Humrahi Part 57




Part 57


Three days after Vicky called them n told maan has returned back to Chennai..after that there was no call from nor Vicky..

There was deep hollowness in geets heart..she want to be with maan..n here she is in her mayka..noone noticed or asked what she wants..they did their best to feed her healthy food..make her take rest n keep her happy(according to them)..tej brought many story books..which she only starred n read none..but told them she had a gud time pass..she expected call from maan..atleast his voice was enough for her heart to give peace..but seems like god is testing her..he never called her after that..whenever she called his number came switched off..

She was feeling restless n last she asked  tej to call Vicky or dev n know about she never had a direct chat with both bil’s she was little hesitant..tej called he is the one with maan..


Vicky:hello tej ji..boliye..

Tej:who..jiju s phone is coming switched off..woh teek hai na.we didn’t get any call from him..gudiya..i mean geet is worried…how is the situation now there..

He received a big sigh on other side..

Tej:kya hua Vicky..

Vicky:woh..bhai ka phone pani mei girgaya while coming back..i have given to service..power cut is there..we r using generators in company.n invertors at we r able to charge..its still we couldn’t come out..

Tej:jiju..woh kahaan hai..

Vicky:u know about the flood..n staying there ..surrounded by stilled water most of them got infected..n maan too..he is down with  fever..

Tej:oh no..ab kesi hai jiju..

Vicky:today only dr.confirmed its viral..he will take about 10 or 15 days to cure..dr.has prescribed medicines..bhai ne kaha cb will be don’t say her anything..

But geet has already heard everything..

Tej:ji..can we talk to him..

Vicky looked at maan who was sleeping..

Vicky:past two days he was coughing..n couldn’t sleep bcoz of fever…he is sleeping now only bcoz of medicines..

Tej:hmmm.woh jiju ke saath..

Vicky:don’t worry im there to take care of him..when he wakes up I ll say him to call u..


Vicky:maa se bhi meri baath hui thi..she told if cb comes here at this time she will be affected..and its not good for baby..

Tej:hmm I take care of yourself n jjiju too..


Both kept the phone..

Tej looked at geet who was looking sad..

Tej:gudia..its only fever..vicky told na..

Geet:I cant be with him when he needs me ..

Saying she left to washroom where she can cry her heart out..she murmered herself..maanji  didn’t feel like sharing about his health too to me..kya mei itni parayi hogayi hoon unkeliye..usko meri age patha nehi ..ismei meri kya galathi hai,,,I miss u maan ji..pls come n take me with u…

She stood there shedding her tears ..then washed her face n came out…like nothing happened..


Other side sd decided to get geet back home..its long time geet is staying in her may create unwanted things in villages for both families..she doesn’t want anyone to question about them…she  sent nakul to amritsar to geets house with the msg..rano welcomed nakul n realised its time for geet to return..rano told nakul that she will come n drop geet by Sunday..that is in 2 days..she cant send geet empty hand..she has to send her properly with the respect expected by her in laws..

When tej returned from office she told him about nakul s arrival n sd’s msg..she asked him to get some things from groceries..geet was a mute spectator..she just helped her mother in whatever she does..she helped rano in making sweets n snacks..

Rano:geet..lets go n meet darji before u go to ur inlaws house..i too haven’t met him for last few days..

Geet :ji maa

Both went  to hoshiarpur n met darji..he was so happy to meet geet.he was so weak n pale..his old age reflecting on him…hearing she is pregnant he was over joyed..n blessed her…he even wished to see the great grand child before he leaves the world..both rano n geet scolded him for that..after spending a little time with him both got back to their home..

Geet expected maans call but he didn’t was Sunday n tej n rano took geet to maans house..her dad  only asked her to take care of her n baby..she just nodded her head n bid bye to him..

Sd welcomed geet rano n tej..she asked about geet about her well being n baby..Sd n rano had a few talks here n there..then about maans illness n situation..

Rano:damadji kesi hai ab

Sd: Vicky told he Is still  same..fever  is high..he is under mmedication n soon he will be better

Rano:..hmm dev  tara.. where r they?

Sd:they left  to delhi..without ansh  the house seems so void..

Rano:ji haan bache idhar udhar ghumthi hai..n after they leave we feel the emptiness

Sd:sahi kaha aapne..

Rano:ji..when will geet go to Chennai..

Sd:I thought to send her..but the situation there..u know..its not good for geet n baby..dekhiye..maan bhi bimar I thought once the matter is settled maan himself will say everything is fine..then  let him come n take her..

Rano thought for a while..

Rano:haan..aap bhi teek kehrahi hai..

But geet  state was unexplainable..few more days..she cant  go back to maan..tilll he himself says..

Sd:hum sochrahi the..geet ki godhbarai yahi karein…meine panditji se baat ki..he gave me auspiscious day ..

Sd told about the planning call relatives..n about shaguns n all

N rano accepted it..seeing his mothers face tej knew what is running in her will they do the function  as they expect..geet  has just entered the 3 rd month..only 4 months left..n he has to arrange money..they still have debts which they borrowed for her godhbarai..then baby..followed by many..tej started to think ways to get money..


Rano n tej left asked geet to take rest..

It was night when sd got call from vicky..they both talked and then she talked to  maan .. she saw geet standing looking at her n phone..knowing what exactly geet wants she  gave to geet to talk to maan..

Geet was so happy ..finally she got to speak with him..but she was conscious as sd was beside her..


There was silence..followed by cough of maan..n then he answered..

Maan:hello..kesi ho..

Geet:ji..mein teek hoon..ab aapki tabyat kesi hai..

Maan:hmm.bukar hai..cold is.better..but dry cough is there kya kaha..

Maan:he has asked to come after 5 days..

He started to cough badly..she felt bad hearing it..she stood helpless hearing him cough..

Geet:maan ji kya hua..

Vicky took the phone from him..she heard Vicky saying him to have water n rest..

Vicky:cb..woh..dr.told him not to speak much..isiliye..

Geet:hmm..mei..maa ko phone dethi hoon

She gave the phone to sd..

Then she heard  sd saying about home remedies to get rid of cough n Vicky  accepted to follow it..geet felt a relief..someone is there to look after maan..

Geet  started to have morning sickness. Digestive problems..giddiness…it was all new for her.. but sd was  always near her to help her..say her its all normal in pregnancy..what to have n what she should not do..geet followed what she said..

Maan didn’t talk much bcoz of his health..but Vicky did mostly daily..n geet  was happy with the news she got  thru..but she missed her maanji  a lot n waited for that day when he will come n take her with him..15 more days passed like this.she  seemed normal to all..she ate what her mil gave..did what she asked..took rest when she told..went with her to places n temples or to relatives place wherever she took..she talked to tej inbetween when he called..but she wasn’t happy..the one she wants was not near her..her husband..

maan was better.. he was feeling week after the viral..the life got better n Chennai n all people got back to normal works..n when maan too got back to his work he felt energised..vicky too was back to college..

maans thoughts were filled with geet..but he was hesitant..they never talked like was a normal hi how r u n take care..


savitri called maan when he was in office..

maan:hello maa..kesi ho

sd:im fine..but u say is ur health now

maan:much better ma..

sd:hm so can u travel


sd :maan..its high time..geet is with me.u come here n take her with long she will be here with  she is in 4th month…if the place is near I myself will come there with her..but I cant travel that much..n .i must  also go to aru’s house ..sambandhji kya sochenge..

maan sighed..he cant run away from his responsibilities.. what u want me to do..

sd:shehzaada yahaan aayiye aur apne patni ko lejayiye..

maan:ok..i ll book my tickets n will say u..

sd:ok..15th n 22nd is good day to take her with u…book tickets according to it for u both..

when maan booked his tickets n confirmed…geet was all up in air..she felt like butterflies flying in her tummy..her maanji is coming to take her with him..


precap:how will maan behave with geet..will this gap bring them together or ..will it create a huge gap between them..



Humrahi -Part 56

Part 56


The thought of something happened to maan made her earth under her feet slip away..but tej was fast to recover..he must handle not only his gudia but her unborn baby too..

Tej:gudia..nothing will happen to jiju..vicky told na..there is no net n only we couldn’t know anything about him..have faith in god..babji will be with us..dekna jiju will be fit n fine..

Geet looked at him with faith..

Geet:maanji..will be fine na..

Tej:hmm..lets go to house now..i ll come n call jiju after few that time he will be able to reach..dekna..

Hiding his fear he boosted courage in geet..

Geet nodded n followed tej..but her heart was full of unknown fear..she prayed in her heart for his well being..

Tej:gudia..ghar aagayi..


She nodded n went inside..

Rano:aagayi tum dono..darshan teekse hua na..

Geet tumharaliye pakora banaya hai meine..

Geet moved inside like a zombie ..her mind was stuck with maan n her mothers words didn’t reach her ears..

Rano:yeh kya hogaya isko..

Tej:maa..let her go..

He stopped his mother..

Rano saw tejs face too covered with tensions..

Rano:kya hua..

Tej sighed..n said what happened n there was no news about maan..

Rano was shocked:arei babaji..

She rushed inside n took some money n tied in a cloth..

Tej too followed her n saw his mother praying to god..

Rano:kuch nehi hoga damadji ko…

Tej knew what she did..praying for safety of maan she tied the money..

Rano:go n be with something with her..n make her eat..


Rano:I ll go to kamala kaakis house..n will ask her to contact sambandji..n damadji.koi khabar mili tho who thuranth batayegi..

Tej:maa..mei chalthi hoon..i ll inform kaaki n I will go to my friends house..he will help us..

Rano:yeh bhi teek hai..jaa..par pehle geetko dekh..

She handed him the plate n coffee..

Tej tried to make geet eat..but she was too lost in her grief..

She denied taking food ..

Rano:kab tum sudrogi geet..tum apne aur apne bacheke tabyat bhi kharab karrahi ho..apneliye nehi  tho bachekeliye khao..kya kahogi damadji se..tum bhooki pyaasi thi..tumhare gharwalo ne tumein kuch nehi khilaya…

She looked at her mother once..then took the plate from tej n had it mechanically..tej glared his mother..she went away seeing geeet having her food..

Tej:im going to my friends house geet..take rest..kuch nehi hoga.jijuko..

He moved from there..geet heard some quarrel sound between her mother n tej..she had enough of tensions in her mind she cared less for whats happening in her house..

Tej shouted at his mother for being rude with geet..

Rano said..pyaar se tum bhi kahithi..did she ate..i know her very well..she will bow down only with my high voice..jaan boochkarhi kiya meine..

Tej sighed..maa..she is scared of maanji..aur uperse aap bhi..

Rano:I know he is safe..i still have little belief in god..he spoiled my life..but he wont do that to geet..

She walked away confidently..


Geet started to chant mantras whatever she knew..she pleaded to god to keep her maan safe..she will bare this loneliness being away from him..she only want to know he is safe..that is enough for her to breathe.she doesn’t want anything at this moment..


Tej on other side went to kaakis house n contacted geets mil n dev..both seemed to be worried about maan..they too had only the news of Vicky being safe…n they promised to call him if they got any news from maan..tej sighed n walked to his friends house..his friend had tv n the news of the flood was flashing on which took tejs breathe away..seeing the horrifying pictures tej too got scared..his friend shook him n asked what happened..tej told him about his jiju n seeked his help..he was blank n don’t know how to reach his jiju..both thought for a while n he called his distant relative who lived in tn but was in another district..he had good contacts in all areas..tej’s friend gave maans number n asked them to contact maan or try to get any details about him..they promised him they will try to get news about maan asap…tej sighed in relief..he thanked god..this only showed still humanity remains in all heart..

Tej bid bye ..but his friend stopped him n gave his cell phone..

Tejs friend:this is my 2nd number ..not all people have this number..take this..


Tej friend:u can keep trying ur many times u will go to phone booth or relatives place ..this is hard time for ur sis..n u need this at this moment..take it..

If it was someother time tej would have denied it..but its not possible to get phone or new number at this moment..they don’t have enough funds too for it..

He hugged him n thanked him for his timely help..


Tej came home ..n showed geet the phone..she smiled..n took it from his hand fastly n dialed maans number..her smile vanished hearing the number is not reachable at the moment..her face went pale..

Tej kept his hand on her shoulder..

Tej:gudia..once the power is settled he will call..i have msged him ,vicky  n dev bhai this number..

He made her have her dinner n made her sleep forcefully..

The night was too long for all..her dad came drunken..unaware of the storm going in his daughters life..

Tej n rano kept silence as geet was sleeping lately..

Tej made his father sleep outside..he too slept thinking the sunrise gives them a gud news..


Next day geet woke up n first thing she did was to call maan..she kept on calling him n it was unreachable..every passing second was hell for her..she did all things mechanically..n sat with many times she dialed maans was infinity..her confidence was breaking with each passing sec..


the night came n the next day came..she was cuddled like a ball in corner of house with phone in her hands..tej’s heart squeezed seeing her like that..she never cried before all..but the trace on her face spoke volumes she has cried all night. its truly said only the pillows knew the humans tears .he came out  taking the phone slowly from her hand n prayed to god before punching maans rang which made him squeal in happiness..but the happiness died the next second when the line cut off..he knotted his brows looking at the phone..he punched again..but it again went off..

Tej:babaji..whats this..

Suddenly a msg popped in his cell..

I’m charge.nno signal .will call u all maan..

Tej rushed to geet..


His scream made her jerk n she sat at her place with shock..

Geet:bhai..what happened..maanji..woh kesi hai..kuch pata I slept..woh teek hain..bolo..kesi hai woh..kisine call kiya..uski gharse..koi..

Tej:jiju is safe..

She leaned on the wall..tears of happiness filled her eyes..she thanked her babaji..

Geet:he is

She repeatedly said it…

Not for tej..but to satisfy her own heart..

Rano looked at both she smiled within herself n went to thank her god..

Whenever geet tried to go out n requested to call from booth rano has been rude saying tej has brought phone n no need to go out..she only knew the reason..the tea shops had the newspapers which had the horror scenes posted in front page..if not them the news channels n radios were pitying the state for facing such a hard time..if its not enough for them to sulk the neighbours were talking all rubbish things..n their thoughts were not digestable for them..what if geet she restricted geet to go out..thankfully maan himself msged them..

Tej showed the msg to geet..

She checked the was maan..

Tej:jijuki hi hai..hain

She nodded yes with smile plastered on her face..she was happy after 3 long days..

Geet:bhai..muje mandir leke chaloge..

Tej:haan kyun nehi..mein apni friendse bike leke aathi hoon..till then u fresh up n get ready..



Tej went to kitchen n saw rano ..

Tej:maa gudia wants to go to temple..i think she prayed for jiju’s safety..

Rano looked at him with a thoughtful look..

Rano:ok..take her..but be careful..



He went n came with his friends vehicle..geet has freshened up.n was ready…

Tej:did u had ur bf..

