmm..geet sighed seeing a stubborn father..who is head upon heals in love with his kids..
Yes dear..
Can we have something’im hungry n thirsty..
Before maan says ani n aarav pointed something n jumped in their arms to go there
Both saw where they was a caf..which had both hot n cold drinks n icecream..there were many cartoon pictures fixed on the entrance to attract childrens..n that’s what attracted aarav n ani..
Jaan,ur problem is solved..our children or brilliant u know..
Haan haan I know how much brilliant they are..
Geets st:u r taking trouble with u my dear husband..hmm..ok..let me enjoy ur plight today..
They both entered n seated the kids in the table n maneet also took their seats..
Geet was smirking all the while’
The waiter came..
Sir,ur order please..
A black coffee 4 me n milk coffee for mam..n for kids..he stopped thinking what to order for them..geet use powder milk for what to order..
Geet s eyes popped out..she made a big O whispering..haaw
Maan,what r u ordering..icecream..they are only 10 months..n how could u think about icecream..they will catch cold..
Then say what to order..
Muje nehi patha..u only toldna..u want the best for ur order the best for them..
Poor maan looked at his kids..
Aaroo,beta..ani beta,what u want’
Haha..geet was smiling ab aaayega mazaa..
Aarav showed something’behind the counter top’where all kind of fruits ,cold drinks of all companies were arranged..
H,mm so u want juice..ok..
Two juice for kids without ice..
Ok sir..but what juice u want..
Maan said of his choice..
Carrot juice..haan..thats gud for health..
Geet so much wanted to say,they don’t like it taking as juice..rather they will prefer eating carrot raw..
The waiter first came n gave the kids juices..
Ani n aarav saw each both are partner in their daddy has brought them what they hate..they both took the glass n poured it on table upside down..
For their luck all dropped on floor not on table.. kya karrahi ho tum dono..
They made angry face to maan n smiled at each other for getting rid from the juice..
Geet,why they did like that..
Geet suppressed her laugh knowing her cute two dd’s..
(Thanks for giving this name pari nain’.dear devil n darling daughter of dhak dhak..dusht dhanav..)
Mujei kya patha maan..if they don’t like it..what am I to do..
Gggeeet’ok ..i’ll order grapes’
Ur wish..ur babies..she said coolly n took her coffee,which the waiter kept..
Maan sipped his black coffee..
The waiter placed the grapes juice ..
Ani n aroo looked at each other..
Ani,ye kya colour hai..i don’t like it..
Mujei purple wala colour pasand nehi hai..she dipped her hand inside the glass making the juice overflow from the glass’n threw the straw down..
Aaroo clapped seeing it..thinking some magic is done by his sister..he too did the same making maan jump in his seat..
Ye kya karrahi ho tum dono.. u made it dirty n look ur hands..its all sticky..
Aroo thought..n again speaks in baby language 2 ani..
yes ani..its so sticky..i don’t like it..
How to clean it aroo..
Maan was lifting aaroo to keep away from juice wetting his dress…
Aaroo cleaned his hand in maans shirt..
Shit..aaroo..what are u doing in my shirt..
Aaroo pouted his lips n clutched his shirt in fist
Geet,help me..
Geet took aarav n kissed his cheek..
Ok badmaash ko..yese hi appreciate karo..
He took ani in his the juice was nearing where she was seated..
She also wiped her hands in maans shirt..
Pari tum bhi’he said helplessly..
Ani kissed his cheeks making his anger vanish in air..
But now maan was fully messed up..his white shirt is imprinted with purple hand prints..
Maan looked at geet making a puppy face n she started to laugh loudly..maan was so lost in her was see her smile,he can do things like this many times..
Ani n aroo has never seen their mama laughing loudly like this..aroo thought..
Ye mama kyun hasra hi hai..her mouth is open wide’hmm let me check her mouth..why she is keeping open wide
He put his fingers in her mouth..n geet stopped her laugh..
Aroo was pulling her lips n scratching it with his small nails..geet removed his hands n pecked it..
U must not keep ur hands in my mouth aro..bad habit..
Geet saw maan starting at her..
Their eyelock broke with the waiter..
Sir,do u want 2 have anything..
Maan sighed..
Clean this..n bring’
He thought n then ordered
Two apple juice..
Maan looked at geet..his eyes questioning her,atleast their 2 dd’s will hv it..
Geet didn’t answer him..
Maan,I think u must use wash room.she pointed his shirt..
Geet looked at him surprised
Maan,y..c urself..
Geet,let them first have something..i know they will make some more fuss with,I ll use washroom at last..
Maan..see all are looking at u weirdly..
Let them see n let them know,how my wife takes care of me’
He smirked seeing her mouth opening to a big O..
Haaww..thats so mean mr.khurana..u only said u will give best for the kids..that too of their choice..when u don’t know their choice what can I do..enjoy ur time with kids..
She retorted back..
