Stubborn love – Part 18

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part 18

same time sam entered..


maan:hai sam..

saam who was about to hug him stopped seeing his shirt..she gave a disguisting look. which irritated maan further.he looked  at geet angrily..

maan:geet.. now I have an will I go with this stained shirt..

sam:oh look like a tea man..

sam  giggled making fun off him adding fuel to his irritation..

maan:sam..its not a laughing thing..its not a joke..i have a meeting in 15 min..n what would I do..

sam: hmm u must change to new one..or wash this..

maan:I don’t have spare cloth now..n washing..can you help me..

he expected her to help him in his needed time..

sam:oh maan..i have to go urgently…i just came to say hello n bye..…will see u tomorrow getting late..

she went before he replied too..maan looked at the way she went..he looked at his helplessly..

geet:sir 15 min give me the shirt.. i”ll clean it up..

maan:are u sure.

geet:yes sir..

maan reluctantly unbuttonned his shirt n gave it to her..

but geet was standing still looking at his strong arms which was now visible as he stood only in his vest. n pant.

he felt little uncomfortable with her gaze on him

Maan:now go..n I want it before 2 mins.of meeting.or think this is ur last day..

he barked at her breaking her trance on him..Geet immediately ran to washroom..the girl who doesn’t know to wash clothes how will she clean up..she

soaked it fully in water n rubbed the stain mark..she was happy seeing the mark


Adi who came to inform maan was shocked seeing him standing in vest..

Adi:he hehe ..


Adi:s..sry sir..wo.wo..aap..ka shirt..

Maan:all credit to geeeth..

He gritted his teeth in he is being questioned becoz of geet..he is unproffessionaly dressed in his office standing in vest before his staff like a fool

Adi:geet..where is she..

Maan:hmm..go n check if she has cleaned my shirt..

Adi went to washroom..n he was like what is she doing.he was shocked seeing maans shirt fully soaked..he laughed in his nervousness

Adi:hehehe..geet..whats this..

Geet:adi sir..woh sir ki shirt ..meri ki stain lag I came to clean..ab teek hai..

she said proudly. its totally kya kiya tumne geet..

Geet:what adi sir..

Adi:geet:how will maan sir wear this wet shirt..see its dripping water..

Geet kept her fingers in mouth..

Geet:yeh tho meine socha hi nehi..what will i do now.

geet looked at adi ..adi can see she is too innocent n doesnt think before doing anything..but who will save from maans wrath…

geet:adi me na..

Adi:now we have to arrange new shirt for maan sir..but how..the clients will be here any minute..n boss is going to boil as volcano on all..only god us.i ll go n inform maan sir..

geet was left in thoughts on which adi said..

Geet:.sir rukiye..


Geet:sir give me 2 minutes..mei abhi aayi..then go to maan sir..she stormed out of office n ran to the back street where her car is parked..

She had a parcel in it..she came back n gave to adi..

Adi:did u do any magic geet..

Geet go n give this to him.. only did n u r going 2 give..n explain him..


Maan was pacing inside the room..she knocked n came inside..

Maan instantly pounced on her..

Maan:geet how much time u take..the clients are on the u even knew the value of gettinglate..where is my shirt..

Geet extended the parcel..

Maan:I didn’t ask u anything..where is my shirt..

Geet:who maan sir..woh..its fully u have any idea..omg..what will I do now..what will they think if they saw me without office ya ghar..


Maan:shut up..all bcoz of u..i must not have appointed are fired..

Maan was blabbering..without listening to geet..

Geet was getting irritated as he is not listening to her..she took the water glass n  broke down making maan stun at his place..

Geet:this is new shirt for you..change n attend the meeting..

She said in one go..

Maan opened the parcel n found a white shirt of his size..

Maan :how did u arrange it..

Geet:its my problem..i have solved yours..go now..

But maan couldn’t accept it so easily..he was in this mess bcoz of her n she isshowing attitude correcting it..

Maan:iska matlab yeh nehi tum kuchbhi toddo..

Geet:then what to do u r not ready 2 listen to me..

She replied him with attitude..

Maan:I ll cut this damage in ur salary..

Geet showed her dimple smile..

Maan:now what..why are you smiling..

Geet:so im still in work..u told u fired me..u can cut the damage in next salary..

She chewed her inner lips n maans eyes went over their..lost in her twinkling eyes n that smirky smile..

He turned showing his back to her wearing the shirt..

Maan :hmm..

He said smiling to himself..

Geet:thank you so much..maan..

She said excited.

St:omg I called him maan..

Geet:sry..maan sir.

Maan:now don’t stand wasting the time here..u r going to take notes of the go n arrange everything..

Geet:ok sir..

She flew away like a butterfly n maan nodded his head..

Is she innocent or matured..stubborn girl.she does what she thinks..but she didn’t say how she arranged the shirt in short time..

Here geet was jumping in her cabin..

She brought that shirt for maan long before ..but she cant give him..what if he asks why she is giving to him..but seems like babaji is with her..she had it in car itself thinking oneday she will gift himin any moment..but today it was useful..n the most happy moment was to see him wearing it before her..she saw the appreciative look in his eyes..he  liked that..

Omg..he wore it..he wore it..

Geet slapped her head..

Geet if u jump like this u will not go and attend the meeting..then he will fire u for sure..

She chided mentally n calmed herself n went to arrange the meeting..

The meeting went well..

Presentation was given by sasha n maanappreciated her work..the clients approved the deal ..

After all left only maan sasha n adi were left..

Geet:sir..woh..shall I say something..


Geet went near the board ..

Geet:sir..what if this balcony facing north is on east side..

Maan was irritated..after finalizing the deal she wants to change ..

N sasha was also fuming..

Sasha:geet ..they have approved this don’t need to change ..hearing ur change they will back off..

Geet:sasha..let me say fully..

geet never gives up..she is too stubborn we all know

Adi:why u want to be changed geet..

Adi who has seen her different style of work thought she has something in mind..

Geet:adi sir. as per  our plan in east,u see there is a park here..but the balcony is in south


Geet:sir,mostly we use balconys to sit n refresh ourselves..n park is more refreshing thing..when u see the greenaries , childrens play n elders walk with chattings ..we will feel if its on  east it will be nice

Adi:gud idea..

He turned to maan..looking for his answer..

maan liked her idea..he does whats right..

Maan:sasha change the plan as geet suggested..we will talk to the clients again..they will be here to sign thedeal papers tomorrow.we can get their approval for this..

Sasha “ji sir..

She was not pleased as maan accepted geets idea but couldn’t show it..she went their frustratingly..geet was happy that he accepted it..

She came happy to home n shared the news of her job to her dad n daima..


The days passed into weeks..

Geet was very perfect in all ways..but she made things of her decision only..what she says must be done..she made it in her ways too..maan noticed her stubbornness n same time the childishness along with the knowledge in interiors..her suggestions made his clients happy..he got few more projects..but still he was struggling 2 overcome the loss…the news was spreading around n maans name was in the talk..

Dadi came to office inbetween n found geet is so pure by heart n she talks what she thinks.though maan has told her about geets stubbornness it didn’t make her think indifferent about geet..what she saw was a pure innocence before her..she has seen geet watching maan with without blinking her eyes..dadi thought it to be a crush of her age n shrugged it off..but geet was always there in corner of her heart..she thought a girl like geet will be perfect for maan….

Geet was fast learner n fast worker too..she finished her works before time n in leisure time she will be indreams with maan..she saw maan n sam going out on dates n dinners..she will think herself with him n sigh ..but will never intrude his privacy..she was happy with the way things are going..maan is before her eyes..n that’s enough for her..she had captured many pictures of him without his notice..n filled her study with it..her mornings n nights was always with him


stubborn love – Part 17


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.it was 8 at night when maan came out..geet came n blocked his car..maan

was surprised..

Geet:sry sir..i think u r going

home..dont worry sir.. I ll be waiting here for you …see you tomorrow..gud

night sir..she moved n started to chat with securities..

Man was not a ruthless person..his

heart melted..he called her..

Maan:now go home..n come at 9..or else no interview..

Geet jumped yippee..yehh..thank you sir..will come tomorrow…surely sir..

her smile ear to ear showing her perfect shiny teeth…..she jumped all the while ..saying ty again n again she took an auto n went back home..

maan nodded his head to see a chirpy bubbly innocent girl..her stubbornness was something different in her..



The next day geet was there at 8 am..wearing a simple white cotton chudi.

.maan too was there working from 7..he

has more works to get up from  the


Man saw her  entering the floor. He was impressed with the

way she kept her words…but  he stayed

inside his cabin ..he want to test her patience..her stubbornness n

patience..lets see what wins..

Slowly all staffs came..geet was

waiting for his call..she has informed pinky about her arrival n she has told

to wait


.geet was impatient..but its her maans office..that sense gave her

happiness..the air has his aroma..she can hear his voice giving orders to

staffs..half day passed that way..

Finally maan gave up to her stubbornness..n

called her in..she was happy..but maan has his own ways to test her.he cant take any staff just like that without any efficiency..he  is giving her this chance bcoz of her stubborness only..

Geet:gud afternoon sir..

Maan:gud noon miss geet..

He did not offer her to sit.n she never thought of it too..she is standing infrontof her love..talking to his room..she was more than happy atpresent…she was still standing n he started his interview..he asked all sort of tough

questions n geet answered all very easily..maan couldn’t deny that she is

extraordinarily talented n suitable for job..he then looked at her records n

came to know she studied in same college n she is gold medalist in her batch..he felt bad for mistreating a well educated candidate,,

Maan :hmm sry geet..i have given the job to sasha already..only secretary ka job hai..

Geet:its ok sir I can do any job..bas I want  a job..

Maan thought she is really  in need of job n that’s why she is  after after thie job,,asking him to take interview n then reject her..she is more qualified….he pitied her..

He called adi n asked him to appoint her as his secretary..

Geets happiness knew no bounds..

She grinned like afool..she want to jump n hug maan..she controlled it .she want

to maintain professionalism

Geet controlled herself..she bit

her lips n mouthed a thank you to him..n went with adi.

He didn’t miss the twinkle in her


It was very expressive..he nodded

with a small smile..

Hayee..geets heart was flying in

air..she felt she got everything with that one smile of his..n she can do

anything for that..she smiled again showing her dimples..

Maans phone buzzed n he got busy..

Adi gave geet her appointment letter..he asked her to join the next day..but geet is geet..she told she will join from that time itself..adi smiled n told her the works she must do..

Geets cabin was next to maans..n that was cherry on cake for her…she looked at maan drooling him..the way he works..he speaks..every small gestures made her more n more fida on him..