He asked in concern

Geet:yes ..u have ur bf soon..

She rushed him up..

He smiled to see her back to normal..these days he has seen her more shrink..she rarely stepped out of seeing her energetic he felt happy

He had his bf..both bid bye to rano n went to temple..geet saw the horrified pictures n her stomach stirred in fear..if she has not got the msg she would have broken seeing it..

tej stopped the bike..n  gave her money so she may buy offerings for god..

Geet:I ll return this..bcoz its my prayer.


Both went inside..geet gave the puja plate to the pandit..he did the puja n then asked about maans well being..

Geet thanked God whole heartedly for listening to her prayers..tej too thanked god n both sat on a corner for sometime..

Geets eyes was still on the idol of god..tej too didn’t initiate any talks..

Geet :was talking to god in her heart..maanji is safe that’s enuf for I said I will w8 till he come n take me..i wont ask anything more now from you..i only want his long life..i have lived each n every second in fear of losing him..death would have been easier for me ..

u know everything god..all think I don’t know what neighbors talked about us.. me n my family was flying high as they got a good son in law..even im changed after marriage.. as I have married in a better place they think I m high headed..attitude .im flying in air bcoz of happiness…n that’s why u have stolen my happinessn u have taught me a lesson by bringing back me to earth…but thank u god for returning my husband..

Did they even know what we went marriage is not less than a miracle..ya it’s a miracle..u did on me..erasing my miseries of life..but they want to see us only in suffering..kesi log hai ye..only want to see us in hardship..i too was losing hope on u..n would not have stepped in ur place if anything has happened to him..u have filled my heart so happy..thanks u so much God.. u have made me realize maanji mereliye sabkuch hai..even if he is miles apart from me my life relies on him..thanks once again I wont ask u anything more..

She closed her eyes thanking god ..


Tej:gudia..lets go..


Both were back..n geet didn’t failed to see the jealousy in the ladies eyes..

Geet st:evil eyes..jab maanji aayega mein nazar uthardoonga unka..

They reached home..

Rano asked her to rest..n tej went to give back the vehicle to his friend..

Geet slept peacefully ..rano came to call her for lunch..seeing her sleep she went away..when tej came n saw geet..she has just woken up n was looking at phone with earning look..

Tej:once the problem solves he will call come..lets have our lunch..


Geet n tej sat along with rano for lunch..

Tej:maa..where is papa..

Rano:where else he will be..he left early morning..he did not have bf he has got a reason to drink again..his son in law is missing..

It was hard for geet to swallow the food she kept in her mouth a wife she has started to realize the bond of husband wife n being a home maker how much money is essential for life..her mother is still managing with all miseries..n what she gets support from her husband .n she doesn’t know to express herself to change a drunkard husband .who doesnt listen to anyone…geet has now started to see the other side of life too..

Rano:geet..what r u looking already time pe u have to eat at time..u will face digestion problem then..after u go there if u face any digestive problems don’t take any medicines..

She started to say home remedies..n geet heard it carefully..

Rano:samaj aaya..


Geet left to wash her hands..

Rano:hmm..tej..geet will leave to her mil house in few can we send her empty hand.. karna hoga..

Rano:jo cheese gudia ko pasand ho..woh banake dethe hain..kuch snacks.. u want money..

He asked thinking after a while..


Tej: already we have brought enough from grocery shop..he wont lend us more… much u will need maa..

Rano:atleast 500 -750 rs..

.tej :teek hai..i ll arrange for it..

Geet has listened to their talks..but she kept quiet n walked away..

Even after marriage she only makes them spend on her..or to say more than before..she cant even stop them n say..i don’t want anything..bcoz the place we live in expect some formalities..her mil will ask her..even nt can que her what she brought from her home..that too when she is carrying ..yeh samaaj yese kyun hai..there was no answer..she sighed..


It was night..they had their dinner too n was arranging their beds..when the phone rang..geets face flashed a 1000 watts smile..seeing maans number..

Geet hurriedly pressed the answering button..she was feeling so emotional..tears filled her eyes..


There was silnce..she looked at the phone..seconds were running..she again saif

Geet:h..e..l..l..o..m..aa..n..ji…aap  ..aap..


There was silence again..hearing his hmm was feeling like she got a drop of water in deserted area..

On the other side maan was no less than her..her cracked voice mirrored her position..her scared self..…t..

Geet:maanji..maanji..aap..aap..teek hona..

She questioned him..she want to know his safety..

Maan:hmm..i..m f..ine..t..u

Before he speaks she asked her next que..geet:where r u now.. r u now in Chennai ..woh..baarish..sab teek haina..power aagyi teek haina..aapne charge kiya na..

She bombarded with her was her restless heart want to know everything..

Maan charge only im talking to u..

Geet slapped her forehead for being stupid..but what she can do..noone thinks briefly in worse situations..

Maan:tum..tum..teek ho na..aur..

He let a long breathe n asked her

Maan:aur baby..

Geet suddenly felt the air thicken with the name of baby. ..he was angry on her knowing her age..he left her here n was not talking to her till now. .n now que about baby..she is far away from him bcoz of baby.she answered him simply



He expected her to speak..n vice versa she expected him to speak..que her more n answer her previous questions..both went silent..

Tej came in..

Tej:gudia..jiju hai kya..


Tej:if u both have talked give to me I ll also talk to him..

Geet looked at the phone..maan was silent..n she too doesn’t want to make him angry with questioning him more..

Geet:humne baath karli..aap baath karlo..

Saying she gave it to tej..

Maan was disappointed.. r u..

He started to ask same que..

Geet was hearing their talks..n came to know maan is still stuck n he will be able to come out once the water drains..there is no rain now..n rescue team  was there n Eb mens were set righting the wirings..he is in his hotel room which was multi storied …bcoz of it the water doesn’t enter than first floor n  he n others who stayed there were safe..till the high ways get cleared he has to stay n it may take  a week to be back..generators have started n so he managed to charge his cell n talk to all..his mother dev n now to geet..

Geet got all her answers..she was relieved..

Tej:jiju..gudia bohut dar gayithi..

Maan:hmm…I can understand..take care of her..







note:less of maneet..but i want to show geets inner turmoil..what all she is facing n why she is so silent ..she is shrinking bcoz of surroundings..the pressure which the surroundings gives to her.. n how her mayka is forcing her to see the other side of life too..n she is getting mature by facing all the ups n downs..


dont worry..geeet will start to open up slowly..


my lappy is nearing death..i hope it gets well soon..or i get one new..LOL



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Humrahi- Part 55



Part 55

Geet with her family reached amritsar..her brother was too happy to see her..her mother smiled at both n asked geet to take rest..she went to kitchen to prepare dinner for all..geets dad has vanished when they were on half way itself..geets heart pained seeing her dad like this..he is not interested in anything..only drinking has become his priority..he doesn’t think how it will affect  geets life..what if anyone asks her about her father..already she was ashamed to say any thing when all asks what her father can she say he is not working..back to her home all sad moments came again infront of her..tej was talking something which she hardly heard..

Tej:gudia..where are you lost..

Geet:hmm..woh bhai..

Tej:woh..hmm samajgayi..jiju ke barei mein..

Geet didn’t say anything..what will maanji think..i  came here without informing him..she was still silent..

He sighed thinking she is thinking about their father..

Tej:arei gudia..till u r here be happy..papa ke barein mein math soch..u must be happy in these days..mein hoona..

She smiled seeing his efforts to cheer her up..

Tej:ok..u take rest..i ll  go out n come soon..

He went to kitchen n talked with rano n went out ..

Geet was feeling suffocated..she came to kitchen..n saw her mother preparing dough.

Geet:maa..hmm..mein kuch karoon..

Rano:tu aaram kar..i ll do..jaa..

Geet looked at her mother ..she talked normally..

Rano saw geet still standing there..

Rano in loud voice:I said na..i ll do..go n rest..

Geet smiled weekly:ji..ji ma..

Geet turned to go..she heard her mother talking to herself..yeh ladki bhina..mein kehraha hoon jaake aaram kar..phir bhi kade kade mere mooh dekrahi hai..dont know how damad ji manages her..n how she adjusts in her sasural..pagal ladki..ek baar mein sunti nehi..

Geet moved n sat in the hall.she cant understand her mother..she is like puzzle to her..sometimes calm..mostly chiding is her habit..her mother loves her or not she cant analyse that too..shadhi se pehle tho saara kaam karwathi thi mujse..but now she says to take rest..

Tej came with some shopping items..he went inside n kept in kitchen..she can see her mother n tej talking..n she can here their  talks too from her place..

Tej:maa ..whatever u asked I have brought..

Rano:did the shopkeeper asked for money..

She asked in a low voice..not wanting geet to hear it..unaware geet is hearing it

Tej:hmm..but I told I ll give by next week..

Rano sighed..teek hai..mei paiso ka inthazaam karthi hoon..tumhare nanase hi poochna padega..

Tej:maa..i ll get advance where I work..u give it..we will ask nanaji later on..

Rano:haan bohut sare paisa chahiye..till geet is here we must give her good food..phir uski keliye yahaan lana hoga..tho tab aur paise chahiye..tum teek kehrahi ho..we will ask nanaji later..

Geet was sad..they both didn’t notice geet is there in hall..she went n checked her baggage..she frowned seeing she left her handbag in mil house itself..she had some money n she can help them..par she was too lost to notice that she took only dresses n not the hand bag ..she moved n stood near the window..sachi kehrahi hai not a responsible person..

Tej came n saw her..

Tej:gudia..yeh lo..tumhareliye kuch story books laayi hoon..u wont get bored..

Geet smiled n took it..

tej:kya baath hai gudia..from when u came u r not even talking properly..tum khush nehi hai kya..jiju aur tumhare mil ne kuch kaha..

geet:nehi bhaiya..woh..he didn’t know I came here..i was thinking what he will say..

tej:itni si problem..i ll call jiju ifrom public booth n say u r here..

geets heart felt a little peace..both chatted for a while..

her mom called both to have dinner.

Geet looked at entrance..

Rano:don’t wait for ur father..he will come at full drunken state..he will never worry about us..if  we eat or drink..usko koi pharak nehi padtha..tum khalo..if u wait for your father u cant eat at haal mein u must eat on time..

She left a long breathe n started serving geet..tej served for himself..

Geet:maa aap..

Rano:tumlog shuru karo ..i ll eat later..


Tej:gudia..have ur dinner..kuch mat soch..

Geet smiled n ate her dinner..she loved her mothers hand made was delicious..she licked her fingers..

Rano:geet..kuch aur chahiye tho mein aur rakthi hoon..why u r licking ur fingers..sasural mein bhi yese karthi ho kya..

Rano chided geet n geets face went pale with her mothers taunts..

Geet:woh maa..i don’t ..

Rano:zabaan mat lada..she kept some more..

Rano:ab khao..not ur fingers..

Geet nodded her head n silently ate..she finished her food n went to wash her hands..

Tej:maa..y cant u keep quiet..

Rano:u r saying like I  like to taunt her..socho..what if she does same in her house..kya sochegi uski ghar wale..mei uski achekeliye hi bolrahi hoon..

Tej:u can say it softly too.. soft..baath karo apni papa se yesehi soft..mat peelo papa..ghar mein gudiya aayi hai.woh maa banne wali hai..she must be happy at this time.kya aap unkeliye ache khaneki intazaaam karsakthi ho..aur can u help us with some money…even if u don’t help us in anything no problem..but don’t drink atleast till geet is here..


Rano:bolo..will he hear it..

Tej:maa..dont talk about that..u very well know it cant happen..aap khano khalo..mei gudia ko dekthi hoon..

Rano cleared the place n went to wash vessels..she never called geet for help ..

Tej made geets bed on floor n called her to sleep..

Geet too slept soon..tej went n slept on other corner..her mother finished her works n came n laid next to her..


Tej:ji maa..

Rano:don’t sleep..ur father will come n will knock at door before he bangs the door..gudia sorahi hai..she will wake up..mujei bohut neend arahi hai..isiliye tumse kehrahi hoon..

Tej:ji maa..

He went n came with his books..he can atleast study n keep himself awake till his father was midnight he heard the screech sound of gate..he immediately opened the door n took his talli father inside n made him sleep there..

Tej was angry on his father..he gritted his teeth controlling his anger n asked..

Tej:cant u stop drinking..aaj kya waja hai aapke peene ki..

His dad pushed him..

Mohinder:Tum kaun hothe ho..muje poochne wale..i will drink..u have no right to que me..

He blabbered in full talli accent..

Tej:im ur son..i have rights to question u..

This triggered mohinder..

Mohinder:tum..mere bte ho..isiliye poochrahi..then I ll free u from this relation..i ll break this bond..then I ll see how u que me..haan ab samji..yeh sab tumhari maaane tumei sikayi na..go n que ur father..tell her..i m not the one to be que..i ll be the one to que..aap sab ko meri que ko jawab deni the head of this family..u all cant que me..

Saying he fall down on floor..

Tej :he will free me off..hope he does it soon..atleast I ll be free..but only for maa n geet im bearing u..warna what I ll do..i dk..

He closed the door n came out n slept with frustration..


Next day geet as usual got up early..her mother has gone to shop to get she started to do her daily chores n entered the kitchen..she looked at all n decided what to came for her automatically taking care of her house..she put the dal to cook n cut the veg ..

Rano:arei geet..what r u doing..

Geet:who maa..

Rano:y u boiled dal n cut veg..i went to buy  nv n eggs..ab what I ll do with this..poochke kiya karo..

Geet:woh..i thought u went to buy milk..

Rano:hmm..its ok..we will keep dal for night..u go n wake up tej..n fresh up

Geet: I ll finish this n go..

Rano:I ll do it..u go..

Geet   went from there..she couldn’t judge her mothers indifferent behavior..she taunted her for doing work..n she shoved her from kitchen..she wondered it becoz she made dal when her mom brought non veg to cook..did she spoil the planned menu..confused soul went andwoke up tej..he gave a sweet smile n he asked her to fresh up n join for bf..she nodded n went to fresh up..even her brother didn’t ask her what she cooked for him today..everything around her looked strange for her…she quickly freshed up n changed to sari..its her maanjis fav..she touched the fabric  over her front n tried to feel moment she turned sad..her maanji  left her in her mayka..when she want to be with him..

Ranos voice brought her back..

Rano:geeet..what are u doing still inside much time will you take to u take this much time in ur house too..what will ur mil think if u bath like this.come out soon..u will catch cold if u stay longer inside..apne nehi tho apne bache ka khayal tho karo..whatever affects u will affect ur baby too..

Rano:arei geet ka kya sunthi hai naa apne khudki dimaag..

Geet  touched her stomach..she forgot that she is pregnant..she must take care of the baby..she came out..dressed up applied sindoor n came to kitchen..

Her mom has already kept everything ready..its not a normal food they was always simple..or to say..a food to fulfil the it was special…

Tej was looking at the room where his father was still sleeping..

