U,Me,Aur…? Part 146





Part 146


Here maan was restless after knowing chopras met with geets group..n the other too..but they  too has told them they have signed the agreement with kc n it will cost their career..but geets case is different.

Till now none knew about geet..but now..all know geet work in his company…he was keeping her away from all till now..but it wont be from now on..she has to face all..

Moreover shyam…how will he harm himself..yeh shyam bhi na..what should I do now..how will he protect geet..he has promised he will be away from geet if he is harmed..maan rubbed his forehead..thinking how to solve this matter..


Geet n Vicky were way too happy..but more than geet it was Vicky..his happiness evident in his face n his mad behavior..his grin plastered ear to ear..geet can easily guess the reason..its her prince ..

The mansion came n Vicky asked geet to come with him..but she said she want to meet her prince first.

Vicky smiled at geet again like a maniac..

Vicky:baby..ek kaam karogi..

He asked scratching his head..it was unlike him..he was looking like a fool with that grin..

Geet:hmm..anything for my sweet Vicky..

He kissed her cheeks..

Vicky:give this to bro on behalf of me..

Saying he ran inside leaving geet shocked..

Vicky stopped at entrance n said..but don’t say I kissed u..he will feel jealous..

He winked n ran inside..

Geet came out of her shock n went to palace..


She called him loud..maan who was in deep thought came out of his trance..

Maan:geet..why she is shouting like this..does anyone harm her..

A fear gripped him n he came running down..

Seeing him geet put her arms around his neck n hugged him tight..kissing him all over his face..

Maan too hugged her tight feeling her fit n fine..


Geet:im so happy..happy happy..yehhh

Maan smiled seeing her antics..

Geet: we r going to work for u..

Maan:now too u r working for me..

Geet:that’s only me..but now we all..

Saying she pressed a tight kiss on his cheek..

Geet:someone asked me to give this as thank u for selecting our group..

She know maan wont like her taking vickys name..

Maan smiled..he too knew who can it be..he didnt mind..but felt happy..

Maan:ok now lets take rest..raath bohut hogayi..n u know I don’t like simple gifts..thank you gift tho kuch aur haina humare beech..

He came to his naughty mood pulling her close to him..

Geet didn’t let him speak..she placed her lips on his..n thanked him for everything..he lifted her up n took her to their room

N the night turned a long for both..

Morning maan was enjoying the view of his wife who has snuggled to him in sleep..n was not ready to leave him..even after he tried a lot..her whole body glued to him making him arouse.he had a naughty thought..

 maan started to play with her nipple pinching it hard..breaking her deep sleep ..

Geet:prince..aah..aah..kya karrahi ho.

She pulled the blanket up covering her body.

Maan:don’t try baby..that will be of no use..

Her eyes landed on the watch..

Geet:arei babaji..7o’clock..im late for college..

Maan:ab yaad aayaa tumei..aaaj college hai..

Saying he tried to pull her more..

Geet:prince..please leave me na..

Maan:when I was trying to go did u leave me..


She cutely pouted..

Maan:give my morning kiss n u  r free to go..

She closed her eyes n neared him..her hands encircled his neck ..his lips touched hers n she took it for a full mouth kiss..he enjoyed the morning romance..it makes his day gud..energetic n lovable..

They broke when they felt the need of air..

Geet:ab main jaun..

Maan nodded in no..

Soon she was lifted up in air..the blanket  was left in bed..she felt shy..

Maan:not only you..im also getting late..so lets do our chores together..helping each other..what say..

Geet nodded feeling all red..

Both brushed n had bath together..she flinched when his hands touched at the skin where it  has turned all blue bcoz of his love..

He wiped her with towel n applied ointment on the places..

Maan:for a week no more romance..u r making me lose  before u  jaan..

Saying he pecked her forehead…

He gave her dress to wear n he  left to dress up..

She was combing her hair..

Maan:jaanu..woh chopras aadmi tumei tang nehi kiya na..

Geet:no..bhai thi na.. he tackled them..but how u manage them..woh tho khatarnak hai..haina..bhai said ..they will even kill mens ..

Maan :hmm..be careful sona..they will try to reach u anytime..dont be alone..always keep ur friends with u..ok..

Geet nodded like a gud girl..

Geet:meri babaji haina mere pass..he will take care of all things..

She said  in flow..

Maan:hmm..ur babji..ok..ask him to do a favour for me..


Maan:who tho tumhare babaji jaanthi hogi..what is my problem..lets see how he solves mine..

Geet:my babji sabki sunthe hain..i ll ask babaji to solve ur problem too..

Maan: st:lets see..how ur babaji  helps u …

they had their BF n went to their works..

maan entered the kc in his usual style..all running here n there..

adi entered his cabin..n both talked about the previous  day n about the phone call by shyam..

adi:hmm..lets think ..n take a gud decision..we cant rush up..we must make a full proof plan for it.


Adi:maan..can I ask one more thing..

Adi reluctantly asked..

Adi:as a friend..not to my boss mk..

Maan sighed..

Maan:u r my friend..arent u calling me by name now..bolo..whats bothering u..

Adi:geet ke saath Vicky..woh..you never ..woh..now…in kc..

Adi couldn’t question him..he was stammering in fear too..as maan was bad at moods many time..

Maan:hmm..now there is no choice..u go n do ur work..send working agreement copies to college..

He closed the chapter then n there..indirectly saying adi to leave n not talk over it..same time agreeing for Vicky s placement in kc too.

The following days passed as usual..maan was found always thinking about shaym..here geet was asking babaji to help maan comeover with whatever problem he had..

Babaji smiled at geets trust..n thought to help her..what if maan doesn’t believe him..he believed in geets babaji n asked him to help him na..it is like asking to babaji only..

Geet came that day earlier from college..as maan too was not in kc she had not much work..vicky went out with his friends..geet called it a day n came back to palace to make something for her prince..she hadn’t treated him till now..she will do it now..kala too came n helped geet ..though geet refused..kala left after she helped geet..

Geet was waiting for maan..but an unknown feeling started to grip her..something is bad..

Geet:babaji..what is this..

Babaji st:u only asked..im doing it..jab deko babaji babaji..yeh bachi bhi na..

Geets eyes turned at entrance hearing the footsteps..she froze at her place seeing maan with full of bandages n adi n bg’s helping him walk in..

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U,me,aur…?Part 143

Part 143



Part 143

Geet was so happy..she talked with all n Vicky took  geet with him to discuss the project work.kala came with snacks.. milk for geet n tea for Vicky..they were  studying for more than an hour..n needed refreshments…

Vicky:di..u r not supposed to do any work..

Geet:haan di..prince ne bhi kahaan na..aap apna baby ka khayal rakna

Kala:tum sab tho mere pehle bache ho..im taking care of them only..

Vicky was too touched..he never thought kala in that way..she is a servant here..n living from his parents time..even nakul is a loyal servant..both got married n working here..n he always thought their love to be only loyalty..but today her words just made him emotional..

Kala see his eyes misted ..she kept the tray aside n cupped vicky’s face n wiped the single tear..

Kala:y u r crying Vicky..

Vicky:kuch nehi..

He hugged her waist..he thought..am I that blind..i didn’t see the love around me..only I thought dadi n badi dadi loves me n no one else..after bhabhi came I am getting the love of my life..all making me happy..i got  to know my true friends..love..never saw the love I got in my own house..kala n nakul ..y was I so selfish that I thought no one loves me..y I was too blind to notice the true love I get in my own house..ya..kala di has always taken care of me..its only me who  never thought in that way..now onwards I will also love all like they do..he promised himself..

Kala looked vicky worrly..

Kala:kya hua Vicky..

She lifted his face n made him look at her..

Kala:kuch tho bolo Vicky..

Vicky:I love u ..

Something breaking sound made kala n all turn n saw nakul standing with shocked expression..

Kala smiled seeing nakul..

He frowned..

Kala:I love u ,gudia n chotu too..but u all cant love me like my pati do..

Nakul smiled at her words..he was jealous seeing Vicky  say ilu..is it that easy to say ilu…

When nakul came to know he is going to become a father he want to fulfil all wishes of kala..n he even asked her what she wants..knowing his shy nature she demanded him to say Ilu..she want to hear him say it..but he couldn’t put his love in words n say..but Vicky said just like that..

Nakul left from there talking to himself..kese kahoon kalakko…

Geet:I too love kalakka..she said joining them in group hug

Kala kissed Vicky n geets forehead ..

Kala:both of u have it n continue ur studies..mei aathi hoon..

She left..n Vicky kept on looking at her way..

Geet looked at the door n then Vicky..

She poked his shoulders n made him come out of his dreamland..

Geet:oye Vicky..kahaan khoyi ho..

Vicky:bhabhi..i want to do something for her..

Geet took the pakodas started to eat n fed him too.


Vicky s face lighten up..

Vicky:I have a plan..tum saath dhogi..

Geet:first say..

Vicky narrated n geets smile too broaden up..

Vicky:then done..ok..


Both hif5 ed n got back to studies..they called even their group n discussed their part of presentation too..

After some hours kala came n took both for dinner..geet refused to have dinner with them..saying her prince will be waiting..kala parcelled the dinner in hot pack n gave to geet..she bid bye to all n left to her house.

Geet entered Khurana palace only to see maan still sitting in sofa..he has not changed nor doing any work..its unlike him..she hurriedly went to him..

She kept the hot pack down n  came near him..he looked so lost unaware of her presence too..


She touched his shoulder..it made his reverie broke..he looked at her..n then pulled her in a tight hug like her bones will be crushed into juices..it was so sudden she was pulled n landed on his laps

Geet:kya hua prince..

She want to know whats bothering him..then remembered his talk with dadi..something hidden in that..

Geet tried to see his face..he was not ready to break the hug..it was so tight like he feard of losing her..

Geet:prince..are u thinking about dadi..aur aapne bhi kuch kahan..why so..

Maan stilled..she has started to understand the situations..he don’t want her to know his lifes bad phase..if she came to know she may hate him..he don’t want her to know it..

Geet:why you talked to dadi like that..

She again questioned him

But she was shut by a mouthful of kiss..he did that only to stop her question..but both carried off..he started to relax n feel better..only his princess can make him feel light..n his hands started to search her bare skin..geets moan echoed in the hall..

Geets phone ring stopped their romance..both were breathing heavily..

Maan looked at the name flashing..vicky..

Maan:sona..take it..


Geet:hello vicky..

But her heavy breathe can be heard by Vicky ..he chuckled n at same time cursed himself..y always he calls them in a wrong time..




Maan nodded his head..both are same.he glared geet showing his big eyes to talk..

Geet:jaldi bolo Vicky..he is showing his big eyes on me..

Vicky chuckled..n maan slapped his forehead..his geet will never think before she speak..

He made her sit on sofa n tried to move..she held his hand..

Vicky:tomorrow morning  be ready by 8..we will go earlier to college..thats why I called you..



His st:must he say or not..he scratched his head..

Geet:jaldi bolo na vicky..

Vicky:say bro..that I said sry to him..

He cut the phone..his heart thudded fast like he has run a marathon..today he has done what his bro did..talking indirectly..he felt thrilled talking like that n was so enthusiastic..

He jumped on the bed…he saw dexture who looked at him like has he gone mad..

Vicky pulled dexture ..jaanthi ho..i talked with bro..indirectly hi sahi..but I did..yippeee..

Dexture looked at him..n thought..if u r happy at this small thing..how will you react knowing the real truth..jo sirf mei jaanthi hoon..

Vicky shouted..yehhh..

Dexture:I think I need some cotton to save my ears..it moved under the bed n closed its ears n tried to sleep..



In palace geet was looking at phone with confusion..

Maan:why are u looking at phone like this..

Geet:becoz of Vicky..pata nehi usne yesa kyun bola..

She told still in thoughts..


Geet:he asked me to say  sry to u..magar kyun…

Maan smiled at his cutie pie..

Maan:kyun ki he guessed he disturbed our romance..isiliye..

He pulled her in hug n she hided her face in his chest in shy..her stomach growl ed indicating she is hungry..

Maan looked at the hot pack..

Maan:lets have our dinner..n go to sleep..tomorrow is ur big day..first time u all r going 2 do presentation before big companies..

Geet :hmm..vicky too said we must go earlier to college

Maan :hmm..

Maan st:must he say about it or not..how will she react..hmm..no..let her know by herself..n her big mouth..she will spill everything to Vicky too..

Both slept hugging each other..

Next morning geet was making hustle bustle..she was tensed n maan was trying to make her cool..

She was searching things here n there..n maan was the one to find it n give it to her..after gathering all at one place too she was nervous..

Maan:kya hua jaanu..

Geet:prince..how many  companies will come..what they will ask..n how they will select the candidates..

Maan nodded his head..the morning talk with Vicky has made her too nervous..

Geet:boiyena prince..u would have undergone all this na..u have experience..

Maan pulled her n made her sit on his lap.

Maan:first of all remove this tension from ur mind..take a deep breathe..n think u r doing a regular project like u use to do before ur class n proff..u wont feel any tension..i know my princess can do anything..she can answer any cross questions to the companies which que you n your team..u all are best..


Maan kept his fingers on her lips..chup..bilkul chup..no more talks about it..lets go n take bath..he picked her up n gave her a romantic bath..both showered together…their little cossy moments made her relax…he wiped her n made her wear the professional cloth..black pant white shirt n black overcoat..she combed her hair n tied up in a single pony..did a slight make up ..applied lip gloss..she looked at herself in mirror..maan gave her thumbs up..which brought a smile in her lips..

Maan:keep this smile doing presentation too..

Geet:ya..will keep in mind..

They both had their breakfast ngeet was all set to go..

Maan stopped her n she looked at him..

Maan:whatever I said say it to your group too..this is first step for all of them..stepping into outer world for job..if u got selected here u don’t want to search a job outside..u will be given first preference in everything..so give more than ur 100%..keep smiling n no tension..all the best..

He pecked her lips n hugged her..she got all the courage back with his one kiss..