Maan called her for works n other times he was busy with his..



it was evening..

maan was getting angry with the turn of events..the client who was supposed to meet them for a deal cancelled it..he was trying hard to control the situations but its going worse..n he was shouting on the employees unlike him..geet pouted looking him angry..


Maan felt someone gazing him..he turned n looked around..before he see to her side geet looked at the file before her n was pretending to work on it..

Maann again went back to his work..

His head pained a lot..n he called geet in n summonned her for a black coffee..geet gulped hard n walked to the pantry

Sasha who joined the same day hated geet for getting maans attention..she feared geet may take her place as she saw the way she gave the interview..the confidence n the way she answered..anytime her job may be at stake n geet may take that place..

She too followed geet..

Geet looked the pantry n pouted..

Geets think..daima use to say na..geet try to make some coffee n food..but how will I make black coffee for my maan..first time he asked something n I cant make it..but what to do..

Sasha:hai u need any help..

Geet thought for a second..she is still nave at heart n didn’t think sasha will have grudges on her..she thought to ask sasha for help n sasha took it as chance ..

Sasha:its simple geet..just add sugar to the  black coffee kept there.

Geet:how much?

sasha mentally patted herself as geet herself made way to make her in trouble..she misguided geet

sasha: black coffee will be bitter so add more sugar..

geet added 5 cubes of sugar n went inside maans cabin

she placed the coffee mentally appreciating herself for making coffee..first time for her love.



but poor geets all happiness drained when he spilled everything..n his anger was high..

maan:if u don’t knowhow  to make coffee..then why u r making it..useless fellows..i must say me..i kept useless creatures in my office..ladki ho..ek coffee nehi bana sakthi..

geet was in verge of crying.none has ever taunted her.but she masked it thinking she did something wrong….

geet:what happened maan sir..

maan:what..u r asking what? Huh..drink this  n see u will know whats wrong..

geet without thinking twice took his cup n drank it in one go..

after all its her maans juta..when he is offering she cant deny..

maan:geet ..what u did..woh meri juta tha..

geet:then how will I know whats wrong in it..

he doesnt want to embarrass the he diverted the topic..

maan:ab patha chala.. tasted like  coffee bite chocolate..very sweet..

st:aapki juta it was more than a chocolate..bohut sweet..

she licked her lips..n maan did feel something inside him.he averted his eyes..same time sam entered..


Stubborn love – Part 16

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Part 16

geet went to the past how she got ready for her interview or to say to meet her love..


The whole handa mansion was running here and there..geet want to look best..she want to be selected at her first interview..she was asking servants to take this and that..she has changed her dress n hair style umpteenth time..

daima was looking at geet  who is again looking at herself in the mirror..she turned to daima.. is this..

After trying all sorts of western dress she has chosen an Indian wear..a green

simple chudi..

Daima: gudia,you look beautiful in all dresses..

Geet:daima..woh baath nehi hai..i don’t want anyone to know me as handa’s daughter..look at me and I looking like other girls..normal middle class ladki..

Daima always wear simple whats in it..haan ye bohut hi simple hai..n u look like all other normal girls..not as handas princess..khush..

geet had a big smile..she ran to her dresser n wore a simple jumkas n glass bangles

removing her diamond rings n bracelet..she was impressed with her look..

She fished her lined up bags..n took the most simple cloth bag..she checked her certificates n put it inside the bag..more than the interview the meet with her love is making her stomach churn..she was excited n it was creating some unknown sensation in her..

Geet took the back gate which is used by servants..she took an auto n asked him to take her to kc..she want to be on she started even an hr before..the drivers told they will drop her..but she was adamant n now riding in an auto..

There was some hustle bustle on way n the traffic turned heavy..

moving every second she was cursing the automan for taking the stupid route n when she reached her name was called for the seventh time..she rushed inside maans cabin..he was walking out of his cabin..he was irritated to core as no one answered him in a good way..n more over the candidate..geet..huh..her application was there..but the girl is missing..he always liked the persons who are punctual n perfectionist..he stood up to go to pantry to get a drink to cool his boiling anger..

Kc is facing the down..he must give his best before it collapses..or his hard work n name he gained will be on stake..

He opened the door n someone fall on him..before the object falls down he caught it..something smooth n soft.


he looked at the girl..she was very simple in that Punjabi suit.. she was holding

him tight  n her eyes shut in fear..when she opened feeling safe she was flying high..she is in her maans arms..nothing can make her so happy than this..his manly body n his strong perfume..his eyes

..she can look at it for the whole day..she was lost in him…he was

irritated ..her eyes spoke much..n he did feel something in her hazels

..he made her stand on feet..

Maan:is this the way to come in..

Geet showed her puppy face..

st:just now i came in n he is showing his anger on kahika..cant he speak polite..

Maan:who are you..


Maan:will you stop stammering n say who are you..

She immediately gained her composture..

Geet:sry sir..i m here for  interview..


He smiled mockingly..

Maan:the interview is over..u can walk out now..

He spoke rudely crushing all her dreams ..

Geet was hurt..she thought he has selected some body..

Geet: but sir..

Maan:I don’t take interviews who are not punctual..

She sighed happily..he has not selected any..still she can win over the chances..she can make him interview her n she will surely impress him..

Geet: sir please..give me a take my interview..if u think i’m not capable to this job I’ ll go..

Maan’s irritating mood did not do the favour..

He shouted calling the peon..

Maan: show her the gate..

Geet: sir you cant throw me out without interviewing me..

Maan:just get out..the person who is late cant be capable to become my staff..

he snapped her..

Geet:teek hai sir..I ll go out..but I ll not give up.. u have to interview me n if I failed then I ll accept my defeat n go..till that I ll be standing outside your gate..

She left from there leaving a speechless maan..

He went to pantry n made a coffee for him..pinky n adi came there..



Adi:have you selected the candidate..

Maan:sasha s profile looks gud..

she has experience..she has worked in Mumbai..n varun too. .so lets give them a

project to design n lets see who is best..we will select them..ask hem both to come tomorrow..


Pinky:hmm  sir..woh..ladki.geet..she is still standing outside..

Maan :what..

he was shocked ..he  rushed to the window n saw her standing under a shade..looking at his office building..

Maan:she will go standing for some go n do ur work..

All were back to their was noon when maans curiousity took over him n looked for geet..She was still standing there..having channa s n talking with security..

Maan: stubborn girl..mei bhi dekthi hoon  kitni stubborn hai..

He again concentrated on his work n forgot was 8 at night when he came out..geet came n blocked his car..

maan was surprised to see her still there…

Geet:sry  for blocking your way sir..i think u r going home..don’t worry sir.. I ‘ll be waiting here for you …see you tomorrow..gud night sir.

.she moved n started to chat with securities..leaving a baffled maan to stare at her ..



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Humrahi -Part 56

Part 56


The thought of something happened to maan made her earth under her feet slip away..but tej was fast to recover..he must handle not only his gudia but her unborn baby too..

Tej:gudia..nothing will happen to jiju..vicky told na..there is no net n only we couldn’t know anything about him..have faith in god..babji will be with us..dekna jiju will be fit n fine..

Geet looked at him with faith..

Geet:maanji..will be fine na..

Tej:hmm..lets go to house now..i ll come n call jiju after few that time he will be able to reach..dekna..

Hiding his fear he boosted courage in geet..

Geet nodded n followed tej..but her heart was full of unknown fear..she prayed in her heart for his well being..

Tej:gudia..ghar aagayi..


She nodded n went inside..

Rano:aagayi tum dono..darshan teekse hua na..

Geet tumharaliye pakora banaya hai meine..

Geet moved inside like a zombie ..her mind was stuck with maan n her mothers words didn’t reach her ears..

Rano:yeh kya hogaya isko..

Tej:maa..let her go..

He stopped his mother..

Rano saw tejs face too covered with tensions..

Rano:kya hua..

Tej sighed..n said what happened n there was no news about maan..

Rano was shocked:arei babaji..

She rushed inside n took some money n tied in a cloth..

Tej too followed her n saw his mother praying to god..

Rano:kuch nehi hoga damadji ko…

Tej knew what she did..praying for safety of maan she tied the money..

Rano:go n be with something with her..n make her eat..


Rano:I ll go to kamala kaakis house..n will ask her to contact sambandji..n damadji.koi khabar mili tho who thuranth batayegi..

Tej:maa..mei chalthi hoon..i ll inform kaaki n I will go to my friends house..he will help us..

Rano:yeh bhi teek hai..jaa..par pehle geetko dekh..

She handed him the plate n coffee..

Tej tried to make geet eat..but she was too lost in her grief..

She denied taking food ..

Rano:kab tum sudrogi geet..tum apne aur apne bacheke tabyat bhi kharab karrahi ho..apneliye nehi  tho bachekeliye khao..kya kahogi damadji se..tum bhooki pyaasi thi..tumhare gharwalo ne tumein kuch nehi khilaya…

She looked at her mother once..then took the plate from tej n had it mechanically..tej glared his mother..she went away seeing geeet having her food..

Tej:im going to my friends house geet..take rest..kuch nehi hoga.jijuko..

He moved from there..geet heard some quarrel sound between her mother n tej..she had enough of tensions in her mind she cared less for whats happening in her house..

Tej shouted at his mother for being rude with geet..

Rano said..pyaar se tum bhi kahithi..did she ate..i know her very well..she will bow down only with my high voice..jaan boochkarhi kiya meine..

Tej sighed..maa..she is scared of maanji..aur uperse aap bhi..

Rano:I know he is safe..i still have little belief in god..he spoiled my life..but he wont do that to geet..

She walked away confidently..


Geet started to chant mantras whatever she knew..she pleaded to god to keep her maan safe..she will bare this loneliness being away from him..she only want to know he is safe..that is enough for her to breathe.she doesn’t want anything at this moment..


Tej on other side went to kaakis house n contacted geets mil n dev..both seemed to be worried about maan..they too had only the news of Vicky being safe…n they promised to call him if they got any news from maan..tej sighed n walked to his friends house..his friend had tv n the news of the flood was flashing on which took tejs breathe away..seeing the horrifying pictures tej too got scared..his friend shook him n asked what happened..tej told him about his jiju n seeked his help..he was blank n don’t know how to reach his jiju..both thought for a while n he called his distant relative who lived in tn but was in another district..he had good contacts in all areas..tej’s friend gave maans number n asked them to contact maan or try to get any details about him..they promised him they will try to get news about maan asap…tej sighed in relief..he thanked god..this only showed still humanity remains in all heart..

Tej bid bye ..but his friend stopped him n gave his cell phone..

Tejs friend:this is my 2nd number ..not all people have this number..take this..