Rano:tum khao..woh sharab khi nasha abi tak utri nehi..geet tum kya karrahi ho..khao..

Geet nodded her head n started her bf.tej too had his..he left to college n geet sat with her mother helping in small things..her dad woke up n came woggling to kitchen..

Mohinder:kya pakarahi ho..hmm..nonveg..mei abhi aathi hoon..

Saying he went out..

Rano:where r u have ur morning dose..sharam nehi aathi aapko..beti pedse hai aur ghar aayi hai..go n c the outer the man of house treats her daughter when she is kuch karenge nehi..atleast don’t spoil the name of sambandji..n damadji..bahar log kya kahegi ..unki rishtedar kya sochegi..u have forget about my respect..

Mohinder snapped her..kya respect..kya family..jese kit um rani elizabethki family se ho..i know how ur family is..dont talk about them..

Rano:kya kami hai meri fam mei..becoz of them only we are still having some food to eat..u don’t even earn a penny..

Mohinder.:my son earns..n its not ur bloody family s money..

Geet was seeing it after months..her mom n dads was not new for her..they crib n put f8 on all she felt suffocated seeing them..why she didn’t have a lovely family..i don’t want any rich family..cant I wish to have a loving family..

Geet:maa..pls..papa pls..chodiye na..dont f8 pls..

Mohinder:who are u to say a man..n u want me to listen all the f**king things u ladies say..

Geet turned her was way too much for her to handle..her dads words were also not in limits today..tears formed her eyes..

Rano:tum isse keh rahi ho geet..he calls himself a man..but is he…jo apne pero pe khade na ho sakhe who kehthi hai..mei mard hoon..subha subha peekar aayi ho..n want to drink again..

Geet looked at both..they both are not ready to leave each other..they want to win others ego n hurt the other badly..she again tried a few times to stop their f8..but of no use..she took steps back n rushed to the other room..she stood by the window with tears..

She heard her neighbors saying..

Neighb ours:phirse shuru hogayi rano aur mohinder..donoko koi kaam nehi ..jab deko ek dusrese ladthi rehthi hai..

N2:hmm..u sit n hear it..achi time pass hai..

N3:who sharbhi rano ko peetegi phir chalejayegi..yahi hothi hai na..

N4:poor rano..achi khandaan ki sharabhi ko shadhi karke kya mila usko..

N1:acha hua yeh beti ko kisi tara shadhi karwadhi..warna kaun shadhi karega is sharbhiki beti ko..

N2:hmm ..geet ki sasural walo ko yeh nehi pata hai ki uski baap ek bohut bada sharabhi hai..uski sasural walon bohut izzadar wale hai..when they find all this think about that girls life..usse choddegi..phir yeh donoko ek aur kaaran milega ladnekeliye..

N3:is tej tho ab ghar sambalrahi hai..when he get married he too will leave n go..

N4:kab tak sahegi who bhi..

It was getting unbearable for geet..

Like they said..she heard a slap sound n her mothers cry..she rushed n saw her mom on floor..her dad has beaten her n has gone out..rano was cursing him..

Rano:jayiye jaayiye..the hand that slapped me will turn lifeless..appko kuch kaam ko nehi hogi..u will have a horrible death..aapne mere jeena mushkil  kardiya..mei bhi dekthi hoon when ur legs n hands do not work who will help u..that drunkard friend of urs..yeh bagwaan bhi mujei kyun nehi insaanse aur kitna sehna padega mujei..y don’t he take me off..

Geet cried seeing her mother n her dad going out..

Rano stayed there for few minutes..

geet :maa..

She called her in broken voice..

Rano looked at her daughter n wiped her tears..yeh tho roz hothi haina..u know ur dad..

With that she started to work again in kitchen..made food n washed the vessels..she did not dared to turn n look at geet..but geet was only watching her mothers easily she hide every emotions from her..roz papa maarthi hai..she has seen them f8ing n only few times she has seen her dad raising her hands on mother..but her dad beats her mom daily..n her mom too f8s with him..curses him..

Geet slowly moved from their n sat on floor thinking everything..her heart was heavy..her eyelids started to turn heavy..she slided on floor n slept soon ..she felt her mother keeping pillow under her head ..straightened her legs n wrappied her in spread..

She so much wanted to open her eyes n see is it her mother..but she couldn’t..

It was evening when she woke up..mein itne der sogayi.morning incidents flashed in her mind..maa..she went to kitchen to see her maa

Tej was back from college n was shouting at his mother..

Tej:I know it..if I am not here u both will start..he beat u again..n u..u maa..u cant keep ur mouth shut..who asked u to talk tit for tat..if he shouts let him ..aap math bolo

Rano snapps:tum mujei chup rehne ko kehrahi insaanki support karrahi ho..

Tej was frustrated..:maa…gudia is here..u all don’t think of her..aayi ek din bhi nehi hui..what she will feel..we have brought her here to take care of her..yeh sab dekke kya sochegi who..woh yehi sochegi would have been better if I haven’t come here..meii ane ghar mei khush thi..yahaan koi mujei dekbal nehi karthi..yeh khana uskeliye banayi haina aap..kya who khayi thi..sogayi aap dono ki ladai dekkar..aakri baar kehrahi hoon maa..jab tak gudia yahaan hai..aap kuch bhi nehi bolegi papa se..if he goes out let him go..zyadha kya hoga.. he will drink n be flatten in any road..we have to bring him..i ll look after him..aap papa se baath nehi karogi..even if he starts the f8..

Rano sighed..

Tej:mei gudia ko dekke aathi hoon..

Geet rushed back to room n came out like she just woke up..

Tej smiled at her:u r awake gudia..

Geet faked smile:ye..patha nehi kese sogayi..

Tej:no problem..go wash ur face n come..we both will eat together..

Geet:u didn’t go for work..

Tej:I have informed them..will take leave this week till u r here..if any urgent work they will inform me..


Geet looked for her dad..he is not back yet..

Geet n tej refreshed n sat to have their food..

Geet relished everything her mother made..rano is an awesome cook..n she herited that from her mother only..

After that rano asked tej to be with geet ..n so geet may not get bored..both tej n geet started to play chess..while rano did her rest of work..later  at n8 tej n geet with rano had dinner n geet went to sleep..she was worried where her father went..he was not back till she slept for long time at noon she was not able to late n8 her dad came back fully drunken n tej has to handle him..rano started to crib on him for drinking..tej shushed her not to talk n start the f8..rano left the place unhappily..

Geet thought about her life..her maanji Vicky devji..her mil arohi..all behave very genuinely..they all are respected person..not even raise thevoice on each other..she got scared thinking of neighbours words..what if the neighbours words come true..will maanji think of his respect more than me n baby.. he has not talked to me till now..what he will be doing now..will he miss I miss him.. I feel like I want to hug him n cry in his arms..patha nehi when I will talk to him..see him..

She was unable to sleep..she curled into a ball ..n hugged herself..maans thoughts made her remember their cozy moments..she always slept in his she couldn’t sleep without him..n she is unawre of that reason..she slept in wee hours..


It was a week she has been here.rano did all household works..n cooked all that’s good for baby n geet..she use to say  what to eat n what not…geet never went out..only neighbours chatted with her..but she couldn’t chat with them knowing what they talk behind their back..she answered in minimum.n for that too they talked behind as geet has married in agood place she is behaving different n her attitude will come to floor when her inlaws will know about her family’s real respect..her insecurity was raising day by day.n she was missing maan terribly.when tej was out she read the books n novels he brought for her from library…her dad n moms f8 was regular..though rano tried to be silent for 2 days she couldn’t control her anger n she was again back in her form..faught with slaps n she cursed him for mistreating her..geets heart squeezed seeing them fight like cat n was week end for tej..he borrowed a motor cycle from his friend n came home..he told his mother he is taking geet to temple which is 2 kms away from their place..n rano too geet has not stepped out after she came here..tej has seen geet going he thought to take her out..

They went to temple worshipped the god ..n sat there for some time breathing the fresh air..

Tej:u miss jiju jaina..

His question startled geet..she looked other side..

Tej smiled..his gudia still cant express her feelings..

Tej:I thought to call him u can also talk to him..lagtha hai u don’t want to..

Geet:nehi nehi..i want to talk to him..

Tej chuckled..

N geet was totally red for being caught ..she is desperate to talk to him..

Tej:ok lets go..

He pointed the phone booth n geet smiled..

Both went to booth n tej called maan inserting the coins..maans number went not reachable..he tried few more times..geet pulled the phone from him n she too was samen sometimes it said the number is switched off…an unknown fear engulfed her..maanji wont switch off his phone..she knew..n not can it be..

Geet:vickyji ko phone karthehain..


Geet:Vicky ki number..

She couldn’t remember it..

Geet: we will call our house number..saying she dialed her house..n  that too came  with  the  same  dialogue..unreachable..

Geet was scared..why no one is taking the phone..its Sunday na..

Tej:gudia..may be they have gone outside..may be no chage in phone..

Geet was not convinced..she sat their thinking vickys number..once maan told his number n asked her to keep for emergency..but she never took it seriously..she stood n dialed the number which came in her came as wrong number..

She again tried double 2 ya double 4..she again pressed the numbers with hesitation..this time she prayed to babaji..pls babaji..i ll lite dia before u for whole me..

Tej:are u sure gudia..

Geet nodded her head..but was unsure..

As god heard her prayer the phone rang after a long time testing their patience..tej took the phone from geet n said :hello is it Vicky khurana.

Vicky:hello..pls..kaun loudly..i cant hear you..he screamed on other side.. geets brother..tej..he too talked loudly..

Geet was looking at tej with expectant eyes..

Vicky:who tej bhai..namaste..

Tej:jijus  number is not he with you..


Tej:please give him the phone we want to talk to him..


Tej:haan geet hain mere pass..

Vicky sighed..n said..

Vicky:bhai..maan ka patha nehi..

Tej was shocked:what?patha nehi..matlab kya hai aapka..where is he..

The way tej questioned Vicky made geet tensed n she looked at tej..kya hua..woh teek tho haina..kahaan hai who..

Vicky:bhai..havent u see the news..if u have seen u must have known it by raining here heavily..4 dams have broken..n water has surrounded us all..

Tej:but jiju..

Vicky:he went to cuddalore..its the mostly affected area..bhai called from there when he reached

..may be now his phone is witched off..there is no current food nor we could contact them..i hope he is fine..he said in a sad tone.i am trying to contact bhai only.

Geet shook tej n asked kya hua..

Tej:kuch nehi ..jiju has gone out for office work..

Geet saw he was not talking seeing her looking at her eyes..

Geet:u r lying ..such such boliye..meri kasam..

Tej looked at her n confessed maan is missing from his place..

Geet slumped on the floor lifelessly..her maanji is missing

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Humrahi -Part 54

Part 54

After a week the phone got connected..
Geet was eagerly waiting for this day..she has spent her time only thinking of maan..did he ate or not will he do his works..vicky bhi they will manage house hold he still angry on her..when he will come back to take her..there was many questions running in her mind..she has been mechanical..she ate what sd gave..she haerd to her half heartedly bcoz of respect..whilst her thoughts were always filled with maan..she barely thought about her parents n her family too..
Savitri was happy when the man came n corrected the phone..she immediately dialled someone..geet was peeling veg..but her heart beat thudded heavily..she thought her mil is calling maan..she was excited to speak to maan..but somewhere she feared too..will her mil let her speak..

Her all excitement vanished when sd called arohi..she asked about her health n well being..n payal palak.
Sd:aro..mei baath mein geet se baat karwathi hoon tuje..she is now in kitchen..
Geet was disappointed..she would have talked to her sil too ..atleast for foramality..what her sd did same with her maan too.she concentrated on veg..thinking not to expect anything..

sd called maan..
Flashing house in his mobile made jump out of his seat..thank god he was alone in his cabin…he controlled his excitement..n took the phone
Maan:maa.maa.aap ..aap kesi teek hogayi kya..ghar mein sab kesi hai..
Sd smiled.a man who speaks softly is bombarding with questions n in full speed…she very well knew ghar mein sab ki matlab she tried to tease him. my shehzaada wants to speak to gharwali..par mei ye bhi bathathi hoon..baki sab teek hai..mein bhi.. is she..
Sd:tum khud poochlo..
Sd smiled thinking how maan is excited like a child..
Sd:geet bahu..
Geet came rushing out of kitchen..she was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice sd calling maan or talking to him..when sd called her..she hurriedly came out..
Geet:ji..ji maa..
Sd:ye lo..baat karlo..
Geet knotted her brows in confusion..kaun hai phone mei..her mind was blank n not working..
Sd:maan hai line mei..jaldi baath kar..i ll come now..
Saying she left giving privacy to her..
Geets every nerve turned numb holding the receiver..finally her husband is in line..

so many emotions choked her in throat..
happy for his call.. sad that he was not beside her..missing him..excitement to talk to him after a long time..

her reverie broke as she heard hello hello from receiver..
Maan was calling from other side ..there was no response..he was confused..did his mother kept it n went away..she was calling geet..where is she..why she hasn’t taken the phone till now..
Geet took the receiver with trembling hands..
Geets breathe stuck for a second..his voice filled her like a drop of water found in desert..
Maan just closed his eyes hearing her voice..he felt a warmth spreading inside him..
Maan never felt helpless like this..his own voice betrayed him..his mouth opened n closed..but nothing came out of it..geet was no less than him..but she waited for him to speak..
Maan finally controlled his over flowing emotions..
Maan:geet..r u there..
Maan:how r u..
Geet just want to cry..she want him n only him..without him how can she be good..
Geet bit her lips
Geet:ji..teek hoon..
Maan:aur..b..aby..maa tumhari khayal rakrahi haina..
Maan:hmm..woh..did u got the parcel..
Geet:ji..woh..nandini ki pati aayi thi..he gave us..
Maan:aur kuch..
Geet:aap kesi ho..what r u doing for food..vickyji bhi hai..
Maan:we are cooking..hum teek hai..aishu tumei poochrahi thi..she is missing u..
Geet:mei bhi sabko miss karthi hoon..
She said longingly..
Maan:apna khayal rakna..mein rakthi hoon..
Geet:ji..ek min..
Geet:wo..wheat flour is not there..must grind..and only potato n onion will be there..sabzi ghar mei nehi hai..
She told realizing he said they r cooking..
Maan:I have made all..n brought veg too when we r on way from office..n Vicky is joining coll..
He stopped saying it..
She will be hurt if he says about college..
Maan:mein phone rakthi hoon..
He abrubtly said n cut the call..
She starred at the phone..she has many more things to ask n say..
Here maan closed his can he be so dump..n tell her about college..she will be missing her college life n studies..kuch bhi ho na ho..mein uski ghunegar hoon..i cant fulfil her dreams..