Geet smiled broadly:I will give u the good news soon..our group will be selected for sure..

Maan:that’s like my wife..mrs.gmsk..

She smiled n left to mansion to boost up her devar..while maan left to KC..he has to give special instructions to his team today..

Geet n Vicky joined friends group..all were nervous..

All looked at geet who was cool like cucumber..

Pari:what yaar geetu..r u not tensed..



Vicky:its blackmagic of my bro..

Arohi:so..what he did..she looked suspiciously at geet..

Geet narrated what maan said..how to face the presentation with confidence..on n on..

It gave energy to them too..

Prem:hmm..must say a good advice given by him to us..

Mani: ok lets have a group hug n promise ourselves to give the presentation more than our 100%..its our life changing line..

Heer:yes u r r8 mani..this will make us recognize in this field too..

They had a group hug n entered the hall to arrange things for presentation..

Whereas shyam n sam who was behind the tree sitting there laughed..

Shyam:sorry babies..bad luck to u..

Sam:what r u going to do..

Shyam:I have done already sam..just wait n watch..aaj tho titans clash hogi..im sure..n geet n Vicky..they are going to be in the worst phase…they wont be able to see one n others face too..they will think whom to blame..when they face the failure..lets see how her aashique saves her today..or maan singh khurana..her boss..whoever helps her..today they will know my power..

He laughed hysterically…but sam was scared..she has seen the worst of maan ..

Seeing her tensed face he hugged her tightly..her feminine parts crushing his hard chest..he  was feeling a girls touch after so many days..he felt something but shrugged off..

Shyam:trust me..this time we will win..

Sam was uncomfortable in his hug..she slightly pulled him n came out of his hug..he didn’t like her withdrawal..but let her go..

Sam:I hope so..but maan n geeet fianc both r dangerous..beware of them SHYAM..

He looked at his palm which still had the deep hole scar..

Vicky:how can I forget it..so only I am determined to take revenge on them..or I wont be able to live in peace..

He said gritting his teeth..hie eyes red in anger..

Sam:shyam..pl s be cool..i understand..we both have faced a lot of  downs becoz of maan n geet..n I wish they too see the worse..but not making us digging earth  under our feet..what if they comes to know its done by you..i am scared of it..

Shyam:I want that only sam..wait n see..

He encircled his hands around her waist..n took her inside..

Being in modeling field this type of gestures was not wrong for sam..its just a friendly behavior..but for others the view has changed..

All those college students who saw them together  made  faces  n went off..all know shyam as a pervert. A play boy..n sam being with him now full time they thought them to be pair…or to say shyams bed partner..


Principal followed with proffessors n checked on all groups..all had their individual dress codes n topics ..all had made their best designs..models..etc..

Soon many peoples came ..a group of 4 members from each company…principal  started to introduce all companies..n geets eyes widened seeing  adi ,sasha  n group on behalf of KC.even Vicky was shocked n surprised when principal introduced KC staffs..he looked at geet who was standing still..

Vicky nudged her..u didn’t say bros company is also coming..

Geet:mujei bhi nehi patha. prince did not say about it..

Even her group asked geet why she didn’t say that kc is coming..she said she herself don’t know..

.the companies started to look on each models..the way they presented ..n all…

Sasha gave a look to geet ..

Sasha ” oh so u r studying here..

geet didn’t like the attitude n her show off..she murmerred

geet to babaji:is chimpanzee ko bejna zarror thi kya..


Geet:she is the monkey I use to say about  in office..

Sasha:so geet..yeh hai tumhare model..

Geet gritted her teeth:meri nehi..humare..sabki ideas hai ismein..

Sasha:hmm…she made faces..its not so impressive geet..u know the standard of KC..using logo like kc..u cant become an architect like me..

Sasha has broken the confidence in all..they all really thought they are not good..an architect of kc is disapproving means they didn’t keep up to the mark..all friends thought like that..

Geet:logo lagana usine sikaya hai..

Sasha:kaun..oh..tumhare us prince ne..


Sasha:who tho yahaan nehi..u cant impress us..n im really sorry to say..this is the worst model I have seen..

Sasha wants to make geet low..she cant do in kc so she tried to do it here

Geet s anger was raising..n she was about to pull sasha s hair n want to slap..vicky hold her hand ..n nodded no..

Sasha smirked n moved off..after a while adi came ..


Geet:haan bhai..this is my group n she introduced them..

Adi looked at Vicky..before he asks something geet asks him..bhai..how is our model..

He looked at it..geet n groupne kiya hai..then I must say it will be 100% good..no need of my opinion..

All saw geet n adi’s bonding..n thought adi is saying it only for geet..

Before they talk adi was called n he went ..next came a member of kc from south branch..he was unknown to geet..he asked questions n they answered well..

One by one all companies members came n all groups answered them..

Amongst all geet n vickys group was the best n even all proffessors expected that their group will be the first the companies will select..but first company selected which was good next to geets group..geet n gang were disappointed..but hoped other companies will select them..they knew they presented well n answered them well too..but one by one all companies chose other groups than geet..

They have given lunch break..

Geets group s face fell down..

Heer:I think we didn’t do upto mark..

Prem:isiliye all are selecting other groups..

Vicky sat down with broken heart..

Vicky:my dreams to work in Delhi ..to be with dadi n bro..sab khatham..

Geet looked at adi who has selected other team..n sasha gave geet a nasty look like u deserve this only..geet looked at adi n asked.

Geet:why adi bhaiya..all are selecting others..ours is good ..u told me na..then why..

Adi sighed..

Adi:its maans instruction for me not to select your group..bcoz others may think we selected your group as u r working for us..but such mein ur group only is the best..

Geet:then why we are not selected..

Adi:still there r more companies geet..its lunch time..all will come back..

arohi:only 2 companies left bhai..n they are not a reputed companies which we would get experience..all our hard work will go in vien..we cant give our model to such a low company who wont give the best..

adi st:something is wrong..why all rejecting when they  have given such an awesome presentation..i even heard other companies praise geets group..then why..

adi: don’t loose heart guys..lets wait n see..

he moved away with his group to  have food  provided by the college..sasha was happy as geet was not selected..she got some known friends there n left to chat with them..adi n others  sat discussing about  geet having their lunch..

adi:such mein..i don’t know why all rejected geets group

other men:hmm..me too..i was really impressed with that groups work

men 2:hmm it was flawless n had new  ideas too..

adi:then why they are not selected..


a men of other company heard their talks n came to them..

men:bcoz all are scared of their life..


men came close to adi n whispered:we all got a threatening call..if we select that group we will not reach home safe..n our family will be left orphan..

U,me,aur…?Part 144

Part 144


This part of maan v/s geets fiance idea given by praffula..hope i have not disappointed you jeevaBig smile..

adi gasped..how  can someone threaten like this to a normal college students group..do they know geet as mrs.msk..if so..no no..it cant be like that..its something else..n he thought to inform maan..

he  came out to speak to maan n saw geet n group shouting on someone..or to say they were about to hit someone..

adi came rushing to geet..while that  boy smirked n left with a girl..

adi:geet..kya hua..

Vicky:job hi horaha hai uske peeche yahi hai..shyam..

Adi got alerted..he knew shyam by maan..

Adi:what he did..

Geet:he called all companies n threatened them they shouldn’t select us..warna anjam teek nehi hoga..

Arohi:so only all rejected us..

Pari heeer manju were silently crying..n boys were frustrated..

Boys:I didn’t think he will take revenge in such way..

same time maan called adi..

adi:excuse me guys..

he left a little far from them..

maan:adi ..how was the campus interview..how  geet did..who selected her group..

adi:maan sir..pls listen to me..

maan sensed seriousness in his voice..

maan:kya hua adi..

adi:their group was not selected n no one will select them..that shyam has threatened all in such a way that no one is ready to take geets group in their company..

maan was shocked..he stood at his place..


adi:I couldn’t see their faces sir..poor boys n girls..look like they lost their life..


the line got disconnected..he tried again but the ring was going on a busy tone ..

other side..shyam was celebrating the victory with sam..

shyam:did u see the face of the gang sam..

sam smiled..but still there was a deep fear in her heart..

sam:hmm..girls were crying..n boys looked  broken..

shyam:bakhi bachi do companies too wont select them..

he smiled hysterically..

sam:shyam,idk..but  I m scared..lets stop this game..

shyam:scared..y..for msk..

sam:yes shyam..today morning I had a bad dream..like maan killing my dad..

shyam:ofo..sam..u r still stuck in past where maan took ur dad to get a land..he is business man..but not a killer..so chillax baby..

ok..now lets go n know the final result..


lunch break was over..n all was again gathered at one place..n the other 2 companies too were not ready to take their project..

proffessors too were thinking why geets team were not selected..it will be a black mark to their career..seeing all breaking down geet too was in tears..

geet:sab ne humei reject ki..

she slumped on floor..

suddenly she felt someones gaze on her..she turned n saw maan on entrance..he was in official attire ..all in his glory with his bgs around him..he never appeard in campus like this..very professional..her tears pinched his heart..their eyes met n he nodded his head a little not to cry..n  asked her to stop the tears..

adi rushed to his side..sasha who was enjoying geets state was now in toes behind maan..

maan said something in adi’s ears..

adi to principal.:sir our khurana constructions MD want to see the presentation of the group which did the best.

princi:but u have already selected one..

adi:no..we selected geets groups only first..if u want u can check our marks..their team only scored high according to us..but as geet is working with us maan  sir told us to choose the next.but now he wants to see if we did good by rejecting her as all did..i mean they were best n all may have rejected bcoz kc rejected them..

geet looked at maan n then at adi with hurt eyes..are they mocking her failure..but maans eyes told something else..it was looking at her like always..with pure love..he wont let his mishty down at any place..

maan:sir..as the MD of Kc I want to check my employees judgement..i want to see the groups presentation now..according to our group they r best..n if so then y all rejected the group..n I  want all to see the groups presentation again..

princi knew there is something behind this..warna maan never says himelf as md before all in coll..

princi:geet Vicky arohi n group..give ur presentations ..

geet looked at arohi n Vicky..they looked at each other..all  the confidence in them has vanished..n they looked like they lost the battle..

now how would they do it with lack of confidence..n geet too was hesitant..

all students  proffessors staffs of all companies looked at them..few mds too have joined by now n were curious to know y kc s MD is interested in one group..n want to prove their skills before all..n some were now looking  to know who is geet..working in KC..mainly the chopras..

a message popped in geets cell..

do or die. give a chance to yourself again.if u cant do it without proving yourself its better to die loosing hope..failure will kill a men slowly..my jaan is fighter.n she can face all odds..i want to see my mishty at winning place..not as a loser…ur prince..’

geet wiped her tears..

geet:we will fight..union is strength..hum sab saath hai..so we will win in this last chance given to us..

she cheered up all n all gained the confidance..geet was all the time holding Vicky n saying everything what maan msged her..she boosted the team again..n arohi too courage all..like geeets fianc said its time to prove ..not to sit sulken..when we have given a chance we must prove..

geets team gave the presentation  again..followed by arohi Vicky mani manju prem heer n all

maan cross questioned them all at end of every single sentence ..adi sasha n others too cross questioned them.. geet n group gave them perfect answers with all theory..compared to all ,maans questions were more deeper..asking que why they chose the gratitude latitude  shapes  etc..all gave the perfect details..impressing each n everyone..at end all clapped now..there was a strength in maans presence which made all confident..n they did well..all  clapped now  for their group..

the mds who were present there looked at their staffs with questioning eyes why they didn’t chose geets group..n they all hung their head in shame n fear..

maan:so congrats..u all  are selected n  will be working in kc

princi:but how can u select 2 ..its impossible..

maan:sir everything is possible..so only  I made them repeat the presentation part..

n none will say anything to them now..i gave them  a fair chance..

princi”but how..i can accept only one group..

maan too was adamant..but then thought he is principal n he must give reasons..

maan:first project will be done by the first team..after they complete geets  group will   do their project..dont worry sir.. KC can handle both groups n KC always choose the best for their company..

he said with pride..

princi accepted n announced geet group is selected ..

maan stood there seeing geet smile..vicky stood shocked..if their group is selected by kc n will be working for them means.. he too will be working in Kc..it means he will be able to see his bro often..his bro has accepted him to work under him..he was shocked  to extent..arohi n all were hugging n jumping  in their places..for them KC is like a dream coming true..n working in best company will give them a good name too..


maan smirked seeing shyam n sam  faces.. maan had expected the same ..sams  face turned pale when maan looked at her dangerously..her spine chilled with his gaze… seeing maan choosing geets group she left..n maans  big  eyes too scared her like hell..she chided herself for being a fool..after knowing maans power too how can she try to mess with him..what if he do anything again..she decided not to mess with him again n fall in bad books..she is still scared of her fathers safety..

maan  smirked n went away like the way he came..his bgs followed him with a smile inwardly..bcoz they too cant see their gudia’s sad face..

maan sat on his car n changed his sim.his usual play behind the screen to scare the opponent..he want to warn shyam for messing with him..to make geet cry..

maan dialed shyams number n he took it in one ring..like he expected the call..

shyam:hello mr.X..geets fianc..haina..

maan was surprised to hear shyam talking in a cool way n knowing its him..

maan too know how to play..n he too continued with it..he changed his tone n talked with him..

maan:hmm..not bad..u recognized me so soon.

Shyam:u have imprinted ur signature in me then how can I forget u

Shyam said looking at his palm ..

Maan:hmm..cool…even after playing dangerous u r messing with me..my geet..

Shyam:without harming how can I reach my goal..that is to reach u..


Maan for the first time surprised with shyams answer..he did all this to reach him..but why..

Shyam smirked:hmm..u punished me for touching ur fianc..then what will u do to the man who is behind ur fianc

This time maan was really confused..who is behind geet..a sudden possessiveness rose inside him..

Maan:who r u talking about..