Tej friend:u can keep trying ur many times u will go to phone booth or relatives place ..this is hard time for ur sis..n u need this at this moment..take it..

If it was someother time tej would have denied it..but its not possible to get phone or new number at this moment..they don’t have enough funds too for it..

He hugged him n thanked him for his timely help..


Tej came home ..n showed geet the phone..she smiled..n took it from his hand fastly n dialed maans number..her smile vanished hearing the number is not reachable at the moment..her face went pale..

Tej kept his hand on her shoulder..

Tej:gudia..once the power is settled he will call..i have msged him ,vicky  n dev bhai this number..

He made her have her dinner n made her sleep forcefully..

The night was too long for all..her dad came drunken..unaware of the storm going in his daughters life..

Tej n rano kept silence as geet was sleeping lately..

Tej made his father sleep outside..he too slept thinking the sunrise gives them a gud news..


Next day geet woke up n first thing she did was to call maan..she kept on calling him n it was unreachable..every passing second was hell for her..she did all things mechanically..n sat with many times she dialed maans was infinity..her confidence was breaking with each passing sec..


the night came n the next day came..she was cuddled like a ball in corner of house with phone in her hands..tej’s heart squeezed seeing her like that..she never cried before all..but the trace on her face spoke volumes she has cried all night. its truly said only the pillows knew the humans tears .he came out  taking the phone slowly from her hand n prayed to god before punching maans rang which made him squeal in happiness..but the happiness died the next second when the line cut off..he knotted his brows looking at the phone..he punched again..but it again went off..

Tej:babaji..whats this..

Suddenly a msg popped in his cell..

I’m charge.nno signal .will call u all maan..

Tej rushed to geet..


His scream made her jerk n she sat at her place with shock..

Geet:bhai..what happened..maanji..woh kesi hai..kuch pata I slept..woh teek hain..bolo..kesi hai woh..kisine call kiya..uski gharse..koi..

Tej:jiju is safe..

She leaned on the wall..tears of happiness filled her eyes..she thanked her babaji..

Geet:he is

She repeatedly said it…

Not for tej..but to satisfy her own heart..

Rano looked at both she smiled within herself n went to thank her god..

Whenever geet tried to go out n requested to call from booth rano has been rude saying tej has brought phone n no need to go out..she only knew the reason..the tea shops had the newspapers which had the horror scenes posted in front page..if not them the news channels n radios were pitying the state for facing such a hard time..if its not enough for them to sulk the neighbours were talking all rubbish things..n their thoughts were not digestable for them..what if geet she restricted geet to go out..thankfully maan himself msged them..

Tej showed the msg to geet..

She checked the was maan..

Tej:jijuki hi hai..hain

She nodded yes with smile plastered on her face..she was happy after 3 long days..

Geet:bhai..muje mandir leke chaloge..

Tej:haan kyun nehi..mein apni friendse bike leke aathi hoon..till then u fresh up n get ready..



Tej went to kitchen n saw rano ..

Tej:maa gudia wants to go to temple..i think she prayed for jiju’s safety..

Rano looked at him with a thoughtful look..

Rano:ok..take her..but be careful..



He went n came with his friends vehicle..geet has freshened up.n was ready…

Tej:did u had ur bf..

He asked in concern

Geet:yes ..u have ur bf soon..

She rushed him up..

He smiled to see her back to normal..these days he has seen her more shrink..she rarely stepped out of seeing her energetic he felt happy

He had his bf..both bid bye to rano n went to temple..geet saw the horrified pictures n her stomach stirred in fear..if she has not got the msg she would have broken seeing it..

tej stopped the bike..n  gave her money so she may buy offerings for god..

Geet:I ll return this..bcoz its my prayer.


Both went inside..geet gave the puja plate to the pandit..he did the puja n then asked about maans well being..

Geet thanked God whole heartedly for listening to her prayers..tej too thanked god n both sat on a corner for sometime..

Geets eyes was still on the idol of god..tej too didn’t initiate any talks..

Geet :was talking to god in her heart..maanji is safe that’s enuf for I said I will w8 till he come n take me..i wont ask anything more now from you..i only want his long life..i have lived each n every second in fear of losing him..death would have been easier for me ..

u know everything god..all think I don’t know what neighbors talked about us.. me n my family was flying high as they got a good son in law..even im changed after marriage.. as I have married in a better place they think I m high headed..attitude .im flying in air bcoz of happiness…n that’s why u have stolen my happinessn u have taught me a lesson by bringing back me to earth…but thank u god for returning my husband..

Did they even know what we went marriage is not less than a miracle..ya it’s a miracle..u did on me..erasing my miseries of life..but they want to see us only in suffering..kesi log hai ye..only want to see us in hardship..i too was losing hope on u..n would not have stepped in ur place if anything has happened to him..u have filled my heart so happy..thanks u so much God.. u have made me realize maanji mereliye sabkuch hai..even if he is miles apart from me my life relies on him..thanks once again I wont ask u anything more..

She closed her eyes thanking god ..


Tej:gudia..lets go..


Both were back..n geet didn’t failed to see the jealousy in the ladies eyes..

Geet st:evil eyes..jab maanji aayega mein nazar uthardoonga unka..

They reached home..

Rano asked her to rest..n tej went to give back the vehicle to his friend..

Geet slept peacefully ..rano came to call her for lunch..seeing her sleep she went away..when tej came n saw geet..she has just woken up n was looking at phone with earning look..

Tej:once the problem solves he will call come..lets have our lunch..


Geet n tej sat along with rano for lunch..

Tej:maa..where is papa..

Rano:where else he will be..he left early morning..he did not have bf he has got a reason to drink again..his son in law is missing..

It was hard for geet to swallow the food she kept in her mouth a wife she has started to realize the bond of husband wife n being a home maker how much money is essential for life..her mother is still managing with all miseries..n what she gets support from her husband .n she doesn’t know to express herself to change a drunkard husband .who doesnt listen to anyone…geet has now started to see the other side of life too..

Rano:geet..what r u looking already time pe u have to eat at time..u will face digestion problem then..after u go there if u face any digestive problems don’t take any medicines..

She started to say home remedies..n geet heard it carefully..

Rano:samaj aaya..


Geet left to wash her hands..

Rano:hmm..tej..geet will leave to her mil house in few can we send her empty hand.. karna hoga..

Rano:jo cheese gudia ko pasand ho..woh banake dethe hain..kuch snacks.. u want money..

He asked thinking after a while..


Tej: already we have brought enough from grocery shop..he wont lend us more… much u will need maa..

Rano:atleast 500 -750 rs..

.tej :teek hai..i ll arrange for it..

Geet has listened to their talks..but she kept quiet n walked away..

Even after marriage she only makes them spend on her..or to say more than before..she cant even stop them n say..i don’t want anything..bcoz the place we live in expect some formalities..her mil will ask her..even nt can que her what she brought from her home..that too when she is carrying ..yeh samaaj yese kyun hai..there was no answer..she sighed..


It was night..they had their dinner too n was arranging their beds..when the phone rang..geets face flashed a 1000 watts smile..seeing maans number..

Geet hurriedly pressed the answering button..she was feeling so emotional..tears filled her eyes..


There was silnce..she looked at the phone..seconds were running..she again saif

Geet:h..e..l..l..o..m..aa..n..ji…aap  ..aap..


There was silence again..hearing his hmm was feeling like she got a drop of water in deserted area..

On the other side maan was no less than her..her cracked voice mirrored her position..her scared self..…t..

Geet:maanji..maanji..aap..aap..teek hona..

She questioned him..she want to know his safety..

Maan:hmm..i..m f..ine..t..u

Before he speaks she asked her next que..geet:where r u now.. r u now in Chennai ..woh..baarish..sab teek haina..power aagyi teek haina..aapne charge kiya na..

She bombarded with her was her restless heart want to know everything..

Maan charge only im talking to u..

Geet slapped her forehead for being stupid..but what she can do..noone thinks briefly in worse situations..

Maan:tum..tum..teek ho na..aur..

He let a long breathe n asked her

Maan:aur baby..

Geet suddenly felt the air thicken with the name of baby. ..he was angry on her knowing her age..he left her here n was not talking to her till now. .n now que about baby..she is far away from him bcoz of baby.she answered him simply



He expected her to speak..n vice versa she expected him to speak..que her more n answer her previous questions..both went silent..

Tej came in..

Tej:gudia..jiju hai kya..


Tej:if u both have talked give to me I ll also talk to him..

Geet looked at the phone..maan was silent..n she too doesn’t want to make him angry with questioning him more..

Geet:humne baath karli..aap baath karlo..

Saying she gave it to tej..

Maan was disappointed.. r u..

He started to ask same que..

Geet was hearing their talks..n came to know maan is still stuck n he will be able to come out once the water drains..there is no rain now..n rescue team  was there n Eb mens were set righting the wirings..he is in his hotel room which was multi storied …bcoz of it the water doesn’t enter than first floor n  he n others who stayed there were safe..till the high ways get cleared he has to stay n it may take  a week to be back..generators have started n so he managed to charge his cell n talk to all..his mother dev n now to geet..

Geet got all her answers..she was relieved..

Tej:jiju..gudia bohut dar gayithi..

Maan:hmm…I can understand..take care of her..







note:less of maneet..but i want to show geets inner turmoil..what all she is facing n why she is so silent ..she is shrinking bcoz of surroundings..the pressure which the surroundings gives to her.. n how her mayka is forcing her to see the other side of life too..n she is getting mature by facing all the ups n downs..


dont worry..geeet will start to open up slowly..


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Stubborn love – Part 15

stubbornlove banner


Geet ran to her dad..

Geet:dad..whats all can u sell this always sayna this is memory of mom..then how can you sell it..

she questioned him in extreme shock..she never in her dreams too expected it from her dad..

Mohinder:n it has memories of u too..

he said in sarcasm..

mohinder:i hate ur presence samji bhi yahaan reminds you..n i dont want that..

he said in anger.

Geet pleaded:dad pls..dont do it..

it fell on him like he is deaf..

Mohinder went to talk with them..they were finalizing the amount..geet shouted at them to leave..

geet:all of you get out..this house is not for sale..samji aap log..

mohinder was totally ashamed with her behaviour..

mohinder:im sry gentle men..

they thought mohinder doesnt want to sell as geet said only he is asking sry..n they left..

mohinder looked at geet angrily..

Mohinder:yeh kyabadtameezi hai..if u think i ll stop selling this house by ur behaviour..then its utterly wrong..kal koi aur aayega..

Geet:dad..pls don’t do this..i beg you..

She had tears in her eyes..this house is everything for her..she has spent her whole life here..

Mohinder:this is my house..n I can do whatever I tum chahthi thi tumne let me do what I want..