Geet st:sirf yahi poochnatha am I n baby..n asked me to tc..nothing else..mujei miss nehi karrrahi hai wo.h.aur jo kehne aayatha woh bhi nehi kaha..did he think I ll get jealous knowing Vicky going to college..i know im cursed for he too think same..y cant he share his happiness with me..
She was hurt..he didn’t talk to her lovingly like seemed very formal..she kept the phone n ran to bathroom..she shed tears there..washed her face n came out like nothing happened to her..
Sd too didn’t ask anything about their talks..

After that day maan called every 3 or 4 days once..n he asked nothing than hru..r u taking ur food of herself n baby…nothing else..

She don’t know how to express herself..ek ajeebse behcheni horahi thi uski ander..
May be she ex[ected something else n not getting it she is hurt..she cried in heart ..there was no one to understand her..her mil behaved normally..or to say taking good care too..bcoz she is carrying maans child..she made nakul do healthy foods ,soups n everything n made her eat..n geet followed everything..not for her or baby..but for her husbands wish..the love he had for kids..she has to fulfil it..

Geet stepped in 3rd month..n one day she got surprised to see her mother n father together at door step..she was happy to see them..
Geet:maa papa..ayiye..andar ayiye ..betiye..mei maa ko bulathi hoon..
Geet rushed inside..
Rano:geet ..walk slow..why r u running.i told u that day too..walk slowly..hum yahi hain..
Geet nodded her head n walked inside to call her mil..

Sd came n greeted both..after pleasentaries n normal talks having snacks n coffee..rano signaled mohinder to talk..
Sd:kuch kehna hai kya..
Sd asked..
Mohinder:can we take geet with us for few days..
It was like bomb dropped over geet..her father asked bluntly..n how her mil will react..moreover geet don’t want to go..she prayed inside that her mil says no to them..
Rano:ji..woh..humari matlab hai..geet ped se hai..she is here after long time..thodi din humare saath rahe tho acha hoga..agar aap ijazat di tho..
Rano took care of her every words she said..its her daughters house n they have to behave properly..she glared at mohinder for his blunt behavior..
Sd:isme galat kya hai..woh aapka bhi beti hai..n I know u all want to spend time with her..kuch din ki baath hi tho hai..she is also getting bored here..she will feel good too staying with u all
Kaash sd knows geet is happier here than her mayka..

Geet stood there fidgeting the pallu..
How can she leave without telling her maanji..even if its for a few seconds they talk..that was enough for her..
Rano asked sd:who..damadji se be poochliye..
Sd:he wil be in office..waise he wont say anything..i ll inform him..geet bahu..why r u standing here..go..go n pack ur stuffs for few days..u ll get a change too…
Sd was thinking only like normal people..there was nothing for her to deny to send geet to her house..they r her parents afterall..n geet may feel free in her house than only she accepted..

Sd”tc of her..she doesn’t speak to anyone nor say what she wants..aap poochiye use.. woh aapse zarroor bathayegi..
Rano:ji zaroor..
Geet packed her stuff half heartedly..n came to hall.
By the time nakul too made lunch..all sat n had their lunch together..
Rano:ab humei chalna chahiye..before it turns night..
Sd turned to geet ..
Sd:u r ready..
Geet:ji maa..
Sd:tc bahu..take healthy food at time..ok..n if maan calls I ll say him..ok..aap jaayiye aur kush rahiye..
Geet nodded her head.

she bid bye to her mil..she turned once more moving out..her eyes looked at ph..she want to hear his voice atleast once before leaving..she took slow steps n reached the door step..she doesn’t want to go..but she has too..her family has came here to take her with them..n her mil too has accepted it..always the elders decided for her..n now too she is going to her mayka..when they requested her mil to take her for some days..she want to say..i want to be here with my I can atleast talk to my maanji..wahaan phone bhi nehi..n there wont be any source to talk to him..who will say this infront of all..her heart cried..but as usual she hided everything..n went with them leaving her heart behind..
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Humrahi -Part 53

Part 53

Maan kept himself busy in works to keep his wandering thoughts..he may have accepted this marriage fully knowing about geets age n the growing up heir inside her..but still he cant come out of his remorse..kaash..if he was little careful before..he would not be facing this situation..atleast he would have given geet a better life..n would have avoided geets it was too late..

he came home was past 11 PM..mostly all have slept..even in his apartment he saw all houses dark saying all have slept.including his.he opened the house with his keys..n entered…it was dark..he sighed n switched on the lights..he missed geet who would have been waiting in hall for him..he starred at the couch n moved to his he is going to spend few days without her..every nook n corner of his room only reminded his passion with her..he took his change of dress n went to fresh up..there too he couldn’t be peaceful.he has not let any place to love her..has he taken her for granted too much..was he really a good husband…he want to scream loud n let his pain out..his heart was feeling heavy..thinking how she will be…he couldn’t even talk to her..did she ate her food or not..will she too be missing him like he do..he punched the wall.he is helpless..n the situation is also not in favour to him…he changed n came out drying his hair..checked his mobile for any call..seeing there was none he sighed..

Vicky was standing at his room etrance..
Maan:why r u standing there..come in..u didn’t sleep..
Vicky:its urs n cbs w8ing for u to come out..n I didn’t sleep..bcoz I am waiting for ur return..
Maan:vicky,its our house..cb is not here.. its my room need to take my permission to enter my room..n y u r waiting for me..anything u want money or anything for college..

Vicky looked at his brother..he can feel his pain..but still he is a dotted brother.who takes care of his single need like a this situation too he cares for him suppressing his sadness also.
Vicky:no..if I need I ll ask..did u have ur dinner..
Vicky:don’t lie maan..i know u would have missed it..come soon ..let s have dinner
Vicky:don’t worry..i didn’t cook..i brought from hotel..
Maan:its too late Vicky..still u didn’t eat..
Vicky:same que I can ask u too..
Maan:I was held up..
He smiled sarcastically..i know ur works..dont give me hungry..come soon..he dragged maan n opened the packages he brought..both ate silently..but Vicky has to break maans silence..he thought something n said..
Vicky:cb is a good cook..i have got used to eat home from tomorrow don’t forget to cook..ok..
He ordered maan n ate cool ly
Maan:what will u do then..
Vicky:i will eat na..
Maan smiled hearing it..
Maan:kaam chor.u want home food .i ll cook..but be with me in kitchen n help me..
Vicky:hmm if I get up soon I ll help..n that too according to my mood..
Maan:kya hua tumhare mood ka..
Vicky:aishu came insearch of cb..n she told she will not come to play with me nor chat till cb heart broken u know..first she ignored to be my friend..made me her bro tying rakhi..n now avoiding me..
He said too dramatically..that maan couldn’t stop but smile..
Vicky patted himself mentally..finally his efforts was fruitful..he made maan smile..
Vicky:maan..muje kuch doubts hai..can u help me..
Vicky:ya..come to my room..ok.
He cleared the place n went to his room..
Maan nodded his Vicky bhi na..keeps on ordering he is elder

He went to his room took his mobile n switched off the lights n came to vickys room..
Maan:whats ur doubt Vicky..
Vicky:see this files..ur company files expenses..i found it too much..have a check..
While maan took it n sat on bed checking everything.. going to sleep..u check it n sleep ok..
Maan was baffled..he can see Vicky is bossing too much..soon he found Vicky sleeping..his legs over maan n hands too holding maans..maan tried to free but Vicky got disturbed..maan sighed n looked at the files..there wasonly few things..that too vicky has highlighted for his barely took 15 minutes for him..yeh vicky bhi na..i thought something serious..maan kept the file aside n switched off the table lamp n slept beside him..
Vicky opened his eyes n saw maan sleeping..
Vicky:sry maan..i don’t want u to feel alone in ur own room..till cb comes I ll do something n make u comfortable..he too hugged maan n slept..

Morning was beautiful..maan woke up early n saw Vicky sleeping hugging him..he caressed his head n slowly kept his legs n hands aside..he made black coffee for himself..checked the veg n made dough for roti n sabji..he can see geets presence there too..his heart bleeded when he thought how he romanced with her in kitchen n how both cooked together..he felt heavy so,he went to gym n started to pour his anger on the sand bag..his every punch was hard,that the sand would have come out..

Surya who came saw this n stopped maan who was fully soaked in sweat..his red blood eyes n his clenched muscles..told surya everything that something is wrong..

Surya:with whom u r angry..u r taking it on this poor bag..leave it yaar..after ur turn I too have too work out with that only..
He said with smile to enlighten maan.
Surya:don’t be..u can count me as ur friend or brother n share ur feelings..sometimes I can also be helpful..
He said genuinely..
Surya:waise where is ur wife..aishu was asking her..sometimes I feel like my ears are bleeding hearing aishu say..geet di woh karthi hai..geet di ye karthi hai..she played with me this n that..uff..aishu is totally smitten by her..n misses her a lot..but I must say..ur wife doesn’t look what she is. like a matured married girl…she is totally innocent by only she could handle a naughty girl like my aishu..
Maans face turned pale with his every words..
Surya too noticed it.. sry..did I told u anything wrong..
Maan:murmured..bachi bachiki tarahi behave karegina..
Surya heard it..
Surya:what u mean by it..i cant understand..bachi..kaun bachi..
Maan has blutterred he cant avoid it..till now surya n his family has been good with geet n taking care of her..if geet was lively till now its becoz of aishu..
Maan then told everything to he came to know about geet n now she is pregnant n bcoz of her health he has to leave her in his house n come here alone..
Surya heard everything patiently..n he too was lost somewhere..
Surya:im elder than u I just want to say accept this life as it is..if u let this moment go u wont get it experienced than u..meinei bhi..
He stopped..n thought not to tell anything n make maan’s view on him to turn in bad tables..
Surya:meine bhi bohut kuch khoya hai..but I couldn’t fight for it nor get it back..bcoz it was too late..u don’t do the same ur grieve u will miss everything..u r married to her n u cant avoid ur baby..its time to take care..not mourn on what happened in past..yeh bhi acha hai..first trimester mein avoiding travels is good for baby..n that too from north to will be long..n anything can u have taken good decision in leaving her there..ur mom is there to guide her..its her first she needs someone to say what to do n not..u know when kundu malli..opps wife was pregnant none was there to guide us..i don’t have any women in my side n she had only an elder sister..who lived in tn when we were in was really hard time..her sister then sent an old relative to our place..bohut saari cheese hothi take care of a pregnant lady..her diet..n what to have n what not to have like papaya pine apple..if they r allergic ..n more over their mood swings..after taking so much care too jo had complications in pregnancy..she delivered aishu..both were safe..but dr.told us jo wont be able to conceive its better to have someone experienced beside us..n after geet comes here too u ask ur mother or her mother to come n stay with her..
Maan sighed..n was one side happy to know he did good by leaving geet..that was one thing confusing him..did he do right or wrong by leaving her there..

Maan smiled at him:thank you..n will think about it..
Surya:its getting late..i must work out..n haan I want a big treat..u r going to be a father..i will say aishu n jo too..they will be happy..
Both started to work out..n surya talked on random topics making maan feel good..

Maan returned back n woke up Vicky who was still sleeping
Maan:Vicky wake up..n get ready..
Vicky pulled the spread over him n again slept murmering
Aaj nehi jaana office..please..maan im tired..
Maan nodded his head seeing him behave childish..

He went to fresh up..n made the bf..he packed some for lunch n came to Vicky.
Maan:Vicky,im leaving..i have kept ur bf in kitchen..khaa lena..n if u ever think of coming to office then come..
vicky peaked from his spread n said:so sweet of u maan..i ll have my bf..but not coming..i have many works..missed so much..
Vicky:I want to see so manty films..
Maan:Vicky,be serious..
Vicky:I m maan..
He sat on bed saying
Vicky:dekho..from next week college is going to start..after that I wont have time for these let me enjoy this week..please..please..please maan..please bro..
N that worked..
Maan smiled:jese tumhare marsi..
He went to office..
Vicky sat in his bed..if I come u will make me work n u will be thinking about cb..isislye mujei joot bolna sry bro..
He took his phone n called his maa..but it again said its not working..
Vicky sighed..damn this village phones..when we are in need it wont work..maan too will be irritated na..he couldn’t talk to his wife..chalo Vicky..aaj bhai ki haath ke khane ka khusboo tumei keecharahi hai..then try again to talk to ur maa n cb..

Maan has called several times from is not working still…he couldn’t call often his neighbours too..he called adi n got to know he saw someone of his town in train who knows maan n his family..n he has given his gift to them to give to geet..
Adi:did u called me for that.. ask about office..
Both talked on office stuffs n maan cut his call..he called adi to know if he was going to his place directly..if so he will know how geet n his maa is..
He sighed n tried to concentrate on the project work…

The days passed so hard for him..he saw surya in gym regularly..aishu n jo congratulated him..n was happy..they sometimes gave him some gravies they made..maandenied but aishu forcefully made Vicky n maan to have it..woh tho bohut zidhi hai..he hardly came across with manish n bharti..they woke up late..n maan left before they woke up..

It was one day he came to his apartment to take his forgotten file..he dashed with something..
Maan:oh no..not again..
He tried to lift her up.but she was still holding him..her eyes blinking at him..
Bharti:haye..handsome..mei aapko bohut miss ki..
Bharti:mam kahona..handsome..
Maan was like kahaan phas gayi mein..
Bhartis son came there n slapped his forehead..aishu too joined him.. aunty bharti..she will leave you..
Aishu came for his help..
Maan:bharti ji..pls..
She stood on her feet n covered her face with her palm..
Bharti:aapne mujei bharti kaha..hayee..handsome..i love u..
She opened her palm n looked inbetween all blushing..maan rolled his eyes..
Bharti:mei aapse guzza hoon handsome..aapne khushi ki bhat humei..aaapki bharti ko nehi batayi..
Maan looked at the kids ..
Aishu:aunty..aap pehle mile kab jiju se..u always sleep..poor uncle he too sleeps bcoz u trap him with ur over weight..uski haddi tootgayi..
Bharti:oye aishu..tum tum..tumne mujei..
Bhallu:di nei aapko moti bolrahi hai mummy..sahi tho hai..
Aishu signaled maan n he slowly sneaked away from that place..
He sighed..uff bajgayi..
He can hear bharti cribbing:arei donone meri handsome ko bagadiya..itni dino baad meine unse mili..haye..kya body hai..kya structure hai..even surya too..both are handsome..

Ballu poked her shoulders..
Bharti:kya re..
Ballu:aap papa ko bulao aur unke sath romance karo..spare the uncles
Ballu:ball nehi mummy..balvinder..
Bharti:tum tho meri ball ho..tum tho cute ho..motu ho..
Ballu:not like u..
Mei jaarahi hoon di ki ghar..
Bharti:what I will do then..aap sabne meri handsome ko mujse teekse baath karne bhi nehi di..
She went cribbing to herself

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Humrahi -Part 52

note:pls dont share my any works outside..if i see any such things i ll totally delete my blog..n wont continue my ffs too..this is meant for maneetians n India forums only


Part 52..