Shyam:first say what u will do him…I want to know r u really possessive for ur fianc or its just a show off ..so a person like me can be grounded soon..u made me suffer becoz my dad lost his power..but can u do the same if its someone who is highly influenced..

Maan was really in no mood to hear him bicker..it only raised his temper..

Maan:will u just shut the crap..dont beat around the bush..come to the point..who is he..

Shyam:hmm no..first say what u will do to the person..then I ll say who is it..

Maan:arghh shyam…what u expect me to do..i ll kill the person who lay his eyes on her..

Shyam:no..i don’t want his death..but I want him to see hurt..do something that he is in pain..

Maan:ok..now say who is it..

Now maan too was left in thoughts..who is behind geet that he doesn’t know..first he want to give pun ishment to his g’s who didn’t say anything about it..he will deal with him after shyam..

Maan:n how will I know u r telling truth..

Shyam:sending u some photos..in watsup..check it..i didn’t have ur number ..or I would have sent it long before..i cant contact u till u contact me..so only I played this trick..my intension was not hurting geet..hmm..n as u have said I expect u to do the same..to harm that person..

Maan:what if  didn’t..

Shyam:I ll continue to search some way or other..

Maan:if I did..

Shyam:I promise I ll never cross urs or ur fianc geets path..

With that he cut off his call making maan fume..

The next second his phone beeped n he received some pictures shocking him..it was he n geet..som e close pictures where he was holding geet..some were recent pictures taken during college competitions..their dance their  fashion show..his hug..

Maan pushed his hair back..shyam was so close to know his relation..but instead he was playing bad..maan wants geets safety first..

There was a msg too

Trust me msk has forcefully kissed ur fianc before all…may be she wouldn’t have told u all these fearing u..now let me see how u punish MSK the great..u cant even near him as he has a strong bgs around him,..n I promise u..once I got what I want I wont be behind ur fianc..

Shyam cut the call n smirked..

Shyam’s st:now lets see geets fianc..now its you or MSK..lets see who wins..anyone wins im satisfied.if mr.X..geets fiance loses..i ll be happy as I got him punished for what he did for me..even if he wins I ll be happy other way that I made maan lose who  took over my place in college..in both ways I will win..what if I didn’t get one punished..im happy  to see any one at the losing end..

Maan sat on the the car thinking what to do now..shyam doesn’t know who is he..the man mr.X geets fianc n maan are same person…before sometime he was thinking of punishing bgs..but here the problem is he himself..shyam has see them two n want revenge ..to see msk in pain..but how he will harm himself..he must think wisely to solve this problem..

U,me,aur….?Part 142


Part 142


Maan:shit..shit..jaan..jaan..im sry baba..wake up baby..

He removed himself from her  .. covered her in a towel..he took her inside n placed in bed..yeh kya kiya meine..he chided himself..she is weak..

The clock struck 11 showing the time..

maan:gosh..how many hrs we were there n  she is bare stomach..he rushed to kitchen..poured an orange juice in a glass mixed  glucose powder in it n came back to her..he lifted her  n made her lean on him..

Maan:baby..have this..

She nodded no..she barely opened her eyes..it was failing to open..

Maan:baby..pls..he made her sip slowly..n after she had full n got her energy back..she felt good n was able to open her eyes..she only saw regret n guilt in his eyes n care n concerned more..she moved a little more n hugged his waist..

Geet:sry..did I disappoint u..

Maan:no baby..i forgot the timing in my desire..its not ur fault..i ll get ur bf..till then take rest..he pecked her forehead n went to bring her break fast..


Maan made her bread   sandwich ,omlette n poured milk in a glass n rushed to her..he was cursing him for umpteenth time..he himself don’t know why he is desperate to have her more n more..is it becoz of dr’s green signal..geet is fine..n only a little way to get cured..or the distance they keep most of times..whatever the reason is..he cant make her weak..he has gone too far in these days..he entered their room n saw geet leaning in bed post n looking at him..she smiled at him..but he couldn’t..guilt was written all over his face..he kept the milk in side table n started to feed her..she denied n asked him to take first..he too started to take along with her..n they finished the bf..he took the milk n gave to geet..

Maan:sry.baby..i.hurt u..i did wrong…

She placed her index finger on his lips

Geet:no prince..aap kabhi galat nehi ho sakthe..i know u..u can never hurt me nor give me pain..phir mein kese sochungi aapne galati ki ..u can never do anything wrong when u care for all..

Maan was stunned..her words were somewhere soothing his wounded heart..

Maan looked at her n asked..

Maan:..what if someone says I did something terribly wrong..hurted them..or did a big sin.. will u have this trust that time too..will u believe me that I didn’t do anything wrong..

There was a heaviness in his voice..n his eyes looked at her with earning..so many emotions in his one look that stirred her soul.

Geet sensed something behind his words..but couldn’t understand what it is…

Geet:I believe my prince..he can never hurt anybody..n I wont believe anyone if they say u r wrong too..aap bohut ache ho prince..is dood se zyadha safed dil hai aapko..

Maan :oh jaan..

He hugged her tight..she can sense he is overwhelmed with her words..but don’t know whats the reason for his this behavior..

Geet hugged him back

Geet:aap yese socha bhi kese I wont believe u..she asked with fake anger..

Maan smiled.. n  looked at her..

Maan:I just want to know what my baby thinks about me..

She was about to talk more..he placed his fingers on her lips..

Maan:u need rest jaan..we will talk later..

He took her tablets n gave to her..

he made her comfortable on bed..now  take rest..

geet held maans hand..

where r u going..

maan: to take my laptop..

geet:aren’t u tired..

maan cupped her cheeks..he felt contend seeing her care..someone for himself..

maan:I am used to it jaan..i don’t feel tired.im physically strong..fit n fine..tum rest karo..mein aathi hoon..

he moved to hall where he kept his lappy..he talked with his bgs n asked them if they had their bf n came back .

he sat next to geet n started to work..she starred at him for long time..she was feeling something..something is missing..she thought for a long time..kuch hai that is hided from her view..but whats it..

geet is matured yet innocent..n maan was trying 2 save her innocence..n that’s making geet to think deeply..still she has to think more on what she is missing in her prince life..only reason she knew was dadi n Vicky..the reason dadi told…is it related to what her prince asked..will maan talk to Vicky..vicky is too eager to be with his brother..she knew it..but maan has denied her to talk about Vicky..then how will she know what is bugging her prince..

maan turned to geet n saw her starring at him..

maan:u didn’t sleep..

geet:aap ki bahon mei soneki aadat hai mujei..i cant sleep..

maan kept his lappy aside n opened his arms for her..she happily came into his hug..he kissed her forehead..

maan:u must have called me  before..i wont have gone to work..now sleep peacefully..we have to leave by evening..

geet frowned..

geet:evening..but u told we will leave tomorrow morning..

maan:ya..but  I received a msg from college..that the presentation u have prepared for next week has preponed..so u all have to attend it tomorrow..


she screamed making maan close his ears..

she searched her side table n took her phone..

maan:what happened..


she leaned on maan feeling still tired..

she dialed vicky..


Geet:vickkkyyy..do u got info about presentation..

Vicky:hmm..im already nervous baby..how will we prepare by  night..

Kal presentation.n campus interview.. u know many companies r coming to select students to work  in their firm..based on the presentation we give..im nervous baby..how I ll give..


Vicky:yes..we..its group presentation na..i forgot that too..how will I do..will they select us..i want to be selected..i want to stay here in delhi n work here..

Vicky was going on n on..maan too was checking his mails in phone..as geet was leaning on maans shoulders he heard all that Vicky blabbered..

Maan:ek ke upar ek..both r same..nonstop express..

he chuckled saying it..geet turned n looked at him..

maan looked at her n realized he was loud enough that geet heard him..but maan looked back again at his phone like he didn’t say anything..geet was confused..is it her imagination or real..

Vicky couldn’t hear maan..but seeing no response from geet he screamed on other said

Vicky:bhaaabhi…im talking here n what r u doing..

Geet thought to tease maan..

Geet:kya karungi..when im with ur brother..

She grinned ear to ear..

Maan turned n looked at his jaan in shock..she winked at him..he rolled his eyes seeing her naughtiness..

Vicky:oh my sweet bhabhi..so sorry to disturb ur romance..diya jale jaan jale..

He started to sing again..

Geet laughed this time..

Geet:so mr.vicky..now say are u tensed  ..tomorrow presentation hai..u have forgotten it n teasing me..

Vicky:omg baby..mei kya karun..when will u come back..pls help me na..

She looked at maan.

Maan :by 8..

Geet:we will come by 8pm..then we  both will prepare together..

Vicky:that’s so sweet of you..i ll be waiting..will call our group   n discuss with them too..

Both kept on chatting n  maan was caressing her hair n listening to her talks..after that geet slept..maan moved to complete his work.. he packed their things to go back ..bgs came n gave him the lunch he ordered..

He saw the time..it was  already lunch time

He came to his room n woke up geet..n both had their lunch..

Geet cleared the place n Maan went to do some more work..geet starred at him..

He was impossible..always with his lappy..

She smirked..

Geet:prince..u can sit in bed n work too na..

Maan:y jaan..i m ok here..

Geet st:but im not ok..

Geet:mujei aur sona hai..aap mere paas betiye na..

She made faces n asked him cutely..how can maan avoid when his cutie pie is asking him so lovingly..

Maan:ok now come..

He leaned on bed  n let her snuggle closer to him..he kept his lappy in lap smiled at her n concentrated back on lappy..she rolled her eyes..but she had naughty thoughts in her mind..her hands slowly made patterns on his waist..

Maan:jaan..what r u doing..

He took her hands n placed on bed..

She frowned..

But she again did the same..maan looked at her keeping his lappy aside..her eyes twinkled in mischief..he knew her well..she is upto something..before he realize her hands went inside his tracks touching his balls..his eyes popped out..he tried to take her hand out..she tickled him..

Maan:jaan..no..no jaan..

Geet:I want to..

Maan:pls..no jaan..

He groaned feeling her soft palm kneading him n arousing him..

Maan:jaan pls..u r not well..i don’t ..

She closed his lips with hers..she was all over him n they were on edge of bed..he scared they will fall..n geet may get hurt..


He tried to speak..but she was over powering him

She left him after a while…n he immediately took charge over her..he turned n pinned her to bed..

Maaan:whats all that..hmm..

Geet:I want to satisfy you..morning ..i ..didnt ..

Maan:no jaan..yesa nehi hai..puri life hai humare pass..we can do tomorrow too..but u r not well today..subahi tum faint hone wali thi..n tomorrow u have presentations too..so pls keep your hands with you..n take rest..

she stilll had that naughty grin on her face.

Maan knotted his brows..n looked at her like he caught her..

Maan:is that all to do that..u lied to me..

Geet looked at him with anger

Geet:I don’t lie..u know na..mujei sona hai..aur aapki upar sona hai..and I want to pleasure u  n then make u sleep with me..u r always doing work n not taking rest..so only I want u also to sleep.. aur aapne mere saath woh sab kiya..but u didn’t let me touch you..mujei bhi aapke saath woh sab karna hai..aapko khush karna hai..

She blabbered what is in her mind in one go

Maan  looked at her with open mouth.. then he sighed.

Maan:sona..u want me to sleep with u..i ll..but no touching there…jo bhi karna hai..karlo..par aaj nehi..when u r better..


Maan smiled.

Maan: after we go to our house..kal ,parso..but aaj nehi..

Geet:mujei aaj karna hai..

Maan:aaj hum sirf yehi karenge..

he pecked her lips softly caressing it with his tongue..she encircled her arms around him..both were softly moving on..she came on top n placed her head on his chest..he held her by waist..both their heart beat was thudding fast..

maans hands rubbing her back..with her he felt peace n when he slept he don’t know..she lifted her head  n saw him sleeping..she felt happy ..she tried to move n sleep on bed..but he was not leaving her n there was moments in him..may be his sleep was disturbed..she doesn’t want him to awake..so she stayed like that..soon she too slept  again..

both woke up with the sound of maans phone..

it was from his bgs..maan has already told them they will be moving by evening..but there was no sign of maneet..so they called them..

bgs:sir ,wo..its 4 now..

maan looked at the time.n then at his baby wife..who still want to sleep holding him..

maan:we are coming in 15 minutes..

maan:kya hua sona..nehi jaana hai kya..


maan:kyun..tomorrow we have college..have u forgotten it..

geet st:hmm..jaan hai..

her st:once we go there u will get busy..n I wont get time like this with you..atleast here u r with me 24×7..par..

maan:chalo jaldi..mujei bhi bohut saara kaam hai..i slept too long..mujei din mei sone ki adaat nehi hai..aaj woh bhi kiya..

saying he picked a shirt n weared it..

maan:get ready sona..

he went to washroom ..came out wiping his face..

she was still in same position twisting her lips..

maan:princess..are u coming  or not..jaldi karo..dress up..

geet:im too lazy to change..aaphi change karwadona..

he gave a look..is it other drama of hers to be with him..she gave him a puppy look..he nodded his head..n opened the wardrobe n started to search a dress for her..

maan”yeh sab meri  wajase..i have made u lazy..

geet:jaldi karo na prince…

maan:haan ..when I say hurry up..u r laying happily..ab mujei kaho..

he took out a  frock..the one thing which he can make her wear easily..other dresses he cant even think zipping her jeans or buttoning her shirt..tying her a sari..or  pulling her pant of salwar..he closed his eyes not want to get erotic thoughts..

she was in her nighty..he decided he has to change her without getting lost in her…

he moved to her n pulled the frock on her neck..same time lowered her nightdress..inserted her hands  inside the sleeve..pulled her night dress down n  corrected her frock..it was hard for him though he did it successfully…she was such a seductress..

the full frock gave her a princess look.maan adored her beauty ..

geet kissed his cheeks..thank you..

maan:I ll w8 down..come soon..

he sighed n went down..he asked his bgs to keep their luggages in boot..n he went 2 make milk for his princess..n black coffee for himself..

geet came down..both had their coffee n came to car..

bgs looked at her..

geet:why r u looking at me like that bhaiya..

she checked if she has anything over her face..in the car mirror..

the bgs chuckled..

bg:nehi gudia..we were just seeing a little princess in this frock..u look so cute..n beautiful..

she shied n hided in maans embrace..if they hadn’t shared a brotherly bond..he would have burned in jealousy n would have broken their teeth..he hided his possessiveness..n sat in the car..n geet to sat next to him..they started their journey back to home..

car entered the mansion..

maan asked the driver

maan:palace jao..yahaan..

before he complete geet said

geet:I only told kaka to take us to mansion..

maan blinked his eyes..when they talked without his knowledge..

maan:why?we will go to our house.

geet:yeh bhi humari ghar haina prince..aur kala di  ne kaha kuch batana hai humse..isilye meine kaka se kaha seedhe mansion jao..


geet:when di called me.