Geet:dad..pls don’t steel my moms memories from me..n u live here for her only..u feel her in this house dad..u cant sell this house..pls dad I ll do whatever u say..but pls don’t take my moms memories from me..

she bowed down before him folding her hands..

mohinder stood their with rock emotions on his face…he knew he is wrong by deciding to sell this house..he has been single till now after his wifes death..that was only bcoz of the immense love he had on her..he didnt marry any girl n give his wifes place to other..he still lives in her memories n want too till his death..he sighed..

Mohider:teek hai..ek condition per..


Mohinder:first u promise me..

Geet:I promise..i llaccept whatever u say..just don’t sell this house..

Mohinder:forget this house forever..never step back here..

Geet stepped back..


Mohinder:ur wish has fulfilled..u stooped so low to get married to maan..n to keep the status in society I married u to him..he is a gud boy..i know it..but he doesn’t deserve a girl like you..i m ashamed of say u as my daughter..

His every words were like pouring acid on her.. u arr thinking is….

He stopped her..

mohinder:i don’t want to talk more about u nor maan..i did all for society…even this pagphere is for the medias who are standing outside..not for u..if u really had a little respect or love for me..keep your promise..dont come back here..i don’t want 2 see your face again..take all your things from here n u can leave forever..dont forget im ur dad..n I have the same stubbornness in me..if u again step here n try 2 see me or contact me..i don’t know what I ll do..i want only my wifes memory here..not a girl like u who betrayed her dad n backstabbed on his back n broke his trust

Geet stepped back..thisis not her father who pampered her n bent down for hre wishes..he is not even ready to hear what she want to say..she ran to her room n cried  her heart out..noone is understandingher..maan nor her dad..

She thought she will convince her dad once they meet..but he is not ready to listen 2 her..n his promise..

She wiped her tears ..she has to keep her promise now..she looked around..the bedroom full of hers n her fathers picture..the beautiful moments she had with him..he has never let her feel she has no mother..he was both for her n he pampered her a lot..may be that’s the reason for her stubbornness..she got what all she wanted..he gave her everything she wishes n she wished maan..but the events changed in a different way..the person who loved her so much hates her presence now..she collected all her stuffs n went to her study..she kept all her things which is related to her.. her pictures,medals  toys dresses everything…she came down n emptied the wall hangings which had her pictures..she took that also n kept inside the study..she locked the door n turned to see a moisted daima..

Daima:gudia..yeh tum..

Geet hugged her..

Geet:atleast you doesn’t hate me daima..

She  kept the key on the table beside her bed..

Geet:its all over daima..ab mein..papa keliye sirf geet..maan ki patni..

daima:Beta sab kuch teek hojayega..

Geet:when daima..from that day im trying to say him..i did not do anything than being with him..he doesn’t believe me daima..he no more trusts me..he doesnt want me to come infront of him nor face him..itni nafrat karti hai woh mujse..

she cried..

Daima: all will get well he is angry..when he cools down he will come to you..i know him..cha lab kuch khale..

Geet smirked..stomach n heart is full daima..i don’t want anything..mujei book nehi hai..

Geet:daima..i want to be alone for some time..pls..

Daima left her ..

geet layed on bed ….this is the last day in her room..she want to remember it for ever..she closed  her eyes n smiled how she got ready for her first interview ..or to say her first meet with her love..

precap :past..maaneet meet

Stubborn Love – Part 14


geet was with her friends to get a couples watch as gift for her friend who is going to get married n for one more purpose too..her eyes caught sight of a beautiful mens watch.

her mind  automatically went to maan..this will look perfect in his wrist..before she take it she saw sam showing it to maan..

sam:how is it maan

maan:gud..nice..ok we will take this..

sam  :oh fo maan..we just came in..lets check  some more then we will select the best..

man:but sam..this is too gud..first choice will be best choice..

sam”without seeing others how can u say..we will look few more n then select it..

she kept back in the place..

geet was too lost in maan to say anything..her heart was beating fast like she did a marathon seeing him so close..maan didnt give a look to any girls..his concentration was only on sam..

geets friends..hayee..maan..he is here with his gf..

geet: hmm..

geet: what  are you seeing geet..

geet: watch..

she immediately turned her gaze towards the  watch..she selected one more..

geets friends :looks like mens watch….u are not a boy..

geet: kyun..cant I purchase it..i  can gift it to anyone..see I bought this for my is his birthday..n this is his gift..n this one im thinking to gift somebody on some day..

she was about to take the watch when sam came n took it..

sam: I m taking this..i chose it first..

geets face felldown..but she smiled..

geet: mam..can I see it once..pls..i like it very much..

sam: hu..ok..

geet took the watch n weared it in her hands..she took her mobile n clicked a picture of it..she then gave it back to sam..

sam :maan like u said this is only nice..we will purchase this..


maan looked at geet who moved away ..

maan:sam she chosed u r taking it from her..

sam:so what we only selected it first..she was about to chose..but we did already..leave that topic..lets go..we r getting late..

maan nodded n went with her..

geet n friends came to the cash counter n geet was paying for the watch she brought for her dad n the gift for her friend

geets friend: geet..u always get what u what happened today..u gave the watch to her..u liked it very much..

geet smirked.

geet: yes..i agree.. I like it very much..n I get what I want..but u did not understand me well… I liked the watch so I tried it in my according to me the watch is used first by its second hand to her.. I never take others things.. before I selected it she  choosed I gave it back to her..i never keep things which is not mine..

geet walked getting the packs with attitude..

their friends rolled their eyes….

geets friend:I cant understand geet..she is so confusing..

other friend..ya..she is wierd..what type of logic is it..

they all left the place..




Maaneet  entered geets of the best houses in delhi..maans house will be 1/10 compared to it..he was welcomed with respect by mohinder.geet was happy seeing her father .both bent n took blessings from him..mohinders hands were on maan only..

mohinder:live long beta..kesi ho..

he talked to maan ignoring geets presence..




Mohinder:haan beta..what about ur chopra project..he came to the function n was praising u..

maan:its almost half way..he likes my work..


mohinder n maan talked about business politics n what not..geet was dying to talk to her dad..but he avoided her.. geets daima came n offered them coffee ..maan had  his coffee

maan:ok going to office ..will come at evening..

mohinder:ok beta..

maan went ..mohinder n geet was left alone..n geet got a chance to talk to her dad now..

Geet: happy birthday dad..this is for you..

She finally  wished him..


Mohinder without a word left from there to his room..geet stood there like a statue..her father is mad at her..

Maan who came to take his phone saw it..though he felt bad but thought someone is there to make her feel the pain ..he took the phone n went away..he saw mohinder avoiding geet during their talks too..he didnt want to interfere in their matter..somewhere he felt he became the reason for his rejection too..geet is his only daughter n knowing geets nature maan felt she can handle her dad well..he left to office thinking about geet n mohinder..

daima came to geet n touched her shoulder making her jerk out from shock..

Daima:gudia..wo saabji..

Geet rushed to her room..she felt heart roken..never ever her dad has rejected her gift..that tooo specially on his birthday..her gift meant a lot for him..its her token of love..

Daima looked at geet from door step..she left thinking it will be better if geet is alone..after some time she came n called her for lunch..geet nodeded n came  to dining.

.she waited for her dad..he never came out of his became unbearable for her…geet went away without having her food..she came n knocked her dads room..

mohinder :kaun..

geet:dad..its me geet..

silence prevailed on other side.

she kept on knocking but he never opened the door..she rushed to her room.. with me..i cant bear ur ignorance..pls dad..

she kept on mumbling but noone was there to listen to her plea..


the clock struck 5 pm..

 geet  wiped her tears n came out of her room hearing some noises..

she saw some peoples looking at the house..

Geet: daima..who are they..

Daima had tears in her eyes..

Daima: saabji has decided to sell this house..n move away from here..


Geet  was shocked to core..she stumbled at her place..

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U,me,aur…?Part 143

Part 143



Part 143

Geet was so happy..she talked with all n Vicky took  geet with him to discuss the project work.kala came with snacks.. milk for geet n tea for Vicky..they were  studying for more than an hour..n needed refreshments…

Vicky:di..u r not supposed to do any work..

Geet:haan di..prince ne bhi kahaan na..aap apna baby ka khayal rakna

Kala:tum sab tho mere pehle bache taking care of them only..

Vicky was too touched..he never thought kala in that way..she is a servant here..n living from his parents time..even nakul is a loyal servant..both got married n working here..n he always thought their love to be only loyalty..but today her words just made him emotional..

Kala see his eyes misted ..she kept the tray aside n cupped vicky’s face n wiped the single tear..

Kala:y u r crying Vicky..

Vicky:kuch nehi..

He hugged her waist..he I that blind..i didn’t see the love around me..only I thought dadi n badi dadi loves me n no one else..after bhabhi came I am getting the love of my life..all making me happy..i got  to know my true saw the love I got in my own house..kala n nakul ..y was I so selfish that I thought no one loves me..y I was too blind to notice the true love I get in my own house..ya..kala di has always taken care of me..its only me who  never thought in that onwards I will also love all like they do..he promised himself..

Kala looked vicky worrly..

Kala:kya hua Vicky..

She lifted his face n made him look at her..

Kala:kuch tho bolo Vicky..

Vicky:I love u ..

Something breaking sound made kala n all turn n saw nakul standing with shocked expression..

Kala smiled seeing nakul..

He frowned..

Kala:I love u ,gudia n chotu too..but u all cant love me like my pati do..

Nakul smiled at her words..he was jealous seeing Vicky  say it that easy to say ilu…

When nakul came to know he is going to become a father he want to fulfil all wishes of kala..n he even asked her what she wants..knowing his shy nature she demanded him to say Ilu..she want to hear him say it..but he couldn’t put his love in words n say..but Vicky said just like that..

Nakul left from there talking to himself..kese kahoon kalakko…

Geet:I too love kalakka..she said joining them in group hug

Kala kissed Vicky n geets forehead ..

Kala:both of u have it n continue ur studies..mei aathi hoon..

She left..n Vicky kept on looking at her way..

Geet looked at the door n then Vicky..

She poked his shoulders n made him come out of his dreamland..

Geet:oye Vicky..kahaan khoyi ho..

Vicky:bhabhi..i want to do something for her..

Geet took the pakodas started to eat n fed him too.


Vicky s face lighten up..

Vicky:I have a plan..tum saath dhogi..

Geet:first say..

Vicky narrated n geets smile too broaden up..

Vicky:then done..ok..


Both hif5 ed n got back to studies..they called even their group n discussed their part of presentation too..