Maan pressed the calling bell of his friends house..

Hiten came and opened the door..

Hiten:hi maan.kesi ho.we were missing you..n see u r here..come in ..

He closed the door n entered..

When maan entered the living room his eyes widened to see some more friends of his ..


He was not as enthusiastic like he used to be to c his friends..though he said was just like a formality to greet them

Prem:arei maan..

Prem hugged him n he hugged back..n all joined them..

Prem:come join us..we were talking about our old days only…how we usually spend our week ends like this..after a long time we all are here..only adi is missing..

Maan:he is in Chennai.

Prem:we know come u r here..when u came..u didn’t inform us..

Maan took the seat n sensed he sat on something..same time he heard some one moaning. A girls voice…he looked at his friends who pointed the tv screen winking at him…they had kept at mute n maan sat on remote removing it..

He looked at screen..they were watching a foreign p*** movie..where a girl who might be of under age having s** with her co class mate..there school uniforms scattered around..n the sight just greened up his wound..his thoughts went to his wife ..who has just completed her schooling few months back..he was frustrated already n this was like adding ghee to it..

He threw the remote on floor angrily..n shouted..

Maan:just shut the crap now..

He is not a man to lose cool easily..they knew it…seeing maan so indifferent they switched off the tv n came to maan..they sensed something is wrong..

Hiten:what happened maan..its not the first time we are watching such movies..we all used to sit n watch why u r getting angry..

Maan rubbed his face with his palm..

They are r8..he is over reacting..taking his frustration on the early ages they all were excited to know what is s** n how they do..n they all watched..but its long time..n now..seeing the small girl in it..he can only remember geet..n him..n their cozy moments..

Prem:speak up maan..

Maan was quiet..there were some more friends too who are not much closer as hiten n he avoided to speak before them..

Hiten:go to guest room..i ll come there..

He turned to others..:u all enjoy boys..we will come n join u soon…


Prem n hiten went to guest room while others started the tv to enjoy

..maan was looking at the wall blank..

Prem:y r u angry maan..kuch hua hai kya..

Prem:we r friends maan..n u can open up to us..

Hiten:have a urself..if u want to share then say..

He gave him.the drink…

Maan took  it n drank it in one go.. .

They were looking at him..

maan:geet is pregnant..

he said looking at the floor..

they all squeeled in happiness..

hiten:omg maan..its a happy news..u r going to be a father..

prem:wait hiten..maan..r u not happy becoming father..

hiten:prem..u know na how much he loves kids..

prem:then y he is upset..

hiten:bolo maan..whats the there any complications in pregnancy..

maan took another drink..

maan:my life has become a big complication..i love kids n I want 1 for myself..i have dreamed of it..

hiten:we know it.. u must be happy..

maan smiled sadly..

maan:but not at the cost of making a kid carry another kid..woh bachi hai..hiten..n I have used her ..oh god..dont know how I will face myself in mirror..

maan finally break down infront of his friends..

hiten n prem sat on either side .

prem:maan..what r u saying..kid..matlab..

hiten:say it clearly maan..u are confusing us..

maan:she is forced to marry me hiten..she has completed her schooling now only..ek bachi hai woh.she doesn’t know  what the marriage life is.. .n i..i..chi..shame on myself..i used her to satisfy my needs..n now she is pregnant..ek bachi maa banne wali hai…n I couldn’t do anything..

maan was pouring his heart out ..

both let maan talk..before they could tell him anything they must know about his they listened they could console their friend who is breaking down before them..he is the man who used to be clear in his views n suggests them ideas..n will solve their problems too..but now…he needs someone to console him..n only a friend can do that..

maan:she is only 18.yaar..n what I have done to her…married her n made her pregnant..

maan who has controlled till now broke before them..his eyes turned mist in presence of his best friends..

prem n hiten were shocked knowing geet is 18..its normal in villages to get married..but never they expected maan to be one amongst them..silence covered the room..none spoke bcoz of the shock..

hiten was the one to recover from shock first..he thought for some time ..he has to save not only his friend but his whole life too..his wife n baby..

hiten:tell me one thing u know she is 18 before marriage..


hiten:would you have married if u have known her age.


Hiten:if not you they would have married her to another man..isnt it..

prem:yes hiten..n if maan denied too the girls family will be questioned y they denied for marriage..

maan was lost in thoughts..its true..if he has not married geet..she would have been forced to marry some one else..

hiten:do you regret marrying her or is it only bcoz of her age..

prem:maan..kuch tho bolo..r u thinking about leaving her..i mean divorce…

maan was shocked n can he even think like that..n that too back to her family..where she gets nothing than only taunts..

maan:are you can I leave her..she is my wife..

prem n hiten smiled seeing the possessiveness in his shows his love..finally they got what they want maan to know

hiten:u love her so much..but u r in guilt..

maan nodded yes..

maan:she is too small for marriage ..

hiten:shhh..i can understand what u want to say..

hiten::maan..can u change everything now..can u give her virginity she is carrying your baby..once the baby is born will u stop loving it..

maan:n..o..its my baby too..

hiten:I think now u got your answers.she has become a part of your life..u cant live without her..she is your love..n  ur baby is on way..dont let your guilt  overcome your love.. .past is past..think about present n future..sleep for sometime..u ll get peace..

hiten n prem went leaving maan alone..

maan leaned on the bed n thought about his friends words..

she is his wife..he wont let her go back to her house at any circumstances..she is a part of him..his life his love…carrying a part of him..he will never stop loving her or the baby..if anyone is in his life..that will be only his geet..

her face came in mind..her shy smile..n her eyes which spoke much more than her mouth..she is mine..he slept thinking about her..



geet was desperately waiting  talk to him..luck was not in her favour..the phone went out of order..still she looks at the dead phone to get  alive..maan tried a few more times after that n finally he too  gave up n went to his friends place..after having the drinks the alcohol effected him n he went to deep slumber without knowing his wife is waiting for his one call..


the next day..maan woke up with heavy head..he is not a regular drinker..but he is used to do while partying n with friends sometime..yesterday he took it to calm his nerves..hiten came with lemonade..n maan drank it..

hiten:sleep for a little more time..u will be better..

maan:but I have to go..

hiten:I ll drop you. But,After an hour..till that take rest..nothing will happen in one hr..sleep..ur hangover will get rid in time being..

hiten forced maan n he slept again..


after an hr hiten came n woke him up..maan felt fresh..

hiten:how r u feeling now..

maan:good..thank u..

hiten:thanks..between friends..hmm..then how many thanks is bending for me to say for u..

maan:sry yaar..

hiten:now sry..hmm

maan:ok yaar I give up..

he smiled..

hiten:that’s like my friend..he hugged maan n he reciprocated..

maan:where are others..sry..i spoiled your night..

hiten:they all left earlier.

man:sry I spoiled ur n8..n thanks for being with me..i feel light now..

hiten:don’t be..sry n  thanks..again…say one more time I ll punch you in ur mouth..n for being with u…u have been always for us maan..n  we r friends..friends r meant to be supportive in hard time only..not only for partying drinking n watching those..n enjoying life..


hiten:r u going to say thanks again..before I punch u go n fresh up..i too have office yaar..haan..vicky called..i took ur phone n answered him..

maan:he must be worried..

hiten:no..i told him u r fine n sleeping dont worry..

maan freshed up n hiten dropped maan in kc..

Vicky has already left to his college to collect the papers n certificates needed..


As he entered the office..maan too got busy..inbetween once he called home n the phone came dead..he sighed n concentrated on his work..the day passed soon..the work kept his thoughts away from home..he couldn’t talk to her too..vicky noticed maans aloofness n fighting within himself..he tried to chatter like always but it was of no use..their work was done n both left to they couldn’t contact home,maan called  a relatives number n asked them to convey his mother that they both left to Chennai..


Maan was feeling heavy parting geet..n geet was also no less than him..or should say more than him she is the one who is just a living creature .. her  heart has broken million times silently..she was present there physically.but her heart was with maan n thoughts filled with him only,,.dev nt n ansh too left after the function is looked after geets diet..though geet helped in works with nakul ,sd made sure geet has healthy foods..n have it on time..n she used to say what to have n what not..n the reasons for taking food..geet used to hum silently..she gave half ears to her..n half was always wondering with maans thoughts..geet has turned mute..whenever nakul came with fruits n fruit salads her eyes turned maan use to tease her using the fruits name..her eyes,lips..everything..her every inch of body craved for his touch..she missed his presence..sleep was not peaceful for her..she is used to sleep in his arms..the warmth that gave her a protective feel..

She touched her belly..her baby..her maans baby..she couldn’t feel anything..she hasn’t shown up..nor the baby is grown to move inside n make her feel its presence..her only wish is to give her husband his happiness..n that’s baby..she has no idea of babies,,n still she has not known the motherly feeling..its only her husband ,his care n his love.. she knew he loves their baby..n she wants it for him..but she want to be with him..she got to know from the relaive maan n vicky left to delhi..she waited  for his one call..but she didnt get any..he left without talking to her.. it seems like her fate has written loneliness again in her life..n she started to drown  herself in it..



Maan  n vicky reached Chennai early morning..

Vicky straightly went to his room to take rest..adi was still asleep..

Maan entered his bed room..geets aroma was filled in air..he missed her a lot..he checked his mobile to know if there is any call from was none..he sighed..

He too changed n tried to sleep for few hours..sleep was faraway from him..her yearning look when he left her..he doesn’t want to leave her..but its matter of her health n baby..he doesn’t want to take risk..he has to leave her there..n they don’t know about the initial stage of pregnancy cares..geet needs someone to take care of her n tell her do’s n don’t’s..its for her good..thinking about her he slept for few hours..


Vicky came n woke him up in morning..

He looked at the was already nearing 9 AM..

Maan:omg..i slept for long time…

Vicky:no problem maan..adi  bhai went to office..i brought BF from nearby get up fresh up n have ur bf..i’m leaving to college..i must submit the papers to join here..

Maan:no..u wait..i ll take you with me..then I ll go to office..

Saying to vicky he walked to washroom..

Vicky nodded his head at his extra care bro..

Vicky went to make black coffee for him..maan smiled taking it from him n went to bath..soon both went to college..maan dropped Vicky n went to office..he was still checking his phone expecting a call from his home..he tried to call it again came out of order..he sighed n went to his cabin..adi congratulated him n started to give him the reports of current work progress… knowing everything from Vicky he didn’t talk much about it..maan soon was engrossed in work..

Maan:when r u leaving  to delhi adi..


Maan:ok..have u booked ur tickets..


Maan:ok..u go n do ur packing n take rest..i ll handle it now..adi left bidding bye to him..


Maan got busy in his works..n it kept him away from geets thoughts..vicky called him n told he came back home after finishing his works..n had his lunch too n asked maan to have his lunch too..

After completing his works he left to home..he purchased some dry fruits,chocolates n snacks n came home..he gave it to adi n asked him to give it to geet..dry fruits are healthy..n chocos are her favourites..

Adi :maan..she is ur wife..n its your happy that u are accepting it .please come out of your guilt soon…whatever u did in village..please don’t repeat it..she needs care n love only at this time..

Maan nodded  as his all friends are saying the same for his own good

..adi left to delhi leaving maan n Vicky ..






Humrahi -Part 51

note:pls dont share my any works outside..if i see any such things i ll totally delete my blog..n wont continue my ffs too..this is meant for maneetians n India forums only


Part 51

Dev:maan..we informed ur sasural..


He was too shocked to react..

Dev:about the good news ..they too have the right to maa asked me to call n she talked to them..they are coming  ..

Maan st:I thought to give geet some more time..n decide when we reach chennai…but now..if her parents come here..we cant do anything..again it will be a force on geet..without her will she will become nothing is in my hand..

He sighed..

Dev:maan whats bothering u..

Maan:I didn’t think about them


Maan:sry..meri matlab..i forgot to inform them..

Sd who came there told:I know…so only we are here..when u forgot things we have to remind u..we informed arohi too..she is very happy for u..


Geet came up in hurry..scared like a deer caught in lions den..sleeping in sasural for long mil will accept it..n how will she face them..

Geet:wo sry..mei..kese..

Sd:its ok haal mei yeh sab hothi hai..jaa..jaakar fresh hokar aaja..ur family too is coming..

 Ji..Geet smiled nervously n went to fresh up..

Sd has already shifted maneets belongings to her it was  easy for geet ..


After Bf all were having chit chat..maan was busy in his phone ansh was with geet making her feel lighter with his non stop que about baby..vicky too was chatting with his  n nt has gone to get some house hold things needed for Sd n guests..


Geets family arrived..

Her dadaji..mama papa.. n tej..

All welcomed them..

Maan doesn’t know how to face them..he was angry on them for getting geet marry at this age..he want to show his anger..but he couldn’t..

Sd n them greeted formally n sat together..they shared the happiness of geets pregnancy..

Geet took blessings from all n stood aside..she was shy to look at them..

Tej to geet:my gudia is carrying a baby..i cant believe going to become maamu soon..

Geets mother..u didn’t say to us when u came yesterday too..

Ranos voice holded complain..

Sd:usko khud nehi patha..till she fainted..

Sd hided the part of the happenings that stressed geet..

Rano:fainted.time se khaya piya karo…khud ko khayal nehi raksakthi ab baby ko kese samhalogi..

Maan:u must have thought about it before getting her married..

It was straight taunt to rano n glared maan to shut his mouth..

Darji:beta..uska wo matlab nehi tha..geet.. can handle all things wisely..umar mei choti hai..but she is matured..

Maan:hmm..yes ..i know..more matured than her age.. dev where is he..

She shoved maan away from the place..geet saw his hidden anger n knew the reason too.maan went from there ..he too needed to control his much angry he may be they are elders n he doesn’t want to disrespect them ..that too when they are invited guests,,his in laws…he sighed n called dev to come soon..


Sd n others talked on maneet n random things while geet went to kitchen to help nakul..tej  want to excused himself n go to geet..but he too was held amongst elders..

Rano came to geet..

Rano:geet..meri baath ka bura math maann..i told it bcoz how can u forget ur many times I have told u to keep in memory..if u have noticed u would have know this news before itself..


Rano:from now on keep everything in memory..

Geet:ji maa..

Is her mother happy with her pregnancy or not..did she came to her only to taunt..geet shrugged of her thoughts..its her mothers hidden care..she has started to knew it now when she has become  a house wife..

Rano:sambandji bura manegi..i ll join them..tu aaja..



Dev n nt too forced geets family to have lunch with them..n they accepted it..nt joined geet n nakul to help..

Maan joined them again for respect..he sat next to dev..

Geets nanaji: we spent only little time with after hearing the arrival of great grand child I want to spend more time.. when r u going back beta..