Maan:when she called u..aur mujei kyun nehi bataya..

Geet:ofo prince kitne sawal poochtiho aap..aap tho busy the na ..when u went to get milk for me she called..n I said we will come there..

Maan:oh..tho teek hai..

Maan was left in thoughts..dadi teek ho na..y kalakka called us to mansion..

Maneet entered the mansion..n both were stopped at entrance by an overly whelmed kalakka..she hugged geet tightly n tears were flowing like a river..maan was the one first to react.he panicked seeing her like that..

Maan:akka akka what happened..sab teek haina…en alareenga(y r u crying)

Geet who was shocked to see kala crying came out of her reverie..all gathered in hall..

Maan turned to nakul :why kalakka is crying

Nakul: mujei bhi nehi patha chote babu..kal se kuch ajeebsi behave karrahi hai..jab poochoongi tab kehthi hai chotu aur gudia ko aane do..phir bataungi..

He said in worrysome tone..

Dadi: I too asked her maan but she denied to tell me too..

Maan held kala’s shoulders n made her look at him..he wiped her tears..

Maan:akka..enna achu..sollunga naan irukkenla..(di tell me what happened ..im there for you)

She smiled in tears..

Kala:I just want to say this first to u both only..

Geet:kya di..

Kala cupped her face:yahi ki tum  maami banne wali ho aur mera chotu maama..bhagwaane tumei mereliye beja hai..na tum mujei hospital lejathi aur checkup karwathi..yeh din mujei kabhi nehi miltha..tum sach mein lucky charm ho..

All were stunned n shocked..

Maan:akka..u..me..means me maaamu..

Nakul:kala sach mein..

nakul asked in shock.


Dadi:kala itni badi baath tum ab batha rahi ho..

There was a sudden squeal of happiness..vicky was shouting n dancing..yippee.humare ghar mei ek nani si jaan aane wali hai..yeehh..

That excitement made all come out of their shocks..they all  hugged kala in bone crushing hug ..

Geet:omg omg..im excited..

Maan:me too..mere di ka baby hai..n akka.,u scared the hell out of me..itni khushi ki baath aapne yese kaha..aur aajse abhi se..aap koi kaam nehi karengi..

Dadi:haan..u have take care of yourself only.n nakul..if I ever see kala working I wont send kala to your house..she will stay here with me..

Nakul was all shy seeing kala..n kala too was blushing seeing him..

Maan: nakul..why r u standing there..make sweets soon n give to akka..she has given us a good news..

Nakul got scared as usual with maans order..


He ran to kitchen making all laugh..

Kala:chotu.avangala ipdi viratura nee ..paavam ..unna paathale payanthu nadunguraanga.(u made him run..poor man..he always gets scared of u)

Maan:hmm..it serves him right..he will take good care of you..

Geet made kala sit next to her n asked:di aapko kal hi patha tha..



Kala:I went for monthly check up na..tab dr.ne bathaya..

Dadi: how much u worshipped god for it..finally he listened to your prayers..

Dadi:nehi..not for my prayers..but for my gudia..who  is the reason behind this happiness..yeh kushi sirf gudia ki wajase mila hai mujei..

Vicky was standing n looking at them..he never tried to near them..he held his desire back..maan can sense vickys eyes on him..but he didnt look at his side..dexture was the one to sneak under sofa n come to geet..it licked her legs to get her attention..

Geet pulled it out n kept on her laps..

Geet:oye dexture..what r u doing..

it tried to lick her face while geet backed out saving herself from him..

Kala:dexture missed you a lot..

Geet:dexture missed me hai kya..

It nodded its head..

Nakul came out with a plate full of sweet n gave to all..

Maan:nakul,,take care of akka..

Nakul:ji chote babu..

Dadi:maan,bacha hai uska..he will take care..

Maan:hmm..sona,are you coming with me or staying here..

She looked at Vicky n then said:aap jayiye mei aathi hoon..project work bhi discuss karna hai mujei..aur..

Maan:aur di ke pass thodi der aur rehna hai..

Geet nodde in yes n grinned..

Maan:ok..im going..

Dadi:Maan,stay here for some more time..

He gave her a sad smile..

Maan:the too I have to go to my house only..

Saying he walked out..mansion only reminded his past..he felt always chocked coming here..

He has not forgotten anything nor forgiven his dadi..but was trying to be normal with dadi..only for her age  n health sake..he entered his palace n sumped in sofa..just a word greens up all wounds..he sat there looking at the ceiling..the flashes of accuses n dadis scolds rang in his ears..he closed his ears not want to hear it .he felt like living it all again..

precap:shyams plan against geet..he won this time..
im Evil Smile..i know…

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U,me,aur….?Part 140

Part 140

Geet woke up..the night has been long..they both slept late..n now she has woken up late too..but she was feeling fresh..the birds sound made her morning more beautiful..she looked at her side..maan was missing..she saw her milk kept on te table..she was not surprised..her prince will pamper her to extent..she took her dupatta n covered herself..she shied thinking about the night..she brushed n took the milk to drink..she saw a note with it.

Goodmorning princess.

i have kept dress for you..change to it after taking bath..ur bath tub too is ready..just check the warmth before entering..

with love ..

your prince..

she kissed the note like giving it to him..she was too happy nowadays when she was with him alone..she miss him a lot..arjun n arohis behaviour has made her yearn to be with her prince..she has started to weave dreams to be with him before all..she has made herself in such a situation she cant say she is mrs.maan ..she is still scared seeing the media n the questions asked by them..her prince has the ability to tackle all.. even her prince wont say she is his wife for her safety…working with him in kc she knew the rivalries n their under quotes to get the tenders..thinking about maan the time passed on till maan called her she was lost in his thoughts..

maan:jaan..r u fine..kahin dard toh nehi..

geet:ji nehi..woh  mein..

she shied..

maan:thinking about me..

his voice held so much tease that her cheeks burned..

maan:keep ur red cheeks for later..now come soon..BF is ready..

she slapped her forehead..

geet:i..im sry..prince..aap kyun bf banayi..mein hoon na..

maan:so what jaan..meri wajase hi tum tired ho..so I must be the one to take care of you na..

geet:bus 5 min..mei aathi hoon..

she entered the washroom n saw a blue frock kept for her..

she touched the water it was in correct warmth..n there was smell of oil..she can guess he has added it to give her relief..she relaxed herself n came down wearing the frock..it was quite descent too..

he was dressed n ¾ th pant n a T..its her choice which she ordered in online with help of Vicky..

he  was placing dishes on dining..

geet came n hugged him..

maan pecked her lips lovingly..

maan:missed me beside you or my goodmorning kiss..hmm

he teased her

geet pouted her lips..how can he read her mind..she nodded in yes..n said..yup..i missed u..

maan:how r u feeling now..

geet:thoda sa pain hai…I ll be fine..

maan:hmm..sorry..but eat the bf..i got a pain killer ..take it..

she frowned..

geet:pls prince no tablets..

maan:I know jaan ..u r fed up taking tablets..but u r my good shona na..

pampering her he pulled her in laps n started to feed her lovingly..n she fed him back like always..

maan:its only for ur good sona….taking it ur pain will reduce..so we can be happy tomorrow.. tumei tho dard hai..n I cant love u today..

he was reasoning her..

maan:u want me to love you na..not once..he winked making her blush..

maan:only tomorrow we will be here..from Monday we will be back to work n college..so take medicines n be fit n fine for our long day tomorrow..


Maan:yes..day..holiday for our lovemaking today..n full working day tomorrow..how is my plan..

She hugged him lovingly..

Geet:nice plan..so what will we do today..i ll make lunch..

Maan:nothing..take rest..i have asked to get food outside for lunch..u r already tired bcoz of college function..i don’t want u to fall sick..

He kept the last bite of roti in her mouth..she held half in her mouth n came to his mouth n pushed the half inside his..both took the half n their lips met..making them to drown in passionate kiss..his hands caressing her side of twins..she can feel his member hard.as she was still in his lap..she giggled looking at his buldge..

Maan:u r such a tease jaan.i don’t want to take u now..

He left her so he can calm himself n his aroused member..

Geet cleaned the dining ..

Maan:u go n sit in lawn jaan..i ll finish my work n come..he took his lappy n sat on the sofa..n there are many missed calls in ur ph..check it..

Geet took her cell  n sat on the backside lawn…it was a huge garden..n the sight was full of greenery..she can see many colourful birds..she sat on the chair..looked at her cell n saw missed call from Vicky n friends..she called Vicky first..

He took in one ring n screamed loud that she has to keep her phone away from her ears..


Geet:Vicky..kya hua..

Vicky:im so so so happy..


He narrated the last night incident..

Vicky:bhai didn’t turn his face like he always do..he indirectly told me to go home safe..

Geet looked at maan who was engrossed in his lappy n calling someone in phone.

She gave a thoughtful look to him n again continued to chat..

Geet:how is dadi..she will be missing me..

Vicky:more than dadi..dexture is missing you..

Haina dexture..

He asked the dog who ws looking at him..

Dextures st:haan..atleast I would have get a small relief from this Vicky..yeh tho raath bar soyi nehi aur mujei bhi sonei nehi di..i missed my dreamgirlfriend…

It gave a meek  barking sound

Chal dexture..till Vicky talks let us have a small nap..n I hope my dreamgirl comes now..

Poor dog fed up of Vicky..

Vicky n geets talk was going on..in between dadi too talked with her n appreciated her performance..kala n nakul too talked with her..

Kala told there is a great surprise waiting for geet when she is back..after lots of maska too she never told whats the surprise..she asked all n none had a clue about kalas surprise..

Maan looked at geet..she was a chatter box .it took long time for him to get her back like this…n now too she is same like he saw in hp..only her appearance has changed along with maturity..he saw bahadur handling her tablets n giving her chocolates..her cheeky smile can flatter anyone..bahadur told something  n patted her cheeks..

Maan must have been jealous if it was someone else..but his mishty has made all his bgs as her loving brothers n he could only admire their bond..

He again concentrated on his work..

Bahadur,raghav n prithvi came inside..

Bg’s:u called us sir..

Maan:ya..so whats the progress outside

Raghav:sam n shyam..sam  discharged n still in bed rest..shyam ..same ..no changes..till now he too has not done anything which make us suspicious..but he seems to be disturbed n irritated..

Prithvi:we cant surely say he is behind everything..n may be the irritation is bcoz of sams sickness too.


Bahadur:rahul chopra n his mens.. ..they are  following staffs daily..if anyone is found alone too his men asks them to join their construction company..


Bahadur:all our staffs denied to join him..


Bahadur:One small video for you sir..

Maan lifted his brows..bahadur handed him a cd..

Bahadur:aap deklejiye sir..

Maan inserted the cd in his laptop..

N the screen came up with sasha entering a poshy restaurant ..she walked in such a way that all noticed her n  she was happy gaining others eyes on her..a man in middle age dressed neatly approached her..

Man:hai beautiful lady..

Sasha eyes fluttered n she gave a big smile to him..her face expressions said she is flattered with the complement..

Sasha:hmm..thank u oldman for your complement..

The mans face fall down with her blunt reply..

Maan laughed seeing it..but what is there to do with him to c this cd..

He looked at his bgs n they asked him 2 see more..

Maan again looked at the screen..

They both were having a normal chat..the man was making sasha  happy with his more beautiful complements over her dress nail polish sandals etc..

Sasha ordered her food n he too ordered for himself..slowly he enquired about her n tthen offered her a good some of salary n to join where he works..

For a sec sasha was dumbstuck with the salary offered..but she has some more thoughts in her mind..she asked him which company..n the man told rahul constructions..

Sashas evil mind calculated all ..she was left in thoughts ..

The man asked her decision n she said no..

Sasha st:I want to make the great msk mine..then whats the use of this salary n all..i ll be the owner of kc..she smirked..i cant lose this chance for which I got transfer here..

The man gave her his visiting card..

Man:if u change your mind ..contact me in this number..i ll always be available for you beautiful..

Sasha took the card ..

Sasha:I think there wont be any need mr..old man..i m happy where I am..i can get what I want  only here..


Sasha:I mean a good a reputation in top construction company…n working under an expert..

Man was not convinced with her answer..pls rethink again..

Sasha: u may  leave now..

She said in a harsh tone irritated with his pesturing..

Maan s eyes split anger..

These rahuls men..sasha didn’t accept the offer..it made him happy..but he was not happy with rahuls approach..how dare her disturb my staff..before too they made sasha slip ..so she won’t give the presentation..n now again..

He took his phone to call rahul..

Bahadur stopped him..

Bahadur:sir..let the dog bark..u r sun..it must not affect you..if u called him he will think he has won in disturbing you..you know much more than us..pls sir..think again..

Maan kept the phone..

Maan:u r right..when u all are there ..then why to get worried..who is in charge of km today..you all three are here..sir bheem is there in duty..dont worry sir..vicky babu ghar par hi hain..n dadi ma bhi..

Maan:I know that..

He looked at geets side who is still in chat ..

Maan:or it wont run for hrs like this,..

The bgs smiled..

Bgs:sir shall we leave..

Maan:ya..u all can go..relax..n sametime be attentive n don’t under estimate rivals..