Maan neared her ears n whispered…
Lagtha hai,meri mishtyko mirchi lagi..see u r talking too harsh..what should I do now..hmm..ok..i’ll order icecream for u..tanda tanda cool cool..his eyes wandered around .confirming all the persons are in there own world,he kissed her cheeks n sat in his chair like a gud boy,like nothing happened..
Geet was shocked..
Did he kissed me..that too in public place..
Here aaroo was fuming in jealousy n kissed his mother were maan kissed..
Dada,how dare u kiss my mama’I’ll take revenge for this..
He snorted his nose..
At the same time,the waiter came with apple juice..
Araav moved to maan n sat opposite to him..maan took both glass in his both hands n kept the straws on their lips..
Chalo chalo..ab jaldi se peelo..
Ani n arav again looked at each a blink of second,they both poured it on maans pant..he forgot to tell this time..not to add ice n here his parts below waist were freezing in cold..
Maans eyes were popping out..geet was again laughing at him n his expressions..
I know my name is geet..u don’t want to remember me..
She said between her laugh..
Ggeeettt..he gritted his teeth..
u r laughing at my plight..
maan shouted n ani n aarav was a bit afraid at his raise of tone..they crawled on table n moved to geet..both hugged her neck keeping their faces on her shoulder..
they cutely complained to her..
maan,u scared them..see how they are hugging me..i know u r dd..but u don’t want to prove it to kids also..
maan closed his eyes n controlled his anger..
I am sorry ..
He came to his kids n asked sorry..they both turned their faces..
They don’t understand this way..
Then how should I apologise..
Hold ur ears n ask sry..
Yes mr..khurana..ur kids wont accept ur sorry till then..
Maan felt ears in public..that too man singh khurana..
Geet read his mind..
U r not great business tycoon maan singh khurana here..u r maan..sirf maan..their who has scared them..if u want them 2 talk to u,u must apologise..
Maan held his ears ..sry pari..sry champ..
They both looked him thru corner of eyes..both looked at each other..then their mama..
Geet signaled..poor dad..forgive him..
Both smiled at maan..n he felt relieved..even though its for minutes,he cant see them turning their faces from him..he extended his hands n both went to him..
His eyes was moisted n geet was looking at the ma(a)n which she don’t know..she has always seen hard like a shell he was very sensitive with his kids..
Maan,u be here,I’ll come back in 5 minutes..
She went n came back ..maan was playing with his kids’
Geet gave the packet..
Whats this..
Ur dress..Maan go n change’.
Maan stood up giving ani n aroo to geet..when he saw the looks on others face,he looked down..n he was embarrassed seeing the pant wet near his thighs..
O!shit!all were thinking..i’
Maan hided his front with the packet,making his body posture more funny,twisting n started to run towards washroom’
Geet was having a nice time’after maan went she scolded both of them..
What r u doing with ur
They said in baby language..
Haan haan patha hai mujei..daddy brought juice u don’t like..
For that u made him bath in juice..n doing tantrums ,,is this the way to behave..
Aaroo showed geet again something..
Haan haan..i know..
After sometime maan came changing to the dress geet gave’geets jaws dropped seeing him..she purposely brought a low neck tshirt for him n a denim jeans..he looked smoking hot with his exposing chest n abs’
He was looking different..he never weared these types of dresses he had no other choice than wearing these..
Maan came n sat near geet..he was surprised to see anjali n aarav having their drink silently’they even made noises from straws ,after the drinks finished too..
Geet,how they r drinking quietly..what magic u did..
He asked in extreme surprise..
Maan,anjali loves pink colour..n so she loves rosemilk..n aarav likes orange he drinks orange juice..he pointed u orange n u didn’t understand..
Ohh..but how will u give them other juices,if they do tantrums like this..dont they like other juices..
Geet rolled her tongue inside her mouth..n her eyes had naughty smirk playing till now with him..
Bathau na geet..
Wo ..maan..they do love all juices..
She took sippers from her bag’
U must fill juice in this n give it to them..simple’ seeing colours they wont drink anything..
Maan was now?????
Arghhh..she was all the while enjoying the tantrums of ani n aarav..
Maan glared at her, but couldnot stop himself from smiling.. thinking about kids n the way they gave sweet tortures
Maan paid extra for making the mess n cleaning..
Yup..dress for kids
Maan pushed her inside the readymade shop..both entered the kids section..
The salesman welcomed them n started to show dresses for ani’here again both created huge fuss’
Aarav wanted dress for him first’n both were giving angry glares to each other..whereas maneet looked each other was the salesman..then maan said,they will look for both at same time..n two salesman were set to show for aarav n other 4 ani’both rejected all..but geet took upto her selection..still both were not convinced with maneet bought for them..though they both liked the favourite colours of dresses choosen by geet..