Maan:hmm…i have work in will leave tonight..our tickets are booked after 2 days..

Nanaji was disappointed..

Rano:when will u come back again..

Maan:no idea about that..

He cut them sharply making all disappointed..

Sd:maan..i have some thing to say too..geet will not come with you..

Geet who came out with juice was shocked..she stood still..why cant she go with her husband..why they are parting from him..she felt chocked staying away from him..

Sd continued..

Sd:daima told geet is week..n in this situation who is there in Chennai to look after her..n even travelling long distance at start of pregnancy is not I have thought let geet stay with her parents for some days..n then she can come here n stay with us..then u come n take her with u..

Rano was pleased..

Rano:u told me what I thought..kaun hai wahaan iska khayal rakne keliye..yahaan tho sab hain..

Tejs face too brightened..

Geet was cleared by now with their talks..she took baby steps n gave them juice..but she looked at maan..expecting him 2 say no..she want to be only with him..she doesn’t want anyone else..not her maa papa tej not even her nanaji..

Nanaji: thank you so much savitriji..i am very happy ..i ll get to spend some more time with my geet ..

Maan was in great side he doesn’t want to leave geet here..when he know she wont be happy in her mayka..other side he trusted his mother who can take care of geet..n as she said long travel can harm geets health he doesn’t want to take her with him..

Ansh:jolly..then I will also spend time with chachi..i wont get bored..

Maan knew she is happy with kids..n when ansh is here..she will be happy too..n nakul kaka bhi hai..its matter of few days..n for geets wish.on keeping or aborting baby…now it doesn’t matter too..the elders wont allow it..deep his heart too wanted the baby safe..

Tej:jiju..aap chup kyun ho..

Maan let a deep breathe.. you elders wish..

Geets heart sank with his decision..he told he wont force anything on her n will ask her baar kyun nehi poocha..she want her husband. to be with her..


All had lunch..n sd made special sweets sharing the happiness..

Before leaving Rano took geet alone n gave her a long lecture of do’s n don’t’s..what to eat n what not..

She nodded her head for everything

Rano:nod ur head now before me..but forget if  I am away from ur sight..what to do with you..omg..kya karun is larki ka..

Rano:..tumei ab lejana teek nehi hoga..damad bhi hai..thodi din yahaan raho..then, I ll come with  tej by next week to pick u from here..dont run here n there..walk slowly..n have more food u r 2..n u must eat for baby too..

Geet nodded again..

Rano:muh kholkar tho batha sakthi ho na..

Geet:ji maa..



After lunch

Maan  packed his bag..geet was looking at him..she doesn’t get time to talk from morning..n now he is leaving..he told he will leave by night..but he is leaving now..

Sd:maan u told u r leaving at n8..then y u r leaving now..

She questioned him like reading geets mind..

Maan:first I thought I ll spend time with u for today too..n she will come along  with when she is here I will be back again I thought I ll go n catch up with my works in delhi..adi is not there whats the use of staying here..

Vicky:I am also ready maan..

Sd:u too..

Sd:haan maa..i have to collect some more papers from college..n then to college is starting..

Sd became little emotional..sirf do din aayi ho sab..maa ke saath rehne ..u all r grown up..n u don’t want to spend time with this old women..

Maan came n held her shoulders..n made her sit..he took her hands in his ..

Maan:maa..pls..dont cry..u ll get sick..

Vicky:we r not leaving u alone..cb bhai hai ansh hai..n

Maan:Vicky chup..

He turned to sd: so only im saying maa..come with us..n stay with us..whats the problem in it..

Vicky:maan u don’t know..if maa comes with us.. this place crow, dog ,cat , cow,bull every thing will miss her..

Vicky tried to ease his mom by teasing her..

Maan shouted at Vicky:this is not time to joke Vicky..


Sd:I ll come.but not now..bohut sari kaam hai ab..

Maan:may I know what is that more than us..

Sd:its regarding u all only..

Bahu hai abi..after that I m thinking it will be time for arohis labor ..n we have to be with her..then simi k pothi  ki shadhi..then shyamalas beta ki shadhi hai..then..geet ki godbharai ..uski thayari..then…

Maan:aap ka kaam ka list bada will never end…u have to be with us maa..y u r living alone..

He questioned her in concern

Sd:im now fine..n where I will go other than childrens..waqt aanei par zaroor aaungi..

Maan sighed..

Maan:ok.then.take care maa..hum chalthei hein..

He took her blessings..

N Vicky:haan maan ki mama..take care of u n cb n my bros baby too..ok..dont work when we r not here..

Sd slapped his head playfully

Sd:chal badmash..bohut tease karnelaga hai tum..its all bco of u maan..u r pampering him..

Vicky:ma..he will pamper me till his baby arrives..then who will pamper me..i ll come to u only..

Dev:hal Vicky..maan..its getting late..

Sd:reaching delhi call us..

Man:ok maa.

Maan n Vicky bid bye to all..

Geet looked at him yearningly..maan was avoiding her till now..when he kept his luggage inside the car he saw geet looking at him..her eyes craving for him.his one look..she was fidgeting her pallu..all were there n she couldn’t talk before them..what will she can she ask him to come soon n take her with him..what will others think..

Sd:maan..geet se baath bye to her too..

Maan: hmm..

He was aware all are there..n will notice them..he came near her..both looked into each others eyes..

Maan:take care geet..

Geet nodded her head..words came till her throat..emotions chocked her n she could utter nothing..she couldn’t voice out she needs a comforting hug from him..that she will cherish till he come n take her back..

Maan:n our baby too..

He finally said.acccepting the baby’s arrival..




Maan n Vicky left to delhi…


Sd asked all to take rest..n all went to take a nap..ansh too went with his mom n too slept bcoz of exhaustion..

In all these no one noticed the silent cry of a heart..she doesn’t know how to express herself..she felt lonely..left alone in midst of strangers..


She was present there physically..answered all in monosylabus..but her mind was filled with her husbands thoughts..he has taken such a place in this short time of span that she couldn’t think anything other than him..she even avoided ansh saying she feels tired n nt asked ansh not to disturb chachi till she comes n play with him..


All had the dinner n went to sleep..

Dev n sd were talking on forced geet too to go to sleep on time..


once they reached maan called from delhi n talked to sd n was  night 10 .. geet was sleeping n couldn’t talk…n maan was too restless..his heart was he doing r8 or wrong..he questioned himself…he asked Vicky to go to kc n he left to meet his friends..someone who can help him ..n with whom he can share his thoughts. N clear himselves..but when he reached his friends house the sight inside made him freak out..WinkEmbarrassed

he chided himself mentally ..he must have expected this when they said all are in hitens house..mens alone..means devils together. nightout…Embarrassed


Humrahi -Part 50

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Part 50




Dinner time


Usually mens have breakfast first n then ladies..its an unwritten rule in villages..only elders n childrens are spared..but today geet felt different..she was asked to sit with Vicky maan.ansh .even savitri was with them as she is elder..nt n nakul was serving..she was hesitant..

Sd:sit geet..

She nervously fidgeted her pallu..woh mein..naina di ke saath..

Naina:no geet..during pregnancy having food at time is most important..i ll have ..u sit..

Geet looked nt like she came from unknown world..

Its real ..even though naina has her own cribbings she cared for the baby..n her mother  geet as she too has crossed that phase

Geet:but di..aap akele khayenge .. tho..mein aapke saath khalungi..

Sd:nakul.haina..he will serve..u both sit n have..naina geet is r8..u don’t want to eat alone.. have dinner with us.

Nt was more happy..

Nt:ji maa..geet beto ab..she pulled geet n sat next to ansh n made geet sit next to her..the dinner was special..with sweets n special dishes..all were having the dinner peacefully..only maan couldn’t cherish it..the sweet didn’t taste for was making sure geet has a lot of food..n advising her ..nt too was saying same..

Sd:maan ..u r playing with food..khao..

Maan:wo..hmm shouldnot be wasted many people suffer without a piece of , He completed the food in his plate n went away..

All can see a different maan today..

Ansh:papa,kya hua chachu ko..

Vicky:kuch nehi..we all say na maan is so he is acting like he can also behave like a stubborn kid.. what should I do to make him normal…

Vicky:tum nehi..we will do..first complete ur dinner..then we will think about handling ur chachu..

Vicky noticed geets face ..From the time she came there for dinner she was looking at maan..but he didn’t look at anyone..he was lost in his own thoughts..

After dinner like usual days geet start to clean up things ..

Sd:geet,go n take rest now..u will be tired ..nakul will do this..

Nt:haan geet..u have travelled a lot u need rest too..

They didn’t let her do work..

Maan was only physically present there..

Geet:ji maa..she glanced at maan n went to stairs.. haal mein u must not climb sleep in my room..


She moved to sd s room..she is not sleepy..her heart is not at peace with the way maan ignoring her..she touched her will I say him I want this baby too..

He will ask me again tomorrow..then I ll say him again..mujei ye bacha chahiye..

Sd came there..u sleep here geet..i ll send maan.woh bhi aaj yahi soyegi..i feel very sweaty I ll sleep in hall..

Geets face lighted up..maan will be with her..

Maan didn’t make fuss against his mothers words..he has already done a big hungama by making geet stand amidst all..n he don’t want any que to be turned on her with his behavior..he knew the reason why his mother wants him to be with geet..the mist must be cleared..but he is not ready..he needs some more time..he went to his room to change his dress n saw the previous days pack..some gift pack paper peaking thru side ways..he took it..does it belong to the marriage couples..n it came with them by mistake..but his eyes widened my sweet sister geet..from tej..

Geets bday gift from her brother..she has kept in bag n didn’t open it too..

..her first bday after marriage n he didn’t know it..if it was other girls they would have demanded gifts from their hubby..but here she hided it..n me..i thought I know her well..but still at the starting point of marriage who doesn’t know about his wife..not even a single thing..her DOB..her age..her studies..y she is shy..y she is forced in marriage..nothing…he changed his dress n took a cotton sari for geet too. For her .and tejs gift too..

He entered his mothers room n closed the door..


She sighed in relief seeing him..

Maan:you have not opened this..

He gave the gift to her..

Geet:u got me gift..

Her face beemed in joy ..

He felt like someone slapped him.she thought he went to buy gift for her n he is not angry..

.her excitement vanished seeing her bros name..

Geet:tej ne di..kab..

Maan:u don’t was in our bag.

Geet:nehi..he must have thought to surprise me..

She unwrapped it hurrily..n maan can see the childish excitement in her..

He looked at her painfully..he has failed as husband terribly..she expected gift from him..he disappointed her..he didn’t wish her too on her bday..n now to wish her he felt his tongue tied.. more..

Maan looked at geet..what made her squeal..

She had a big dairy milk chocolate in her hand..

Seeing him…she lowered her eyes..sry..woh..mei..choc..yeh mereliye nehi…ansh keliye..she kept aside on table..

Maan without uttering a word kept the changing sari  before her n slept on one side showing his back..she hided her happiness of having chocolate before him too..2 months of marriage..n they are still not opened up..she still didn’t understand him nor he understands her..

Geet changed quickly n took the other side looking at his back..she waited for him to turn up..hold her..kiss her..make love to her..then she remembered he is still angry..n she must answer him to clear his doubts.

Geet: maanji.. wo


Geet:wo mein..


Geet:yeh kehna chahtha this baby..

He turned to her side..his eyes had so much emotions..happy sad..questions..

Maan:I told u to take ur time n say tomorrow..

Geet:kal …kal..bhi.mein..yahi kahungi..

Maan:don’t think of anything…no one is forcing u now..think only about u n ur happiness..n make sure what u want n  then say it

He turned facing the much he want 2 kiss her madly for keeping the child..

Geet:I ..m sure about this..




She sounded like a child..

maans st:why I see her childishness now..y I didn’t think deeply about it b4..

Geet:aap sunrahi ho na.. sleep..

He turned again showing his back..

Geet frowned..yeh kya answer hain..nor jao..chado mei bhi so jathi hoon..

She turned n tried to sleep..but how could he..she waited n waited for maan to come near her n hold her..but no..she tossed on her place..she turned n saw maan slept..she silently moved to him n kept her head on his arms n closed her eyes..soon she drifted to a peaceful sleep..but maan ..he only faked sleeping..n seeing her sleep in his arms he felt choked..he had hard time to keep his hands off her..if he is restless then she too must be.. expecting only she couldn’t sleep..

What I have made her..addicted to me..oh god..what will I do..please help me..i m so confused with whatever going on..will she be able to handle pregnancy..

Thinking about geet n baby..he slept…



Maan woke up soon.he found them both cuddled with each other like usual days…geet was still asleep..he observed her now..her innocence filled face..she looked like a baby while sleeping..he settled the hair that was disturbing her sleep behind her earlobes..she smiled n snuggled to his chest more..he caressed her head..n bent to kiss her..but stopped..

maan:im sry geet..

he mumbled slowly n came out of bed ..


Savitri  n dev were having her tea..

Sd:maan..u woke up…nakul make black coffee for him ..maan.,um jao ur morning duties n come..

Maan:nehi kaka..i will have after having a walk..aaj exercise karneka mann nehi hai..

Sd:geet kahaan hai..

Maan thought she will taunt geet for sleeping more than usual

Maan:she is sleeping..she never sleeps this late..

He tried to save her

Sd:during pregnancy some girls usually sleep for hours like log. Its normal.let her sleep…tu ja..

Maan realized now ..she is sleeping like this for last few days..n they never knew it happens bcoz of pregnancy…if some elders was with them they would have told them..

Maan went to walk n came back..

Geet was still sleeping ..all were there even naina n ansh too n his lazy bhai Vicky too was playing with nt n cribbing about dev to her..vicky n nt shared a unique bond..he called her as bb for respect..otherwise both were like friends.nt is selfish..matlabi..she was brought in that way..being only child of her parents n getting pampered has spoiled her..but she is good too some times..atleast with viky..

.vicky tried to build same bond with geet..but geet s shyness built a barrier

..maan thought to wake her up..

Maan:ansh..go n wake ur chachi..

Sd:no need ansh..when she is sleeping we must not wake her..let her wake up herself n come..

Maan:but maa its going 2 be 8..

Sd:u wont understand maan..they say GOD makes the baby when mother is sleeping..

Ansh:dadi..woh kese..

Sd:like u do any toys  using clay..God will build baby with flesh n bone  day by day when a mother is sleeping..if u disturb her sleep..God will leave half way..

Ansh:what will happen if god left half way..

Sd:those babies will be born as special babies..with their body parts half grown..or unhealthy..u want ur bhai or behen healthy don’t disturb ur chachi..

Ansh:I ll not wake chachi..

Maan:maa..what are u installing in his mind..

Sd:yehi reason bathaya humari busurk saying that..believing or not believing is upto u..

She left..