Bgs:yes sir..

Maan st:I must do something to this rahul..but what..time is slipping n only his ways to bring me down too..i cnt stoop low like him..kuch sochna padega..


Maan neared geet.she had her ear plugs on..he thought she is listening to songs..she was giggling…she didn’t notice maan n he  picked her up suddenly making her phone drop..

Geet:prince..aahh..aap  bhi na..arohi is in phone..

She cautioned him..

Maan  immediately let her down..she gave a glare.(.puppy glare )n he looked other side..he always  do something like this making themselves in questioning position..it was always Vicky..but today..arohi..

oh no..kya poochegi woh

Geet picked the phone..other side arohi was screaming her name loudly

Aro:geet..geeet..kya hua..

Geet:kuch nehi aro..woh..woh..

Arohi:no need to say..u r with ur prince charming haina..n haan what are you doing with him..i talked with Vicky..he is in home..tum aur who akele..what r u doing..

Geet couldn’t say no..its truth..n she cant lie..she can see her care behind her every words….

Maan looked at her..he has put her in that position n he cant see his mishty like that..

He neared geet n whispered..

Maan:bolo..ur prince has taken out for a small outing..a small picnic for my baby to relax..kyun..only arjun can take her for outing hai kya..

Arohi couldn’t here what maan was saying..

Geet:hmm..aro..woh..woh aur mein..outing ..i mean..picnic pe..

Arohi:picnic..u both..


Arohi:teek hai..geet thoda dur aana..i want to say u one thing..

Geet:hmm..she moved a little from maan..

Arohi:geet..u r so innocent..shadhi se pehle outing ,dating  n sometimes kisses or ok..but more than that..its wrong..tum akele ho..isiliye samjaraha hoon..u know what im saying..ab mein rakthi hoon..

Geet looked at her phone..what was she talking about..

She voice was loud enough for maan..

Maan:kya hua..what are u thinking ..

Geet:prince..arohi ne yesa kyun kaha..


She told..n maan laughed loud..

If he thinks his mishty is matured enuf..she proves him wrong..

He sat next to her n made her sit on him..her hands encircled around his neck..n legs either side of his..

She hissed a little in pain when their lower part met..

Maan:she was saying about this..she don’t know na we are married n we have license to  do all things..hmm

Geet was all red again..

He captured her lips , chewed her,extracted her juice n mingled it with his saliva..he rolled his tongue inside her mouth discovering her inner taste..he lifted her n moved a little where there was a swing..he sat n made her lie on his laps..her hands hugged his waist..n his hands found his way  to touch over  her frock..

Geet:prince..bhai ..

Maan:they are outside our house..here only we two..i gave u leave for today only for that..not for this..i can touch you kiss you..n will do all except lovemaking..he squeezed her twins  n played with her nipples..

U enjoy the scenario..n I enjoy mine..ok..

He bent n kissed her lips..


There were different kinds of birds flying in air..some playing in trees..

She  got delighted n watched them..whereas maan kept caressing her softness n threaded her hair.n were chatting on random topics..n sometimes both were teasing each other too..the climate was pleasant..n the air was cool..more than all they were in swing moving to n fro..soon he can see geet falling asleep in his laps..

He waited for her to get in deep slumber..then lifted her n went to bed room n placed her in bed..he  removed her panties slowly n checked her core which was red bcoz of his hard passion..he took the ointment n rubbed slowly..she moaned even in her sleep…he pulled the spread over her n let her sleep..

She woke up ,,..both had  lunch..chatted n had their little romance..they slept hugging each other at night..

precap:Maans surprise..


U,me,aur….?Part 139

Part 139

Maan has already planned everything..he instructed geets driver to take her to a certain place n he will join them their..

After the function was over n all friends bid bye to each other Vicky n geet sat in the car..

Geet was looking very tired..

Vicky:tired baby..

Geet leaned comfortably on him..n said..


Her thoughts were filled with maan..he told they will be together today..her stomach was having butterflies n red blush appeard in her face..

Vicky was talking about the programs n how geet handled it n sam shyams disappearance..he stopped seeing no response from geet..

Vicky:ahem ahem

He cleared his throat..

Vicky:so someone is thinking about my bhai n not listening to me.hmm..

Geet:Vicky..chup..she slapped him play fully..im tired..she closed her eyes to escape from his teasings..but she was too tired that she slept in few minutes..the car stopped in few minutes..

Vicky:driver kaka..why u stopped here..

Driver:maan sir asked me to stop here..

Vicky was surprised..maan bhai..

He immediately came out n saw maan coming towards the car..maan n vickys eyes met..vicky lowered his eyes..n maan too averted his eyes..they always had the pull..but it must be stopped..

Maan opened the side door n looked at his wife sleeping..he smiled..he lifted her without disturbing her sleep n carried to his car..he turned to driver n vickys bgs n said..geet will be with me for next two days..inform dadi..n go safely..

Vicky want to dance..he can clearly see the msg was indirectly told to him..his bhai is going outing with bhabhi..n he want him to go home safe..

He was doing bangra mentally..

Maans car drove passing them..n Vicky too sat in his car to get back home..he was literally jumping in his seat..even though maan didn’t talk to him he was happy with it..as the car stopped in mansion he rushed inside n hugged kala n nakul n danced sharing the news..he went to see dadi..poor him..she was sleeping ..he pouted seeing her sleep n went to his room..he shared the news with dexture too..who wagged its tail expressing he too was happy for Vicky..

Vicky went to his paps photo..

I love you papa..bhai..mujse baath ki..omg..i cant believe it papa..i love you..i love my bro..i love my baby..

Dexture came in front n barked to gain his attention..

Ok ok..i love you too..lalalala..he started to dance on his own tunes..


Maaneets car started to travel on the outskirts of delhi..

He looked at his wife who has not changed the bridal attire as per his wish..she still looked the same innocent geet whom he married ..

She was sleeping on his shoulders n he was holding her softly..she is still unaware of where she is..

He took his cell n messaged to raghav regarding college issues..its all well planned ..he is 100% sure..even the faculty has the same thought..n has asked the police to enquire about it..they doubted sam n shyam..but sam getting sick made them confuse n they couldn’t doubt them..

Maan asked his bgs to keep eye on both..n give him details..


The car jerked n came to stop..maan looked out..they have reached the destination..

Geet slowly opened her eyes..maan lifted her n walked in..she comfortably kept her face in his chest n holded his neck…

The chill air made her wake up..she blinked her eyes..n looked around..

Geet:prince..hum..yahaan kyun ayi..

She looked the bgs still around

Geet:prince let me down..

Maan:no..today I ll take my bride as per my wish..she wriggled to get down but he held her tight..

Maan:if u wriggle one more time I ll kiss u before all..chose what u want..

Geets mouth opened in big O..

She stopped her wriggle..maan carried her to the bed room..she was surprised seeing it decorated with scented candles n flowers..

Geet shied knowing his intention n hide in his chest..

Maan:do u want me to start now itself..

Geet:prince aap bhi na..

Maan:what mei bhi na..dont say u don’t want it..

Geet:aap..aap na..u have become more shameless..dusht dhanav kahi ka..

Maan placed her on the chair which was in balcony attached to the bed room…the foods were placed in hot packs..

Maan:lets have some food..then we will continue what we want..ok..

He served in single plate n fed her..n she too fed him..

Geet:prince..after long time we are coming here to farm house na..

Maan:yes..we came here for diwali holidays..

Geet:yes..i remember..this is one place where government had banned to burn crackers..becoz  of the arrival of birds..last time na..i saw so many colouful birds..

Maan:now birds sanctuary is created  here ..n u can  see many more birds in morning..

Geet got delighted :sachi..


Geet:when u bought this fh prince..

Maan:I got this before our marriage..but renovated after  our first honeymoon trip..so we can spend time here ..why to travel so far..

Maan winked..n geet shied..

Maan:seriously if u want to say geet..i renovated for you..this place  is quiet calm..n I can keep you away from fire n crackers during diwali times..so only I decided to celebrate our 2nd diwali here.

Geet was over whelmed seeing his care..

They have finished their dinner..

Maan:ok I ll keep the dishes n come..u relax till then..

Geet:mein karthi hoon..

Maan:u r my princess jaan..n u r so tired..so let me do..take rest for a while..bcoz night is too long for us..

Saying he took the dishes to keep for cleaning..

Geet looked the bed room again..she remembered maans wish..his word SR ringed in her mind..he has decorated like its for real sr..though its simple..it created a romantic feel..she can feel wet by now with thoughts itself..she want to do something special for him..but cant think what..that too now what can she do..

An idea popped in her mind..she can give him a small happiness..


maan entered the room n locked it..he turned n saw his wife..he was shocked  n tongue tight becoz of happiness..it was one such dream for him..in their real first night  she was so young to know these things..n behaved childishly..n that sr never happened..but today..his happiness knew no boundaries..

geet was sitting in bed with her viel covering her face..waiting for him like a real bride waiting for her groom..

maan took slow steps..n his every step was raising geets heart beat..maan was no less than her..they have controlled for last few days..he is a hungry lion waiting for its prey..will she be able to take his passion today..he was clueless..he stopped at end of bed n looked at her..she can sense it..

geet s toes curled in anticipation..

geet:prince..aap..aap..kya dekrahi ho..

maan:looking at my bride..n want to know who is eager..u or me..


she let out a soft whisper..his words were turning up her more..

maan sat near her n lifted her viel..n dropped down the floor..

maan:u look so beautiful jaan..so beautiful..that I want to rip ur clothes now n get inside you..

geet:who is stopping you then..

she gave him the approval..


geet:mei..meine kab rokha..

maan:ur clothes geet..

he pulled her near him n cupped her cheeks..

maan:today u will see  new prince geet..i was already yearning for u..n ur this approach has leashed the animal inside me..bear me jaan..i am going to take u on a rough ride..

saying he claimed her lips harshly like he has not kissed her for years..she smiled in his lips n kissed him back..the fire was on both sides…her hands roaming on his back ..his hands looked for the bare skin..he played with her belly n pulled the strings of skirt..pulling it down he undressed his sherwani  hurrily..his hands held her neck n his lips started to taste her again..lowering below..her chest heaved up n down..his hands went in search of choli strings..once he pulled out..he chuckled making her frown..

geet:why r u laughing..

maan:I just thought about out SR..our first night..it was same dress..do u remember what u said when I was  doing same..PLEASE DON’T..

geet looked down in shy..

geet:mujei patha nehi tha tab..

maan:now u know na..

he was teasing her with words making her red cherry..

he pulled her blouse.she was only in her inners..he cupped her twins over it n massaged it making her moan..geet struggled to open up his pant..he helped her . n soon other clothes shattered on floor ..maan was  taking her to a different world..driving her crazy.his mouth took her twins n sucked hard..she arched her back  n made him take her full..her hands moving up n down on his back..scratching  with nails bcoz of the passion ..he lowered down to her belly n teased her..she tried her best to satisfy his needs..both their hands know the places to arouse..their lips know to taste n the passion was at peak..the room was glowing not only becoz of candles..becoz of their screams n moans too

he parted her legs n looked at her..she was always  ready for him..he can see her pure submission..he entered her with full thrust..he rocked her hard making her scream loud..he was really hard n  his every thrust was powerful..his wait was clearly visible in his every powerful thrust..she held him tight for support..soon he filled her with his warn liquid…both felt completed..he kissed her forhead..sorry jaan..i couldn’t keep my control..

geet smiled weekly..i am happy..

maan:do u want me to give massage..n put ointment..

geet:hmm..ya I need it..im tired..n its paining  lightly..

she was indeed in pain..

maan pecked her lips lightly n moved to take oil n ointment..he put the ointment on her core..she was all red ..his hands only created havoc in her..he stopped  doing it n applied oil on her hands body n legs..n gave a gentle massage.. he can see her eye lids closing..he gave her the relief she needed too..

maan st:will she be alright by tomorrow..i have much more play to do with her..

he thought imagining his next plan..he pulled the sheet over her n went to keep things ready for the next passionate moment..after making everything ready he came n slept near his jaan..

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U,Me,Aur?? – Part – 122

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PART 122
Maan came to office at 8pm..adi was waiting for him..
Maan:adi,where are the files I asked you..
Adi:sir,geet took it home..
Maan:what? But why..
Adi:geet told u will work in house tomorrow..n so she is taking it home..
Maan:she told n u accepted..
Adi:she is ur wife sir..n how can I doubt her words..
Maan:haan..meri wife..but ur sister..she has fooled you..
Maan couldn’t help but smile at his expression..
Maan:ok adi..u can leave..i ll go home n do my work from there itself..
Adi:ok sir..but y geet fooled me..
Maan st:I think she is upto something..maan beware of ur wife..did she found what im doing with her..oh no..
Adi was watching maans face which turned pale..
Adi:maan sir..any problem..
Maan:hmm wo ghar jaakehi patha chalega..he murmered..
Adi:what sir
Maan:nothing..u go home..will meet u on Monday..hmm n did u called munshiji
Adi:yes sir..he will come tomorrow to meet you..
Maan:n what about dr.s appointment..
Adi:she said she will come home..
Maan:ok..thank you..
Adi:sir,don’t say thank you to me..its my work..n more over anything for my sister..i m just praying to god to make her cure fully..im waiting for that day sir..
Maan:im also waiting for that only..
Adi:ok sir..gud night..
Maan:gud night..