N even geet didn’t know why they were not liking anything’maneet sat on the chair,fully exhausted..keeping baby’s stand on their feet..they both took steps towards other side.walking inbetween the hanging dresses..they started to throw all n atlast took what they want..ani touched a frock printed with dora..aarav was standing next to a spiderman dress.they both were pulling the dress…maneet laughed at their choice n asked to pack it ani n aarav were happy..
Now mr..khurana..
For my lady love..
Both entered ladies section..
It was easy for them than ani n aarav..but here also they tried to select for their mama..atlast geet gave up..maan ,nomore..lets go home..
No dear..still somethings are bending..
Follow me..
maan started selecting lingeries for her.. Geet was feeling he was choosing with atmost concern..the sales girls were drooling him..he will whisper in gets ears all naughty things n make her blush..
geet,u will look more sexy in this two piece..
u take this also..
it will be useful for u to swim..he took a swim suit..
she blushed a lot..
n the girls around were jealous looking at the pair..
geet couldnot stand the intense gaze around she left the place.,taking aarav with her..
maan took ani n tried to follow her instead he tripped upon a girl,who had a small girl in her hands..
maan caught her before landing on floor..
there was gasp all around ..geet turned n saw the scene..
she was burning in jealousy..
how maan could touch other girl..
maan placed the girl on feet.
He said sorry to the girl..
.he patted the baby’s cheek’n pinched the cheeks n gave a kiss..saying cute baby..
are u n baby ok..did u got hurt..
he asked in concern of baby..
here ani was jealous seeing her papa being so caring to another girl..
geet turned n moved ahead..stamping her foot..
when maan neared her she did not even talk to him..n aarav was so happy’ he gave a victorious smirk ,that expressed in his naughty eyes also..because now no chance his mama will let his dad come close to her
anni and geet both get jealous as well as angry with maan…
aroo saw ani who was looking maan with angry red eyes..
ka ani..(kya ani) (aaroo,dady gave ummah to that girl)
aarav also got angry at his daddy for making his sister angry..
poor maan doesnt even know y geet n babies are angry he asked to aroo
what happen champ?
aaroo also gave him angry glare and anni too.
Maan tried his all skills to manofy all 3..even he held his ears now before all..they did not budge a little..if geet said the babies would have been they r also giving hand to maintain it..geet came n stood in the line to pay bill..maan said he will do..
She stood their stubbornly..the girl whom maan collided also stood next to them..
Aroo looked ani n then the next minute the baby in ladies hand was screaming in loud voice..
Maneet looked at baby,only to see aaroo pulling her hair n make her cry,,
Aaroo st:bcoz of u my sister is papa gave ummah to u cry..thats the punishment for making my sis angry..
Geet pulled aaroos hands from baby’s hair n apologized that girl now,who was pacifying her baby..
What a boy,u have..see how my girl is crying..
Mam,I said sry hai..kuch pata nehi hai extremely sorry..
Maan too apologized for aroos behavior..
They collected the bags n moved out..
Geet was taunting aarav,but he was happy seeing the smile in anis face..
Shaitan hogayi tum..dd ka beta..dd
Maan made a baby face ..
Geet meine kya kiya..
Aapne kuch nehi kiya..kuchbi nehi..go..go n hug that girl..,my princess is jealous..
Maan pinned her to a corner..ani was on his shoulder feeling sleepy..n aaroo was busy checking their fights..thinking daddy will not come near mama..
Maan placed a peck on her lips..making geet n aarav shock..but he gave a slap on maans cheek..maan took his hands n kissed it.. meri patni don’t disturb us..he turned to geet..leaving a fuming aaroo 2 think what to do next for keep away from mama..
I love you only geet..u know well..its an accident..we collided..i caught her only to save the baby from u want more explanations mrs..khurana..
Geet nodded no looking at floor fully red..
Tho chalein..
As ur wish..
I want to buy kids necessaries..
They both went to kids shop..
Maan,u go n buy feeding bottles for both..till then I’ll buy diapers..n look for other things
Ani was sleeping now..
maan went to buy it.maan was cherishing the whole day incidents..n how both made his condition worse..
the sales girls ask him whether he wants extra nipples?????????? he didnt get what nipples she is talking about he was too much lost in his wife n kids,he thought only went to geets feed..he thought,its something like mothers nipple that came 2 market for babies..(maanki akalhi nehi hai kya)n his thoughts went to geets milky white skin n he blushed thinking about her..
is that must..he asked in blue..
sir,sometimes kids may bite n the nipples may get,keeping spare is better..
ok..then give..
she took the nipples pack n gave to maan..
that’s when maan understood, what she was talking about and says to himself maan bete tumhara dimag bhi kya kya sochta was about to make fool of urself..thank god,geet is not near me..warna,she will tease me..
maan paid for bottles n the purchase geet did..they both came home..
only to see lots of packets in house..
maan,ye sab..when u bought these..
I did this for my lets have dinner n sleep..
They both fed both kids n slept..


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