Vicky was scrolling his phone..then he said.. here mother says…scientifically they say a pregnant womens bp gets high if  she was waken up from her deep we must not disturb them..n in those days they believe god not they used god s name..

Maan smiled at the logic..every thing has 2 sides..n this too..


Dev:maan..we informed ur sasural..


maan is will geets family react n how will maan behave..Wink



Humrahi – Part 24

maaneet came to the room..maan inserted the key n opened it..the rooms decors just ignited the fire in him..the room was decorated like its their suhaag raat..

maan smiled n thanked the maanagement in his mind mentally..geet was surprised n shocked seeing the decors..but her innocent mind was thinking why its decorated..its not their marriage day..she consoled herself thinking may be for reception day too they decorate like this..she was busy admiring the room..never she had seen like this..the room was dim..only the candles are giving light to it..the bed full of roses..thats when she realized she is with maan alone today..they are going to sleep on bed..she did not look back what maan was doing..he closed the door n came to geet with slow steps..his chest touched her back..his hands slided between her sari touching her bare stomach.

his mouth near her ears..he whispered huskily making her shiver with his hot breathe falling on her neck..

maan:finally we got our privacy..
geet gasped feeling his hands roaming on the bare skin..he pulled her close to him..
maan:do u know how much I have to wait for this moment..
he nuzzled his face on her nape..geets blood started to rush from head to toe.she kept .her hands over his hands..he felt her shiver..but she didn’t deny too..maan snuggled her back more..there was no space to pass between them..she fit perfectly in his arms..
he left ner n rubbed his nose..
geet:ji..kya hua..
she asked in panic..
maan:ur hairpin..
geet chuckled..but instantly stopped realizing she made fun of her husband…
maan was lost in her giggle..he didn’t like the way she turned mute suddenly..
geet:wo erm..sry..

she said in guilt…
maan:I love ur smile on ur face.ok..before I damage my face more u better be free off from your make up..i ll use washroom n come..
she nodded in shy..but she only knew how she held her breathe till now..she let a huge sigh as he went to washroom..geet neared the dresser n slowly removed her hair pins n jewels attached to the time when he came out she was platting her hair normally..
maan came near her n undid it..
maan:u look beautiful in open hair..
geet:ji.. need of this ji..suniyeji..i didn’t mind u calling like that..but u can call me maan..
geet:mei kesei..
maan:with ur mouth..aur kahaan..
geet s mouth opened wide in o..
maan:I didn’t ask u to show ur mouth sweety..just call me maan..

he pulled her in his embrace..
gosh ..geet was again lost in his touch.. ..his intense gaze made her shy..she can see their image in the mirror..maans hands moved on her freely..she cant even see herself in image..she moved away from him..he held her sari n it slided down her shoulders..

he freed her from it ..her peeked buds over her blouse..he squeezed both at same time..her eyes closed feeling his hands pleasuring her..n sweet moan escaped from her mouth..soon her blouse n bra were lying on floor..geet felt shy n she hugged him tight..his hands went to her skirt string..she became conscious..n stopped his hands..taking it from there n making him hold her back..
maan came to her lips..n started to taste her was inviting him from evening..he didn’t let her breathe..his hands roamed on her bare back..chill ran thru her spine ..n she felt heated up more n more..he pulled her lips extracting her juice..she threaded his hair n held it in fist..her pull was making her desire more…the next moment she found herself in air carried by maan to the bed..he placed her gently on the bed n looked at her.. her heart beated fast..the chill air made her conscious of being half bare touching his body… ..she kept her hands covering herself
..maan:geetu..why u r trying it..ive seen it already n remember what we have done..
geet:oh babaji..he is so shameless talking about what he did ..
she was totally red thinking about bus moments..
here maan was restless..he was aroused so much..
his desire was already burning him. this arrangements ..n now having his wife so near him..he want to enjoy this night..
maan:jaanthi ho geetu..i thought our night will not be special..but see its like god has listened to me..this decorations..scented candles n lights..its giving romantic feel…n u look more beautiful in this light…it makes me desire u so much..its long time ..we have got this night..i want u so badly..

he took her crossed arms n leaning on her..he asked..
maan:shall we move ahead..the bed has waited enough for us..
his eyes naughtily pointing the bed.n the decors…
geets heart was pacing fast..he took her silence as acceptance..his hands moved again to her strings..she held it not allowing him..
geet was feeling wet between her thighs..
geet st:whats that..
geet:su..suniye..i..i..want use..washroom..
she was totally shy asking permission like a student asking to teacher..
he sensed her restlessness…n he thought as shy..
maan:u can use even taking off this..
he was naughty..she blushed..but pulled the strings from his hand ..he held her..
geet:pls chodiye na..
maan:one me maan..
geet nodded no..
maan:then I ll also not leave you..
geet:pls ji..
she pleaded..
maan:call name..
geet:hm..m..aa..aa n..ji..pls..
he left her n she ran inside washroom..
maan smiled..she is shy..but it was gud that atleast she called him by sounded so sweet from her mouth..

he removed his coat , shirt n placed on the hanger..he took off his vest n kept it aside..
he saw a gift parcel lying on the side of bed..
maan st:why this one is here..i ve asked Vicky to take all gifts home..then y..
he saw the name..friends group..
maan:my friends..
he remembered them saying something about gift..he unwrapped the cover n saw two boxes in it..he opened the first box n saw a feeding bottle..he opened the next one..
maan was totally red n started to curse his friends under his breathe using all profinities..
he looked again at the packet..there was something written over it..
friends:chose what u want..if u r ready for baby..iski zaroorat nehi 😛
maan st:before geet sees this n think wrong about u n friends hide it man…

he hurriedly wrapped it inside his coat n kept inside the cupboard..
he sighed inrelief..
it will be embarrassing if geet found it.
ye geet..what is she doing much time will she take..

here geet who rushed inside the washroom locked it leaned on the door..she can hear her heart beats …it was loud.. n she was panting heavily..she kept her hands on it..babaji..i came here without wearing my clothes..she lifted her skirt n wored it from chest making herself feel gud covering her upper..she stood there till she felt her breathe going normal..she used the washroom..but she has no courage to face him..that too half nude..she can feel his hands over it..his lips..gosh..she felt her cheeks burn babaji..i cant face him..i cant go through that unknown feel in my body..i ll stay here itself..he is too bad babaji..he made me call by can I call him like that..what will maa n all say..i didn’t respect him..haina..
but her all thoughts vanished when she heared him calling her..
maan:geetu..come soon..what are u doing…
geet didn’t answer..
he thought she is shy..but when she didn’t respond he got scared n started to knock the geet has to open it..
she came out looking everywhere than him..
maan was relieved..what he few seconds she knocked away my breathe..
maan:r u alright..
geet ji..
he kept his hand on her back n lead her to the bed..n made her sit..she looked around n saw the room was now more dark ..than before..he has made some dia’s off that has made the room darker..
maan:I was scared for a minute when u didn’t reply..
geet looked at him..he was genuinely worried..
their eyes locked with each other n their was gravity of magnetic pull..he placed her on bed n cupped her one cheek with his one hand..
maan:today u looked very beautiful..
he started to kiss her forehead..slowly her eyes nose cheeks chin n took her lips to a passionate kiss..
geet just went with his flow..her breathe stopped when he lowered her skirt..rolling below her waist to pull it off..
geet stopped him
maan looked at her with fake anger that she swallowed hard..
maan:geet..aaj I don’t want any thing to come between us ..aaj mujei koi rukawat nehi chahiye.kuch bhi samji..
.n u accepted to call maan..try it from this four walls..u will get used to it..
geet :hmm..
warning 18+
bachas be away from this part..n those who dont like intimacy too pls skip the below part..
this is totally insisted by desigirl..
why all making maneet sr in some hut n jungle…they need a real sr..n so this thought of reception sr here..
he lowered her skirt n taking it off..she was too shy..she turned to her stomach..
maan looked at her bare back..n started to kiss her spine. she gasped feeling his hands trying to take her last cloth.his hands tried to move between her thighs..she tightened her thighs not allowing him to can he do it again…her body stiffened n she hide herself in the bed gluing to it…he sensed it n thought it as shy ..then he thought she reacted same way before she scared of proximity like her cousins said..then I must take her fear off..but how..
he took his hands from her lower part n came up..
his hand went under her body massaging her moulds.she moaned..he kneeled on his side n took off his lower dress…he was bare..but geet still was showing her back to him .he turned her facing him..
maan :kiss me geet..i want u also to feel me n I want this night to be special in all ways
he turned to his back taking geet over him.her body glued to his..he covered them both under the duet..she felt better something covering them..she was sitting on his stomach..her legs on his either side.his hands cupped the twins which was exposed to him..
maan:geet I asked u some thing..
he asked her playing with her buds..he teased it with his tip of fingers..she arched her back n moaned in was only making his desire increase..still he thought to go slow..without scaring her..she was shy…she bent down to his level n kissed his cheeks..
maan frowned..
maan:mishty..i want sweet..not starter..he placed her lips on his..n she took it in hers..he was guiding her how to kiss ..she was following his lead..he slowly placed his fingers on the place where he want to feel her lips from head lowering to his chest..she moved down..
she felt shiver running thru her spine,when she felt his pelvis on her core..there was no barrier now he took off hers she didn’t know..he too was nude like her..
maan has made her involve in him..his words..his kiss..his passion..n he was slowly caressing her legs with his legs n his hands on her back n butt..he was very passionate making her forget herself in him..n he took off the barrier which was still now a barrier between them..
now her core felt his head..
maan hushed her n said..
maan:like we kiss they too want to love..
he winked..he can see her totally red..but her face filled with tension too.her heart was not accepting his words..its forbidden..thanks babji its dark or he would have seen me..i didn’t like this..if I said he took away my clothes all will taunt me..ab mei kya to dress up..she was lost in her thoughts with right or wrong..
.he pulled her up n took her twins in his mouth making her forget in him..he was getting harder n harder..that even she can feel it..but confusion was clouding her mind..a strange fear started inside her along with the heatness burning in her body..
maan:nothing is wrong mishty..we are married..n no need to get tensed..
he was trying to make her feel better with his words..but she couldn’t get the meaning of what he said..he flipped n she was now beneath him n her legs were wrapped around him..she couldnot keep her legs together or to show her uneasiness ..he started to kiss hernape n earlobes..she held the pillow tightly in her fist..she felt she was running in temperature..maan moved his hands entwingling with hers..he took a long breathe..he doesn’t want this way..but he has too..she is totally under his control..he slowly inserted his maanhood inside her making her scream..she instantly tightened her inner muscles not allowing him..
he placed his lips on hers taking her screams in his mouth..her whole body trembled under him..her nails digged his skin..she moved her head in was too much for her today..
he slowly whispered..
maan:I know geet u r scared of this.. first time it will pain …I ll try my best to be gentle…but ur denial will make me too pain n u will also get pain..pls geet ..relax..n lets start our life with happiness..dont u want a family..our baby..
he pulled her in his embrace..her head on his chest n hands on his back..but she didn’t let him in..she was still in stiff posture n her muscles were not allowing him full ..he was in half way..
she was thinking about his will pain for first time..matlab kya hai..
she is not too jalli to connect her maami’s words with his words now..does maami asked about this.n this the way to get pregnant..she had no idea how a baby comes..though she is science student ,she has only mugged up the portions which she don’t understand..n this is one of it..
.she was thinking n maan thought to distract her..the only way she can relax n smile..he tickled her waist..n she wriggled under him with a giggle..her body relaxed a bit n maan took the opportunity to move fully inside her..he groaned feeling her fully around him..after all its his first n his wait for this day has finally ended..he is making love with his wife..he loves her..n he knew she too has feelings for marriage the love is always unsaid n here too both didn’t say it..but they know what they feel for each other..
geet screamed feeling the pain..his full length moving inside her..she was blank..her every muscles jolted in pleasure as he slowly n gently thrusted inside her..he left her when he felt she is not denying him..her hands clutched the bed sheets..tears flowed from her eyes..maan kissed it away..
maan:if u couldn’t handle the pain say geet ..
he said in care..
but there was no words from her..she let him do it..she now can feel the pleasure running through her veins..she was tender n fragile..but maan was hard..but matured enough to handle her..she started to moan.
maan:maan bolo geet..
he paced in rhythm not making her scared n adjusting her to him…he was happy with her acceptance..they are finally one today..he shook his hips slowly in a circular motion inside her..her inner core n wall can feel him fully..n geet s moans filled the room adding fire to the already heated room..
she jittered feeling her every muscles of her body stretching …she hugged him tight ..her body arched back..she got her climax soon..her whole body had goose bumps..every hair stood erect..
maan felt her warm liquid around him..
maan:u came so soon..but u must wait for me..
it did make some sense..
she knew nothing about physical relation..but maans every words taught her everything..
now it was maans turn..his sperms ready to explode..he was feeling like his life is at the tip of his ahem..he wanted it to feel special..he took out n inserted it deep making her scream..he was hard this time..
maan:sry..but only few minutes try to hold me going to come out..
he started to pace fast deep n deep that her whole body was electrified with his every powerful thrust..she bite his shoulders to hold the pain..he was holding her petite form in his embrace..hugging her close to him..feeling her so close..geet closed her eyes..feeling darkness..her body was exhausted with his passion..she was fragile..both physically n mentally..she blinked n tried to open her eyes..but she can feel the darkness covering her..same time she felt his pelvis shuddering inside her n his warmth flowing inside her..he panted heavily falling over her ..kissing her skin which came to his lips..
maan:that’s bliss..purely bliss..thank you for making this day wonderful..finally we are one..
she heared it n now she understood the meaning of marriage and physical relation..
she closed her eyes ..her body relaxed ..her hands fell down lifelessly on bed..maan who was now fully lost in their moments felt strange..
he lifted himself from her n called her…
there was no moment from her..
oh shit..what happened to her..
maan switched on the lights n patted geet cheeks..
she did not respond..
his mind was blank..but soon he reacted..he took the water n sprinkled on her face..she didn’t react..was he too much for her to handle..
now what should I do..
who will help me..all have left..
yash meera..they are here..

he fished for his cell n took it..
he called yash waqt..
maan:yash..erm..sry for disturbing you..pls can u send meera to my room..soon..pls..
he did not wait for his response..he rushed to geet n tried to make her gain conscious..
she was nude..omg..he took her skirt n weared don’t know how to make her wear..he took his shirt n weared it..
she was covered neatly..he wored his pant n vest..meera knocked the door n man opened it in hurry..
meera:veerji..aapne mujei waqt..
he pulled her near bed..
man:hmm see geet..she has fainted..
his words were straight n tension n worry was written on his face..
meera sat next to her..she too patted her cheeks n called her..
the crushed flowers n bedsheets..geets looks..everything told her about their night..
man:what to do meera..
meera:veerji..let me try..she rubbed geets legs n man started to rub her hands..still geet was same..
meera was also worried..
meera:veerji..cgo n ask reception if any dr is available..

he took his coat in hurry n went to reception..(lol..he forgot he has hided the gift in it n it dropped on floor..)
here geet slowly opened her eyes n saw meera caressing her hair..
she whispered slowly..

meera has lots of questionsto ask geet..
will geet answer her????