Maan came home..he had no idea of what is geet upto..as he entered he saw everyone out of house n the main door is locked..maan kept his hands on the finger print machine n made his way inside..
Maan:geetu..whats going on..
He asked from the entrance closing the door..
He smelled the flavor coming from kitchen..so he straightly went there.
There stood his wife wearing apron n hat n a bowl in her hand..
Geet:prince,aap aagayi…jaldi fresh kijiye..im fanished..im waiting for you..we will have dinner together..today I made all your favourites.. rava kesari ,idli ,dosa ,vada sambar chutney
Maan looked at her ..he cant even say wait..his tongue watered with the smell itself..
He ran to their room n freshed up soon..he saw the shorts n vest kept for him to wear..he smiled at her choice..he came down..n sat on the dining table attached in kitchen..
Maan:turned n looked for geet..she very slowly took off her apron which made maan arouse ..she wore a shorts n a transparent shirt of his..her every curve visible through it..maan gulped his saliva..
Geet came n sat on his laps..she opened the plate which she kept served ready..
Maan:jaan..ye..kya hai..
Geet:aapki dinner..aapki wife..both are ready..
Geet:aap aaj kuch nehi keh sakhthe..today is weekend..u promised we will be together..she told caressing his jawline with her finger .he was having goose bumps n the fire was engulfing him..his manhood erected with her one touch…he too want her..but he is controlling for her own good…she encircled her arms around his neck..
Geet:prince,kya meri dinner surprise achi nehi hai..
She saw him lost n not even taking the bite from the plate..her face fell down n maan could not see his wife like this..he hugged her close..
Maan:im surprised n shocked..nothing else..
As he hugged her her softness crushed in his hard chest n maans all control broke..he moved a little n looked at her face..his eyes bored into hers n wandered below her neck..she was all red with his gaze..
She hide herself in his embrace feeling very shy..
maan:when u dressed up for me u did not think..but now u r shy..huh..
she snuggled more close to him n hide her face in his neck..
maans hands went inside her shirt n in instant it was on floor shattered into pieces
geet was shocked..
geet:prince aap phirse meri kapde phardi..
maan:correction my wifey..its my shirt..n I don’t mind tearing my dress to get enuf of you..
geet was all red again..
maan closed the distance between their lips..he was tasting her hungrily..geet too was hungry n she showed her love in her kiss..before maan could deepen the kiss she did..she pulled him closer n he pulled her waist more closer to him..they sucked teased played n cherished each other..they broke the kiss when they are out of breathe..both were panting heavily n maan pulled her again to a soul seering kiss..her fingers threaded his hair pulling him more..he started to kisss her jawline..she arched her back..he saw her erected twins..he bent n took it in his mouth giving his full attention to one after other..
geet was moaning ..ahh..
he lifted her up n came to her belly..rolling his tongue on it n biting there a little..he pressed numerous smooches that she turned jelly in his arms ..
geet stopped him..
prince pls..
maan:not any more geet..u started it..
he cribbed with longingness..
geet:who..woh..dinner karneka bath..
she looked at the food which is getting cold..same time her stomach growled making maan aware of her hunger..
he looked at the hardwork she had done..
he pressed a peck on her lips
maan:ok..lets have dinner..then the night is mine..koi rukawat nehi chahiye..
geet:im all yours..
geet placed the plate before him..n both had dinner together..maan was already hungry..n geets choice of south indian food was his favourite..
he licked his fingers..
maan:yummy geet..u made it or kalakka..
maan:ur taste resembles kalak kaa’s.did she help you..
he went n washed his hands ..n geet too followed him washing her hands..
geet:no…i asked her n she grinded the flour n gave me n I did it..
maan:if u cook like this..i ll become fat soon..
geet:aap tho roz exercise karthi ho..aap mota nehi honga
maan:hmm..itni trust..what if I become fatty n look ugly..will u like to see me like that..
geet:how much u may change,but I know u..ur love n care for me will never change.. aur mera bhi..aap nehi hote tho mera kya …
She did not even finish..he shut her mouth with his..
He lifted her n walked to the living room..still kissing her.he couldn’t wait till they reach their room..he placed her on the sofa n hovered over her.. she too was waiting for that only.she threaded his hair n pulled him more close..her upper was bare n next second both their clothes were shedded on floor.his hands n lips teasing her every bare skin..geet was again drowning in his passion submitting herself to him..he started to make love n soon both got their peek n panting heavily..he thought its enuf.
He lifted himself n sat..
Maan:jaan lets go to room..
.but geet had her own plans..she sat on him laying lazily
..she started to kiss him
Maan:sona..lets sleep..
Geet:I don’t want to..before he say something he saw her placing herself over him n he couldn’t help much than giving up..the night turned long
Both couldn’t get enuf of each other..his control power was long gone by his wife .
Both were now in their room..his princess sleeping peacefully in his arms.he has to accept he is going insane ..staying away from her n then making out turned a long night..he even feared will she be able to take this..but she was giving him the pleasure n satisfaction like every man get from his wife..his long wait for her too now seems very pleasant.he never thought they will consummate..n now.its so bliss … Life is so beautiful.
He threaded her hair ..n kissed her hair..he want to protect her from all evils..n want to give her the life of a princess..his hearts princess..his mallikka..he hugged her tight..n she snuggled to him more close..they both are still bare not wanting to dress too..
Maan:love you princess..
He closed his eyes n got the peaceful night again holding his wife..

Maans alarm buzzed..he stopped n again snuggled to geet holding her tight..she was no less than him..she came over him n slept again..she was tired n exhausted..
But poor maans sleep broke bcoz of her..he can feel him hardening as it felt its partner right over its spot..
Maan rubbed her back sensually n geet woke up with sleepy eyes..she was all blushy the way she was sleeping..
Maan :geet u sleep..
He tried to make her sleep on bed..but she stopped..
Geet:when u need me y u want me to sleep..
Oh it was really embarrassing For him..soon he felt her core on him n the morning was again a bliss..her sweet moans n her beauty was driving him to a new world..a peaceful heaven..
Both panted heavily. Reaching their climax..

If they had not heared the phone call they would have been again made the morning longer for them..
Geet took the phone..
Kala:gudia..why the door is not opening for me..kya hua..we are waiting for long time..
Geet bit her tongue..her eyes filled with naughtiness n shy..
He heared it too..
Geet:im coming didi..
maan:jaan how comes akka cant open the door..
Geet hurriedly took a bathrobe n weared it..
Geet:wo..erm..i.. don’t want any disturbances..so I locked the machine when u came to fresh up..
She ran out saying it,leaving a baffled ..
She has started to think more..she knew they wont be able to resist each other till they come to room..may be they might have slept in couch too..n if kalakka comes in morning they would..
Oh no..i cant even think..but smiled thinking his wife took care of their privacy..

Least he knew how embarrassing he is going to be now ..:P

Geet came running down..her face had the glow of his love..she was all red thinking about their togetherness..but frowned thinking if didi has not arrived their morning will be again romaantic..she sighed n released the lock..

Kala entered the house followed by two peoples..
Geet eyes stuck on them..they too looked at her lovingly.they feared she will run away like last time without facing them..
Gudia…they called her..still doubting if their meeting is right or wrong..
but geet came running to them.making all their doubts vanish in thin air…her eyes welled up seeing them after more than a year.
Chunnis parents stood there with hesitating look..which now turned to happiness..
Maasi..maasa..aaap..kesi ho aap..
She hugged them both n cried..it was really heart wrenching ..kala too had tears seeing the little girl now getting her loved ones near her..
Geet:aayiye ..betiye.sab kesi hai.chacha chachi..kaka kaki..nanu..nani..badepapa..badi maa..minu,raji.,shilu mitu..poo ..
Her enquiry was too long that she asked the animals including cow ,goat,dog parrot everything..n the persons were looking at her with wide eyes…this is their geet..non stop chatter box..loving caring affectionate..
Chunnis mother hugged geet n kissed her all face..she cried holding geet..
Humari gudia ..wapus milgayi..woh humsei nehi darthi ab..kesiho meri bachi..hum bohut dargayithi bacha..tujei bhi khoneka dar..par tumei dekkar humari sari duk dur hogayi..hum bohut khush hain gudia..
Geet stopped her questions n realized what they meant..she felt gloomy..
Maasa:naa gudia..hum aapko kush dekna chathi hain..yese nehi..
Maan came down missing geet..
He stopped at his place seeing them..
Hu..he forgot about their arrival..
He turned to go back to their room..but was stopped by kala..
Kala:arei chottu..dekh..who has come..
Maan smiled sheepishly n came down..
Kala was unaware till now why he want to go back..but as he came down she avoided seeing him..n averted her gaze..maan was in his shorts n vests..but their nights marks was on him..
Chunnis parents:namastey beta..
Uff their words too got swallowed..they looked at geet..n now only they looked at her fully..she too dressed in bathrobe..her eyes red bcoz of long night..her lips swalllon..
Kala”hmm..i ll make coffe for you..
Chunnis parents looked at each other..they were also embarrassed..
maasa:I ll look dadi n come..
maasi:kala,I ll help you in kitchen..
Kala:gudia chotu ,u freshup n join us..chaliye di..
He signaled geet to go to kitchen..poor geet was rejoicing the moment with her maasa maasi couldn’t understand what he is trying to say..
Kala:kyun chotu..are we disturbing u both
Maan rubbed his hair..
Maan:yesa nehi kalakka..
Before he complete both ladies were in kitchen..
Maan hurriedly took the torn clothes n hide behind him..n pushed some under the cabinets..but its too late ..they noticed it..n blushed seeing the kitchen ..
Geet was all red now..
Maasi:kala.lets go n greet dadi..then we will come here..
Kala :yes di..
Both went away giving maaneet time to refresh..
Maan:cant u understand what im saying
Geet:wo..i couldn’t..
Maan:ab jaldi karo..before they come lets make ourselves presentable..
Geet n maan hurriedly cleaned the kitchen..taking the torn pieces n binning it..
Both are back to room..maan pinned her to the wall..
Geet:prince..ye aap..
Maan:u always make me uncontrollable geet..see now what they would have thought..
Geet:hmm they would have thought how my prince loves me..
But..how they came here..
Maan:I called them..
Maan cupped her face..i saw ur craving for ur people…n I thought its long time u must face ur past..n u must get ur loved ones care too..they are also waiting for long time to see their gudia..
Geet hugged him tight..thanks thank you prince..
Maan:return gift yese thodi hotha hai jaan..
Geet shied..thinking her return gifts..she kissed his cheeks..he frowned..he pointed his lips..
geet:prince,return gift..i always give u in cheeks only..
She showed her tongue n maan was fast enuf to capture in his lips..
Geet tried to get away from his grip..but soon she was drowned in his passion..maan lifted her n walked to washroom ..he opened the shower n had a romantic bath..
They came out wrapped in towel..he was still nuzzling her nape..
Geet:chodiye na..
She whispered more than a plea..
Maan:its ur fault jaan..u r driving me crazy..
Geet:prince,kala di maasa maasi will come again..i don’t want to get embarrassed..nor u want to be..pls..
Maan left her..n both dressed up neatly n came downstairs..
Maan:they are not here geetu..
Geet:I ll make ur coffee..
He sat their taking the newspaper..n geet came soon with his coffee n her milk..
Kala knocked n entered the living room followed by chunnis parents..n munshiji..
Geet took his blessings..
Geet:kaka aap kab aayi..
Munshiji :now only gudia..i was talking with savitri ji..tum bathao..kesi ho humari gudia..
Geet:bohut achi..
Her wide smile on her face said them everything..munshiji couldn’t thank maan in his heart for being a loved husband n taking care of her..
Munshiji gave her a bag full of mangoes..
Munshiji:u love it na..its from ur farm house ..
She did remembered her bhai..how she always used to take one for him always..
Maasi n kala asked geet something n she got diverted..
Geet was talking with them n maan chatted with munshiji about the works..

Maasi took geet with her alone to kitchen..
She lifted geets chin n looked at her eyes..
Maasi:gudia tum khush hai..hum dekh sakthe hain..damadji tumhari achi khayal rakthi hain..aur dadi bhi..
geet was all shy
geet:sab mujse bohut pyaar karthi hain maasi..
maasi:I can see that..ek baath bathao..
maasi:u both are married ..its going to be 2 years..do u have any gud news..
geet knotted her brows ..
maasi: ghao mei sab intazaar kar rahi hain us pal kaa..jab tum humei ye bologi tum maa banne wali ho..are u pregnant gudia..
geet nodded no..but was left in thoughts..
kala came at right time..
kala:gudia tho ab bhi padrahi hai..chotu must have thought may be after some time..after her studies finished..gudia tho ab sirf 19 hai..itni jaldi bhi kya hai..
maasi:hmm..shayad tum teek ho..
kala:gudia,,give this coffee to all beta..
after geet left kala said to maasi
kala:she is not fully recovered..so we cant expect her to become a mother so soon..
maasi:wo bi teek hai..tum batho..tum kab maa bane wali ho..
kala sighed:its all in gods hands..humari umar bhi horahi hai..par god is not blessing us with a kid..but im happy ..mujei tho gudia aur chotu haina..
she changed the topic smiling at her..geet entered ..she can see kala with fake smile..
kala:aap wahan betiye aur baath kariye..mei maansion jaake uski help karthi hoon..
she left abruptly..
geet n maasi catched up the things..maasi was very careful..she avoided about her parents ..n talked much about hp only..geet was so happy..it was clearly visible on her face

kala came with maaneet bf n called the others to mansion for having bf with dadi..
maan asked geet to join them ..he will have in palace n later he has to look after some files too..so,geet left with them..
maan called dr…who was present there n observing geet for a long time without her knowledge..

maan:dr..what u think about geet..
dr:she didn’t fear them..n she talked normally..it means her mind is ready to face the past..
maan:im thinking to take her to hp..all cant come here na..
dr:don’t go fast mr.khurana..today its only 3 persons..lets go slow..n I don’t think going to hp is gud at present..give her a little more time..make her loved ones meet n chat with her often..slowly she will get prepared to face the village..that will be possible when she will be able to face a big fire..thats still impossible for her..we must go slow n steady..
maan:ok dr..
dr:is she taking sleeping pills..
maan:no dr..nowadays she doesn’t have night mares or fear at nights..she sleeps peacefully..
dr:that’s too gud..
dr:when u r free come to hospital..lets have a complete check up..
maan:ok dr..next week..
dr.bid bye n went away..

here geet was having a gud time with them..they made her lay on her laps n caressed her head..they so much missed their daughter chunni..but geet is their daughter now..they had brought so much snacks for her..some made by them n others made by the villagers..hearing the call from maan all have sent their love in the way of home made things which geet loves the most..
Vicky n dexture was looking at the things n love for geet..vicky felt bad..geet has to live like this faraway from them bcoz of fear..but now seeing her happy he was also happy..
Dexture:uff this ghee smell is watering my mouth..koi kholo n give me some to eat..
Vicky patted its head n took it with him..dexture looked back with longing eyes..
Vicky:dexture..ab nehi..chal..let bhabhi be with them..
Dexture sighed n walked behind him..