After some hours kala came n took both for dinner..geet refused to have dinner with them..saying her prince will be waiting..kala parcelled the dinner in hot pack n gave to geet..she bid bye to all n left to her house.

Geet entered Khurana palace only to see maan still sitting in sofa..he has not changed nor doing any work..its unlike him..she hurriedly went to him..

She kept the hot pack down n  came near him..he looked so lost unaware of her presence too..


She touched his made his reverie broke..he looked at her..n then pulled her in a tight hug like her bones will be crushed into was so sudden she was pulled n landed on his laps

Geet:kya hua prince..

She want to know whats bothering him..then remembered his talk with dadi..something hidden in that..

Geet tried to see his face..he was not ready to break the was so tight like he feard of losing her..

Geet:prince..are u thinking about dadi..aur aapne bhi kuch kahan..why so..

Maan stilled..she has started to understand the situations..he don’t want her to know his lifes bad phase..if she came to know she may hate him..he don’t want her to know it..

Geet:why you talked to dadi like that..

She again questioned him

But she was shut by a mouthful of kiss..he did that only to stop her question..but both carried off..he started to relax n feel better..only his princess can make him feel light..n his hands started to search her bare skin..geets moan echoed in the hall..

Geets phone ring stopped their romance..both were breathing heavily..

Maan looked at the name flashing..vicky..

Maan:sona..take it..


Geet:hello vicky..

But her heavy breathe can be heard by Vicky ..he chuckled n at same time cursed himself..y always he calls them in a wrong time..




Maan nodded his head..both are same.he glared geet showing his big eyes to talk..

Geet:jaldi bolo Vicky..he is showing his big eyes on me..

Vicky chuckled..n maan slapped his forehead..his geet will never think before she speak..

He made her sit on sofa n tried to move..she held his hand..

Vicky:tomorrow morning  be ready by 8..we will go earlier to college..thats why I called you..



His st:must he say or not..he scratched his head..

Geet:jaldi bolo na vicky..

Vicky:say bro..that I said sry to him..

He cut the phone..his heart thudded fast like he has run a he has done what his bro did..talking indirectly..he felt thrilled talking like that n was so enthusiastic..

He jumped on the bed…he saw dexture who looked at him like has he gone mad..

Vicky pulled dexture ..jaanthi ho..i talked with bro..indirectly hi sahi..but I did..yippeee..

Dexture looked at him..n thought..if u r happy at this small will you react knowing the real sirf mei jaanthi hoon..

Vicky shouted..yehhh..

Dexture:I think I need some cotton to save my moved under the bed n closed its ears n tried to sleep..



In palace geet was looking at phone with confusion..

Maan:why are u looking at phone like this..

Geet:becoz of Vicky..pata nehi usne yesa kyun bola..

She told still in thoughts..


Geet:he asked me to say  sry to u..magar kyun…

Maan smiled at his cutie pie..

Maan:kyun ki he guessed he disturbed our romance..isiliye..

He pulled her in hug n she hided her face in his chest in shy..her stomach growl ed indicating she is hungry..

Maan looked at the hot pack..

Maan:lets have our dinner..n go to sleep..tomorrow is ur big day..first time u all r going 2 do presentation before big companies..

Geet :hmm..vicky too said we must go earlier to college

Maan :hmm..

Maan st:must he say about it or will she her know by herself..n her big mouth..she will spill everything to Vicky too..

Both slept hugging each other..

Next morning geet was making hustle bustle..she was tensed n maan was trying to make her cool..

She was searching things here n there..n maan was the one to find it n give it to her..after gathering all at one place too she was nervous..

Maan:kya hua jaanu.. many  companies will come..what they will ask..n how they will select the candidates..

Maan nodded his head..the morning talk with Vicky has made her too nervous..

Geet:boiyena prince..u would have undergone all this na..u have experience..

Maan pulled her n made her sit on his lap.

Maan:first of all remove this tension from ur mind..take a deep breathe..n think u r doing a regular project like u use to do before ur class n proff..u wont feel any tension..i know my princess can do anything..she can answer any cross questions to the companies which que you n your team..u all are best..


Maan kept his fingers on her lips..chup..bilkul more talks about it..lets go n take bath..he picked her up n gave her a romantic bath..both showered together…their little cossy moments made her relax…he wiped her n made her wear the professional pant white shirt n black overcoat..she combed her hair n tied up in a single pony..did a slight make up ..applied lip gloss..she looked at herself in mirror..maan gave her thumbs up..which brought a smile in her lips..

Maan:keep this smile doing presentation too..

Geet:ya..will keep in mind..

They both had their breakfast ngeet was all set to go..

Maan stopped her n she looked at him..

Maan:whatever I said say it to your group too..this is first step for all of them..stepping into outer world for job..if u got selected here u don’t want to search a job outside..u will be given first preference in give more than ur 100%..keep smiling n no tension..all the best..

He pecked her lips n hugged her..she got all the courage back with his one kiss..

Geet smiled broadly:I will give u the good news soon..our group will be selected for sure..

Maan:that’s like my wife..mrs.gmsk..

She smiled n left to mansion to boost up her devar..while maan left to KC..he has to give special instructions to his team today..

Geet n Vicky joined friends group..all were nervous..

All looked at geet who was cool like cucumber..

Pari:what yaar geetu..r u not tensed..



Vicky:its blackmagic of my bro..

Arohi:so..what he did..she looked suspiciously at geet..

Geet narrated what maan to face the presentation with confidence..on n on..

It gave energy to them too..

Prem:hmm..must say a good advice given by him to us..

Mani: ok lets have a group hug n promise ourselves to give the presentation more than our 100%..its our life changing line..

Heer:yes u r r8 mani..this will make us recognize in this field too..

They had a group hug n entered the hall to arrange things for presentation..

Whereas shyam n sam who was behind the tree sitting there laughed..

Shyam:sorry babies..bad luck to u..

Sam:what r u going to do..

Shyam:I have done already sam..just wait n watch..aaj tho titans clash sure..n geet n Vicky..they are going to be in the worst phase…they wont be able to see one n others face too..they will think whom to blame..when they face the failure..lets see how her aashique saves her today..or maan singh khurana..her boss..whoever helps they will know my power..

He laughed hysterically…but sam was scared..she has seen the worst of maan ..

Seeing her tensed face he hugged her tightly..her feminine parts crushing his hard chest..he  was feeling a girls touch after so many days..he felt something but shrugged off..

Shyam:trust me..this time we will win..

Sam was uncomfortable in his hug..she slightly pulled him n came out of his hug..he didn’t like her withdrawal..but let her go..

Sam:I hope so..but maan n geeet fianc both r dangerous..beware of them SHYAM..

He looked at his palm which still had the deep hole scar..

Vicky:how can I forget only I am determined to take revenge on them..or I wont be able to live in peace..

He said gritting his teeth..hie eyes red in anger.. s be cool..i understand..we both have faced a lot of  downs becoz of maan n geet..n I wish they too see the worse..but not making us digging earth  under our feet..what if they comes to know its done by you..i am scared of it..

Shyam:I want that only sam..wait n see..

He encircled his hands around her waist..n took her inside..

Being in modeling field this type of gestures was not wrong for sam..its just a friendly behavior..but for others the view has changed..

All those college students who saw them together  made  faces  n went off..all know shyam as a pervert. A play boy..n sam being with him now full time they thought them to be pair…or to say shyams bed partner..


Principal followed with proffessors n checked on all groups..all had their individual dress codes n topics ..all had made their best designs..models..etc..

Soon many peoples came ..a group of 4 members from each company…principal  started to introduce all companies..n geets eyes widened seeing  adi ,sasha  n group on behalf of KC.even Vicky was shocked n surprised when principal introduced KC staffs..he looked at geet who was standing still..

Vicky nudged her..u didn’t say bros company is also coming..

Geet:mujei bhi nehi patha. prince did not say about it..

Even her group asked geet why she didn’t say that kc is coming..she said she herself don’t know..

.the companies started to look on each models..the way they presented ..n all…

Sasha gave a look to geet ..

Sasha ” oh so u r studying here..

geet didn’t like the attitude n her show off..she murmerred

geet to babaji:is chimpanzee ko bejna zarror thi kya..


Geet:she is the monkey I use to say about  in office..

Sasha:so geet..yeh hai tumhare model..

Geet gritted her teeth:meri nehi..humare..sabki ideas hai ismein..

Sasha:hmm…she made faces..its not so impressive geet..u know the standard of KC..using logo like kc..u cant become an architect like me..

Sasha has broken the confidence in all..they all really thought they are not architect of kc is disapproving means they didn’t keep up to the mark..all friends thought like that..

Geet:logo lagana usine sikaya hai..

Sasha:kaun..oh..tumhare us prince ne..


Sasha:who tho yahaan nehi..u cant impress us..n im really sorry to say..this is the worst model I have seen..

Sasha wants to make geet low..she cant do in kc so she tried to do it here

Geet s anger was raising..n she was about to pull sasha s hair n want to slap..vicky hold her hand ..n nodded no..

Sasha smirked n moved off..after a while adi came ..


Geet:haan bhai..this is my group n she introduced them..

Adi looked at Vicky..before he asks something geet asks is our model..

He looked at it..geet n groupne kiya hai..then I must say it will be 100% need of my opinion..

All saw geet n adi’s bonding..n thought adi is saying it only for geet..

Before they talk adi was called n he went came a member of kc from south branch..he was unknown to geet..he asked questions n they answered well..

One by one all companies members came n all groups answered them..

Amongst all geet n vickys group was the best n even all proffessors expected that their group will be the first the companies will select..but first company selected which was good next to geets group..geet n gang were disappointed..but hoped other companies will select them..they knew they presented well n answered them well too..but one by one all companies chose other groups than geet..

They have given lunch break..

Geets group s face fell down..

Heer:I think we didn’t do upto mark..

Prem:isiliye all are selecting other groups..

Vicky sat down with broken heart..

Vicky:my dreams to work in Delhi be with dadi n bro..sab khatham..

Geet looked at adi who has selected other team..n sasha gave geet a nasty look like u deserve this only..geet looked at adi n asked.

Geet:why adi bhaiya..all are selecting others..ours is good ..u told me na..then why..

Adi sighed..

Adi:its maans instruction for me not to select your group..bcoz others may think we selected your group as u r working for us..but such mein ur group only is the best..

Geet:then why we are not selected..