Humarhi – Part 23


The whole day was busy..all were running here n there..only maan n kids were left free..maan is now feeling gud..from morning he has no pain n he felt his legs too were not having any pain..he could walk straightly n the mild pain was tolerable…
He was ordered strictly not to help but to sit in one place..his only work was to look after kids which they enjoyed the fullest..but maans heart was craving for a sweet from his wifey..he was getting frustrated..its nearly 15 days they are married n he couldn’t be with her peacefully..he knew he is not so romaantic person..he has crossed his teenage..but what he wants to be a gud husband,,in both ways..tan aur maann se..heart has been stolen by her ..hw smiled hearing her sweet sounds of payal..she came there to give his medicine n his black coffee..his yes bored in hers..she looked away n walked back joining her sil. ..his eyes too was making her body fire..the unknown fire.she still couldn’t understand why so..
Maan could see her red..he do affect her..n that gave him happiness..
Maan came out of his thoughts..
Maan:hmm haan ansh..
Ansh:chachu..this game I couldn’t finish..
Maan started to help him..
But his eyes were looking at his side his desires..other side he was want to know if she is comfortable with his family..has she adjusted to the new surrounding..or she is still keeping distance..
Geet was an obedient dil..whatever his mother said she did without any complains..n arohi was their helping her..nt as usual was faking works..kamchor..he laughed seeing nt looking at her nailpolish getting damaged..kab sudregi ye..he nodded..n again concentrated on his angels…
By evening tej came with shravan to his house..they took blessings from sd n were greeted by all..they had few packages,which contained flour,snacks,sweets n essentials needs to cook for maaneet
Sd:I thought ..ur mother wont have I too made some..hmm when are u coming 2 delhi..
Tej:maa stayed back only to make things for geet n jiju..though its sudden its our dutyna..they are starting their life n we have responsibilities to take care of them…n maa is still packing few we will start tomorrow early morning..we have arranged a minibus so maamu s family will also join us..nwe all will start together .. darji will also be comfortable..few more relatives too
Sd:ho..ok that’s gud..
..geet n tej had a normal chat as all were present there..he too helped in packing ..

..maanplanned to start by evening 4..but The work took a little bit more was 8 n sd asked all to have their dinner n then leave
Tej:are you not going with them..
Sd:no beta..pehli baar both are going to delhi..n then to start a new life..mei kesi..i will start a little after they went..i have to clear up things n then I ll leave..
Tej:shall I help you…n then I ll leave..
Sd:no beta..its already late..naina n dev are coming with maan arohi vicky n family are going in bus we are going in maans car.

The bus came n dev ,Vicky,arjun n arohi placed the things in bus..they all smiled at each other giving a knowing look..their eyes twinkled with naughtiness..
As payal n palak entered n took each seat for themselves ansh too asked his dad he will also come with ansh too took another seat..arohi arjun sat next to each other..vicky n very close relatives sat in front..
Maaneet took the blessings from sd n dev n entered the bus,.only to see the bus occupied fully except the last seats..
Vicky:kids will sleep in each seat don’t think to sit next to them..ur seat is booked..last one..
The seat before the last were filled with they are separated from all..
Maaneet moved to last n geet took the window seat…n maan sat next to her..

she looked at him..he looked at her..finally the whole night is mine..atleast I will be near you..
But geet was having a weird feeling from when she entered the bus..its long time she has traveled in bus..she used to puke always ..though she is now grown up why the thought came to her..she chided herself n sat looking the window..all bid bye to sd, dev nt n tej ..the bus started to move..she was inhaling the fresh air…
Arohi:bacho..sleep ..we will reach by morning only..she made all settle on the seats n pulled the shawl over them..
Maan shut the windows n pulled the screens..
Geet knotted her brows like why he closed..
Maan:a/c bus geet..if u keep the windows a/c effect will not be there..
She leaned on the window n looked outside thru the small gap of screen n glass window..the village passed over n passed thru another..
Atfirst all chatted n maan was mingled in their talks…he moved in mid n chatted with all…geet was quiet n she only replied if she was asked..
She was tired n exhausted ..moreover her stomach was feeling not so well..her throat burned..she closed her eyes..its better to sleep..
Arohi saw all yawning..
Arohi:ok ok..i think now we must sleep
He took his bag n took his air pillow..n moved to his seat..
Vicky who was turning right n left saw it..
He came n snatched it from maan..
Vicky:so sweet of u maan..Thank head is aching without pillow..
Maan:Vicky what r u doing..u knowna I cant sleep without pillow..
Vicky came to his ears n said which was audible for maaneet..
Vicky:ur official pillow is next to you..n see you have a full long seats to strtch yourself..
Vicky:shh..sleep bhai..happy journey..
His smile full of naughtiness..
Geet looked at bros who are full of life..kash she could also play with her bro like that..she sighed she is married n this cant happen in her life time..
Maan gave up..
Vicky went with pillow laying it on his back of head..he closed his eyes to get a peaceful sleep..arohi leaned on arjun n tried to catch sleep..arjun cocooned her lovingly..afterall she is his lovewife..
Maan couldn’t sit for so his leg started to pain..
Geet:aap leit jayiye..aaram milega..
Maan :hmm..
He stretched his body on full seat..n kept his head on geets lap..
(wah maan..ur family gave u super chance..hmm sleep in ur wife’s lap..vicky said official pillow)

Geet couldn’t say anything as he kept his eyes closed..he was enjoying the soft lap under him..will she be comfortable..what if her legs pained..hmm I will sit when I feel relief in legs..
But geets heart started to thud fast..whenever the bus moved on the speed breaker or uneven roads it bumped..n she has to hold maan by his neck wrapping her hands under him..but it was a wrong move..his face pressed in her bossoms..n her sari was out of place ..his face directly came in contact with her stomach burned both..their body got heated up..but maan immediately sat up..what if someone see them..he stood up and walked with slow steps..he came to driver n Asked him to switch off lights..n let the dim light childrens wont get scared..
Arohi to arjun:ye maan kya karraha hai..
Arjun:shh..he is checking us if we have he can romaance with his im waiting to..
Maan came back arjuhi closed their eyes pretending 2 sleep..whereas all have slept already
He came back n slept in same position making geet jolt..she thought she is relieved..but when maan came back n slept in same position her stomach started to churn with unknown sensation..maan slowly pressed his lips on her stomach..her hands encircled him..
She bit her lips not want 2 get attention from everyone..
She gasped,when she felt his hands undoing her blouse hooks..her hands tightened around him..his hands moved back unbuckling her bra.his face hidden behind her sari…he lifted her blouse taking the harden buds in his mouth..she pressed her lips more was too much..his mouth cherishing her both twins alternatively.n his face rubbing between the valley..she hugged him tight n he too encircled his arms around was dark where they were seated n no one noticed them..
.when he stopped to take air she couldn’t bare him going away..she pulled him closer. though shy,.today she was bold…was it the darkness giving her this boldness..but he cherished it..she wanting him…he came out of her sari n pulled her down reaching him..he started to kiss her gently n geet too responded..he missed it these days..her moans swallowed by him..he was getting harder n couldn’t stop himself..he thought only to play with her..but its going nonstop..his hands cupped her mounts pulling it inside his mouth..tasting the fullest..her stomach tucked in..her breathe going uneven..she hurriedly opened the window n started throwing up..
Maan:geetu kya hua..
He held her head n she throwed up hatever she ate..
Maan:wait come with me..i ll ask driver to stop..u can finish up n wash..
As she stood he saw her messed form becoz of him..she tried to cover properly..he chided himself..ansh hs thrown his shawl on floor in sleep..maan took it covered geet..
Arohi:kya hua maan..
Maan:she needs to wash..
Maan asked driver to stop n maaneet got down..she throwed up again till her stomach got empty..arohi came n gave water..maan was holding geet..she looked pale n warned out..not having any energy to stand too..if maan was not holding her she would have been in floor..he helped her wash her face n cocooning her in his embrace made her way inside ..
Driver started the bus..arohi came n gave some lemon chocolates which she had for kids..geet had one..
Arohi noticed geets form..but did not say anything..once she too was a new bride..n knew how much privacy they needed but now geet needs rest..tomorrow is reception..if she fell sick..she cant stand up there..
Arohi:maan..let her sleep..
Maan; thinking same..
Arohi moved to her seat..
Maan:geet are you feeling ok..
Maan:tum soja.i ll sit..
Geet looked at him..his care..his love..
If anyone at his place will help like this..all will run away when anyone pukes..but he held her n made her feel better..
Geet:ur legs will pain..u sleep..i ll sleep in sitting position..
Maan pulled a luggage n kept in centre..he kept his legs u sleep..
Geet reluctantly stretched herself on seat keeping her hand under her head…maan pulled her and made her lay on his lap..he threaded her hair. sleep..ek minute..get up..
She sat wondering why he is asking to get up..he turned her n buckled her ur front..then u sleep..
Uff geet was totally shy..n same time was falling for his care..sometime before he was desperately latching he is keeping himself away..
Thinking about him geet slept..
Maans another night went in travel..with his wife near him he cant do anything..
Maan ur bachelor life is not going to end..enjoy..
By morning maaneet reached delhi..maa n had booked rooms in hotel where the reception was going to,all took the rooms..freshed up n had their breakfast together..maan did not disturb geet..n arohi was with her..maan went to kc saying he needs to pack some things from there n want to check with his dr. once..
Geet rested till evening..when arohi came and asked her to take bath n get ready..the beautician has arrived..
Geet:hmm..woh..where is he..n maa..
Arohi:maan nt n dev bhai has gone to their house..ur mom n family is also staying wont be nice if we made them stay here na..maan just came now..n he is getting ready in our room..u get ready..
she freshed up n came out wearing the sari arohi was silver white with read border with heavy works..soon the beautician came n did her makeup..geet looked herself ..she was she has not seen her before..the image was different ..the geet,who was now looking more than an angel..
meera entered with krish
meera:baapre..meri nazar naa lage..she took some kajal n applied on back of her ears..
geet s face brightened seeing meera n krish..the cotton bundle..
geet:di..aap kab aayi..
meera;an hr before..arohi told u r we didn’t disturb you..
arohi:meera u stay with her..bride is ready..i ll go n check the groom..
maan entered:no need im here..
he was wearing white pant n red shirt with white coat over..complementing her dress..
both looked each other..their eyes admired the other..looks were enuf to burn the desire in them..
meera coughed..maan veerji..hmm
maaneet came out of their la la eyelock..
meera:aapki dost kahaan hai..aap akeli akeli..
maan:hmm..they are waiting in hall..
arjun came:maan both family members too came..
maan: geet chalei..
geet nodded n with arjun arohi n meera walking behind both came to the hall..

the hall was big…decorated with white n red cloths,lights ribbons n flowers..geet was shocked seeing the grand reception..its not only her but her families reaction too was same..does they even fit to their standard..
maaneet came n took blessing from both families n was escorted to the stage..
maans friends came first..wishing them n teasing them
maan:you know adi geet..he works for us..she is pinky..his wife..n his sonpiyush..this is prem heer n their angel..prameer..this is hiten..his wife has gone to her mothers house abroad..
hai bhabhi..
hayee that sound differently for her..they all look so elder n they addressing her bhabhi..
geet smiled at them..
pinky:u are looking stunning ..very beautiful..kuch khaogi kya..
all laughed..n geet was asking whats there to laugh..
maan:pinky is food holic..will be eating every time..thats why all laughed..
pinky:haso not going to starve on ur reception bhai..
maan:ok go n have something..n feed piyu too..dont eat alone..
uff ..he can tease too..they went on chatting.geet was admiring their friendship..
heer:what u r looking geet..their friendship..
geet nodded shyly..was she that expressive..
heer:we are together from our friendship is special..n specially piyush n prameer..poocho mat..maaan ki chamcha hai..maan pampers them a lot..i always think how will he pamper his own child..
soon other college friends relatives his business friends all came n wished the reception was on swing geet looked at the hall..more or near the hall was full..may be more than 700 peoples..he knew all..he spoke gently with all accepting their wishes introducing them to geet..he even looked at his mother n asked her to have her food..he sent Vicky to take care of his was busy in settling the decors n others..arohi was near them..arjun was looking if the catrers are being gud..all were busy..geets family could only adore them..maaneet looked made for each other..some relatives couldn’t close their mouth in jealousy..the power of msk is purely visualized before all..but he was down to earth..they still cant believ geet got a life like that..even her maamu n maami thought so..geet was married to a maan above their status..will she cope up to all…n fulfill their expectations..this fear even entered geets parents n tej too..but darji knew..maan will keep his gudia happy..he has seen the world..he has seen the love in his eyes..
it was nearly 3 hrs..the reception hall was getting empty..
his friends pulled them down
maan:what yaar..
prem:till now the hall was lets enjoy..
hiten:music adi..
adi asked the musicians to play
friends:its to celebrate our one n only bachelor too got married..bichara..fallen in the marriage celebrate it with a dance..
geets parents n maans family let them enjoy n went to dinning hall for dinner..
his friends hooted n whistled..n soon all were dancing together..even maan was forced to join them n he happily did..

as the music stopped,they all asked for the couples dance..maan nodded no..but when so maany is there to force how can he deny..he asked geets hands..geet was feared to aur mei..
maan:trust me..just join my steps..
maan:elders have its only us..
friends:bhabhi pls..
geet kept her hands on his..n romaantic music started to play..
geet followed his steps..she was a gud follower n matched him..
she was all shy when the music stopped n all clapped for them..
then all went to have dinner..maaneets friends teasing them..
hiten:hmm is ur mar..r..ried life…
he winked..fits of laughter followed..maan glared them knowing what they are asking about..
hiten:if u have no the giftwe gave you ..aaj ki raath ..bohut kaan ayega..
maan:what u have gifted..
he knew his naughty friends..
adi:he he he..maan..erm..i hv kept it separately in ur room deklena..
maan:if I saw anything foolish I will ground u all..
hiten:who hum deklenge…

maan got held up with friends n geet with her families..
later all dispersed to devs home..
maan:dev bhai..,im going to our house..kc..
he thought 2 have some time alone
dev:no maan..u r staying here..
maan:in hotel..but y..
dev:its complementary for the reception couples from hotel..
u can come morning..i ve settled everything..only yash n meera are staying here..they have early flight as the airport is nearby..they will stay n check out by morning..
he gave the no:15..
ive checked out all ur things with Vicky..
saying he went..
maaneet came to the room..maan inserted the key n opened it..the rooms decors just ignited the fire in him..the room was decorated like its their suhaag raat..

maan smiled n thanked the management in his mind mentally..