Geet was busy with them the whole day..her heart filled with unknown peace..all left at night promising geet they will come to meet her often..
Here maan was also busy with the files geet had brought home..atnight geet came back n both had their dinner..
Both laid on bed n geet snuggled to him close..she kept her head on his chest n maan caressed her head..
She was so silent unlike her..
Maan:kya hua sona..
Geet:im so happy..
Her eyes moisted ..
Maan:happy..so only ur eyes are having tears..
Geet:ye kushi ki aasu hai..i hv seen them after so many days..jaanthi ho ..maasi fed me with her hands..they bought me so many gifts…
Geet was going on n on..what they chatted..how they pampered..what they brought for her..on n on..
Maan placed his lips on hers..making her shut..
Maan left her ,when she was short of air..she panted heavily..
Maan:bohut bolthi ho..ab chup chap soja..tomorrow u have college n I hv meeting..
He has ignited the fire n now asking her to sleep..how can she..she was having hard time to control her hormones..she kissed him on his chest..
She climbed over him n sat on his stomach..she started to kiss him on his nape
Maan held her hands n tried to part her..she was stubborn placing her lips on his skin where she could..her soft petals burnt his skin making him arouse..
Maan:no jaan..i cant control if u do this..
Geet:but I want to.y u want to control when im ready for u…she said in shy..

Geet grid on his lower part which turned him more..

He turned her n soon they were lost in each other ..making love..
Geet slept feeling exhausted after their closeness..maan couldn’t sleep..is this gud or not..he don’t know..with her around him he cant be saint..when she is unknown to this he was able to control..it was only him..but geet has started to crave for him..n she is successful to break him n make love..will this affect her health..
Maan st:maan u must behave like this week..avoid her..

The next days geet went to college .. maan got busy in off..then coming to college..its last semester for maan .. seniors had half days n it distanced maneet..when she arrives to kc maan would be in some meetings or would have left for some site visit..when maan comes home she would have slept in couch waiting for him..
First 3 days geet was normal..she finished her home works n studied..had her dinner n medicines n waited for him..she missed his warmth so much..it started to take toll on from 4th day…her desires were growing other side..arjun arohis closeness were affecting her..arjuhi spent quality of time with each other which maan is not giving to her..she started to crave for him..
Adi noticed geet aloof..she was looking at the file,but her thoughts were somewhere..it happened in college too..but Vicky was there n friends too to bring her out of her thoughts..they all teased her for dreaming about her would be..but only she knows how much she is missing maan..the morning few hrs too went with the regular routine works ..maans ignorance she couldn’t tolerate ..
The following days when maan came home n checked her works he found it incomplete..n when he asked her in morning she will take the books n move to study to finish it..she will be looking maan with loningness..maan would just peck her n leave for office..she was getting confused with his behavior..

It was Saturday n maan was eagerly waiting for the night..here geet avoided going to office she was feeeling low..very lonely even with maan around.. so she stayed with Vicky..both were watching tv..vicky slept in half way..geet was watching the film..the scene shook her existence..the hero was avoiding heroine..he got another affair..geets fear of losing maan raised..her heart said her prince is not like that..but the innocent mind which is corrupted with the film fought against it..fighting with her own turmoil she slept..

Precap:how will this weekend go??????? Geet avoiding maan..aur geets outburst???????Wink

U,Me,Aur?? – Part 121

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PART 121

PART 121

Maan dressed up n waited for geet..she came cribbing to babaji..maan pulled her by waist hugging her..
Maan:geet..give some rest to babaji..
Geet:prince aap bhi..you know what happened..vicky was …
He placed his fingers on her lips..
Maan:bas bhi karo jaan..
He closed the distance between their lips..she tasted chocolate..
Maan:u taste delicious.mishty.now shall I leave for office..its getting late..
She frowned..
Maan:I want u evening in our office..

Maan:no excuses..u have already ignoring office..ur works are bending..n I don’t want to give that to others..samji..
How can she deny him..she will be with her prince..n that gives her happiness…her mind was running with romantic thoughts
Maan:day dreaming huh..
Geet: no…she shied..he can understand what is running in her mind..but he is also msk..he has his own plans..
Maan:ok..get ready n go to college..we will meet in evening
Maan:no baby..i have a video conference at that time..sry..
She was disappointed
Maan:we will meet in office dear..dont be sad..work is also important na
Geet: hmm
Maan:ok..now smile n say bye..
Geet kissed him n smiled saying him bye..
Geet got ready n went to mansion..vicky was ready..
Vicky:baby..u took my bag with u..how will I do the assignment..proff.will scold me
Geet:gud..u deserve it for teasing me..
Vicky:will u be happy to see me get taunted..
He very well know the answer..she will be the most hurted than him..
Geet gave him his bag..he saw his assignment completed..
Geet:do u think I will let u get scold..
Vicky hugged her..i love you baby..ummah..thank you so much for taking the burden..i was thinking how to finish it..i don’t know how to do it..u completed it..wow..
Geets face was worth watching..with her mouth opened wide..
Geet:so only u did not call me..
Geet started to hit him with her small fists..u cheat..u made me do ur work..
Vicky ran from her n she chased him..he jumped over the sofa..geet climbed on sofa to catch him..
Vicky:I didn’t ask u to take my bag..its u who took it..
Geet sat on the sofa n pouted..yup..i only took it..
Dadi who came there saw them running n chasing
Dadi:I think u both have college..if u play like kids this early morning u will stay here only..n geet beta..u already missed ur classes last week..u must think about ur attendance too..
Geet:ji dadi..we are going..
Kala::gudia,vicky..come have ur break fast..n then u can leave..
Ji di..
Both had their bf n left to college..
Dadi:kala..ye bache kitni kush hai..ek dusrei ke saath..n Vicky..he has totally changed..he is no more quite..he tries some or anyways to irritate gudia..wo bhi..kitni badal chuki hai..how much we feared for her..see now how they both behave..ye bhagwaan ka khek bhi na..kisiko samaj nehi aatha..only he knows..
Kala:hmm..even we can understand god..but to understand chotu is the biggest thing..’dadi:what?why?
Kala:wahi tho..i too cant understand..we know his behavior towards you n vicky..we rareky saw him before in mansions..n he talks to u only about office..but now he talks with u normally…he let gudia come here n play with Vicky..he made admission for both in same class.. he comes here sometimes for u or to take gudia..but if he really hates Vicky,then how can he let his wife here.before he wont even turn on vickys side..but now he smiles seeing gudia n Vicky playing..
Dadi:sach kala.
Kala:haan dadi..from morning im breaking my head..he is changing..but he wont accept..i talked to chotu about Vicky..but he avoided it..but I saw the smile on his face adoring geet n vickys play..when he can do all this,then y cant he talk..ismei problem kya hai..
Dadi closed her eyes n thanked god..she was in tears…
Dadi:wo tho zidhi haihi..we know..but he has changed this much..its really happy for me to hear..all is gud from when geet entered our life..
Kala:that’s true..n I wish, her luck works between this two brothers..n the wall between this two houses break..

Geet n Vicky were in classes..geet was feeling sleepy after the passionate night..she blushed thinking how far they have gone.vicky nudged her to concentrate n geet finally manged to
Listen to classes..
During lunch time she went to park n expected man..though he said he wont be available she expected him..she even cribbed to pickachu.that man did not come to see her..
Man watched her going to park..he had no video conference..but he was thinking about geet n her studies..he can see it in one day..how geet was desperate to be with him..n he also cant avoid her ..buth are like magnets pulled to each other..n someone has to stop or be protective..n he decided he will avoid her as much as he could..so that her studies n health wont get spoiled..but will not make her crave for him too..he will love her same time within limits..
Maan went again n joined with his friends..

Evening geet was waiting for Vicky in parking lot..where Vicky was busy romancing his laila..geet saw arohi n arjun together..
Arjun smiled seeing geet n she returned the same..
Geet tum yahaan..where is ur devar..
She pouted ..
Arohi :he must be with renu..right..isiliye uski baby waiting here..
Vicky :butvicky loves his baby more than anything in this world..
He came from back answering them..
Arohi:hmm..i can see it..
Vicky:hmm..are you both going out together..i cant see our friends near you..huh..i guess can we call a date or dinner night..
Arohi blushed..but he wacked Vicky..
Arohi: Vicky,chup..
Vicky :ok ok..becoz of jiju I am leaving you..go n have a wonderful da…
Vicky:I mean to say wonderful day aroo..what u thought..
Arohi was totally red n arjun laughed seeing her..
Arjun:hmm her car broke down..so im dropping her home n to look after dad..hmm if he accepts I ll consider ur idea of date too,,bye guys..
Geet looked at both who walked hand in hand without caring for students looking at them..
She felt something inside her..something miss..but couldn’t find it.whats it..vicky dropped geet in kc n went to have some time with friends..

As geet entered kc,she talked to everyone..all missed her so much n enquired about her..she cant lie but told she was with her family..
Sasha saw geet chatting with staffs..her anger grew no bounds,
Sasha:aagyai geet madam..
Geet was confused
Sasha started to shout at her..
Sasha:what do u think geet..this is office..u take off from office without informing n come back when u think..samachthe kya ho tum..
All gaped at geet n sasha..they pitied geet for being sasha s prey today..but geet is geet..
Geet:kya mein isei school kaha sashaji..its kc..i know..n adi bhaiya knew im off from here for few days..why should I inform you..jisko jaana hai wo jaanthi hai..

Geet was giving answer coolly..but did not like the way sasha raised her voice..that too before all friends..
Staffs were giggling hearing geets answer..
But Sasha was mad with her answer..it made her blood boil..
Sasha:do u think u r the owner of this company..jab chaha aathiho..ya jaathi ho..
Geet:haan..its m…
Geet was about to spill the truth ..adi came in time hearing the hustle..
He signaled her not to talk anything..
Geet:adi bhaiya..
Sasha:huh aagayi chashmish bhai..ek hai kaam chor aur dusri hai uski bhai..
Sasha really thought adi as geets bro..so only geet is getting special attention..she want to spoil it..n make this two thrown out from kc..adi was the most humblest n a trustable person for man n dadi..with him around she cant get near man ..n that irritated her more..
Geet:shut ur mouth..any word about my bro I ll make u out from here..

Sasha:dare u geet..im senior here..i ll report to mk..
Adi pulled geet:geet..chup raho..sasha go n do ur work..
Geet:no bhai..how dare she raises voice on me..
She turned to sasha
Geet:go..who dares if u complain to prince..mei bhi kahoongi what u told about bhai..
Sashas s blood boiled again hearing the word prince..kc suddenly looked like a war field..adi was pulling geet..n geet was not going with him..she was answering back to sasha..tit for tat..sasha was enraged with geets behavior..
Adi came to geets ears n whispered..
Adi:geet,a word more I ll say to ur prince..geet is misbehaving with sasha before all..n what will happen if all knows u r his wife..the mds wife behaving so silly with their staff..
Adi knew geets behavior..she is always a caring lovable girl..but she too can fight.a billy sherni bangayi..he laughed mentally..on other side he felt proud..she did not fight for herself but for him..just like a sister would do for her own brother..he felt very close n affectionate with her..he want to protect her from this world..he knew his boss is more protective for her..
Adi:come with me geet..sir wants to meet u..
Geet again wasa billi..she don’t want to lose the time which she spends with her husband..
So she went back adi without words..
But adi turned to sasha:sasha,everyone has some abilities n disabilities..see the abilities of the person like man sir do..i think u have more work to do than concentrating on my specs..
The whole staff laughed..n sasha went away fuming..geet was happy as adi retorted back..she entwingled her fingers with his..excellent answer bhai..aapne us gadhe ki mun dekhi..kitni choti hogayi..badi aayi humein kaam sikane wali..
Adi just laughed n took her to maans cabin..
Maan looked up n saw geet..he was engrossed in some work ..so he did not talk but concentrated on his work again..
Geets face fell down..she was excited thinking man will smile wide n hug her romance her..but he ignored her
Geet:dekhiye babji..wo mujei deke bhi andheka kardiya..
Adi just left them both to sort themselves..he don’t want to be there ampire now…
Maan looked up
Maan:geet if u have done ur complains..here is the file..go to sasha n take her help..

Geet :never..that too with that sasha..i hate her..
Man was amused seeing his childish wifey angry on a mere staff
Was she still thinking about the past happenings..he thought..
Maan:sweety,she is gud at her work..perfectionist n experienced..if u work with her u will get to know about this field more..
Geet :I ll prefer to work with someone else..not with that flat faced Chinese..gorilla..
She looked cute with that pout n maan want to pill her cheeks..he laughed at her new found profones..
Man:darling..language..she is senior ..
She again cursed sasha under her breathe but it was not audible to maan..
Man:geet..if u don’t want to work u can go home..
This time he was serious..
Geet:I ll work..by my own..aap hai..adi bhaiya hai..i ll ask u all if I need help..but not sasha.
Man sensed something is more with sasha n geet or geet would never go against his words..
Man smiled:ok..go to ur cabin n work..
Geet:hmm..i ll work here in ur cabin..
Man read her mind..
He stood up..
Man:ok if u want u can..but im going to visit a site..will be late..when u finish this file u go home..i ll say adi..
Geets face fell down..maan is not going to be with her..all her romantic thoughts gayi pani mein..
Man cupped her face n kissed her..her smile was back on her face with his one kiss..
Man:now go n work..
Geet nodded like an obedient child..n went to her cabin..
Maan sent her snacks n milk…n asked adi to look after her..
After finishing her work geet went to house..she slept on couch waiting for man..
Man came late night n lifted her in his arms n placed on the bed..he pecked her lips:goodnight princess..this is the only way to be away from you..i know u will be mad when u come to know im avoiding to be with you..
He went n freshed up..he checked her bag..if she had done her college works..n he was happy she has finished everything..
He took her in his arms n slept soon..