Adi:still there r more companies geet..its lunch time..all will come back..

arohi:only 2 companies left bhai..n they are not a reputed companies which we would get experience..all our hard work will go in vien..we cant give our model to such a low company who wont give the best..

adi st:something is wrong..why all rejecting when they  have given such an awesome presentation..i even heard other companies praise geets group..then why..

adi: don’t loose heart guys..lets wait n see..

he moved away with his group to  have food  provided by the college..sasha was happy as geet was not selected..she got some known friends there n left to chat with them..adi n others  sat discussing about  geet having their lunch..

adi:such mein..i don’t know why all rejected geets group

other too..i was really impressed with that groups work

men 2:hmm it was flawless n had new  ideas too..

adi:then why they are not selected..


a men of other company heard their talks n came to them..

men:bcoz all are scared of their life..


men came close to adi n whispered:we all got a threatening call..if we select that group we will not reach home safe..n our family will be left orphan..

U,me,aur…?Part 144

Part 144


This part of maan v/s geets fiance idea given by praffula..hope i have not disappointed you jeevaBig smile..

adi  can someone threaten like this to a normal college students they know geet as mrs.msk..if cant be like that..its something else..n he thought to inform maan..

he  came out to speak to maan n saw geet n group shouting on someone..or to say they were about to hit someone..

adi came rushing to geet..while that  boy smirked n left with a girl..

adi:geet..kya hua..

Vicky:job hi horaha hai uske peeche yahi hai..shyam..

Adi got alerted..he knew shyam by maan..

Adi:what he did..

Geet:he called all companies n threatened them they shouldn’t select us..warna anjam teek nehi hoga..

Arohi:so only all rejected us..

Pari heeer manju were silently crying..n boys were frustrated..

Boys:I didn’t think he will take revenge in such way..

same time maan called adi..

adi:excuse me guys..

he left a little far from them..

maan:adi was the campus  geet did..who selected her group..

adi:maan sir..pls listen to me..

maan sensed seriousness in his voice..

maan:kya hua adi..

adi:their group was not selected n no one will select them..that shyam has threatened all in such a way that no one is ready to take geets group in their company..

maan was shocked..he stood at his place..


adi:I couldn’t see their faces sir..poor boys n girls..look like they lost their life..


the line got disconnected..he tried again but the ring was going on a busy tone ..

other side..shyam was celebrating the victory with sam..

shyam:did u see the face of the gang sam..

sam smiled..but still there was a deep fear in her heart..

sam:hmm..girls were crying..n boys looked  broken..

shyam:bakhi bachi do companies too wont select them..

he smiled hysterically..

sam:shyam,idk..but  I m scared..lets stop this game..

shyam:scared..y..for msk..

sam:yes morning I had a bad maan killing my dad..

shyam:ofo..sam..u r still stuck in past where maan took ur dad to get a land..he is business man..but not a chillax baby.. lets go n know the final result..


lunch break was over..n all was again gathered at one place..n the other 2 companies too were not ready to take their project..

proffessors too were thinking why geets team were not will be a black mark to their career..seeing all breaking down geet too was in tears..

geet:sab ne humei reject ki..

she slumped on floor..

suddenly she felt someones gaze on her..she turned n saw maan on entrance..he was in official attire ..all in his glory with his bgs around him..he never appeard in campus like this..very professional..her tears pinched his heart..their eyes met n he nodded his head a little not to cry..n  asked her to stop the tears..

adi rushed to his side..sasha who was enjoying geets state was now in toes behind maan..

maan said something in adi’s ears..

adi to principal.:sir our khurana constructions MD want to see the presentation of the group which did the best.

princi:but u have already selected one..

adi:no..we selected geets groups only first..if u want u can check our marks..their team only scored high according to us..but as geet is working with us maan  sir told us to choose the next.but now he wants to see if we did good by rejecting her as all did..i mean they were best n all may have rejected bcoz kc rejected them..

geet looked at maan n then at adi with hurt eyes..are they mocking her failure..but maans eyes told something was looking at her like always..with pure love..he wont let his mishty down at any place.. the MD of Kc I want to check my employees judgement..i want to see the groups presentation now..according to our group they r best..n if so then y all rejected the group..n I  want all to see the groups presentation again..

princi knew there is something behind this..warna maan never says himelf as md before all in coll..

princi:geet Vicky arohi n group..give ur presentations ..

geet looked at arohi n Vicky..they looked at each other..all  the confidence in them has vanished..n they looked like they lost the battle..

now how would they do it with lack of confidence..n geet too was hesitant..

all students  proffessors staffs of all companies looked at them..few mds too have joined by now n were curious to know y kc s MD is interested in one group..n want to prove their skills before all..n some were now looking  to know who is geet..working in KC..mainly the chopras..

a message popped in geets cell..

do or die. give a chance to yourself again.if u cant do it without proving yourself its better to die loosing hope..failure will kill a men jaan is fighter.n she can face all odds..i want to see my mishty at winning place..not as a loser…ur prince..’

geet wiped her tears..

geet:we will fight..union is strength..hum sab saath we will win in this last chance given to us..

she cheered up all n all gained the confidance..geet was all the time holding Vicky n saying everything what maan msged her..she boosted the team again..n arohi too courage geeets fianc said its time to prove ..not to sit sulken..when we have given a chance we must prove..

geets team gave the presentation  again..followed by arohi Vicky mani manju prem heer n all

maan cross questioned them all at end of every single sentence ..adi sasha n others too cross questioned them.. geet n group gave them perfect answers with all theory..compared to all ,maans questions were more deeper..asking que why they chose the gratitude latitude  shapes  etc..all gave the perfect details..impressing each n end all clapped now..there was a strength in maans presence which made all confident..n they did well..all  clapped now  for their group..

the mds who were present there looked at their staffs with questioning eyes why they didn’t chose geets group..n they all hung their head in shame n fear..

maan:so congrats..u all  are selected n  will be working in kc

princi:but how can u select 2 ..its impossible..

maan:sir everything is only  I made them repeat the presentation part..

n none will say anything to them now..i gave them  a fair chance..

princi”but how..i can accept only one group..

maan too was adamant..but then thought he is principal n he must give reasons..

maan:first project will be done by the first team..after they complete geets  group will   do their project..dont worry sir.. KC can handle both groups n KC always choose the best for their company..

he said with pride..

princi accepted n announced geet group is selected ..

maan stood there seeing geet smile..vicky stood shocked..if their group is selected by kc n will be working for them means.. he too will be working in means he will be able to see his bro often..his bro has accepted him to work under him..he was shocked  to extent..arohi n all were hugging n jumping  in their places..for them KC is like a dream coming true..n working in best company will give them a good name too..


maan smirked seeing shyam n sam  faces.. maan had expected the same ..sams  face turned pale when maan looked at her dangerously..her spine chilled with his gaze… seeing maan choosing geets group she left..n maans  big  eyes too scared her like hell..she chided herself for being a fool..after knowing maans power too how can she try to mess with him..what if he do anything again..she decided not to mess with him again n fall in bad books..she is still scared of her fathers safety..

maan  smirked n went away like the way he came..his bgs followed him with a smile inwardly..bcoz they too cant see their gudia’s sad face..

maan sat on his car n changed his sim.his usual play behind the screen to scare the opponent..he want to warn shyam for messing with make geet cry..

maan dialed shyams number n he took it in one he expected the call..

shyam:hello mr.X..geets fianc..haina..

maan was surprised to hear shyam talking in a cool way n knowing its him..

maan too know how to play..n he too continued with it..he changed his tone n talked with him..

maan:hmm..not bad..u recognized me so soon.

Shyam:u have imprinted ur signature in me then how can I forget u

Shyam said looking at his palm ..…even after playing dangerous u r messing with geet..

Shyam:without harming how can I reach my goal..that is to reach u..


Maan for the first time surprised with shyams answer..he did all this to reach him..but why..

Shyam smirked:hmm..u punished me for touching ur fianc..then what will u do to the man who is behind ur fianc

This time maan was really confused..who is behind geet..a sudden possessiveness rose inside him..

Maan:who r u talking about..

Shyam:first say what u will do him…I want to know r u really possessive for ur fianc or its just a show off a person like me can be grounded soon..u made me suffer becoz my dad lost his power..but can u do the same if its someone who is highly influenced..

Maan was really in no mood to hear him only raised his temper..

Maan:will u just shut the crap..dont beat around the bush..come to the point..who is he..

Shyam:hmm no..first say what u will do to the person..then I ll say who is it..

Maan:arghh shyam…what u expect me to do..i ll kill the person who lay his eyes on her..

Shyam:no..i don’t want his death..but I want him to see something that he is in pain.. say who is it..

Now maan too was left in thoughts..who is behind geet that he doesn’t know..first he want to give pun ishment to his g’s who didn’t say anything about it..he will deal with him after shyam..

Maan:n how will I know u r telling truth..

Shyam:sending u some watsup..check it..i didn’t have ur number ..or I would have sent it long before..i cant contact u till u contact only I played this intension was not hurting geet..hmm..n as u have said I expect u to do the harm that person..

Maan:what if  didn’t..

Shyam:I ll continue to search some way or other..

Maan:if I did..

Shyam:I promise I ll never cross urs or ur fianc geets path..

With that he cut off his call making maan fume..

The next second his phone beeped n he received some pictures shocking was he n geet..som e close pictures where he was holding geet..some were recent pictures taken during college competitions..their dance their  fashion show..his hug..

Maan pushed his hair back..shyam was so close to know his relation..but instead he was playing bad..maan wants geets safety first..

There was a msg too

Trust me msk has forcefully kissed ur fianc before all…may be she wouldn’t have told u all these fearing let me see how u punish MSK the great..u cant even near him as he has a strong bgs around him,..n I promise u..once I got what I want I wont be behind ur fianc..

Shyam cut the call n smirked..

Shyam’s st:now lets see geets its you or MSK..lets see who wins..anyone wins im satisfied.if mr.X..geets fiance loses..i ll be happy as I got him punished for what he did for me..even if he wins I ll be happy other way that I made maan lose who  took over my place in both ways I will win..what if I didn’t get one happy  to see any one at the losing end..

Maan sat on the the car thinking what to do now..shyam doesn’t know who is he..the man mr.X geets fianc n maan are same person…before sometime he was thinking of punishing bgs..but here the problem is he himself..shyam has see them two n want revenge see msk in pain..but how he will harm himself..he must think wisely to solve this problem..

Humrahi- Part 55



Part 55

Geet with her family reached amritsar..her brother was too happy to see her..her mother smiled at both n asked geet to take rest..she went to kitchen to prepare dinner for all..geets dad has vanished when they were on half way itself..geets heart pained seeing her dad like this..he is not interested in anything..only drinking has become his priority..he doesn’t think how it will affect  geets life..what if anyone asks her about her father..already she was ashamed to say any thing when all asks what her father can she say he is not working..back to her home all sad moments came again infront of her..tej was talking something which she hardly heard..

Tej:gudia..where are you lost..