The week passed quickly the way maan thought.like he planned..there was little romance but never he loved her..geet was active on day times n slept soon at nights..geet was desperate to be in maans arms…maan was keeping distance without making her feel that..same time whenever geet saw arohi n arjun she felt something is missing in her life..but with vicky,friends,office studies n works geet did not strain to think what s it..

It was weekend..Saturday..
Geet was in office working with maan full day..she saw him thru the glass partition..she cant take her eyes off..the way he looks the file taps the lappy..talking to his staffs..attending the phones..the way he leads the meetings..geet was drooling his every moves ..adi who came inside her cabin saw her oogling man..he gave his signature laugh..he he he..
But then realized what he did..he cleared his throat..whereas geet was all red..she averted her gaze n looked at the file which she was working.but she gave a heavy sigh..it made adi realize geet missing him..
Geet:ji bhaiya..
Adi:sir is.busy 24×7.u can see it..
Geet :I know bhaiya.
Adi:do u know what..i really admire him..he tops in studies..i hv never seen him studying,but how he tops I don’t know..n kc..its nearly in top of first position..n all credit to man sir..
As adi started to praise man..she felt very proud..very proud to be near him..
.she too doesn’t know how he copes up all..he was a tterror to all staffs n business..but he is a loving caring yet very polite with her..he bares her all tantrums.
Adi saw her lost again..
He silently moved out forgetting the file he brought in his hand on her table..
When man turned her side n saw her drooling on him,he closed the blinds so that he can also work without drooling her..
Geet:dush dhanav..closed the blinds too..huh..
Both started to concentrate on their work..it was lunch time when geet went to his cabin n saw he was not there..she opened the blinds n came to her cabin..she saw the file..she took n read the name…
Hoshiarpur college.
She touched the name..she was nostalgic..the memories flashed her mind..how the villagers treated her..how close she was to all..the last memory of her parents shook her existence..tears formed her eyes..she was going thru the file which showed the college under construction..
She hugged the file like she was feeling her closed ones..
Maan who just entered saw her emotional..she kept the file n closed her eyes..he came there n saw the file..
Finally,She remembered n miss them..
He closed the file n hugged her..she hugged him seeking solace in his embrace..
After a while she was calm..n her stomach growled in hunger..
maan:lets have lunch..
man did not question her anything..both had their lunch silently..after lunch man went out again for some meeting..n geet was thinking about man..she saw adi placing a pile of files on maans table..
geet:so,prince will not come home early today too..but,today is Saturday..noways im going to let him work tonight..he will come to me for sure..
she smiled thinking about her plan..mission man coming home..n hmm hmm..
she blushed hard at her romantic thoughts..

precap:will geets plan succeedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

U,Me,Aur?? -Part 120

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PART 120
Geet looked at him with longingness.her eyes turned dark with desires..
Maan looked at her..
Maan:kya hua ..
She bit her lips n nodded nothing..he knotted his brows..she tried to avert her gaze but failed..his restriction is making her crave for him more ..how she is going to wait till week end..she sighed n looked at him wearing his tracks combing his hair.taking his lappy n sat there working..he has drowned in it forgetting geet is still looking at him..his bare upper..did he purposely did this..not wearing any vest just to torture me..
She sat there drooling her husband.she tried to grab his attention..she walked here n there making sounds of payal..dropping things..though it made maan look at her but not the way she expected..maan was beyond all things controlling himself..she atlast sat there with a grumpy look n sat there thinking what to do next…her reverie broke when kala came n called them for dinner..dinner was quite than ever..both kala n man looked at geet who was quite n when they looked at her with questioning gaze she again looked down at her plate..
After kala went maan asked geet why r u silent..
Geet :no..nothing..
She whispered n left to change to her night dress..
Maan was already in bed..
Geet slipped beside him n looked at him..she expected him to close their distance..maan sat n took the medicine n gavev to her..
Maan:u forgot..
Geet swallowed without anytantrums
Her expectations broke when he gently pecked her forehead n said:goodnight princess..

He embraced her in his arms n patted her back..
He only knew how he is holding himself..after seeing her in sleeveless satin night dress he want to make love..but he is msk..he cant break his own rules..he saw her looking at his lips n so he gently pecked her forehead before she kiss him n broke his vow..
His thoughts broke when he found his chest wet..
Maan :geet..jaan why r u crying..
Geet: you r too bad..u r taking revenge on me..
Maan didn’t know what revenge she is talking about.
Maan:geet:revenge..what revenge..i don’t understand..
Geet:phir kya..i made u wait for 1 n half years..bcoz I don’t know..but now u r staying away from me to make me feel how u were waiting for me..do u know after a week with u..how it feels to sleep alone.u wont touch me till week end..n how am I going 2 stay…aap bohut burei ho..
Her eyes were moisted..just her craving has taken toll on her n she couldn’t bare it..maan smiled at her innocent confession..he slowly wiped her tears..she pushed his hands..he cupped her face n took her complaining lips.

.her body cracked up in fire..she kissed him back hungrily.n she knew what to do more..her hands roamed on his bare body ..her lips kissed him madly not leaving any space..he has taught her the weak point of him.she bent n kissed his nipples going more lower till his groin.
Maan growled
Maan:gosh geetu..
.she felt him erect..n after that whatever happened was not in his control..he tore her dress n tasted her every skin.she did same to him..their lips played with each other..both body glued not wanting to leave the other..maan saw her wwith his dark gaze..her eyes ful of desires..which he was avoiding till now..he was aroused fully n she too was equally craving for him..he couldn’t make her wait n was soon inside her n loving her ..geet felt peace when she had him inside her..both hit their climax n soon slept cuddled up with each other..

Maan was the one to wake up..he saw his wife sleping all over him.his passion all over her white body..he slowly turned n placed her on bed..geet too wake up missing his warmth..
Maan:gud morning jaan
Geet:gud morning prince..aap itni jaldi kahan jaarahi ho..
Maan:not me..we r going..common get up.n join me…i ll wait for u in gym.. I want us to be regular to everything from now..
Maan left to gym n geet looked at her dress which was in pieces..she wrapped the sheet n went to dresser..naughty thought came to geet..its revenge time prince..yesterday u made me crave for u na..now c what I ll do torturing u..

she weared the specific dress ..after freshing up she went to gym..maan looked at her..she lifted her eyebrows n grinned widely..as she saw him noticing her dress..
Maan lifted his brows..
Maan:what s this..
Maan:I know that..why r u wearing mine..
Deepthi Choudhary’s photo.
She was wearing his black shorts n shirt..her slim legs..her smudged hair..slightly swollen lips..
maan st:maan concentrate on ur work..not in ur wife..or she will make u lose ur control
Geet:achi nehi hai kya..uthaardoon..i thought this will be comfortable to workout..after bath I will change to college na..
Oh maaan..she will kill him with her seducing talks..
Maan sighed..
Maan:ok..do urs..n I’ll do mine..
She nodded cutely..n started the thread miller..both spent enuf time doing their exercises..n both their thoughts were revolving around the other..

maan was busy doing his work out..but his concentration was on his love..his princess..his childish wife who has grown up in front of his eyes..the way she made him love her..his all controls broke yesterday..
maan was amused seeing her struck counting same..she was skipping and her features was adding fuel to his desires..her assets which jump while she skipped..but now her facial expressions was quiet watchable..cute..pouting with confusions written on it..
maan stopped his work outs n asked her..
maan:jaan,kya hua?
maan:where are u lost..why u r counting same..u have reached 75 skips..
geet:wo..i was counting how many times we made love..but i couldnt calculate..
she bit her tongue in shy as she bluttered..n maans eyes widened..
can any one count love making..she is gone mad..then he thought..its possible..becoz that is the speciality of his geet..her innocence in everything..
maan came to her..he want to know why sheis counting..
(kya karoon babaji..geetke innocence ki saath saath maan bhi bhesharam hogaya :P)
maan:why you want to know darling..how can you count it..
geet:im trying to count..hmm ..when we went to honey moon na..that week..we did in morning 2 times..night 2 times.. 2+2=4. next day..u did not touch me..then next day..4+…she went on saying fingering her hands n counting..maan was controlling his laugh..he waited for her to finish..
geet:before we went to delhi..in house..the day before…but I couldn’t remember that day 3 times r more…
Man chuckled seeing her innocence..
maan:what are u going 2 do knowing it..
geet:hmm I want to know then how many times we would have been doing this from when we get married..
maan:y r u thinking About that geet..if u talk like this..im sure im going 2 love u here..ur talks are arousing me..
geet:hmm.who told u stop..take me na..
maan:no ..he literally screamed..he nodded his head fast in no..that too in morning..uff my day..he thought..but geet was geet..she continued with her talks..
geet: prince,if in this 1 month we made this much time… then… in 1 n yrs how many times u must have craved for me.i cant even stay away from u for a day..yesterday na..whole day my mind was revolving around u..n..
maan:jaan..pls..u r making it harder for me..if u talk like this..i m sure im going to make love to you..
geet:who stopped you..
she said in shy..he so much wanted to eat her alive..her innocence..is her best beauty..he pulled her by her waist n made her closer to him

maan:no sona..we decided na..we will love only on weekends..already yesterday u made me break it..not any more
geet:aap na..
maan:dusht dhanav hoon..jaanti hoon..kuch aur kaho..
he said with a smirk..
geet:hmm..u..u..u..know what..the more u stop me..the more I crave for u..pls prince..hum ye rule vule nehi rakengi..lets be ourselves..
she said playing with his vest ..rolling her fingers on the mmaterial
maan:hmm..its also truth jaanu..the more we distance the more we crave..kya karein..
geet:no rules..
maan:from when my childish wifey started to have this much maturity
..he nuzzled his nose with hers..
geet:from when my prince became immature..i must only be matured na..
she said giggling n sticking her tongue out..her lips n tongue was giving him an open invitation..
maan:hmm..then let me show how matured ur husband is..
maan took her lips in his n started to nibble..he rolled n dived into her mouth ..cherishing her..he sucked her tongue..
geet:hmm..she moaned n tried to feel his bare skin underneath his vest..he stopped thinking its going more uncontrollable..
maan:its enuf sweet for a gud morning
he touched her forehead with his..both were panting heavily after the long kiss..
maan:its enuf honey.jaanthi ho..
mSK never breaks his rule..but u .mrs.msk only have the guts to break msks rule..i don’t want u to make tired early morning..we have many nights for it..now go to ur dance class..
he looked at the watch showing her the time..
she stamped her foot n left..she really don’t want to go..but master will be waiting..n more over she cant go against her husbands words..
maan:before going change ur dress..to urs
geet:change ur dress..geet mocked him n went making maan laugh.after geet went man completed his workouts n freshed up n sat in his study ..doing his office works..

out house..

geet changed into salwar n came to outhouse..n Vicky too joined her soon..both greeted master n started the dance class..vicky tried his best to talk to her..but geet did not give a heed to him..as master knows theses two always have their silly fights n Vicky use to pamper her,he never came between them..geet then practiced songs n Vicky with karate class..
after their clases finished both sat in the garden tired..geet was drinking water..vicky came kneeling in front of her holding his ears..n dexture was following him in his manofying session..geet turned her face other side.
Vicky:baby…sry na..
She turned
Vicky:oh baby..my sweet bhabhi..maaf kharona..
Geet nodded her head n turned again..
Vicky:dexture..go n manofy her..
Dexture scratched its forehead..
Dexture st:tang tum karo..aur maaf mei maangoon..uff this Vicky..y he is making me do this..
Vicky gave a pat on its back n dexture went n licked geets legs asking her to see Vicky
Geet:dexture,if u support him then I wont talk to u too..
Dexture sat there with a confusing look..now whom to support..
Vicky came from behind n showed her a dairy milk chocolate..geets eyes twinkled..but she doesn’t want to give up soon..so she tried to control her curiosity of taking it from him..
Vicky opened the wrapper n kept near her mouth..how will she control now..she had a bite taking it from him..she looked at the 2nd one in his hand..
Vicky:say na..u forgave me..
Geet sat there quite..he gave the 2nd one n she nodded slightly..saying..hmm
Vicky:yahoo..finally u accepted ..oh baby.yippeee
He shouted in high pitch..
But for his bad luck.dexture saw vickys phone falling down..so it tried to take in its mouth n give him..in this process the fm turned on n the song.jiya jalei started to play..
Vicky couldn’t stop his laugh which made geet irritated..she smudged the leftover chocolate on his face wiping the laugh from him..she laughed looking him all messed up..
The 3 were running chasing playing n laughing..

maan was standing in the balcony n watching it.a small smile lingered on his lips…
Kala came with coffee ..she called him ..but he didn’t turn..so she came near n watched what made him lost in thought .she too saw geet n vicky playing..she decided..its long time she should talk to maan..
She tapped his shoulder n gave his coffee..
Kala:chotu,gudia is happy with Vicky..he is also one of the reasons that gudia got cured soon..
Maan sipped his coffee silently showing he is not interested to talk more..
Kala:chotu..aur kitne din tum yahaan akelei..aur dadi n Vicky wahaan mansion mein..ek saath rahenge tho kitna ach

maan:kala akka..im getting late..app break fast lagayiye..mei aathi hoon..he gave the glass to her n went inside..
kala sighed..she expected this cold behavior from him..he never listens or answers to her if its regarding the distance between 2 houses..
now its only one person who can do this..gudia..she has brought many changes in chotu..she can bring this two brothers also together..i must talk to her when the time comes..