Geet:hmm..woh bhai..

Tej:woh..hmm samajgayi..jiju ke barei mein..

Geet didn’t say anything..what will maanji think..i  came here without informing him..she was still silent..

He sighed thinking she is thinking about their father..

Tej:arei gudia..till u r here be happy..papa ke barein mein math soch..u must be happy in these days..mein hoona..

She smiled seeing his efforts to cheer her up..

Tej:ok..u take rest..i ll  go out n come soon..

He went to kitchen n talked with rano n went out ..

Geet was feeling suffocated..she came to kitchen..n saw her mother preparing dough.

Geet:maa..hmm..mein kuch karoon..

Rano:tu aaram kar..i ll do..jaa..

Geet looked at her mother ..she talked normally..

Rano saw geet still standing there..

Rano in loud voice:I said na..i ll do..go n rest..

Geet smiled weekly:ji..ji ma..

Geet turned to go..she heard her mother talking to herself..yeh ladki bhina..mein kehraha hoon jaake aaram kar..phir bhi kade kade mere mooh dekrahi hai..dont know how damad ji manages her..n how she adjusts in her sasural..pagal ladki..ek baar mein sunti nehi..

Geet moved n sat in the hall.she cant understand her mother..she is like puzzle to her..sometimes calm..mostly chiding is her habit..her mother loves her or not she cant analyse that too..shadhi se pehle tho saara kaam karwathi thi mujse..but now she says to take rest..

Tej came with some shopping items..he went inside n kept in kitchen..she can see her mother n tej talking..n she can here their  talks too from her place..

Tej:maa ..whatever u asked I have brought..

Rano:did the shopkeeper asked for money..

She asked in a low voice..not wanting geet to hear it..unaware geet is hearing it

Tej:hmm..but I told I ll give by next week..

Rano sighed..teek hai..mei paiso ka inthazaam karthi hoon..tumhare nanase hi poochna padega..

Tej:maa..i ll get advance where I work..u give it..we will ask nanaji later on..

Rano:haan bohut sare paisa chahiye..till geet is here we must give her good food..phir uski keliye yahaan lana hoga..tho tab aur paise chahiye..tum teek kehrahi ho..we will ask nanaji later..

Geet was sad..they both didn’t notice geet is there in hall..she went n checked her baggage..she frowned seeing she left her handbag in mil house itself..she had some money n she can help them..par she was too lost to notice that she took only dresses n not the hand bag ..she moved n stood near the window..sachi kehrahi hai not a responsible person..

Tej came n saw her..

Tej:gudia..yeh lo..tumhareliye kuch story books laayi hoon..u wont get bored..

Geet smiled n took it..

tej:kya baath hai gudia..from when u came u r not even talking properly..tum khush nehi hai kya..jiju aur tumhare mil ne kuch kaha..

geet:nehi bhaiya..woh..he didn’t know I came here..i was thinking what he will say..

tej:itni si problem..i ll call jiju ifrom public booth n say u r here..

geets heart felt a little peace..both chatted for a while..

her mom called both to have dinner.

Geet looked at entrance..

Rano:don’t wait for ur father..he will come at full drunken state..he will never worry about us..if  we eat or drink..usko koi pharak nehi padtha..tum khalo..if u wait for your father u cant eat at haal mein u must eat on time..

She left a long breathe n started serving geet..tej served for himself..

Geet:maa aap..

Rano:tumlog shuru karo ..i ll eat later..


Tej:gudia..have ur dinner..kuch mat soch..

Geet smiled n ate her dinner..she loved her mothers hand made was delicious..she licked her fingers..

Rano:geet..kuch aur chahiye tho mein aur rakthi hoon..why u r licking ur fingers..sasural mein bhi yese karthi ho kya..

Rano chided geet n geets face went pale with her mothers taunts..

Geet:woh maa..i don’t ..

Rano:zabaan mat lada..she kept some more..

Rano:ab khao..not ur fingers..

Geet nodded her head n silently ate..she finished her food n went to wash her hands..

Tej:maa..y cant u keep quiet..

Rano:u r saying like I  like to taunt her..socho..what if she does same in her house..kya sochegi uski ghar wale..mei uski achekeliye hi bolrahi hoon..

Tej:u can say it softly too.. soft..baath karo apni papa se yesehi soft..mat peelo papa..ghar mein gudiya aayi hai.woh maa banne wali hai..she must be happy at this time.kya aap unkeliye ache khaneki intazaaam karsakthi ho..aur can u help us with some money…even if u don’t help us in anything no problem..but don’t drink atleast till geet is here..


Rano:bolo..will he hear it..

Tej:maa..dont talk about that..u very well know it cant happen..aap khano khalo..mei gudia ko dekthi hoon..

Rano cleared the place n went to wash vessels..she never called geet for help ..

Tej made geets bed on floor n called her to sleep..

Geet too slept soon..tej went n slept on other corner..her mother finished her works n came n laid next to her..


Tej:ji maa..

Rano:don’t sleep..ur father will come n will knock at door before he bangs the door..gudia sorahi hai..she will wake up..mujei bohut neend arahi hai..isiliye tumse kehrahi hoon..

Tej:ji maa..

He went n came with his books..he can atleast study n keep himself awake till his father was midnight he heard the screech sound of gate..he immediately opened the door n took his talli father inside n made him sleep there..

Tej was angry on his father..he gritted his teeth controlling his anger n asked..

Tej:cant u stop drinking..aaj kya waja hai aapke peene ki..

His dad pushed him..

Mohinder:Tum kaun hothe ho..muje poochne wale..i will drink..u have no right to que me..

He blabbered in full talli accent..

Tej:im ur son..i have rights to question u..

This triggered mohinder..

Mohinder:tum..mere bte ho..isiliye poochrahi..then I ll free u from this relation..i ll break this bond..then I ll see how u que me..haan ab samji..yeh sab tumhari maaane tumei sikayi na..go n que ur father..tell her..i m not the one to be que..i ll be the one to que..aap sab ko meri que ko jawab deni the head of this family..u all cant que me..

Saying he fall down on floor..

Tej :he will free me off..hope he does it soon..atleast I ll be free..but only for maa n geet im bearing u..warna what I ll do..i dk..

He closed the door n came out n slept with frustration..


Next day geet as usual got up early..her mother has gone to shop to get she started to do her daily chores n entered the kitchen..she looked at all n decided what to came for her automatically taking care of her house..she put the dal to cook n cut the veg ..

Rano:arei geet..what r u doing..

Geet:who maa..

Rano:y u boiled dal n cut veg..i went to buy  nv n eggs..ab what I ll do with this..poochke kiya karo..

Geet:woh..i thought u went to buy milk..

Rano:hmm..its ok..we will keep dal for night..u go n wake up tej..n fresh up

Geet: I ll finish this n go..

Rano:I ll do it..u go..

Geet   went from there..she couldn’t judge her mothers indifferent behavior..she taunted her for doing work..n she shoved her from kitchen..she wondered it becoz she made dal when her mom brought non veg to cook..did she spoil the planned menu..confused soul went andwoke up tej..he gave a sweet smile n he asked her to fresh up n join for bf..she nodded n went to fresh up..even her brother didn’t ask her what she cooked for him today..everything around her looked strange for her…she quickly freshed up n changed to sari..its her maanjis fav..she touched the fabric  over her front n tried to feel moment she turned sad..her maanji  left her in her mayka..when she want to be with him..

Ranos voice brought her back..

Rano:geeet..what are u doing still inside much time will you take to u take this much time in ur house too..what will ur mil think if u bath like this.come out soon..u will catch cold if u stay longer inside..apne nehi tho apne bache ka khayal tho karo..whatever affects u will affect ur baby too..

Rano:arei geet ka kya sunthi hai naa apne khudki dimaag..

Geet  touched her stomach..she forgot that she is pregnant..she must take care of the baby..she came out..dressed up applied sindoor n came to kitchen..

Her mom has already kept everything ready..its not a normal food they was always simple..or to say..a food to fulfil the it was special…

Tej was looking at the room where his father was still sleeping..

Rano:tum khao..woh sharab khi nasha abi tak utri nehi..geet tum kya karrahi ho..khao..

Geet nodded her head n started her bf.tej too had his..he left to college n geet sat with her mother helping in small things..her dad woke up n came woggling to kitchen..

Mohinder:kya pakarahi ho..hmm..nonveg..mei abhi aathi hoon..

Saying he went out..

Rano:where r u have ur morning dose..sharam nehi aathi aapko..beti pedse hai aur ghar aayi hai..go n c the outer the man of house treats her daughter when she is kuch karenge nehi..atleast don’t spoil the name of sambandji..n damadji..bahar log kya kahegi ..unki rishtedar kya sochegi..u have forget about my respect..

Mohinder snapped her..kya respect..kya family..jese kit um rani elizabethki family se ho..i know how ur family is..dont talk about them..

Rano:kya kami hai meri fam mei..becoz of them only we are still having some food to eat..u don’t even earn a penny..

Mohinder.:my son earns..n its not ur bloody family s money..

Geet was seeing it after months..her mom n dads was not new for her..they crib n put f8 on all she felt suffocated seeing them..why she didn’t have a lovely family..i don’t want any rich family..cant I wish to have a loving family..

Geet:maa..pls..papa pls..chodiye na..dont f8 pls..

Mohinder:who are u to say a man..n u want me to listen all the f**king things u ladies say..

Geet turned her was way too much for her to handle..her dads words were also not in limits today..tears formed her eyes..

Rano:tum isse keh rahi ho geet..he calls himself a man..but is he…jo apne pero pe khade na ho sakhe who kehthi hai..mei mard hoon..subha subha peekar aayi ho..n want to drink again..

Geet looked at both..they both are not ready to leave each other..they want to win others ego n hurt the other badly..she again tried a few times to stop their f8..but of no use..she took steps back n rushed to the other room..she stood by the window with tears..

She heard her neighbors saying..

Neighb ours:phirse shuru hogayi rano aur mohinder..donoko koi kaam nehi ..jab deko ek dusrese ladthi rehthi hai..

N2:hmm..u sit n hear it..achi time pass hai..

N3:who sharbhi rano ko peetegi phir chalejayegi..yahi hothi hai na..

N4:poor rano..achi khandaan ki sharabhi ko shadhi karke kya mila usko..

N1:acha hua yeh beti ko kisi tara shadhi karwadhi..warna kaun shadhi karega is sharbhiki beti ko..

N2:hmm ..geet ki sasural walo ko yeh nehi pata hai ki uski baap ek bohut bada sharabhi hai..uski sasural walon bohut izzadar wale hai..when they find all this think about that girls life..usse choddegi..phir yeh donoko ek aur kaaran milega ladnekeliye..

N3:is tej tho ab ghar sambalrahi hai..when he get married he too will leave n go..

N4:kab tak sahegi who bhi..

It was getting unbearable for geet..

Like they said..she heard a slap sound n her mothers cry..she rushed n saw her mom on floor..her dad has beaten her n has gone out..rano was cursing him..

Rano:jayiye jaayiye..the hand that slapped me will turn lifeless..appko kuch kaam ko nehi hogi..u will have a horrible death..aapne mere jeena mushkil  kardiya..mei bhi dekthi hoon when ur legs n hands do not work who will help u..that drunkard friend of urs..yeh bagwaan bhi mujei kyun nehi insaanse aur kitna sehna padega mujei..y don’t he take me off..

Geet cried seeing her mother n her dad going out..

Rano stayed there for few minutes..

geet :maa..

She called her in broken voice..

Rano looked at her daughter n wiped her tears..yeh tho roz hothi haina..u know ur dad..

With that she started to work again in kitchen..made food n washed the vessels..she did not dared to turn n look at geet..but geet was only watching her mothers easily she hide every emotions from her..roz papa maarthi hai..she has seen them f8ing n only few times she has seen her dad raising her hands on mother..but her dad beats her mom daily..n her mom too f8s with him..curses him..

Geet slowly moved from their n sat on floor thinking everything..her heart was heavy..her eyelids started to turn heavy..she slided on floor n slept soon ..she felt her mother keeping pillow under her head ..straightened her legs n wrappied her in spread..

She so much wanted to open her eyes n see is it her mother..but she couldn’t..

It was evening when she woke up..mein itne der sogayi.morning incidents flashed in her mind..maa..she went to kitchen to see her maa

Tej was back from college n was shouting at his mother..

Tej:I know it..if I am not here u both will start..he beat u again..n u..u maa..u cant keep ur mouth shut..who asked u to talk tit for tat..if he shouts let him ..aap math bolo

Rano snapps:tum mujei chup rehne ko kehrahi insaanki support karrahi ho..

Tej was frustrated..:maa…gudia is here..u all don’t think of her..aayi ek din bhi nehi hui..what she will feel..we have brought her here to take care of her..yeh sab dekke kya sochegi who..woh yehi sochegi would have been better if I haven’t come here..meii ane ghar mei khush thi..yahaan koi mujei dekbal nehi karthi..yeh khana uskeliye banayi haina aap..kya who khayi thi..sogayi aap dono ki ladai dekkar..aakri baar kehrahi hoon maa..jab tak gudia yahaan hai..aap kuch bhi nehi bolegi papa se..if he goes out let him go..zyadha kya hoga.. he will drink n be flatten in any road..we have to bring him..i ll look after him..aap papa se baath nehi karogi..even if he starts the f8..

Rano sighed..

Tej:mei gudia ko dekke aathi hoon..

Geet rushed back to room n came out like she just woke up..

Tej smiled at her:u r awake gudia..

Geet faked smile:ye..patha nehi kese sogayi..

Tej:no problem..go wash ur face n come..we both will eat together..

Geet:u didn’t go for work..

Tej:I have informed them..will take leave this week till u r here..if any urgent work they will inform me..


Geet looked for her dad..he is not back yet..

Geet n tej refreshed n sat to have their food..

Geet relished everything her mother made..rano is an awesome cook..n she herited that from her mother only..

After that rano asked tej to be with geet ..n so geet may not get bored..both tej n geet started to play chess..while rano did her rest of work..later  at n8 tej n geet with rano had dinner n geet went to sleep..she was worried where her father went..he was not back till she slept for long time at noon she was not able to late n8 her dad came back fully drunken n tej has to handle him..rano started to crib on him for drinking..tej shushed her not to talk n start the f8..rano left the place unhappily..

Geet thought about her life..her maanji Vicky devji..her mil arohi..all behave very genuinely..they all are respected person..not even raise thevoice on each other..she got scared thinking of neighbours words..what if the neighbours words come true..will maanji think of his respect more than me n baby.. he has not talked to me till now..what he will be doing now..will he miss I miss him.. I feel like I want to hug him n cry in his arms..patha nehi when I will talk to him..see him..

She was unable to sleep..she curled into a ball ..n hugged herself..maans thoughts made her remember their cozy moments..she always slept in his she couldn’t sleep without him..n she is unawre of that reason..she slept in wee hours..


It was a week she has been here.rano did all household works..n cooked all that’s good for baby n geet..she use to say  what to eat n what not…geet never went out..only neighbours chatted with her..but she couldn’t chat with them knowing what they talk behind their back..she answered in minimum.n for that too they talked behind as geet has married in agood place she is behaving different n her attitude will come to floor when her inlaws will know about her family’s real respect..her insecurity was raising day by day.n she was missing maan terribly.when tej was out she read the books n novels he brought for her from library…her dad n moms f8 was regular..though rano tried to be silent for 2 days she couldn’t control her anger n she was again back in her form..faught with slaps n she cursed him for mistreating her..geets heart squeezed seeing them fight like cat n was week end for tej..he borrowed a motor cycle from his friend n came home..he told his mother he is taking geet to temple which is 2 kms away from their place..n rano too geet has not stepped out after she came here..tej has seen geet going he thought to take her out..

They went to temple worshipped the god ..n sat there for some time breathing the fresh air..

Tej:u miss jiju jaina..

His question startled geet..she looked other side..

Tej smiled..his gudia still cant express her feelings..

Tej:I thought to call him u can also talk to him..lagtha hai u don’t want to..

Geet:nehi nehi..i want to talk to him..

Tej chuckled..

N geet was totally red for being caught ..she is desperate to talk to him..

Tej:ok lets go..

He pointed the phone booth n geet smiled..

Both went to booth n tej called maan inserting the coins..maans number went not reachable..he tried few more times..geet pulled the phone from him n she too was samen sometimes it said the number is switched off…an unknown fear engulfed her..maanji wont switch off his phone..she knew..n not can it be..

Geet:vickyji ko phone karthehain..


Geet:Vicky ki number..

She couldn’t remember it..

Geet: we will call our house number..saying she dialed her house..n  that too came  with  the  same  dialogue..unreachable..

Geet was scared..why no one is taking the phone..its Sunday na..

Tej:gudia..may be they have gone outside..may be no chage in phone..

Geet was not convinced..she sat their thinking vickys number..once maan told his number n asked her to keep for emergency..but she never took it seriously..she stood n dialed the number which came in her came as wrong number..

She again tried double 2 ya double 4..she again pressed the numbers with hesitation..this time she prayed to babaji..pls babaji..i ll lite dia before u for whole me..

Tej:are u sure gudia..

Geet nodded her head..but was unsure..

As god heard her prayer the phone rang after a long time testing their patience..tej took the phone from geet n said :hello is it Vicky khurana.

Vicky:hello..pls..kaun loudly..i cant hear you..he screamed on other side.. geets brother..tej..he too talked loudly..

Geet was looking at tej with expectant eyes..

Vicky:who tej bhai..namaste..

Tej:jijus  number is not he with you..


Tej:please give him the phone we want to talk to him..


Tej:haan geet hain mere pass..

Vicky sighed..n said..

Vicky:bhai..maan ka patha nehi..

Tej was shocked:what?patha nehi..matlab kya hai aapka..where is he..

The way tej questioned Vicky made geet tensed n she looked at tej..kya hua..woh teek tho haina..kahaan hai who..

Vicky:bhai..havent u see the news..if u have seen u must have known it by raining here heavily..4 dams have broken..n water has surrounded us all..

Tej:but jiju..

Vicky:he went to cuddalore..its the mostly affected area..bhai called from there when he reached

..may be now his phone is witched off..there is no current food nor we could contact them..i hope he is fine..he said in a sad tone.i am trying to contact bhai only.

Geet shook tej n asked kya hua..

Tej:kuch nehi ..jiju has gone out for office work..

Geet saw he was not talking seeing her looking at her eyes..

Geet:u r lying ..such such boliye..meri kasam..

Tej looked at her n confessed maan is missing from his place..

Geet slumped on the floor lifelessly..her maanji is missing

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Stubborn love – Part 13

Maan finished his coffee n went to his room..geet followed him..he collected his files..

Maan doesn’t want to ask but he couldn’t keep quiet too..

Maan: how are you feeling now..

Geet: very gud..n thanks to u..

Maan: get ready I lll eave u in ur house..

Geet: when u will pick me up..

Maan: better u stay in ur house itself..

Geet:if u didn’t come I ‘ll commit suicide maan..

She said casually making maan to jitter in fear..

Geet:I will do it maan..


Arghh..maan hated this helplessness..her zidh..she makes everything up to her wishes..n he cant do anything..

Maan:I ll come by 6..


Geet: Thats good..thank you..

She took an office attire to him..n gave him to wear.its his favourite white n black..she knew it..he has weared it in every special occasions…he moved n took another dress n weared it..something he could do to show her that he can do things for himself..he is not dependent on her till now n in future too he will be the same,

Maan turned hearing some tearing sound..his dress was lying in pieces in floor..

Maan:yeh..yeh..eei..geet..yeh kya kiya tumne..

Geet: didn’t like it I tore it..

He wanted to bang his head..he cant understand her she crazy or mad..she tore my dress..

He still looked at his torn dress in pity..geet has gone leaving him to crib alone..

Geet came up fully ready..she saw maan looking at his favourite dress that has faced such a death in her hands 😛

she smiled..Maan,this will happen if u ever neglect me..or my choice.

Maan cursed his fate n thinks he will get his score when his time comes

She grabbed her purse n cell..

Geet: maan come soon..or you will get late for chopra’s meeting..

She informed him like a good secretary..


he turned n looked at his favourite dress once more..he sighed..i ll surely make u pay for this geet handa..he said to himself..

Geets cell buzzed a reminder call..she took her phone n viewed it..her face went pale..

Geet: today is 12th I forgot it..

She closed her eyes can she forget this day..she never forgot it these years from childhood..was she too much into her marriage n thinking about maan she forgot it..she smiled  remembering its  the same day when she met maan in the showroom

Maan walked front ..when he noticed geet not following him he turned n looked at her..

maan:r u coming or not..i ll leave u n go if u didnt join me..

he threatened her n geet joined him..both had their bf silently  n moved to handas residency..on the way geet asked him to stop..he doesnt want to stop ..but he dont want 2 get in argument n get late for meeting..n knowing geets stubborness what if she jumps if he doesnt stop the he stopped n said..only 5 minutes i ll w8.. she nodded n went inside the shop..when she came she had a gift parcel in her hand…

he knotted his brows ..for whom she brought gift..


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